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  1. Not mine, but my company do the IT support for them haha
  2. cs2000

    Bluetooth Audio In Your Bose

    Seems like my plug and play module is a no-go im afraid guys. Ive took a long look at the tape deck's PCB and for all intents and purposes, it looks like a "dumb" PCB, theirs no chips on it, some jellybean resistors, capacitors and the tape deck motor, but it looks to me like its main job is to take the signals from the tape read head/front panel buttons and just forward them in an unintelligent manner to the respective components. I identified the 9v supple and ground connections but for some reason/some how, the system refuses to enter tape mode, so it must be checking somehow that the tape desk is connected before it allows the mode switch. Being an older system, i assumed it was pretty unintelligent, but its smarter than me! If anyone wants to take a look at the project with me and maybe find a way forward working together on it, im happy to share my eagle PCB designs. The PCB works 100% on my desk, fits onto the tape deck's connector lovely and streams bluetooth when powered externally, but somehow just cant get the Bose to switch to tape mode.
  3. cs2000

    350z Paint Colour Code Guide

    It probably is called Silver as a basic explanation of the colour on the car. Also bear in mind that other manufacturers may also use the same paint code and it can be a totally different colour, specifically its Nissan WV2
  4. cs2000

    KY0 Bonnet 350z

    Hi all, after a clean 350z HR or DR bonnet with no dents or rust, must be in KY0 paint code, dont want to have to paint it!
  5. cs2000

    Calendar 2019 - ORDER HERE

    Got mine last week too, love it and takes pride of place on my wall next to my monitor as usual. Also happy to see im "Mr May 2019" (if i remembered the right month !) Thanks to all the team for organising and shipping!
  6. cs2000

    Flyboy Mirror Fold Module - cs2000

    @jordank i dont think i have any in stock currently, il check when im home (sorry for the delay) @alfa_owner sorry mate i dont have any PM's from you! If youre struggling, drop me a message and il see if i can help.
  7. I know its been Christmas and all, but is this finished yet! Joking of course, just love to see what amazing specialised tool you've been creating this time around, Wouldn't surprise me if that bead roller wasn't torque'y enough after your earlier motorised mods, so you created a massive adaptor and strapped the LS to it, complete with a Z acceleration pedal of course!
  8. cs2000

    Calendar Entries 2019 - Submit Here

    Sending some over now mate Thanks for trying to get this organised. Im sure you have, but is it worth reaching out to our Facebook group?
  9. Haha, nobody else has mentioned that! but yeah, clearly you need battery power to move the seats Really glad it made it to the other side of the world in one piece! As long as you have those Dashboard lights, then its all working as it should be Got 3 more of these left now guys, as I said before, once they're gone, that's it, I don't plan to make any more of these again!
  10. Will have to get some more people interested at this point. @flyboy and i had an agreement where i would cover this until December, its his product originally so i would be handing ti back to him oif he is ready and wants to take the reins again so im not keen on holding stock as its now clearly December and mods are usually damn hard to shift until about March when people start thinking of show season again..
  11. last one i have in stock is yours if you want it, il send you a PM.
  12. Loving the updates @Keyser, even is most of them so far are" Keyser's Custom Tools" lol. Still cool to see! @andybp - Didnt know you were down that direction-ish, id have gladly took you for a ride to the shed
  13. I’ve got 2 or 3 of these modules left now guys, when they’re gone, that will likely be it!
  14. cs2000

    Flyboy Mirror Fold Module - cs2000

    All group buy items have been posted, many of them received already, thanks to everyone that joined the GB. Ive sold a few of these external ally now so I have only one of these kits left now.
  15. cs2000

    Limp mode after heavy breaking/stall

    Yeah, will be your battery, a low battery causes all sorts of weird stuff to happen in Z's for some reason. WInter kills batteries so pretty sure Ekona is right