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  1. If no ones around to let you try it, you could always book a test drive with a Nissan Dealership or any other trader/private seller selling one somewhere round your area
  2. I took some pics, it’s not much but I got some decent ones considering I used my phone I’ll upload tomorrow hopefully
  3. 1) davey83 2) Andy_muxlow 3) tauvp 4) Buster and Mrs Buster 5) EnvoyZ33 6) 14N 7) Charlie Boy 8) Justthejedi 9) zzincubus 10) Sim 11) one-eyed-king maybe 12) Dani350 maybe 13) valy maybe 14) Phil T and Missus 15) AntelopeSam 16) SHEZZA and Louise 17) ShortPaul 18) fijiFixit
  4. Unfortunately Tarmac don’t do this diffuser, otherwise I would have gone with them. Not a fan of the other diffuser styles they offer
  5. That’s fine with me, just wanted to know reviews on it. I don’t have a quad exhaust, but I’m sure I could get some quad tips welded on?
  6. Has anyone ever fitted one of these? I can’t seem to find anyone that’s posted about them. I think it looks quite good, just worried about the fitment.
  7. Car was in need of a wash.. but the road was too nice , Couldn't resist taking a picture.
  8. FGS, I didn't event realise lmaoo. Isolation is getting to me.
  9. Software Developer.. Working from home for the first time since Last Monday, no big deal though
  10. Damn, Missed out on the side skirts and spats
  11. Cheers :).. Been quoted £900 incl VAT by him to supply, spray and fit the bumper. Sound about right?
  12. Believe it or not.. I've had this in mind for a while!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chargespeed-Style-Rear-Bumper-for-Nissan-350z-2003-2009-fibreglass/264557708174?hash=item3d98de438e:g:nVEAAOxyYANTYSwV Seen this, but don't know how the quality and fitment would be like
  13. Here is mine 04 350z GT Stock suspension ( Although I am really tempted to put the Tein 17mm/14mm springs ) Car scrapes as it sits though Full body Stage 1 paint correction 3 Year ceramic coating Wiper delete Mines style front lip Reverse camera Upholstered interior headliner with grey plush velvet Driftworks suede steering wheel Japan Racing JR11 Black wheels ( 9.5j front, 10.5j rear ) Stubby ariel Kinetix Plenum TORQEN decats ToyoSport exhaust system UpRev map with pops and bangs Need for speed underglow
  14. Oh Man, I didn't even realise. Is the brake nipple supposed to be just op top of where it says Brembo? That flat circular part? Would it be possible to dremel a flat notch into it and use a flathead to unscrew it out? The pads have been working perfect for me and never had an issue. I checked again about an hour ago after driving normally since the rainbow issue. The discs are back to their normal color now. I also checked the brake fluid reservoir with the cap off. The fluid is to the max line and 100% the correct color. Not murky or discolored
  15. I bed mine in correctly 7 months ago.. I’ve only just got the issue today. It’s not warped though as the pedal feels completely fine so it’s just confusing. Sorry to hear about your issue :(
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