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  1. Cheers Alex. It's not looking like I'll have to after all. The offers are coming in now.
  2. Hi Alex, cheers it does stand out from the crowd in Red! I tried to price it fairly, with the time of year in mind. I'm getting offers, but not close enough to what I need. Only advertised on a couple of forums at the moment, but will put it on Autotrader soon. Cheers! Thanks. Fancied a change from my usual Jap motors - A Maserati GranTurismo S MC-Shift. 4.7l V8. Still has 4 seats, so fine for the family. Cheers.
  3. Deposit placed on new car. Will probably advertise on autotrader etc..next week.
  4. Hello Not been here for a while, busy with work, life and a baby etc... But hello to the old dogs in here that may remember me, hope everyone is well? As you know, after the Zed I moved on to the GT-R. Well I've had this awesome machine for 3 years now and have loved every minute of it. Everyone knows how fast these cars are and how well they handle, but you hear less about how practical they are as well. It's been a very usable 'Super' car that as family we have enjoyed immensely. You can get a baby seat in the back and enough luggage in the boot for a good family holiday! Anyway, it's time to move on, and I fancy an Italian V8, so needs must, and unfortunately the GT-R has to go as the wife won't let me keep both. Nissan GT-R Black Edition ’59 Plate with SAT NAV. Litchfield Stage 1 Red bodywork with dark Wheels, Skirts, vents and windows – an eye catching combination, lovely in the flesh, pictures don’t do it justice. Black edition Red and black leather interior with Alcantera centers which matches the outside perfectly. Litchfield Stage 1, Miltek Y-pipe, K&N Intake Filters, EcuTek Ver.5 Motorsport ROM (590BHP) with 4 selectable maps depending on fuel used, with adjustable boost levels in each, rolling launch etc. All selectable via the steering wheel controls. More details can be found here; http://www.litchfieldmotors.com/nissan-gtr/parts/ecu-v5#summary Comprehensive specialist service history, (Middlehurst/Nissan/Litchfield/Kaizer) on the 6mth schedule (obviously the new owner can change to 12 mth if preferred.) 96mth service just been carried out. 68000 miles but has had an easy life! The previous owner commuted in it for 5 years, mainly on the dual carriageway, which lead to the original brake discs lasting an unbelievable 64k miles before needing to be replaced! I have had it for the last 3 years covering around 16000 miles in that time, and have treated it with the utmost mechanical sympathy. Always warmed up with gentle driving and cooled down for the last few miles if been driven spiritedly. Always run on Tesco99 or v-power. Launch counter = Zero, Oil temps in normal range, and clutch overheat protection never activated. All can be proved on EcuTek software. Registered in Nov 2009 so is the later one with the HD Touchscreen, Sat Nav and Bose Surround sound AV with Bluetooth for Phone and music streaming. Also has USB input for Ipods, memory sticks etc and an internal 1TB Hard drive for ripping CDs to. All common CBA problems have been addressed – -Bellhousing replaced, -AV unit replaced, -New uprated door speakers, -Intercoolers replaced, -Gearbox overhaul carried out incl. ---Dodson 2013+ Synchro Rings, ---Dodson Filters, ---4WD Gear Lock, ---Mechanical Circlips, ---New Clutch & line pressure Solenoids, ---Exchange Gearbox Valve Body, ---New Gearbox Sump, ---Dodson Magnet Kit. ---2013 updated Gearbox software. Black edition equipment including; Sat Nav Dual zone climate control/AC Electric windows Heated folding electric mirrors Electric driver`s seat Electric passenger`s seat Heated seats Headlight washers Remote locking Keyless entry Keyless push button start ABS Traction control Adjustable gearbox, suspension and TCS settings Audio steering wheel remote Cruise control Driver`s airbag Passenger`s airbag Side airbags Steering wheel rake/ reach adjustment Isofix Other additions including; Alcon Brake Discs Brand new Ferrodo DS 2500 Pads Goodrich braided brake lines. Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres all round – 5mm tread remaining. Reversing Camera fitted Front parking sensor, Quad rear light modification. For aural pleasure it has had a rear exhaust muffler delete which makes it louder than stock with a lovely tone, without being overly loud or raspy. Currently has HKS SSQV Blow off (Dump) Valves fitted to bring out the child in you. Stock exhaust and BOVs available and can be fitted if you prefer. Indoor car cover included Just 3 previous owners 2 original keys, All manuals and original owners wallet present. Very good condition inside and out – Dent and damage free with just a few small stone chips on the front as expected for age and mileage. HPI clear, not financed. Private plate will be removed. Only selling as I have an itch for an Italian V8. Priced realistically to sell. There are No known faults! Just been serviced! £32,499 ono Just advertising on a couple of forums for the next week or so, then will go on Autotrader etc.. after that.
  5. Yeah, your right. But its more about the size of the opening that makes them more useful to me. We live out in the country and I quite often have to borrow a van from friends or family for DIY, tip runs and large purchases etc..So the flexibility is what I'm after rather than the outright size. The Skoda is a bit too big I think. Well it looks very long, which I know the wife won't like. As you say, the drivers choice would be the BMW, especially if I go for a petrol over a diesel as their Petrol engines seem to have a better compromise between economy and performance than the other options.
  6. Your right, the boots on the BMW nor the Audi or volvo are any bigger than the saloon versions. Its more about the size of the opening that makes them more useful. I've never seen one those seat before. Will have a look now
  7. It's a good shout and was actually number 4 on my list! I don't know anyone that knows anything about them, do you? Are they reliable ? I do like the look of them.
  8. I will have a look, but I fear the wife will deem it 'Ugly'
  9. The car Preferably 2007 + (I'm 38 by the way) If that in any way influences the options. My step son just laughs when I mention Volvo for instance.
  10. I've not been about for a while, busy with work and life etc.. but couldn't think of a better place to ask opinions on my next purchase (and I miss this place ) So, I've got a baby girl arriving in the next 6 weeks . The GT-R is staying, and although being surprisingly practical and a 4 seater with a reasonable boot, being a 2 door I can't see it being our daily for trips to the shops etc. The same same goes for the missus' Fiesta being a 2 door so that's gonna go. I refuse to have a people carrier. They just don't interest me. Have thought about Landrover/Range rover and a few other 4x4s but reliability bothers me as I work away for 3 weeks at a time and don't want the hassle of the wife having problems while I'm away. We've decided that it'd make sense to get a small estate. It'd be practical for the family and also allow me to chuck in the DIY stuff and do the occasional tip run. Small estate, as the missus doesn't wanna be faffing around finding spaces for a large estate. Budget 5-6k I've narrowed it down to the above 3 options, but I'm really torn. If I'm honest, the V50 R-design was my first choice as I like to drive a car you don't see every 5 minutes, and it looked sporty enough to keep me interested. Also, I didn't really wanna be a BMW/VAG w*nker. However I know they are good options, so I'm getting drawn in. The other BIG problem is Petrol or Diesel. Again I'm really torn. Having never had a diesel or even an economical car, I was tempted with a diesel family wagon, but with the current climate and unknown future taxes/ diesel price and tax increases I'm now thinking it might be safer to stick with petrol? So, opinions welcome. In particular on the above 3 cars and their corresponding petrol and diesel engine options as I know very little about them. I would like something reliable, not boring to drive and preferably 40+ mpg, although if in the 30s and loads of fun, it wouldn't be the end of the world. But remember I've got the GT-R for fun. Cheers.
  11. The car must have thought you were gonna under-steer excessively to interfere like that. As Marzman said it was the stability control kicking in not the traction control. Turning the traction control off using the button on the dash does NOT make any difference to that. That only limits the power to the rear wheels when slip/wheelspin is detected. The Traction control is very intrusive on the Zed and for that reason I had mine off all the time. The Stability control is not and will only kick in when it is really needed. As has been said, you must have been pushing very hard, or have poor tyres and/or hit a slippery patch on the road for it to kick in. I used to drive my Zed pretty spiritedly. I only ever got that once, on track, and I had over cooked it and was about to understeer off the track - it saved me. If your getting that kicking in on the road, I'd either take a look at your tyres or slow down. Either way, it probably saved you that day.
  12. I had a couple of these Prosport gauges in my Zed. http://www.rspec.co....&product_id=981 I had boost and oil temp. Great features for the price, colour changing (and the amber is very close to OEM), peak memory, adjustable warning alarms etc Which are very handy especially if your thinking of having it where you can't see it. Never had a problem with reliability in 4 or 5 years until i sold it. The ones in the pod in the below picture.





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