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  1. Timing as everyone says is critical to getting it right, you know you have when the light starts to flash. I used this document & it went perfectly: https://uprev.com/documentation/Resets-for-Nissan-Infiniti-Functions.pdf I used this video too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZJfWQLGUZI
  2. The amount of times I've passed this & never knew it was only a short drive away.. I'll look out for it next time I'm in the area.. Maybe someone will photo their Z passing it at the right time📷.
  3. Sounds louder on the drivers side to me. Does it's pitch change when the revs rise? How's the PAS fluid level?
  4. I used the Incartec harness, it was plug & play on my old Bose system. You should also have bought the Kenwood patch lead, again, a plug & play thing. The only wiring I had to do was snip & connect the blue wire on the car side & join it to the blue wire on the new harness for the aerial. Second was to ground the green wire behind the console, something to do with watching videos whilst driving. I've just Googled your part number but can't see if it's Bose specific, maybe someone else will know?
  5. Good to see another northerner! Welcome to the club.
  6. mr v6

    Tick Over

    Mine idles between 650-680rpm. I did give the throttle body a thorough clean a while ago & did the resets. Seems more noticeable on cold start up.
  7. Today around 11.50am, heading northbound around J17. Had a white sticker in the o/s/r 1/4 window..
  8. Today around 1.10pm, was parked at the lights off the Parkway onto Barton Dock Road. Driver I'd say early 60's, aftermarket wheels too. RE07 XLZ I think was the reg.
  9. Heading along Church Way around 8.45am this morning. Definitely an aftermarket exhaust, was pretty noisey but sounded nice as I passed, also had bonnet vents too. Turns out it's an 04 DE, Y6 BTB.
  10. mr v6

    380RS pedal.

    Thanks Jack, I did see that after Googling the part number, I just wondered if TC also sold it.
  11. mr v6

    380RS pedal.

    I've been trying to find this on the Tarmac Sportz website to no avail, does anyone know if they sell them? The part number was 18016-AB000.. I've searched for the part number, 380RS, pedal etc..🙃.
  12. I've found the leather in the Z, even after 16 years in mine, to have worn much much better than my previous car which started to wear a lot more after about 12 years old.
  13. Parked up just off Barton Dock Road this afternoon. Didn't get the plate but my silver Z is in the background.
  14. Parked up this afternoon on Kitt Green Road. Had white door handles & white 18" Rays..
  15. You were heading out as I was arriving from Carrington today about 1.30pm, gave a flash but didn't see a wave / flash back😁.
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