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  1. fijifixit

    Fault Code P1283 - help needed

    @samu23 Sorry to revive an old post, did you ever manage to sort this issue out? I've had P1283 on for a while now. I got it checked out and was told Bank 2 fuel trims were quite high and that it was a vaccum leak somewhere.
  2. Has anyone had any issues with the steering wheel being off centre whilst driving? To drive the car in a straight line, I have to position the steering wheel slightly to the right so the 9:00 position is more 10:00. It very noticeable, especially at higher speeds. If i'm cruising at 70mph in the third lane of M62 for example, and put the steering wheel straight, the car will start turning off into the centre lane pretty quick. Its getting quite annoying now. I have taken the car in for a 4 wheel laser alignment using the Hunter Hawk system and they have adjusted it and said the camber/caster/toe is all within spec. Its on stock suspension and all the ball joints, tie rods etc are all fine. The only modification I did was to put 20mm spacers on front and 25mm on back. Both of which are installed correctly. Any ideas on what the issue would be? I was thinking if i remove the steering wheel and just realign it slightly to the left and re-tighten the nut, it would solve the issue. Does this sound like it would work? I am aware of the clockspring which has to be kept straight in order for it to not snap when going lock to lock.] Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Anyone got a black Zed that was driving through Leeds road in Huddersfield on Sat? I got a wave from them and I honked back. I drive a grey Zed 54 plate
  4. fijifixit

    Remote central locking fob issues

    Hey guys, @veeg33, So I got the receiver that goes with the key I got from @ZMANALEX. I replaced it with the one I had in the car. Unfortunately, I am still having the same issue. Car gets into programming mode by the indicators flashing twice. No response when I try registering the key. *Sigh*, Is there anything else you guys can suggest?
  5. fijifixit

    Anyone from Yorkshire?

    Haha swear it must have been you then! It was about a week/ week and a half ago.
  6. fijifixit

    Anyone from Yorkshire?

    Is this still active? I have just joined the West Yorkshire Bradford/Leeds/Huddersfield area with a Zed. I've seen a roadster in Batley ( Small town which you guys probably haven't heard of lmao ) and a coupe in leeds. I'm down for a meet and a chat
  7. Hey dude, you got the central locking receiver? What about the A/F sensor Bank 2 sensor 1?
  8. fijifixit

    Remote central locking fob issues

    The car came with one valet key and one key with the central locking buttons. This key wasn't working even when I replaced the battery and attempted to reprogram it. I was told my fob was dead so I purchased another one off @ZMANALEX. Transferred the keyblade and transponder to that one. Still the same issue
  9. fijifixit

    Remote central locking fob issues

    I can hear the 2 clicks happening of the relay in the passenger footwell when the car enters programming mode. When I hold the unlock button and press the lock button 3 times and release the unlock button on the fob to register the key, nothing happens. Hazards don't flash and the relay doesn't click. Where is he receiver located on the zed? Would it have to be fixed by Nissan, or can an auto locksmith do it?
  10. fijifixit

    Remote central locking fob issues

    Mine is the UK spec. When my car gets into programming mode, the hazards dont flash on the dash, I can hear the relay clicking and the hazard lights flash on the outside. I can see it in the reflection that they flash. The lock/unlock works from the switch on the drivers side door. Is there a fuse for the remote central locking in the car? I did install LED bulbs for the rear Number plate lights, however, I was facing the same issues before I installed them. All the other electrics work just fine. I will disconnect the negative terminal on the battery for 15 mins and then try register the key again. Failing that I have no idea . I cant be doing the procedure wrong as i've tried it 20+ times with no luck!
  11. fijifixit

    Remote central locking fob issues

    Hey dude. I got a get from zmanalex, but still no luck. I transferred the key blade, transponder and put a new battery in aswell. Still the same issue . I can get the car into programming mode as the hazards flash twice, but I don't get any response when I hold the unlock button on the key and press the lock button twice and then let go of the unlock button. From reading the procedure, the hazards are supposed to flash once to confirm its registered. I don't get the flash. If I finish the procedure by switching the car to the on position, the hazards flash twice again to exit programming mode. I've had 0 luck with it . I am currently unlocking the car manually with the key hole on the door. Any advice? Cheers
  12. fijifixit

    Hello from West Yorkshire

    Cheers pal, where abouts you from? I did see a Z in Leeds on Saturday :)
  13. fijifixit

    Wheel Spacers

    Any one got any Wheel spacers for sale? Wanting 20mm for front and 25mm for rear. 2004 350z GT Cheers.
  14. fijifixit

    Remote central locking fob issues

    Wow, honestly, you have no idea how much I appreciate your time and info along with @veeg33. Thanks guys! Hopefully this key works when I transfer things over. If not, ill just buy one off zman. Ill keep this thread updated along with images etc if anyone else has this issue and struggles to figure it out.
  15. fijifixit

    Remote central locking fob issues

    Would it work if I transferred the transponder over though if the replacement key has a transponder on the PCB? I would imagine they'd interfere no?