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  1. Did you open the hydraulic system, as in change the slave cylinder or CSC, depending on your setup?
  2. Spotted heading out of Northwich towards the A556 about 7.45am this morning. Reg very similar to mine, EA05 WEB
  3. mr v6

    350GT engine cover.

    Thanks Alex, would you mind checking for me when you get a minute please? Do you know if it fits under the strut brace? Are you able to try, also let me know the cost delivered to UK mainland if it does fit. Thanks.
  4. I've had a look around for the answer to this & can't get a definite answer. I've never been keen on the Z's half sized engine cover. Given as the 350GT is the same earlier engine, they seem to come in a few variations. Question is, do they fit under the strut brace without any issues? If they do, I'm looking at the black / grey one with the red V6 on..
  5. I see this one often, silver 370Z in standard form, today around 3.40pm you were behind me (quite closely too) coming along the A6144 towards Carrington. Guy in his late 50's / early 60's, but I have seen a younger guy driving it who does ackowledge me. Reg was G12 NPH.
  6. Saw this one this morning around 7.45am on the A556 heading away from Northwich towards the M6 / Manchester direction. Orange bonnet, bumper & wings (I think), aftermarket headlights & a big wing on the back.
  7. By chance this one drove down my road about 10am yesterday morning. Silver & sounded like it had an aftermarket exhaust, could still her it on the main road.
  8. mr v6

    New Exhaust

    Pics please mate.
  9. mr v6

    Fishbite misfire.

    Replaced the faulty coil with a new Intermotor one & all is now well. I bought a spare just in case I need to replace another at some point.
  10. Hi, Was driving home from work earlier & felt what I'm sure is a misfire. When my foot was gently down the car juddered a little & was down on power. I have no EML lit. The gear lever wobbles quite badly during acceleration. This lasted about a mile & then it was fine. I've got home, used 3 apps on the phone & no codes are stored. I used Nissan datascan & it didn't show any codes. I did the cylinder power test & the engine made a noticeable change each time a cylinder was turned off then back on. There's a definite popping noise coming from the exhaust on idle too. I changed the plugs in Feb this year for NGK PLFR5A-11 & they've covered around 4000miles, I've not changed the coils, those are the ones that were on the car when I got it. I left the engine running & unplugged the coils one at a time (couldn't reach the one under the throttle body), each one made a difference except for one, so I had the time & swapped it to a place I can get to it easier. The problem has followed the coil. I'm going to get one ordered tomorrow in work, fingers crossed that's all it is.
  11. mr v6

    Phone to connect

    My last 3 phones would connect then disconnect. Bury said this to me in their email when I enquired almost 3 years ago: "On all mobile phones with installed android-version 4.3 or higher the bluetooth stack is updated from Bluetooth 3.0 to 4.0. The Nissan Adapter BT only supports Bluetooth up to 3.0. Unfortunately all newer mobile phones can`t be used with the Nissan Adapter BT." Last month I bit the bullet & fitted my old bluetooth Pioneer head unit & the cables from Incartec.
  12. In front of me at the lights on Chester Road at about 3.30pm today heading towards Sale. If you're here, it sounded nice as you got your foot down. It was something like CX14 ZFF..
  13. That is indeed mine, although on the old wheels.
  14. Saw this around 2.30pm today as I crossed right in front of you at the Tesco crossing. Black Z, reg S12YEM. Looked standard, might have had the windows tinted a little, didn't want to seem odd just staring.
  15. I had mine done by Drury Lane Garage in Manchester last year. The car felt more planted once it was all done. My car is standard too. I paid £144 inc vat.



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