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  1. Engine Whine

    Sounds like pulley / alternator whine to me, possibly power steering. Have you checked it with the bonnet open to narrow it down better?
  2. How to remove telephone mic panel

    I thought that was the panel that had interior sensors in just in case someone breaks a window?
  3. Which Alternator belt for '07?

    What is the point of the extra pulley if people are going to just remove it & fit a shorter belt?
  4. 350z bluetooth

    Chances are your bluetooth isn't compatible with the system in your car.
  5. P0300 misfire while idling finally resolved

    Is this the original kit from 2005? Unless you or someone else changed the clutch on a like for like basis, or abused it for it to wear early, I can't see how it's the fault of LUK. We do a lot of their kits at work & never have any comebacks. I had the clutch done in my sisters Golf over xmas, symptoms were it felt like a misfire at idle, lumpy, but it ran fine. It turned out the DMF had gone out of balance. New LUK kit was fitted & it's been spot on. How old is the kit?
  6. PCV valve.

    This question could be answered by Torqen - PCV valve, is yours a genuine Nissan part? If so, is this for the driver or passenger side, or are they both the same? Can these be cleaned with brake cleaner? I don't seem to be having any issues that I know of, but it's coming upto oil change time & was wondering how long the life of these are & whether it's worth replacing it as preventative maintenance?
  7. Grey - Partington.

    Seen this some weeks ago, again today around 4.15pm, flashed the headlights & got the thumbs up from the other driver
  8. malfunction indicator light

    Glad you've sorted it & it's nothing major. My sensor got stuck in the summer, I had to disconnect the battery for 20 mins to reset everything, it's been fine since. As I say, I'm not far from you if you ever need the ECU's scanning if you have a light on.
  9. malfunction indicator light

    I'm available Saturday sometime if that helps, earlier the better though. PM me.
  10. malfunction indicator light

    I've got Nissan Datascan if that helps, I'm only 20 mins from Cheadle.
  11. malfunction indicator light

    Do you mean the EML / engine management light?
  12. Dodo Juice

    Many people doubt the use of colour charged waxes & whether they actually add anything at all. I used Orange Crush on my last car, yellow 406 Coupe & loved the finish it gave. Sharp, crisp & super smooth.
  13. D2R Philips X-treme Vision - Any users here ?

    Considering some Z'z have xenons, to me they still look very halogen in appearance, nothing like the crisp white light you get from modern day bulbs.
  14. Bluetooth Module

    I've tried an SGS2, SGS4 & my current Moto G4 & neither will stay connected to the module. Apparently the module has bluetooth stack 3 in it, newer phones are stack 4 according to the reply I got from Bury.
  15. P1273 p1147 code help please!!!!

    I also had the P1147 on Sunday. I'm going to check the obvious first (see my topic below this one). Failing that I'll probably just put a Blue Print sensor on it. IIRC it's the blue connector. Buy a decent brand one, not some cheap & nasty thing off ebay or ECP.