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  1. There's a sunset orange one in the new Bad Boys for life film in a workshop. In fact you see a couple of Z's in that film.
  2. Around 2.45pm today heading along Davyhulme Road East towards Chester Road. SV04 LHE on Rays & a male driver.
  3. This was driven out of an engine replacement garage this morning on the recovery truck. Not sure what they were doing on it but it was parked there for quite some time..
  4. Crossed from Chester Road towards Salford direction around 8am this morning. MM08 PBU..
  5. On mine (Nissan original part) it's stuck to the rear panel where the boot locking mechanism is. It's behind the plastic panel.
  6. Passed by my window just a few moments ago on Barton Dock road in the direction of the Trafford Centre..
  7. I fitted a K&N panel filter when I got my Z.
  8. I bought the handbrake & gear lever gaitor from them a few years ago. I removed the handbrake one as it kept riding up, the other gaitor fits fine & is still doing it's job.
  9. I did this to my dipstick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Yrlq285UHY
  10. Only time I've ever had a head unit drain a battery (when everything was turned off) & it turned out the unit was faulty. Don't assume just because it's new it's ok, you never know.
  11. Ewen, I received a message last week from you about this error on your site. I have messaged you since but haven't had a reply, the phone number is just ringing out. Not sure if you're closed for business. Can you please get in touch. Cheers
  12. I think this might be what you're after: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4DBI7Wfd2k Only thing is, they flash like this every time you brake.
  13. You should have 2 blue wires (I think) on the original car harness, one for the amp turn on & the other is for the power aerial. I connected the amp one up to the amp labelled one (as per your pic), and the other to the power aerial.
  14. https://incartec.co.uk/Nissan/350Z Go there for your harness & facia adapter, don't forget to select your head unit make so you can have the patch lead to make the steering wheel controls work. In all, it's plug & play apart from remembering to connect up the 2 blue wires for the power aerial & amp switch on. This may also help if you get stuck, like I did:
  15. I use Autosmart Duet, comes in a 5L container & costs me about £12 from my AS rep.





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