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  1. Depends if the tester left it parked up for hours before testing it. I always give mine a good blast up the dual carriageway prior to MOT & always get straight on with the test soon as I'm back, no issues again this year.
  2. Travelling north on the M61 between Rivington Services & Chorley junction, roughly 9.30am this morning.
  3. Best to get the front of the car high up on axle stands too, this helps the bleeding process a lot, so do those bleeding systems with a bucket & adapters you fit to the radiator where you fill it.
  4. Spotted about 8.30am this morning somewhere in Winsford. Had a satin blue wrap that looked really good, aftermarket alloys & it was lowered, also had the rear screen louvre fitted.. Reg ended LLL.
  5. Definitely do as ShirtPaul suggests. Lift whilst pressing the button. Could try the penny trick, although wasn't a good fix for me. I suggest https://www.opentop.fr/350z?lang=en if that's the problem.
  6. If you've not done it before on the Z or any other V6 or V style engine, just do one at a time so you don't give yourself a headache when you connect the coil connectors in the wrong order.
  7. Travelling along the B5410 this morning around 8am, reg ended UZT.
  8. Stopped at the main lights in Carrington, heading towards the direction of Sale around 12.15pm today. We exchanged a nod as I turned right, if you're on here. Personal plate ending JDM.
  9. Mine actually felt cooler on Tuesday in the hotter weather than any previous time I've used it, was very refreshing. I know they operate better the hotter it is, I think.
  10. Parked outside Modnation on Cawdor St, Eccles yesterday morning.. Front splitter & a few other mods.. You on here?
  11. Their diagnostic machine should have stated which bank. The sensors are different too, one is angled, the other is straight. Can't remember which is for which bank though.
  12. Replied to. Both sets still available.
  13. Latest part number for the gen 1 Murano with the DE is 49110CB00C, the 350Z DE upto 2007 is 49110CF50B Not sure what the differences are though I'm afraid. Both part numbers have previous, older supersessions.
  14. Exactly, so enough for 2 Zeds. These are for the DE I should've said originally😁.
  15. I went with the one supplied with my Pioneer, much the same as many others out there: Click here. Passenger side & it doesn't get in the way of anything.
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