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  1. You should have 2 blue wires (I think) on the original car harness, one for the amp turn on & the other is for the power aerial. I connected the amp one up to the amp labelled one (as per your pic), and the other to the power aerial.
  2. https://incartec.co.uk/Nissan/350Z Go there for your harness & facia adapter, don't forget to select your head unit make so you can have the patch lead to make the steering wheel controls work. In all, it's plug & play apart from remembering to connect up the 2 blue wires for the power aerial & amp switch on. This may also help if you get stuck, like I did:
  3. I use Autosmart Duet, comes in a 5L container & costs me about £12 from my AS rep.
  4. mr v6

    9.5 j wheels

    I went to these guys last year: https://www.wheelbasealloys.com/
  5. That definitely sounds like the pads have a bit of squeak to them. Mine do this on very rare occasions when they're quite warm & I'm reversing up the drive just as I come to a stop. Nothing I'm going to worry about. How about a disc & pad change, or at least pads?
  6. This place seems pretty popular on the internet, you can customize them: https://www.carmats4u.com/shopbymodel.html/?find=nissan-350z-2003---2008-287514
  7. It was that place, the one in Bredbury.
  8. You were heading towards the motorway on the A6144 around 3.40pm today. I did acknowledge you at the last minute.
  9. Oddly enough, I had a LL exhaust fitted in Manchester, it lasted all of 3 years & underwent 2 repairs before I went to a much better LL franchise in Leeds.
  10. I've read, amongst other topics, these spacers reduce higher rpm or speed?
  11. Spotted today at 1.30pm turning right from Newton Road onto the East Lancs Road... Reg ended ZZZ.
  12. I machined mine over the weekend, last time I did them was Feb 2019. I used my DAS6 with Autosmart Evo, 2 passes then 2 coats of Fusso99 light wax. Headphones, you can't be too far away from me in Manchester, so if you want to take a look at them just let me know.
  13. Did the UK Z come with these fobs I've seen around the internet: https://www.amazon.co.uk/2003-2006-Nissan-Keyless-Remote-BestKeys/dp/B00684TD6O Worth having or not?
  14. Maybe they're more worried about snapping a bleed valve off & giving themselves a headache?
  15. Don't these have a cone that can either stick in the arm or on the ball joint? Easily missed if you're not expecting to see it.





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