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  1. P1273 p1147 code help please!!!!

    I also had the P1147 on Sunday. I'm going to check the obvious first (see my topic below this one). Failing that I'll probably just put a Blue Print sensor on it. IIRC it's the blue connector. Buy a decent brand one, not some cheap & nasty thing off ebay or ECP.
  2. EML & P1147

    No Jay, standard cats with an Ark Grip cat back.
  3. EML & P1147

    Setting off from the lights today & the EML came on. Car was fully upto temperature. Read it with the ELM327 with the above code, cleared it & carried on. It hasn't come back on yet. I've read a number of topics on here that suggest replacing the sensor. I'm firstly going to check the connector & wiring to check all that is ok, then make sure I've got no vac leaks after the MAF. I don't I do have as no work has been done sonce an oil change in October. I'm right in saying, correct me if I'm wrong, it's the drivers side, after the car, the one that clips to the underside of the gearbox? Blue connector I think? Thanks
  4. Grey 350Z in Lymm.

    This was parked on Crouchley Lane in Lymm, Cheshire this morning. Was a 57/07 with Rays alloys. Front bumper seemed to be that from a silver car?
  5. SGS rear struts.

    Thanks for the info. Just to clarify, mine doesn't have the Nismo spoiler, just the standard lip one. I don't want to make hard work of closing the boot than necessary, if you know what I mean.
  6. SGS rear struts.

    During this winter mine don't seem to be holding the bootlid up unless you hold it in position fully & slowly let go. I have the standard lip spoiler on, but just wondered if it was worth going for the ones for the Nismo spoiler for extra lift?
  7. leather seats

    Another for Dr. Leather wipes, I then nourish them with Juicy Details cream & buff off any excess once it's been absorbed.
  8. Exhaust upgrade

    Or even given your budget, look for a used one on ebay..
  9. Exhaust upgrade

    As above, what's your budget? Plenty of systems on ebay at the bottom end of your budget, they may not sound the best from what you see on YT. Mine has an Ark Grip on it & I love the thing..
  10. Mishimoto Radiator Leak from new..

    All I read was praise for Mishimoto stuff when I first joined the forum. I had 1 failed cooling fan so bought the twin fan Mishimoto kit which, so far has been spot on. But then again, they probably don't make the fans, just put their name on them, the shroud is just a piece of aluminium so you can't go wrong there too. But I didn't pay for it, the warranty company did.
  11. Passenger grab handle bolt and alarm querys?

    Holding both buttons on the fob will activate the unlocking of both doors with one press of the fob. Holding both of them again will put it back to factory settings, only the drivers door unlocks. Pretty sure it's a safety thing so nobody can jump into the passenger seat? Would be nicer if the doors would automatically lock when you start to drive off.
  12. Dreaded knocking noise-is banana bush gone?

    What about the bushes & balljoint on the lower control arm?
  13. New headunit

    Big Pioneer nut here, have always had them. Love the amount of features they have, also how much you can fine tune the audio to suit everyones ears.
  14. This could be the same Z I spotted a while ago: Had a big rear spoiler, carbon style front & rear side skirts add ons along with a front lip. Didn't see who was in it as I was in a hurry to get home. I was parked just 3 rows on front of it.
  15. Squeak when cold & Idle

    I noticed a slight chirp upon startup on my Z in the cold weather last year, I tightened the tensioner just a smidge & it was fine ever since.