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  1. I have 4 of these in stock, for the next 14 days, so until the end of 08/10/2019, these will be on sale at ~20% off, meaning £64 inc postage whilst stock of these lasts. Its going into winter now so not keen on hanging onto too much stock over winter. EDIT: Sale now over, still got some in stock, PM me or post on here if you want to purchase
  2. Sorry for the delay! Yes mate, go for it FWIW, I have 3 of these in stock, for the next 14 days, so until the end of 08/10/2019, these will be on sale at ~20% off, meaning £48 inc postage whilst stock of these lasts. Its going into winter now so not keen on hanging onto too much stock over winter. EDIT: Sale now over, still got some in stock, PM me or post on here if you want to purchase
  3. First official sale of this has gone to a member in Australia! I do ship worldwide assuming you cover the uplift in postage costs! Plenty more in stock!
  4. Hey all, I’m back from my honeymoon and luckily the LED buttons I ordered came into stock, I now have 5 of these assembled, ready to go! drop me a PM or comment on here if you’re interested. Happy to answer any questions too of course! just like the TCS/VDC module, these will be always in stock and available now
  5. Hey guys, all back from my honeymoon, last parts arrived and I have plenty of these in stock again. Drop me a PM if you’re interested! Oh, one more thing. The supplier of the buttons messed up a little bit, they shipped me 9 red and one blue led button, so I have one obscure one which has a silver button, but a blue led not red. Just let me know if you want this one when you message me. I only have one of these and it does look cool, so first come, first served!
  6. Thanks for being my guinea pig @Daisyduke the burnout does indeed (as I mentioned) give a tiny bit of throttle cut before restoring, this is to keep the ECU happy i too think j rather annoyed my clutch in attempt 1, but by 2 and 3 I’d got it pinned down there is also a throttle cut when you do brake boosting, but as you say, the momentum on the car negates it anyway. im just pleased my results are value dated meaning this is now for sale! im currently away, sunning it in Crete, so if you want one, just stick your name below, il get back to you on the 29th/30th once I’m back home
  7. Good to see another update on this! Still keen on following along if you ever feel like knocking up a few of the special components you had to produce! Even just having a play with a PCB design would keep me happy (yes, I am sad haha)
  8. So, just to address that comment, and for anyone else that maybe feel like they should have waited,Sorry! When i released the VDC/TSC module, i had no idea at all that this would be a requested mod too. More importantly, nor did i know if i could even do it, so didn't wanna say "yeah hold on il sort one out". Working on it on and off, its still taken me 8 months to get here We now have a tester in the form of @Daisyduke
  9. Hi again everyone As im sure you all know, ive been selling my VDC/TCS disable mod for almost a year, have sold plenty of modules between Facebook and this site with not a single install issue But one thing that kept being asked was about brake boosting/standing burnouts. This is a feature thats only very recently (i think summer last year) been added to the UpRev tune, but this is a lot cheaper if you just want to make smoke or build some boost! The 350z's have a system built in so that when the vehicle is moving (and in gear) you cannot use the brake and throttle at the same time. The engine RPM's get cut and fall away. This means that if you're trying to do a standing burnout, such as tyre warming at the drag strip, you cant. Also if youre running a turbo, you cant brake boost. This mod changes all of that. The existing methods involve cutting a wire on the ECU which is the "hey, ive pressed the brake" input. But theirs an issue with this. After a certain amount of time of seeing no brake signal, the ECU figures out something has to be wrong and throws a CEL, disabling the cruise control until this is cleared. You can also remove a fuse in the car, but this stops your brake lights from working, so not ideal. So, introducing the VDC/TCS Disable board, now with Brake Mod So, off the bat. Yes, it looks a LOT like my old module! I wanted to keep the same form factor and much of the physical module is the same. This is because it still does the whole VDC/TCS disable, just with an extra feature on top. Under the hood, the entire code has been re-written to be much simpler (trimmed the fat basically), faster to operate, and informative too. What is it? This is a custom PCB and circuit which automatically disables BOTH the TCS and VDC features on the car at the simple press of a button but leaves your ABS system and brake lights alone, it also disables the throttle cutout when you're on the brakes so you can perform standing burnouts or brake boost (FI vehicles only, duh). The clever part is it remembers if you disabled these features and will automatically disable them for you next time you start the car. Great if you're doing a track day and have a few sessions booked! It doesn't trigger any check engine lights, ever and doesn't interfere with any other features on the car. How Does It Work? Start up the car and you will see the LED button light up, if you have the module visible, the green power LED will also light up on the board itself. Notice your TC and Slip lights go out on the dashboard as normal after a few seconds. Briefly press and release the button (no need to hold it, just a quick press), a relay will click and the button's LED will flash 5 times and then stay off. You will now have the TCS and Slip lights illuminated on your dashboard, meaning the Traction Control and Vehicle Dynamic Control stability aids are fully disabled and the throttle lockout/brake mod is activated To perform a standing burnout, do one like you normally would do in any vehicle without this lockout "feature" (basically, do a burnout then hold the brakes so that you lock up the front axle only). The RPM's will dip as normal for 1 second (this is where im fooling the ECU and keeping it happy) and then rise again as the lockout is removed. Continue until your happy you've made enough smoke . During this time, each time the module detects the brake is pressed, the button LED will turn on for 1 second, when it turns off, the throttle lockout is removed, just a good little way to visually see what the system is doing. If you now turn the car off, wait a second and turn it back on again you’ll notice the relay clicks again and automatically disables the stability features for you! To re-enable them simply press and release the button again and the button LED will once again illuminate. Now turn the ignition off and on again and the TC and Slip lights will turn off on your dash. Traction and Vehicle Dynamic Control are now re-enabled just like normal. Is it it difficult? Install is pretty simple, just need to be careful as it involves splitting one wire at the ECU, but you need no special tools, literally a screwdriver, some pliers, a bit of insulation tape, a drill (for the button hole) and about 30-45 mins of time. ======================= So, i have sent a module to DaisyDuke who confirms it works and matches my testing, so we’re good for sale! The final module price is £79.95 including the same first class signed for postage as the standard vdc/tcs board. fitting is pretty easy in my opinion, however as with everything else I sell, if you’re willing to travel to me, I can fit at no extra cost. In the package: 1x Assembled VDC/TSC Disable & Brake Mod Board finished in stealth black and silver 1x Custom designed 3d printed case (an upgrade from the clear heats hrink used on the older VDC/TCS only modules) 1x Colour Installation Guide (This is provided by a PDF link to save on paper) 1x Metal Switch with Red LED NOTE: This module is for MANUAL 350Z's only! It causes weird issues in Auto vehicles and ive not even tried to fit this into a 370 yet, perhaps in time!
  10. I have one currently built and ready to go, waiting for bits to arrive for more boards, PM incoming
  11. OK, been chatting with @jnkent36 and will be making a module up for him. Am ordering the bits to make another 2 extra modules in-case theirs someone that wants one, let me know.
  12. Hey, Ive actually completed the code, tested it on my workbench and it all seems to work, just not had the weather for the last 7-10 days to do any electronics work inside the car. So, soon-ish, but no exact timeframes yet. The current module is still available however
  13. Nothing available, but I can make them on request if you're definitely after one, just drop me a PM.
  14. I must admit, fitting in the 370 seemed a lot more involved in terms of trim pieces than the 350 (just one big piece), glad you like the kit.



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