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  1. And removing the pedestrian protection devices means you are uninsured.
  2. If the car is a 2012 it must be a 370 not a 350...
  3. Dont know which car you have but general principles I use are: - try and go from tailgate to roof headlining using any flexible cable protector that exists. - then run to side of car in headlining and then go down to trim at side of floor* - along the side to front and up the A pillar, back into headlining and across to camera. * if you have to run along roof side do NOT place in front of any air bags or curtains. The cable will stop them deploying. Same applies if there are any in the A pillar. I have had fitted a dual camera kit in both my GT-R (no tailgate) and Swift Sport. Havent done it in my 350Z but am considering it.
  4. Mine too. Current engine has done 73k miles like it from new.
  5. I use Amayama.com site to to see diagrams with parts and part no.s. Takes a little while to find the right diagrams but once you get used to it its really useful. Its also quite surprising how many new 350Z specific parts are still available from Japan 12 years after production finished...
  6. A cause of wry smiles from myself. Seeing the very few people in the audience who wanted Boris back (4 out of 100 I'd approximate with the audience being high proportion conservative), are Tory MPs stupid enough to think he will solve their problems... If they can't all get behind one candidate and there is a vote, the supporters of the losing candidate(s) will forever be trying to oust the winner. Fundamental problem is the party has no unity.
  7. You used the words "Ferrari" and "tactics" in the same sentence - there's a 5 seconds penalty for that....
  8. At least Horner finally admitted last year's was stolen...
  9. Oil consumption on mine is about 1 litre between annual services when in regular use. Or, to put it another way, it goes from Max to Min and then oil is changed. 🙂 I had a replacement engine at 42k miles (hydro-locked due to driving error!) so I guess it would be a late build of that spec. Original engine oil consumption was hardly noticeable.
  10. I have a 2005 (Rev-up) car and over 115k miles it has averaged 30mpg. That includes a few track days and over 100 laps of the Nordschleife. Just paid my VED and it was £360 for 12 months. Hope this helps...
  11. All looks good, but I feel you ought to know that the Nissan Dealer supplied boot divider leaves the emergency boot release in the boot area rather than the cabin. This means that in the event of a total power failure you can unlock the car with the key, but you cant get into the boot. I got caught by this and think its worth others knowing (I had a jump start pack in the boot but couldnt get to it!!!)
  12. Same as the UK Rays then. Thanks again.
  13. Thats interesting Alex so Thankyou also. It seems the wheels noted as Nismo LM GT4 are not the same as those fitted to the GT4 cars (which were also called "35th Anniversary Edition" cars).
  14. I've just remembered a question that has been lurking in my brain for some time.... In the 350Z handbook it gives wheel sizes and for the ALLOY Rears there are two alternative rim widths: 18 x 8JJ and 18 x 8-1/2JJ. Now I know of two types of wheel sold on the UK 350Zs: Rays and GT4 wheels, plus of course imports could have the standard non-Rays wheels. Does anyone know which wheels have which rim widths? Thanks in advance.
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