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  1. God damn Airbag light!

    Common on my old 406 Coupes, it was the connector under the seat in them, we cut the connector out & solder the wires together. Assuming yours is the same issue? Might be worth having the codes read to narrow it down.
  2. Strange ‘Twanging’ Sound

    Not sure how the Z setup is, but possible bearing failure in the top mount?
  3. Spark Plugs - Stealership or Genuine?

    Easy enough to do yourself with basic tools. Can't remember the last time I let a garage service any of my cars.
  4. Only spotted this at the last minute, reg ended in XDA or similar. Around 4.20pm today so it was going dark, was either silver or grey.
  5. G.R.A.M.S Rear window Louvers [FINALLY]

    Like the look of louvers but the fact they can only be fitted one way using adhesive, it coming off at motorway speeds worries me.
  6. having an absolute mare!

    I was going to suggest heat, how did you get round it in the end? Did you try anything like the Easy-out sockets?
  7. Reg had NPV at the end, blue 53 plate with an aftermarket front bumper & a big rear wing, around 10.30am this morning.
  8. Meguiars Headlight Restore 2 Step Kit

    I did mine back in July, they still look fresh now: https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/117550-10-min-headlight-resto/
  9. Coolant flush

    Is the Z specific to Nissans green coolant, or could it be substituted for an alternative like red Dexcool or similar? I would replace with the genuine stuff personally.
  10. Best ‘budget’ brake rotors and pads?

    I replaced my front pads about 2 months ago, old ones were Delphi, new ones were Ferodo, they weren't the DS range, they were only about £40 & perform well with the grooved discs already on the front, not sure what make they are but there's no squeal.
  11. 350z doors are locked shut

    Really? I've seen this on American Z's on YT but this doesn't work on mine.
  12. RT Performance Mines Style Front Lip 2008 350z FITTED

    I too am not a fan of that lip that has the huge ankle chopping edges on, just my opinion of course. How does it fit, adhesive, sealant, screws etc?
  13. Car refusing to start

    The battery positive connection was loose.
  14. Car refusing to start

    I was getting that, then the demand on the electrical system took it's toll. Your case maybe very different, some methodical, basic electrical tests should point you in the direction of the fault.
  15. Car refusing to start

    Just to add to this, have you had it plugged in to read for any stored or pending codes?