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  1. from experience you'll need something with much more punch for the 350z - like 700A+ anything less is unlikely to work
  2. just to update - bought some 'BLUE DEVIL POWER STEERING STOP PLUG' imported from Australia (only place I could get it) and dumped a third of it into the power steering reservoir total cost including shipping and import charges was £70 - but guessing a cheaper option then replacing the whole steering rack
  3. Steering rack leak was picked up on the last service - nothing major - just a 'mist' of fluid around both gaitor ends Has anybody used a "power steering stop leak" product for repair?
  4. Can the following transponder key be programmed by a 350z owner as a spare to start the car/open doors manually etc? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-Transponder-Key-Cut-to-Code-Photo-350Z-Almera-Navara-Patrol-X-Trail/131302796034?epid=1658232092&hash=item1e9241ab02:g:ZrMAAOSwRLZUHZOR
  5. Just an idea As the above instructions only cover keys with central locking buttons and the new transponder key I've bought (blade already cut) doesn't have any then thought the following reprogramming method might work. ... Swap the transponder from the current working key (with central locking buttons) to the new key (without buttons) and vice versa Start the programming sequence with the new key (without buttons) assuming the working transponder works with the new key Reprogram the original key (with buttons) as per above instructions to setup the new transponder Anybody tried this? Would have thought just swapping the transponder chips between keys is viable
  6. Anybody know how to program a transponder key with no buttons? The UK model instructions stage 'press any key' to program the new key - but what if the new key doesn't have any buttons?
  7. is the 'A' pillar cover designed to provide a 'seal' from water getting between it and the actual metal bodywork underneath?
  8. fixed today cost £90 for grindback, treat and seal cost £70 windscreen excess total £160 it was noted that the issue could be a 'feature' of the Z as both top windscreen corners showed same symptoms
  9. is the trim replacement a requirement to prevent rust?
  10. get 4 wheel tracking done to manufacturer spec - note this is toe in on fronts hence the increased inner wear or get 4 wheel tracking done out of spec and ask for zero toe in on the front - should provide more even wear
  11. FYI quote planning to go with; £70 windscreen excess - removal, rust fixed, refit 2 days later around £200 rust ground back, etch prime etc (2 hours work)
  12. The insurance company subcontracted the fitter - assuming thats the logic TBH nobody appears to have done this before... ...so I'm just going to try and get the rust patched up and hopefully keep it on the road for a couple more years ...and keep my eye out next time my windscreen is swapped over
  13. choosing between replacement windscreen for a gt4 2005 the expensive nissan one with a 'rain sensor' (not sure about that) or the non-nissan one without (considerably cheaper) assume can go with the non-nissan windscreen
  14. advised to raise with insurance company under "reasonable care/skill" as they asked 3rd party windscreen fitters to undertake anybody gone through this situation?





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