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  1. Just had my quote from CK, the first company they used wouldn't insure me apparently having a vinyl wrapped roof is a bit of a no no (It wasn't just the vinyl, but this was the mode flagged as the most at risk). and all the other companies they tried were double my renewal quote.
  2. I've been with AF for 5 few years but they upping my renewal by 10% this year which is 20% above my original quote 5 years ago. Guess I'l be playing the ring-a-round game later in the week.
  3. I've got the same issue, I quietened mine down a bit with dynamat all over the rear end and then put some carpet underlay under the boot mat. I've got 1 layer of basic foam carpet underlay that i brought for a few quid from a carpet shop and then my friend had some of the proper rubberised sound proofing stuff left over from his house so I chucked that in as well. The 2 layer of underlay mean my tonneau cover is well wedged in now
  4. Not been on in a while but thought I'd post the conclusion. After the initial 30 day period Ebay found in the buyers favour. I rang up and stated my case and the call centre person said they'd look at it as they believed I had a good reason to dispute and they'd get back to me in the next few days. What I think happened is both myself and the buyer raised issues with the sale and as his was raised first they dealt with his claim rather than mine, so didn't see what I had written in my defence. 10 minutes after I put the phone down the case was closed in my favour and no appeal was raised by the buyer. I pointed out it was sold as not working and I did't know why so claiming it didn't work for a specific reason didn't go against what I had originally posted. I also said the buyer hadn't described which screws were missing, but all internal screws were visible in my photos and a box of 100's of external screws were available for a few £'s and I'd offed a £10 refund to cover this despite not thinking it mys responsibility to do so. I also pointed out that despite having a 100% buyer record, if you read through the comments on the buyers review page 15% of the comments were negative reviews and a few more had been removed by ebay.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272878892129
  6. Yep - he originally offered me £40 for it. I might just offer him £10 good will because to be honest I wasn't expecting more than ~£50 for it. That might just **** him off though His main complaint is that its water damaged and this wasn't disclosed. I don't know why it stopped working but I doubt it was water damaged.
  7. From what I've read if you lose you often don't get the item back. Thats why I was thinking its not worth fighting. But then again I've got a ZED whats £100...
  8. HI, I sold a bricked laptop on ebay. It was sold as not working fro parts and a number of faults were listed. I stated as it didn't turn on I couldn't test anything. Buyer has now complained that the wire that lights up the back lit keyboard has snapped and the wire to the left hand speaker has snapped and also a few case screws are missing. They want a refund, I'd like to refuse as they were a d!ck from start to finish of the process and have very minor complaints. I've googled it a bit and it seems I'm better off to just accept the refund as ebay seller protection is none existent. It seems like I f I refuse the refund ebay will find n the buyers favor 99% of the time and i will auto refund out of my account and I may not even get the item back. Its sold for £110 Anyone have any advice
  9. Haven't posted any pics since I got the wing added and had to take some photos for my insurance. Not bad for 2 hours work (I've come along way....)
  10. Hi, My cars in the garage getting the break fluid changed and they are having trouble removing one of the bleed nipples. They are going to soak it in wd40 and leave it for a while. What are my options if it snaps off?
  11. Would your shortcut work for other people? if so post it.
  12. Echo... Yep I'm hardly ever on here. I just find it harder to quickly digest whats new, but I also feel that my Zeditis has run its course, so i'd naturally be on here less.
  13. For a second there, I thought you were saying they charged you £300 to fit a wiper blade. My MOT and oil change costs about £80 (I provide my own fluids). I get collection and delivery thrown in, but then again I only live 3 doors away....
  14. Okay - but not great its kind of smoothed out. I do <5k miles per year so its not in heavy in use.
  15. I got mine done by Jack in a very similar style I was driving past so go him to fit it form me. Pics and prices Here:



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