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  1. Watching that video makes me wish I'd taken mine on track before I sold it - missing it now I've watched that Looks like you had a great day there - must get to one with the Megane so I can be one of those pesky fwd kids
  2. Also look for any non-original/modified/repaired wiring into the car; e.g. parking sensors were dealer fit, and the cable routing into the car can be a bit hit-n-miss and can cause leaks. Also, have a look at the rubber flap type vents in the lower rear corners (near the stereo amp) - they can get broken.
  3. Welcome along, I'm sure you'll love the Zed and the forum
  4. Should have gone to Spacksavers I still don't get this comment? I know I'm being stupid somehow but can someone point it out? Maybe because it is an ugly car with a huge backend Have fun Dave, hope you will be coming to Wales next may to have some fun Can't disagree with that...still enjoying it though Me thinks its a bit of a marmite car , but we're all petrol heads here, and I guess we buy the cars we like for our own reasons. Really tempted to do a track day in it in the spring. Is there some sort of non-Zed Wales hijack planned then Dave?
  5. I wouldnt normally say this Dave but listen to Adrian and then you can do Wales 2014 All good advice, I'm sure! If I'm honest, I do have my concerns about the reliability etc., but for now I'm just enjoying it. The clio 1*2s seem to cope well with higher mileages, there are a few in the forums with 200k on the original engine and box, some even claim the original clutch at that mileage . Not sure the Megane will last as well, but I was only doing 4-5k a year in the Zed, so I should have a good few years in it yet.
  6. Me, too...was grinning from ear to ear every time I heard the woosh from under the bonnet
  7. I know - it was on a private plate, but I was pleased when it got the original back
  8. Clio 255? Is that the V6 or you mean 200? Haa V6, phase 2. I'd love one, with the Recaros. Mmm, yeah, I'm with you on that one, but with only 18 registered in the UK it might be a bit of a wait Same Recaros in my R26 though
  9. Evening All, Just thought I'd briefly introduce my new toy after parting with my Zed back in September. Picked this up this afternoon, and as you can see, its in a particularly subdued shade of yellow... Completely different to the Zed, but I'm loving it already, and at least its not a Jag that drinks from the dark pump . Was looking for something a bit cheaper originally, but you all know how man-maths works. Never modded a car before, but since this one already has the airbox mod, I'm already tempted with a remap...must resist. Hope you're all good, Dave
  10. £500 to do the belts at an indie like K-Tec, £600 if you do the water pump, too. Belts should have been done a couple of years ago on that one by now. Just put a deposit down on a Liquid Yellow R26 last weekend - waiting for the seller to get the private reg. removed now. Reliability is a concern with these, but you can't have it all, eh? Have a look on meganesport.net and there is a buyers guide there. Mainly looking for belts being done, leccy windows working, wet floors, seized front hub swivels, clutch troubles. Consumables aren't much cheaper than the zed, so I don't expect it to be particularly cheap to run. Happy searching.
  11. Have you had any luck yet? Sold mine via Pistonheads - you just have to wait for the right buyer to come along. GLWTS
  12. The 230 is the R26 and the R26.R - I think the extra 5hp is only down to a slightly different exhaust and some mapping changes. The attraction of the R26 is that it has a mechanical slippy diff in it and better brakes.





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