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  1. Welcome! Nice picture, car's looking very shiny
  2. If only I knew about these guys back when i needed a Y pipe!
  3. Hello, Are these still available? Thanks
  4. Hello, I would also like to buy one of these if you are still making them, with the standard black 'Z'. Many thanks
  5. Hi mate, Still have those 20mm spacers?
  6. Hello! Your zed looks great! Just reminds me that I need to restore my headlights Cougar in Leicester is probably the closest specialist to us, and I've heard only great things about them. Unfortunately when I spoke to them they explained they had had problems with their ramp being out of action (now resolved) and so had a backlog of work, the earliest they could fit me in was mid December. I messaged another user on here in Peterborough with a 370z and he recommended C.A.R.S on papyrus road, they're not exactly a specialist but he says they do good work. I'm planning t
  7. I'll take one as long as they come with a good set of instructions 1. TubbyZ 2. Shire 3. Foo56 4. Veeg33 5. Getjiggy 6. Wudro 7. Hummm 8.  9.  10.
  8. Thanks for that. I was actually looking at the Goodridge ones on your site, any reason why they command a premium over Stoptech? I have no plans to track the car, but still want a solid braking system
  9. Hi guys, so after months of looking I just brought myself a 2005 350z, my first serious enthusiast car. Quite an upgrade from my 1.2 Fiesta! The car is due a big P3 service (last one was in 2011 as far as I can see) so I need to find someone nearby who can do this. Also the brake pedals a little mushy, stainless steel braided lines are in order methinks , but again I need to find a garage to work on it!
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