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  1. mr v6

    White - Salford.

    White Z heading away from Salford on Trafford Road around 8.45am this morning.. Any takers? Not seen this one before.
  2. mr v6

    Grey - Oldham.

    I had my Z in at Drury Lane Garage early this morning for a full geometry / alignment check. Whilst it was on the ramp I spotted a grey Z on the A62 Manchester Road heading towards Oldham. Would've been around 9.30am.
  3. mr v6

    Dipped Beam Outage

    I would swap the bulb for the other side, if the fault follows the bulb that should be your problem.. Could also be the ballast too.
  4. mr v6

    Dipped Beam Outage

    Do you have factory xenons or halogen bulbs?
  5. mr v6

    Insurance renewal.

    Renewed the insurance in the Z today. AXA came through with their renewal of £397 for the year, around 18p / month up on last year. Chris Knott wouldn't even entertain me, so I called Adrian Flux (who I've had insurance with before), after the usual questions it came out at £300 exactly for the year. Thanks to Adrian Flux.
  6. mr v6

    Clutch problem

    I bought a Stoptech slave last year before I changed the fluid 'just in case'. My issue was a little air in the fluid from the cylinder change months previously by the dealer I bought my Z from. Spent about 15 mins bleeding the system in July last year with my dad in the car & all has been well since, even sat in traffic in this hot weather, which is when the problem shows itself the most. I took notes from this forum on how to do it knowing how tricky it can be, all the info helped. It's all down to that valve behind the wheel arch liner, not sure what it actually does or if it's even necessary.. But there is a YT video of it being deleted & a straight through line being fitted.
  7. mr v6

    Clutch problem

    In that case I'd just do a fluid flush first, then go from there.
  8. Spotted this one parked in a pub car park this morning whilst sat at the lights, so I turned in for a nosey. 55 plate in grey, black Touring alloys & the OSR lamp in the bumper looks like it had been smashed into the bumper as it was at a wonky angle.. Sorry but I didn't get a piccie. I've not seen it around the area before.
  9. Only got round to fitting mine this evening. You could probably get away without removing the airbox, but if you've never done it before then it pays to know what the back of the airbox looks like. The stack fits like a glove, I'm leaving mine in the kitchen overnight, perfect opportunity to also clean & oil the K&N panel filter too. Thanks again.
  10. mr v6

    Mishimoto Fan Shroud Install

    You won't lose much at all, it won't need bleeding if you're quick. When I did mine it was airbox out, disconnect top hose from radiator & bend it up out of the way, I only lost a bit from the rad, maybe cable tie a nitrile glove or small bag over it? I also removed (or loosened, can't remember) the bracket holding the A/C lines in place. I had read it can be removed from underneath too, but I didn't do that as the bolts were breaking the plastic undertray. A very simple job to do.
  11. mr v6

    RE050 Ecopia.

    No change bc1987, still does it when entering bends a bit swiftly, never did it before the tyre change.
  12. mr v6

    A/C receiver drier change

    Evening all. I'm looking to get my A/C system regassed at work, with this opportunity I'd like to replace the drier with dessicant sack at the same time. I can't find any real info on exactly what needs to be removed to do this. I've tried the search & found a topic last from year, but the poster didn't say what he did, or whether it was a garage jobbie. Any help would be great. Ta
  13. mr v6

    Cleaning Advice

    Go & lose yourself on Detailing World & spend some time on there. What works for other novices may not work with you. Don't get sucked into all the brand snobbery too, you don't need to spend a silly amount of money on products if you're just getting to know the difference between a detailing spray & ceramic coating ect.. Good luck.
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  15. mr v6

    Static sounding noise from back of the car

    Sounds exactly like mine, the initial prime is to pressurise the system, then it'll run once started. Isn't the Z a return-less system? I wouldn't worry about it Jason.