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  1. It’s possible, but not going to be looking at this for a while yet. from my research, the American guy KP Technologies, did offer something to disable the feature so you could retain brake lights but do burnouts, but he was getting horribly inconsistent results when he sent 5 modules to customers, I don’t want the same issue so not sure if it’s something I would Persue, we will see. For example is 100% doesn’t work if you have an auto. the issue is that you can’t just turn “off” the brake signal by cutting a wire or wiring in a switch. If the car is moving and the ECU doesn’t see a “brake” signal for a while, it will throw a MIL on the dashboard. You have to put something inbetween which sees your brake input, sends the signal to the ECU as normal for a split second, then removes the signal again so you can do a burnout, not simple to do, but like I said, possible.
  2. cs2000

    DIY Air Ride Suspension

    Looks amazing! Hope you get the air leaks sorted, then we need some propper external photos and videos too. Is the pump loud?? I always imagine them sounding like a garage air compressor!
  3. cs2000

    I broke me Knob !

    Looks great Chris, cant help feeling partially responsible for this though!
  4. Hi Luke, always available mate, will PM you now. 1. alfa_owner (2x) - Deposit Received 2. craigmdennis - Posted 3. StuZGT - Deposit Received 4. baileydom - Deposit Received 5. Kryptek49 - Deposit Received 6. Jack94 - Deposit Received 7. PabloVC - Deposit Received 8. Jcurtis - Deposit Received 9. Skate2create - Deposit Received 10. Nelly64 11. Luke2208 - Deposit Received 12. Since i had one module ready to go (the one i briefly used for testing), i have today sent this to "craigmdennis", so thats the first one out the door. Sorry alfa_owner, i know you were first on the list, but i didn't have 2 modules ready so had to skip to number 2 on the list. As soon as everything comes into stock for the batch ive ordered il be in touch again to get these sent to you guys, from then on wards il maintain a stock of these at all times so i can fulfil orders quickly.
  5. cs2000

    DIY Air Ride Suspension

    Those Mechanical relays boards are normally pretty good, but general overkill for what i have needed in the past, They're usually fully opto isolated etc which sometimes is needed, other times not and can complicate matters. On my VDC/Traction control boards im just protecting from back EMF with a simple diode across the relay coils, seems to work well. Looking at your boards, your original solid state relays weren't opto isolated., the new ones (blue relays are) but i cant see any EMF diode on the board in the photo you've put up. Looking forward to seeing progress!
  6. cs2000

    Fuel filler cap cord

    I had to replace this on mine too when i first bought the car, very easy fix, just loosen 2 bolts (or maybe screws, cant remember), i suspect @ZMANALEX is your man for the parts (i believe mine came from him originally.
  7. Just letting you guys know I’ve ordered everything for 15 modules so I have some spares if anyone else wants one without waiting for things to come in stock. Everyone else, il update you when things are ready to move.
  8. Sent now mate, sorry I sent it to a member called alfaowner, not you who has an _ in your username, my mistake!
  9. Right guys, good news! Everything arrived today so im ready to push the button on this one. PM's should now all be sent for everyone who's on the list so far. This isn't a limited time group buy or anything, so if you still want in, just let me know in a post and il get in touch. 1. alfa_owner (2x) 2. craigmdennis - Paid In Full 3. StuZGT - Deposit Received 4. baileydom - Deposit Received 5. Kryptek49 - Deposit Received 6. Jack94 - Deposit Received 7. PabloVC - Deposit Received 8. Jcurtis - Deposit Received 9. Skate2create - Deposit Received 10.Nelly64
  10. cs2000

    DIY Air Ride Suspension

    Haha guilty, along with PCB design Happy to assist if you need help
  11. cs2000

    ** New Product ** 350z Duckbill Spoiler Tarmac Sportz

    ohhhh, why do you make these beautiful tempting things....
  12. cs2000

    DIY Air Ride Suspension

    Im absolutely loving this topic. Any chance you could write up a guide and parts list once complete? I know its likely to be pretty "full on" but at literally 2k cheaper than commercial options, im willing to give it a read. As for your incentive, you could whip up a few sets of brackets on your CNC machine and sell them with the guide so people to copy your system I have the same coilovers as you and am literally fed up of smashing every speed bump in sight to the point where i barely use the car unless i 100% know theirs no speed bumps along the route!
  13. Hey guys, no news yet I’m still waiting for the parts to arrive to test. As soon as they arrive il be doing the same as Flyboy did, which will be to ask for a £5 deposit and get everything ordered and shipping info from everyone at that point. i don’t have his original install guide sadly so I’m working up a new one too which I should have done pretty quickly after the order arrives seeing as I have a module installed in my car already it’s a simple case of working backwards. Il keep you all updated when I have more info. Thanks for your patience!
  14. Just a quick update guys. I’ve received an email saying the PCB’s have been dispatched today, hopefully receive them within a week. Il make up the ones I have for the 4 guys on my list and of course I need to get Keyser his so I can get the 370 guide written. @rickdon i assume you’re ok to wait for Keyser to write the instructions first so yours will be sent later, shouldn’t be too much later as we already have most of the photos etc, just not physically installed one into a 370 yet or got proper photos of the install steps
  15. cs2000

    MAF connectors

    US supplier, but they do ship to the UK AFAIK Male https://www.questcomp.com/part/4/7282-8850-30/70273276?utm_source=octopart&utm_medium=industry-cpc&utm_campaign=partsearch Female https://www.questcomp.com/part/4/7283-8850-30/70273959?utm_source=octopart&utm_medium=industry-cpc&utm_campaign=partsearch