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  1. Wow, havent checked prices for years, paid 10.5K for my unmolested GT4 10 years ago....
  2. Possible cheaper option - install a half bar shifter to replace stock gear knob and check the clutch fluid for absorption - used to crunch mine all the time before doing this Personally bought new W brace, kidney brackets and all the bolts (£80 on their own) for when mine falls off/fails MOT
  3. Have 10x Kuro black spray cans knocking around, gonna give it a go Etch or regular primer?
  4. Nice Weapons of choice for now Stiff brush and an old can of Collinite super wax bought for my previous car....still good after 15 years
  5. Just noticed my Kuro black sprayed GT4 alloys (previous owner) are heavily oxidizing around the entire nut area, cracked, broken black paint and white powder oxidisation everywhere (post picture at some point) Was going to brush off most of it for now and go over it with heavy duty wax Anybody come across this with the GT4 alloys?
  6. Chickened out and got rears fitted for £160 Not sure if the guy had worked on a 350 before, took him around 1.5 hours No issues removing any of the bolts, just preapplied loosener, though he was concerned that he had no chassis mount replacement nuts if they had failed Don't notice any difference in handling yet, might change when the fronts are fitted
  7. I'd also run your aircon for a while before leaving it any length of time as issues can arise if left for months without use
  8. Tempted at the prices being charged to just buy a jack and do it myself £99 per hour are Nissan dealer rates but the local Nissan dealer now won't fit anything other that Nissan supplied parts so left to the mercy of local garages....
  9. If batteries are useless after 2 months disconnected how do battery manufacturers store/sell them?
  10. First quote 2 hours for £200 to fit rears only
  11. Main Nissan dealer used for years, had no problem supplying self diagnostic, supplying own parts for fitting etc suddenly doesn't want to know anymore, 'change of management' apparently Fine, no problem, looking elsewhere now for maintenance Just letting the wider community know my experience....
  12. If the battery is new could be the computer is faulty if nothing is logging....
  13. As per ZMANALEX, new battery first Any results from ODBC diagnostic?
  14. Aquired a new stainless steel cat back (looks OEM) but the last garage aborting fitting due to the diff being in the way Anybody else come across this issue? Advised to get the thing bent before second attempt
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