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  1. Hi, Looking for a replacement Y pipe as I'm sure mine is blowing from the flexis.. They've seen a lot of scraping. Currently got the stock Y pipe. I've got TORQEN Decats, Toyosport Mid Pipe and Toyosport Backbox. Anyone selling a New or Used but in good condition Y pipe for a reasonable price?
  2. Doesn’t the Berk test pipes come with the CEL fix that works 95% of the times? How do these sound compared to Berks?
  3. Seems tempting Lool. Do they come with the gaskets and bolts? And how about the CEL fix?
  4. fijifixit


    Anyone selling Berk decats for DE 350z?
  5. Hi, Any chance for postage? Its a 5 hour drive from where I am
  6. How can I check the sensor to see if its functioning correctly?
  7. Hello, I have a UK 2004 GT 350Z. After purchasing the car in December 2018 and driving it home 350 miles, I was presented with the lovely EML. I used a scan tool which gave me the code P1283. I jumped on google and found out that code was related to Bank 2 Sensor 1 ( Passenger side, before the CAT ). Now, when the EML appeared, I was cruising at around 30mph with the cruise control enabled and in 5th/6th gear. Naturally, I went and purchased the sensor from Car parts for less. After taking it to Motorsport and Performance in West Yorkshire, they inspected the current sensor and told me that it looked like it was fairly new and didn't think that it was at fault. They hooked up their scan tool and did some diagnostics after which they told me they think its a vacuum leak. I decided to do this test myself. Searching on the net, i found out how to make a smoke machine at home. I disconnected the hose that goes from the brake fluid reservoir compartment to the Side of the plenum and attached the smoke machine hose to it. Voila, smoke poured out the front of them plenum. I contacted Kinetix and they suggested using a high temp RTV whilst retaining the original metal gasket. So I did. Applied RTV to the metal gasket all round, left it for 15 mins to skim over, and then placed the plenum back on top. I left the car without driving it for 36 hours to ensure the RTV had fully cured. I smoke tested it again and no smoke was visible. I used the scan tool to clear the EML. Drove it around and now 70 miles later with on and off driving, the light has come back on. I was just about to park it up when it came on. Can someone please help me. This is driving me crazy. I used the scan tool to grab the freezeframe data. DTCFRZF P1283 FUELSYS1 CL FUELSYS2 CL LOAD_PCT % 51.8 ECT ( F ) -40 SHRTFT1 % 0.0 LONGFT1 % 8.6 SHRTFT2 % 7.8 LONGFT2 % 9.4 RMPT( /min ) 1312 VSS( MPH ) 0 Any help would be greatly appreciated. *Note* My 350z came with the Kinetix V+ plenum on it, not the Factory plenum. (https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/nissan/nissan-350z/kinetix-racing-nissan-350z-03-05-infinti-g35-03-07-fx35-03-08-v-plenum-intake-manifold.html )
  8. I didn't even see the date lmaoo. My bad
  9. Hi mate, I will take the lower control arms for both sides providing the bushings are in good nick. I can come collect. Cheers
  10. I shall take some pictures and a vid explaining what I did on my lunch break in about 2 hours
  11. Reviving an old thread, but I installed a reverse camera on my Zed recently with the screen being a mirror that fits over your existing one. The mirror also has a built in dash cam and the rear reverse camera also acts as a dash cam. If there interest, Ill upload pics and maybe a vid showing how it works. Full neat install with no wires etc showing.
  12. Hello, please tell me you're still active? I've been having an issue with my keys since I purchased the car!. Little backstory. I purchased the car in December 2018 and it only came with Two keys. One of them had the lock/unlock buttons, and the other is a plain valet key. I was told that it was just the battery dead inside the fob. After faffing about, changing batteries and trying to register the key using the reprogram procedure, I gave up. I took the key to a locksmith and they tested it and said the fob was not giving out a signal and that it was dead completely. I messaged ZMANALEX and purchased a new key with him hoping this would be the solution. Still nothing, the car enters programing mode, buy step 6 above does nothing. No flash, no relay click. Anyway, I then thought it might be the receiver in the car that's located behind the passenger dash. I purchased the receiver off ZMANALEX ( Same one that matched the key I purchased ), hoping that this time, it would fix it. Replaced the receiver and jumped in the zed. Nope, it didn't work . I got the new fob tested and it is indeed working and giving out a signal. I've tried all the procedures for UK/USDM with no luck at all. The car starts up just fine. I can only unlock the doors manually by using the keyhole. When I unlock it, there isn't any alarms that go off. What I am left with is 1 plain valet key and 1 remote lock/unlock key fob that has no functionality to it . I will give the above procedure a go but bit sceptical as you mention " Turn key to on with registered key ". This key isn't registered so i'm guessing it wont work. Worth a shot though!
  13. Anyone selling the Stock intake manifold/Upper Plenum for the 350z? Iddeally with all the bolts and a new gasket?
  14. fijifixit

    Wheel Spacers

    Thanks for the reply dude, I already got a set a long time back



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