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  1. At last! Looking good Headphones.
  2. Around 9am this morning was a couple of cars behind me along London Road heading towards Morrisons,Warrington. Looked lowered, appeared to have a front splitter on & had aftermarket headlights with LED's.. Didn't get the reg this time.
  3. Obligatory pics & video once fitted, you know the rules.
  4. Saw this one as I was leaving the Arnold Clark Vauxhall site in Blackpool this morning around 8am. Not sure if it was a staff members car or a customer. OFZ 3145
  5. It always pays to shop around, every year, and play them off against eachother.
  6. Spotted heading along Dunham Road towards Bowden around 7.30am this morning.. YS08 OOH.
  7. Starting to fit the stereo tomorrow, but the supplied facia doesn't want to sit fully on the Pioneer. It's a Connects 2 part number stuck on the packaging branded Sosche, some American company. It's like the inner edge of the facia is too deep to sit over the edge of the head unit. Anyone else had this issue? EDIT: Seems like the outer facia has a curve on it, not allowing it to sit flat, nor will it drop over the whole front of the stereo. I've just been to the place I bought it from who tell me these facias are getting more & more common where they fit various models, instead of the manufacturer making several of them... Anyway, he's ordering one of theirs in for me to have a look at. Odd as I've never seen a Z double din install that wasn't a flush fit, yet all the facias I've been looking at have this curve on them..
  8. I see this occasionally at the garage across the road from work, it was there again today. Works system shows it as a 2005 296bhp GT4. Enthusiast given the K9 JDM number plate?
  9. Around 1pm this afternoon leaving the big Tesco's on Chester Road heading towards Stretford. Sounded nice, exhaust tips didn't look standard though, by the sounds of it neither was the exhaust. PL05 XTC.
  10. I'm soon to change my single DIN Pioneer head unit for a double DIN Pioneer, but really don't like the clumsy looking windscreen mounted aerials. Is there an alternative which is hidden, like new cars with them built in?
  11. It was actually a couple of miles just before the services heading northbound about 1.15pm today.
  12. mr v6

    Clutch noise

    Can't help with your problem, but snap, we share the same exhaust system
  13. This was parked up over the road from my work today. I took a peek into the engine bay to find the engine had been removed. I asked the engine place what was wrong with it, apparently the engine was a gonner, no other explanation. Sorry if it's yours.
  14. mr v6

    25 & 20mm spacers.

    Cheers Sim, I'd read that's the most popular size. I know they have to be hubcentric, but prices vary greatly when you shop around. Surely they're all pretty much the same in terms of what they're made from?





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