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  1. FGS, I didn't event realise lmaoo. Isolation is getting to me.
  2. Software Developer.. Working from home for the first time since Last Monday, no big deal though
  3. Damn, Missed out on the side skirts and spats
  4. Cheers :).. Been quoted £900 incl VAT by him to supply, spray and fit the bumper. Sound about right?
  5. Believe it or not.. I've had this in mind for a while!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chargespeed-Style-Rear-Bumper-for-Nissan-350z-2003-2009-fibreglass/264557708174?hash=item3d98de438e:g:nVEAAOxyYANTYSwV Seen this, but don't know how the quality and fitment would be like
  6. Here is mine 04 350z GT Stock suspension ( Although I am really tempted to put the Tein 17mm/14mm springs ) Car scrapes as it sits though Full body Stage 1 paint correction 3 Year ceramic coating Wiper delete Mines style front lip Reverse camera Upholstered interior headliner with grey plush velvet Driftworks suede steering wheel Japan Racing JR11 Black wheels ( 9.5j front, 10.5j rear ) Stubby ariel Kinetix Plenum TORQEN decats ToyoSport exhaust system UpRev map with pops and bangs Need for speed underglow Thanks for viewing
  7. Oh Man, I didn't even realise. Is the brake nipple supposed to be just op top of where it says Brembo? That flat circular part? Would it be possible to dremel a flat notch into it and use a flathead to unscrew it out? The pads have been working perfect for me and never had an issue. I checked again about an hour ago after driving normally since the rainbow issue. The discs are back to their normal color now. I also checked the brake fluid reservoir with the cap off. The fluid is to the max line and 100% the correct color. Not murky or discolored.
  8. I bed mine in correctly 7 months ago.. I’ve only just got the issue today. It’s not warped though as the pedal feels completely fine so it’s just confusing. Sorry to hear about your issue :(
  9. Hmm, I get people are saying that it happens if you incorrectly bed the pads in. But my pads have been on for atleast 7 months and Only got this multi coloured disc thing today. I do some spirited hard driving often and need had this issue. I’ll have to check how freely they spin when I get it up on a jack. There no brake pedal pulsing or vibrations so I’m convinced it’s not warped. Do you think bleeding and putting fresh dot4 brake fluid in would be a good option? Regards, Ibrahim. P.s Merry late Christmas to you too! Happy Boxing Day :)
  10. Hi guy, After some spirited driving I noticed my brakes didn’t bite as much as they do when they are cold. After I let the car cool down I checked my brake discs and the front ones were like a rainbow. Is this normal? I don’t know what make the discs are as they were already on when I purchased them. The brake pads I replaced earlier this year with EBC redstuff on front and Brembo on the rears. My rear brake pads are already low so was just wondering if the discs and pads need changing? There is a slight lip on the edges of the discs, but nothing too major. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers. Ibrahim
  11. Check for any vacuum leaks. Also check the exhaust gasket between the manifold and Catalyctic converter. if it’s leaking it could be the cause of the issue. Have a read here
  12. Was it Bank 2 Sensor 1 or Sensor 2?
  13. I went there buddy, they couldn't do anything. They just tried the same manual programming procedure that I did. No luck with them
  14. Yep, still having issues unfortunately . I gave up investigating for a while.. but I still want it fixed! On the plus side... I passed my MOT first time with no advisories Ill check them Auto electricians out Cheers buddy.
  15. Indeed it is, My remote central locking doesn't work and the key wont register at all. Tried a new key, new batteries, new receiver to no avail. I suspect my alarm is not working either so there is a fault somewhere. Going through the FSM there are numerous tests to conduct with the BCM so I need a consult interface and software in order to test it all. You can test it with an oscilloscope.. but I don't have one of them either





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