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  1. I am looking for a 350z blanking switch, the one that goes next to the ESP button next to the steering wheel. Anyone got one for sale?
  2. Would be good for me, I'm from Leeds area so Sheffield isnt too bad
  3. Selling a pair of 12mm wheel spacers with the 10 extended studs. Came off 2004 350z. Perfect for wheels that have clearance issues with the brake callipers. £40 + £10 postage
  4. Looks like a pretty lengthy route .. How many oil changes along the way . How many other people with Z's are interested?
  5. I bought my 2004 350z @ 138k in December 2018. It has been LPG converted and then mapped by Abbey Motorsport. Its now on 149k and I have been daily driving it everyday with no issues. I do regular oil changes and only use LPG to cruise around town or commute to work at low RPM's and slow acceleration. Of course, when I want to do some spirited driving, I switch it over to petrol which is either VPower or Momentum99. I haven't had any issues at all and you probably wont either as long as the installation is done by an approved installer using a good system such as PRINS. LPG prices near me is circa 58.9p / l Full tank circa 40 liters/ £22-£24 Local cruising on LPG circa 140-150 miles Motorway on LPG @ 70-75mph circa 190-200 miles I hope this helps
  6. Got my Dream wheels, refurbed and then car detailed Mods done Torqen Decats Toyosport Ypipe, Mid Pipe, Backbox K&N cone filter but reverting back to OEM airbox with HKS filter Kinetix Intake Plenum Front Mines Style splitter 6000k Xenon Bulbs Interior/Exterior LED bulbs Wiper delete Window tints Black roof Japan Racing JR-11 wheels 18 x 9.5j with 255/35/18 18 x 10.5j with 275/35/18



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