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  1. Waiting at the lights on Park Road around 11.30am this morning. Drove past you & you hard your arm out the window acknowledging me as I past, so I gave a couple of toots.. Not seen this one around before.. Has the LED rear main lights so guessing an 06+.
  2. From memory, the strap isn't available on it's own from Nissan. The strap goes brittle over time so maybe a used one will break upon removal. I bought a new cap when my strap snapped, wasn't too expensive from Nissan either.
  3. Around 3pm today at the car wash on Warburton Lane. Looks like it'd just been washed, not seen it around here before, it had Nismo style front & rear bumpers along with spoiler, sounded like an aftermarket exhaust too. Reg was something like L333 LRK.. I pulled away heading in the direction of Lymm. Are you on here?
  4. Read up on doing a coolant change too, they can be difficult to bleed. I'd suggest one of those coolant filling kits to raise the level as high as possible. I've found most things on the Z are fairly well designed & good to work on so far.
  5. I've also read & heard that Mishi radiators on the Z aren't that good either. Make sure to raise the reservoir level higher than the engine if you have access to a coolant bleed / fill kit, this will help get the air out, along with you bleeding the valve by the bulkhead.
  6. No need to go as far as his videos. I've changed mine plenty of times. Just turn the steering wheel to the opposite side you're working on, undo the one screw at the top of the dirt shield & pull it away. 😎
  7. This morning heading along Blossom Street passed the Blossom Cafe (soaking up the stag do weekend drink), around 11am, sounded a bit fruity too👌.
  8. Sure I've also seen this multiple times on the Parkway in Trafford Park heading towards the motorway. Sure I saw it up for sale on FB not so long ago too.
  9. Spotted & gave a flash heading into Manchester a few miles before Rochdale this afternoon. Was a turbo or supercharged due to the flutter you gave me on the way past. Nice looking Z you have, if you're on here😎. OV54 HRZ, or something similar.
  10. I was in the same boat 4 years ago, to save all the messing about & potential for failure again in the future, I just went for the Mishimoto setup. Yes, they're very noisy, but in a reassuring way.
  11. Drury Lane Service Station in Oldham, 100%. They've got a Hunter. Been a couple of times myself after I've changed the odd thing & they've got it spot on each time, not cheap though, but you'd rather have it right first time.
  12. Pilot bushing I've also heard should be done.
  13. Spotted heading along the A46 into Ashchurch around 2.30pm today just off J9 M5, I was heading in the opposite direction in the 350Z..🤓
  14. Timing as everyone says is critical to getting it right, you know you have when the light starts to flash. I used this document & it went perfectly: https://uprev.com/documentation/Resets-for-Nissan-Infiniti-Functions.pdf I used this video too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZJfWQLGUZI
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