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  1. mr v6

    Bah Humbug

    I've got the Uber yellow in XL size, won't have anything else.
  2. mr v6

    Orange - Blackpool

    Parked on the pavement on Squires Gate Lane around 4.15pm yesterday. Big wing, front lip & the square intake in the front bumper..
  3. mr v6

    Blue - M6

    Heading southbound near around Wigan yesterday at roughly 12.30pm. Tinted windows & big wing on the rear...
  4. mr v6

    banana arms and drop links - what to order

    I replaced just that very bush 2 years ago for a fraction of the price of a cheap Chinese copy.
  5. Welcome aboard, I'm only a stones throw away too.
  6. mr v6

    Rear parking sensor issue.

    Thanks Shezza. I checked when I got home tonight & there's no wires hanging down over the rear section of the exhaust. Had a look under the bumper & all looks neatly tucked away. Is a failing sensor / module something NDS would pick up on?
  7. (Already awaits the "you shouldn't need them if you can drive" comments) Lately I often get either a long single beep, or a long beep then a short gap, or long beeps at the same interval. This is with no obstructions behind me, then all of a sudden they'll work fine. If I put a finger on each sensor I can feel a light pulsing, they all respond the same way. If during the long beep then a short gap, covering a single sensor it changes to a constant beep as if the object was close. Seems the sensor(s) respond all the same way, but is the issue a sensor of the control module? Mine are a factory fit & I'd like to keep it that way rather go aftermarket & alter the wiring of size of the holes in the bumper along with having them sprayed.
  8. mr v6

    Another white one.

    There's very few if any around this area, not often you see the same one twice at all.
  9. mr v6

    Another white one.

    This time on the A6144 Manchester Road in Partington last night around 4.15pm.. Maybe the same white one I spotted in the earlier topic.
  10. mr v6

    White - Salford.

    White Z heading away from Salford on Trafford Road around 8.45am this morning.. Any takers? Not seen this one before.
  11. mr v6

    Grey - Oldham.

    I had my Z in at Drury Lane Garage early this morning for a full geometry / alignment check. Whilst it was on the ramp I spotted a grey Z on the A62 Manchester Road heading towards Oldham. Would've been around 9.30am.
  12. mr v6

    Dipped Beam Outage

    I would swap the bulb for the other side, if the fault follows the bulb that should be your problem.. Could also be the ballast too.
  13. mr v6

    Dipped Beam Outage

    Do you have factory xenons or halogen bulbs?
  14. mr v6

    Insurance renewal.

    Renewed the insurance in the Z today. AXA came through with their renewal of £397 for the year, around 18p / month up on last year. Chris Knott wouldn't even entertain me, so I called Adrian Flux (who I've had insurance with before), after the usual questions it came out at £300 exactly for the year. Thanks to Adrian Flux.
  15. mr v6

    Clutch problem

    I bought a Stoptech slave last year before I changed the fluid 'just in case'. My issue was a little air in the fluid from the cylinder change months previously by the dealer I bought my Z from. Spent about 15 mins bleeding the system in July last year with my dad in the car & all has been well since, even sat in traffic in this hot weather, which is when the problem shows itself the most. I took notes from this forum on how to do it knowing how tricky it can be, all the info helped. It's all down to that valve behind the wheel arch liner, not sure what it actually does or if it's even necessary.. But there is a YT video of it being deleted & a straight through line being fitted.