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  1. Heading along the A57 Regent road & turned left onto Ordsall Lane around 2pm today. Sounded like it had an aftermarket exhaust on, although it was a number of cars in front so I couldn't properly see, but did notice it had the side steps under the sills.
  2. I just pulled the passenger door seal away from the body by the A pillar & ran the wire alongside my DAB wire. I just tucked it inside the roof lining & used the clip to put it on the roof lining. It's a very tidy install.
  3. I ran mine from my Pioneer up the passenger side A pillar & clipped it just in front of the roof console .
  4. 3.30pm today just as I was leaving work, an orange Z on Barton Dock Road coming from Asda direction & turned onto the Parkway.. No reg as I was on the other side of the junction.
  5. Parked in car park at ATS about 1.30pm today. Was an 06 plate I think ending VWA or similar. Tinted windows with black Rays..
  6. mr v6

    Higher idle.

    I cleaned the throttle body at the weekend as it was filthy, got a lot of vapour from around the throttle plate too, all nice & clean now. I did the relearns from here & all of them completed perfectly: https://uprev.com/documentation/Resets-for-Nissan-Infiniti-Functions.pdf Cold start prior to the clean would be dead on 1500rpm, then drop a little, then back to 1500rpm, after the clean & relearns cold start shoots to 2000rpm then a second or so later down to 1750rpm, then slowly makes it's way down. The needle position is a smidge higher than it was before.
  7. Sat in traffic about 2.30pm today where the M61 joins the M60. I pulled out in front of you in the white Renault Trafic. Looked to have an aftermarket front lip, sure it was an 06 plate? PS: Your headlights could do with a polish, they're quite yellow😉.
  8. I've got the Soft99 light version. It's alright. As Coldel says, it's all in the prep like most things. Some waxes are easier to work with than others. At the moment I'm using Dodo juice light fantastic because it's easy on & off.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. As I didn't want to hack away at the battery tray, I bought a Yuasa 027AGM from work & it dropped right into the tray with no modification required. It's a little wider, but not as tall. It has 680CCA & 60Ah. Spins the engine over much better than the old RAC / Exide 005 that was in there.
  10. Had to take a 2nd look at it. Heading along Regent Road onto the M602 out of Salford around lunchtime today. It was a holographic wrap & had lime green wheels & a rear wing.. Not seen this one around Manchester before.. It was certainly different to looks at.
  11. I measured the inside of the battery tray earlier & it measures 260mm maximum. So how are some of you fitting a 278mm battery in there? Am I to assume you've just sat it on top of the box, used the tie down strap & just hope it doesn't move?
  12. Thanks Daveymonkey. My other worry was the replacement (for me) must sit inside the original battery tray without having to butcher it. Mine is my daily driver so I may not benefit from an AGM, maybe just an 096. Has anyone had to cut their battery tray or do these 278mm wide batteries fit in 'properly'?
  13. Sorry for the thread resurrection here. My battery is an RAC / Exide one with 540CA from memory. Iy cranked over worryingly slowly yesterday morning after being left only since Saturday. Luckily in work we stock 100's of Yuasa batteries & I'm debating whether to upgrade to the 096AGM. It's a 70Ah with 760CCA & it's quite cheap to me. I'm a little worried by conflicting info on the internet whereby you can't fit an AGM to a non-AGM system, or that once you change to AGM you can't go back to lead acid. Other places saying the alternator & electrics aren't compatible with
  14. mr v6

    Key fob screw.

    Thanks for the answers. I ended up getting a blank case with blade from accessfobs.co.uk for just under £5 delivered within 2 days of ordering.
  15. mr v6

    Key fob screw.

    I need one of these for my 2005 key fob, if anyone has one knocking about? Thanks.
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