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  1. That is the one I just bought - to be delivered tomorrow so will jump start her and then stick on charge. Is it viable to leave her charging during the week on my drive and secure the unit from any potential rainfall? I do about 8 miles a day in the car so keep dying on me!
  2. Hi All - dead battery issue and have read lots of posts - put in anew battery 1 yr ago, but I dont do enough mileage and need to top up the charge overnight on my drive. Don't use the car that often so going to buy the CTEK MXS5.0 battery charger. I've read that you can buy a CTEK cigarette adapter but it can only be used if the 350z has a permanently live cigarette lighter? Tried google but not sure of the answer. Can anyone advise if I can use this adapter with the product for the 350z?
  3. Hi - thanks, have tried this. Mine was on the face itself but I will have a look at the back. Thanks again!! I am listening to the same songs on loop in the meantime!
  4. Hey thank - it is a face off - and does tilt. Ive hardly used it. Paid £380 from Amazon who said to return the whole thing but a bit long winded as I apid someone to install the bugger!! Maybe try the car audio place who installed it....
  5. All - I bought a Pioneer double din and all of a sudden i just see a white screen appears and I cannot get rid of this. The sound still works and is responsive but cannot see anything apart from a plain white screen. Can anyone help?
  6. Yes young Padawan Sent from the golf club... Excellent - ordered the pal version and awaiting delivery from abroad!
  7. Does this camera have the grid lines appearing on the screen Z Legend?
  8. Try fleabaying the items from incartech as I found ebay had same items a little cheaper to a company they actually supply and incartech matched them for price! worth checking out...
  9. Hi All - i want to put some 350uk forum stickers on my small triangular windows on my 350z. Just had the car tinted today, so not sure if there will be any issues doing this? Any advice appreciated...
  10. Hi Dips - great mods and taking out the time to show your passion. Wish I had the time to even do a little of what you have done!
  11. Hi All - I am thinking of buying this unit - where did people purchase theirs from? Are you all installing yourselves?
  12. Hi all - thanks for the warm welcomes! Yeah I think i used 0.25 tank showing everyone - just ordered my plate to put on today. Mines a 56 (GT 300) plate with 6 cd changer - i guess this isnt mp3?
  13. Hi All, Buying my first one today and collecting it at midday! Came across this great forum! Dont know much about the cars but I am sure I will have plenty of questions about mods etc in the coming weeks!





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