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  1. The below wing mirror bubbling is also seen on some R35 GT-Rs.
  2. The Amayama.com website is also great for identifying parts and their numbers.
  3. So why did Lewis get penalised for Silverstone?
  4. Someone close to me (with hindsight!) says that Mercedes missed a trick. As soon as the Safety Car went in, and with Perez out, they should have told Bottas to "Stop immediately, on-track, wherever you are". Yellow would come out, then safety car and race would be over. I bet they did think of it but decided it would get them the result but be a PR disaster. A much more honourable team than RB.
  5. A longer term view (havent watched the DC clip but Andrew Benson's analysis is worth a read): https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/59643988 I suggest that there has to be much more separation between the FIA officials (e.g. the Stewards) and the F1 officials (e.g. Race Director), with a clear separation of responsibility (e.g. Safety Car - Regulations vs Operation).
  6. My 350 is having some work done and we've come across a (flimsy) bracket behind the offside rear wheel arch. It appears to be there just to hold a plastic shield in place. Does anyone know what it is please? I've tried looking on Amayama but its quite difficult to find it as I dont know what it is called or what it is part of ...
  7. Thanks for the replies each. I have a pair of secondhand oem cats and looked at putting these on. However, when I looked at existing it is clear the only problem is the heat shields as the cats themselves easily pass the emission test. So, I'm going to remove the heatshields and run like that for a while, keeping the s/hand but almost new ones as backups. Incidentally, Amayama say new oem no longer available from Nissan.
  8. Thanks for all the comments. The problem I've found with headlights of this age is there is also often deterioration of the mirroring within the unit and I've yet to find anywhere that will undertake a full refurbishment including splitting open, re-mirroring, and re-sealing the unit.
  9. My 350 is getting on a bit now, 16 years and 115k miles (most of which were done in the first 6 years!). I try to look after it as much as possible whilst keeping it to it's OEM spec. It had a new engine at 47k miles and various bits of body have had tlc including getting the wheels back to their original translucent GT4 finish. Its had a new W brace, front upper and lower suspension arms, new disks and, of course, replacement exhaust. Its also had a full gearbox rebuild (and got treated to a new gear shift knob!). Most of these have been done from original or brand new parts accum
  10. How do you get passed the requirement to have red reflectors at the rear?
  11. Dreaded MOT has "advised" my Cats' Heat Shields are rusting away (although Cats must still be working as emissions still compliant). Anyone know if the Heat Shields can be replaced separately? TIA
  12. I'm in Exeter. There are two types of 350Z headlights depending on which model. Have you got a pic?
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