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  1. mr v6

    Throttle body cleaning.

    When the car starts from cold lately the revs drop to just above 1000rpm for a split second before rising to the normal level. I thought the crud build up was reducing the airflow in, thus the low revs, till the ECU detects it & opens the TB more to make up for it. Surely the best way to clean it is to open the plate to ensure it's done properly.
  2. mr v6

    Throttle body cleaning.

    I've done a lot of reading about this process & everyone seems to have their do's & don'ts, so I'm confused as to which way to do it on my 05 DE. Some say it's fine, other say disconnect the battery, one guy says ignition on & floor the pedal to open the throttle plate (this didn't work for me), pedal dance to reset, which a lot of people can't get it to work, amongst other suggestions. Did the spark plugs at weekend & the edge of the plate is quite cruddy. Can Nissan Datascan manually open the throttle body?
  3. mr v6

    What's this grommet / drain?

    Thanks, is this a big strip down job or a quick fix? For the record, I can only assume this was always just lying under the battery box as it' the first time I'd removed the tray. Am I better off getting a UK spec one? Just looking now but can't find the drain on Partslink24..
  4. mr v6

    What's this grommet / drain?

    Thanks Alex, do you know where it's supposed to go? Thanks.
  5. mr v6

    What's this grommet / drain?

    I found this hanging around under my battery tray a couple of months ago, removed it & only just remembered I still have it. I've checked on Partslink24 with my chassis number but can't seem to find what it is, or where it goes?? Answers on a postcard please..
  6. Are these available on their own new? Mine is getting a bit lazy, sometimes not folding out more than a few mm, but folds in ok. You can hear the motor trying, but no real movement. Don't really want a used one as that'll be at least 10yrs old anyway. Anyone any ideas?
  7. Dealer = Parts cannon.. Not in all cases, but many.
  8. mr v6

    Replacement oil filler caps?

    I fitted a cheap knock-off Nismo one from ebay, was about £10 from memory, can't remember where it came from though.. Fits a treat, nice & weighty too.
  9. mr v6

    Black Z - Partington / Carrington.

    Didn't notice the exhaust as he was behind me, couldn't say if it had tints either as I couldn't get a proper look, not seen it before though, you don't see many at all round here even when travelling about.
  10. Roughly 11am this morning, appeared behind me & followed all the way to the M60 J8 roundabout where you turned left, I went right. I did acknowledge you with a quick wave, then a flash of the hazards, don't think I got one back though.
  11. mr v6

    Help with 207cc please

    Having owned 2 marques of French cars from 2005-2014, I'd strongly recommend putting it on PP2k. I have it & it can drill down into each of the cars ECU / BSI's. French cars are picky, but this kit will help you see what's wrong. If something on a French car sounds like an easy fix when it comes to electronics, it usually isn't if there's a BSI involved.
  12. mr v6

    No power at all

    My issue when I first got mine was it wouldn't crank, but did have lights. Turned out I had a loose connection on the positive post on the battery, all good now.
  13. mr v6

    Orange - Timperley.

    Female driver of an orange Z sat at the junction of Moss Lane & Park Road this morning.
  14. mr v6

    new exhaust needed

    Got an ArkGrip on mine & absolutely love it, along with bumper tuck.
  15. mr v6

    Drop links

    I replaced the NSF on mine last year with a Blue Print one I got from work, was about £10 from memory. Easy enough job to do.