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  1. cs2000

    Bluetooth Audio In Your Bose

    One issue with ordering PCB’s from China, leadtimes! PCB version 1.0-1.3 were never actually “made” they were pure digital designs and basically verification of the size I needed along with multiple total relayouts of the board. Proof of concept essentially. 1.4 was the first board I ordered, this was via standard shipping. PCB version 1.4 was the first ‘delivered’ version and arrived a few weeks ago. I confirmed that the board was per my design, installed the voltage regulator and power indicator led aaaand, no led lit up, somehow the part in my PCB software was set up incorrectly so the + and - were swapped. Quick edit in Eagle and standard shipping reorder. 1.5 arrived Friday. I built this up and immediately checked the voltage, all my voltages were present in the correct areas so I completed the build with the Bluetooth module and tape deck connector (the led has been killed lol), all went well. However in testing the sound was... weird. Little did I know the versions of the Bluetooth chip without the onboard 12v regulator have a different pin out which just doesn’t work with the 3 wires in headphones! Grrrr I then spent around an hour sourcing a different voltage regulator and editing the PCB so it can take the 12v version of the module. New boards ordered Saturday with express shipping this time so I’m hoping this week! This all stems from the fact the for some reason the headubit itself is 12v, but the tape deck (which my module replaces entirely) is only fed with 9v and the Bluetooth module needs first 12 and it then chops this down to 3.3. Many voltages to consider. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that 1.6 should fix all my issues. The only unknown is the new voltage regulator as I haven’t worked with this part before, but it’s a good, known part so it should be good.
  2. So we have some movement on the 370z front. Keyser and I have both been pretty busy so it’s taken a while, but the guide is now all done. 370z confirmed ad a go! @RDON il be sending you a message later when I’m on my pc and we can get things moving! EDIT: PM Sent just now. For everyone else teetering on the edge, I have 3 of these left all bagged up ready to go. once they're gone, they're gone (unless 10 more people want one, but that seems unlikely!)
  3. cs2000

    Flyboy Mirror Fold Module - Group Buy 2018

    If we can get another 4 more il order the parts in guys, thanks to all that’s committed so far!
  4. cs2000

    Flyboy Mirror Fold Module - Group Buy 2018

    Bump, any more interest in this?
  5. cs2000

    Bluetooth Audio In Your Bose

    Sounds good, il update you once I have something to share. My last batch of boards had one tiny error so I had to order some more, they're due any day now, once I have it tested and hopefully working with Kyzak then we should be good to go.
  6. cs2000

    What does flyered mean?

    If someone sticks one of these on your car/you stick one on someones car
  7. Yep, the procedure on a 350GT in terms of screws and how things are fixed may (will) be different, but it uses the same sensor, same ECU etc etc so it will connect exactly the same. As Mazda 3 on the other hand 100% wont respond the same way if you could even install it on there! Drop me a PM if youre interested in one I currently have 4 left and likely wont be building any more.
  8. cs2000

    Rust repair in South Yorkshire

    I cant help you with a recommendation, but ive had pretty much the same price quoted to my a reputable trader on the forum. Why oh why are rear arches not bolt in parts like the fronts! haha
  9. cs2000

    DIY Air Ride Suspension

    Haha thanks, like the new design with some good connectors! Am pleased youre still working away on this. Following witn interest as usual At least you can spin your own boards, i dont know how, always have to order mine from the far east. One mistake on a track means a 2 week wait for new boards
  10. Anyone teetering on the edge of wanting one of these, a winter Group Buy is now live. As mentioned in the other topic. I am creating a separate topic so i can better control the GB, theirs also less "fluff" in their so its easier for people to see whats going on!
  11. Hey guys, So hopefully you all know that Martin (Flyboy) is away from the forum at the moment and with his blessing I have been selling the mirror fold modules he started selling back in 2013(!). Details on the module and the huge thread on it are over here: As my first batch of 15 modules has sold and “winter is coming” less and less people will be looking at mods, so I thought id offer a little incentive! I can still do the modules and plan to sell them until there is no interest, or Martin comes back and takes the reins again, but have no stock at the moment. As mentioned, due to the winter and the fact that anything I make until spring time is likely to sit around, im not keen on holding a bunch of stock of these unless orders are committed. So let’s do a Group Buy! I would need at least 10 people interested to be able to get the bits in to make them. Regular price is £47.25 including Royal Mail 1st class Recorded delivery. Group buy price will be £35.00 including the same Royal Mail 1st class Recorded delivery. Just start a list, il leave it running for a while and see where we get to. It will take a few weeks to get them made once I order the bits. Once we get to (at least) 10 people, I will need a deposit of a £5 per person (as I did in the other thread when I first started selling these. Let me know if anyone has any questions! P.S Im starting a new thread (this one) so i can better manage the GB. If/When martin comes back, these module sales will move back to his original topic.
  12. cs2000

    Auto mirror fold problems

    Sounds like it’s a cookbot module, his used micro switches, sorry but I’ve got no idea how they used to work and cookbot no longer frequents these parts!
  13. Thanks mate, as per the PM, replacement is on the way.
  14. Hey, yeah 100% went out, guessing you’ve not got it yet? Would have been delivered the next day. Drop me a PM if you’re having issues pm’s sent to the two guys above
  15. Pm sent modules still in stock and ready to go !