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  1. Its £250 per year not month and some of that premium is also not have to deal with firms like admiral if anything does go wrong, so there is a piece of mind benefit too. I'm almost certainly going to be out of the petrol/performance car game in a year or 2 and i'll be leased electric though mt work,so its short term risk. There absolutely is a break even point, if i don't ever need to claim then i obviously lose out financially but still have the piece of mind, if I claim within in 10-15 years then i would break even.
  2. I very nearly went with Admiral but there were a few others around the same price. It was 343 inc. breakdown, legal etc. But there was £25 cashback through quidco and also a £20 halfords voucher through Confused. So maybe call it 300-345. Rang up A flux and they brought my quote down from 680 to 608 (10%). this included £52 agreed value @ £7k an actual like for like would have been 345 vs 550. £200 premium to be with a better insurer or £250 to be with a better insurer and to get an extra £3-4k if I ever do write it off.
  3. I think i figured out what the issue with my initial quote was, it was my VPN. I turned it off today and now I getting more quotes through, including admiral at £280. I use PIA as a VPN, its a popular one, which i think also makes it popular with criminals. I've noticed random oddities like this before where websites don't play nice with me. People who use VPNs are notoriously bad drivers
  4. I have an agreed value policy with AF, I send them photos of my car and a list of all the mods and work I've had done and they come back with a value for my car. I've assumed they won't haggle too much, if at all on that value should i write it off. The agreed value adds £50 to the premium.
  5. Rang up Admiral and they couldn't tell me why it wasn't working online. but I've got a quote of £301 with Admiral vs £650 with AF. obviously would need to check all the small print to compare but my quandary is : £300 per year vs ~£2k if I ever write it off so a ~7 year break even window. I've had 8 years behind the wheel and one write off 4 months after passing my test... Touching all the wood right now.
  6. Sounds like I'll probably move away from AF, 'IF' I can figure out why I can't get insurance via non specialists. I've not added the speed awareness course to my quotes, it just asks if I have had any Speed Awareness doesn't fall under any of that does it and there is no where else for me to put it? and according to google there is no way for insurance companies to find out that I've been on one.
  7. I normally do go with the specialists but I was tempted last year by basically halving my premium was a non specialist, (but forgoing the agreed value) however this year they all the non specialists seem to have disappeared.
  8. No I haven't written my car off yet My insurance renewal is coming up. I'm with AF and have been for a few years, my premium goes up ~£40 each year and its now getting close to £700. The main reason for me going through AF is for the Agreed Valuation amount, mines set to £7k at the moment but they love lowering each lower after I've renewed... If I go through a standard insurance quote they value my car at £2.5k private £3.5k dealer and its normally around a £350 premium. On that basis I've always thought paying the ~£300 higher premium to AF is worth it as I'd get ~£4k more in the case of a write off. Having only ever written my moms car off 20 years ago I've no experience of actually claiming. So was wondering if anyone has any experience of claiming and what value they got for their car. I can't find any 350z for sale for much under £4k private or dealer. One other point, I can't seem to get any quotes to come up through the standard insurers (admiral etc.) is there something going on in the insurance world at the moment that is restricting access to insurance? I tried removing all mods and also just reusing the same quote as last year and go compare only brought back about 4 options. I'm going to ring Admiral up later to see if they can see whats up with my application. Nothings change year on year apart from 1 year etc NCB. I did do my first speed awareness course, but my license is clean.
  9. Hi, had my first MOT failure today, a bushing has cracked The garage said it was the 'NS front lower suspension arm bushing' anybody able to point me to a link for a new one? I had a google but everyone seems to use different terminology! Thanks.
  10. Just had my quote from CK, the first company they used wouldn't insure me apparently having a vinyl wrapped roof is a bit of a no no (It wasn't just the vinyl, but this was the mode flagged as the most at risk). and all the other companies they tried were double my renewal quote.
  11. I've been with AF for 5 few years but they upping my renewal by 10% this year which is 20% above my original quote 5 years ago. Guess I'l be playing the ring-a-round game later in the week.
  12. I've got the same issue, I quietened mine down a bit with dynamat all over the rear end and then put some carpet underlay under the boot mat. I've got 1 layer of basic foam carpet underlay that i brought for a few quid from a carpet shop and then my friend had some of the proper rubberised sound proofing stuff left over from his house so I chucked that in as well. The 2 layer of underlay mean my tonneau cover is well wedged in now
  13. Not been on in a while but thought I'd post the conclusion. After the initial 30 day period Ebay found in the buyers favour. I rang up and stated my case and the call centre person said they'd look at it as they believed I had a good reason to dispute and they'd get back to me in the next few days. What I think happened is both myself and the buyer raised issues with the sale and as his was raised first they dealt with his claim rather than mine, so didn't see what I had written in my defence. 10 minutes after I put the phone down the case was closed in my favour and no appeal was raised by the buyer. I pointed out it was sold as not working and I did't know why so claiming it didn't work for a specific reason didn't go against what I had originally posted. I also said the buyer hadn't described which screws were missing, but all internal screws were visible in my photos and a box of 100's of external screws were available for a few £'s and I'd offed a £10 refund to cover this despite not thinking it mys responsibility to do so. I also pointed out that despite having a 100% buyer record, if you read through the comments on the buyers review page 15% of the comments were negative reviews and a few more had been removed by ebay.
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272878892129
  15. Yep - he originally offered me £40 for it. I might just offer him £10 good will because to be honest I wasn't expecting more than ~£50 for it. That might just **** him off though His main complaint is that its water damaged and this wasn't disclosed. I don't know why it stopped working but I doubt it was water damaged.





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