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  1. @raptor07GT It's HR yes. Coming from Lexus is200 I find it really responsive and fun. Little bit cautious as it's too low at the moment, but I'll raise it a bit when I have time. Only put 150 miles in the last couple of days, but it's so fun.
  2. @ZMANALEX you're right, but not really bothered by the miles. @LRF4N that's great I'll keep an eye for dates. Thanks guys!
  3. Hi all, After looking for a 350z for the last few months, I have finally bought one. Not sure if the previous owner is here on the forum, but thought I'd share few pictures of it. I'm in Edinburgh and will be using it as a daily, so if anyone spots the car, give me a shout. The car has JAV designs wheels, HSD coilovers and great license plate. Only got it few days ago, so those have been changed by the previous owner. I really love the royal blue colour and golden wheels.
  4. Thanks a lot for the replies. Need to sort some stuff out and hopefully I'll be getting one next month.
  5. @LRF4N Unfortunately, only seen the topic today. Got excited when I saw Sunday as I'm going to be in Glasgow for the weekend, but then realised it was yesterday. Otherwise would've loved to come. @ZMANALEX I just started looking more seriously to buy one, but I'm willing to travel if needed. There are couple I've seen close by so will take a look at them.
  6. Hi guys, As seen from the title I'm a new member from Edinburgh. Currently I'm driving Lexus IS200, but it's time for a change and will be buying a 350z. One thing that slightly worries me, however, is that I'm 190cm (6'3") and not sure how comfortable the Z would be. Is there anyone, similar height, who would be able to tell me how it is for them? Long shot, but I would really appreciate if there's anyone from the Edinburgh area or Glasgow who is willing to maybe meet up. Thanks!





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