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  1. I have one currently built and ready to go, waiting for bits to arrive for more boards, PM incoming
  2. OK, been chatting with @jnkent36 and will be making a module up for him. Am ordering the bits to make another 2 extra modules in-case theirs someone that wants one, let me know.
  3. Hey, Ive actually completed the code, tested it on my workbench and it all seems to work, just not had the weather for the last 7-10 days to do any electronics work inside the car. So, soon-ish, but no exact timeframes yet. The current module is still available however
  4. Nothing available, but I can make them on request if you're definitely after one, just drop me a PM.
  5. I must admit, fitting in the 370 seemed a lot more involved in terms of trim pieces than the 350 (just one big piece), glad you like the kit.
  6. PM on its way, I will be keeping these in stock now
  7. Ok, that’s it guys, I’m done with these modules, won’t be selling anymore. Thanks for everyone that came and bought one from me, much appreciated
  8. Thanks for the recommendations guys, we're chatting in PM now about my mod. From my point of view. One thing stands out. If you stamp super hard on the brakes and engage ABS, the TCS/Slip lights stay illuminated on the dash. The slip light should blink whilst ABS is functioning, but it should go off. The only way you can get those lights to stay on is to do a donut. Some weird combination of high wheel RPM readings on one axle along with a weird sideways G load causes the TCS/VDC computer to go into fault mode and disable itself. It only gets re-enabled when you re-start the car and the wheel speed sensors register "normal" values (such as just driving in a normal fashion. Just from that symptom alone, im fairly confident its the TCS/VDC system getting in your way, but it is weird that you say your brakes seize and stay seized even when you release pedal. You are correct that if abs was working correctly you would under steer (to a point anyway). SOme very odd symptoms, but your current build, setup and use-case is way outside of anything Nissan would ever expect the computers and sensors would have to deal with, so these things are expected i guess.
  9. Hey all, just as a reminder, I currently have 3 of these in stock fully built and ready to go, I also have several other modules part made and a ton more PCB's, so these should be "always" available now moving forwards. Now, onto future developments. I have been working on and off for about 6 months now on a "upgrade" to this module, the new one would do all the same stuff, but would also allow the boosted guys to get in on the fun. It would allow Brake Boosting (build boost pressure on the line) and for the hoonigan in us all, it would also allow standing burnouts as it disables the throttle limit/cut when the brake is pressed. Im getting the code finished up and have ordered some PCB's but no components yet, im just letting you all know what im working on
  10. for me, a combination of short extensions (which inherently have some slop in them), and one of those universal joint wobbly things seemed to do it. Some of those bolts arent easily accessible, but 100% doable with a pretty basic toolkit. Where are you based, if youre around Essex, i dont mind helping.
  11. Fantastic turnout guys, all well behaved and we had an amazing strong showing which was rewarded I feel this year by giving us a premium spot. We were 100% the biggest club there by a large margin! @Keyser, your handy work on my arches got plenty of positive attention from club members and random show attendees alike! see you all there next year! ps, can anyone explain how I feel sunburnt please?!? Lol
  12. I believe you still caught me up didn’t you? Fantastic turnout guys thanks, all 11 cars made it as far as I was aware! shame we couldn’t go in one big group, I believe we ended up in a pack of 6 and 5, but worked out well. same place same time next year!
  13. See you all in the morning bright and early, gonna be a struggle keeping 10 cars in a convoy, but we shall do our best! appreciate the favourable response to this mini meet !
  14. Luckily I managed to get a good coat of wax on with the DA this morning before the rain came, I’ve also dried it off 3 times today. Finally done, started at 10:30, finished at 6pm! Lol see you all tomorrow
  15. Just taking a break for the 4th time because of hailstones. Literally I’m melting for about 30 mins, then out of nowhere, Hail! Grrrrrr! Anyone else being interrupted today? i did try and convince @Keyser to come and park us all up, but he was having none of it! Lol



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