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  1. Ahh ok, yeah that gear knob can be a pain in the ass to remove, If I remember, keyser's broke, but he just machined a new one (the benefits of having a fully stocked workshop I guess!) Yeah, seems like they re-worded it, as I say, traditionally, they were two separate (but interlinked) systems.
  2. Thanks for the update. You have wired it in correctly, so no worries there. If you get the grounds swapped, it will kinda work, but weird things happen, but that isn't the case here. It could be that they simply updated how this works in the 2017 version I guess, meaning you would only see one light. I guess unplugging the Yaw sensor totally would confirm this (if you get the same result, its just how it works now). Cant remember what year Keyser's one was, but other members have also installed in a 370. Traditionally, TCS and VDC were two different systems. TCS would cut power to the wheels, VDC would selectively apply the brakes to arrest a spin and is a last resort to keep you going straight. Another way to try, go find somewhere and try to do a doughnut! if you can, its all working anyway (and is much more fun to test!
  3. One easy way to test would be totally unplug the yaw sensor, start the car and see if you have two, or one light. not sure if it’s important, but I’d suggest disconnecting either power or ground from my module so it doesn’t power up when you do this test. also worth checking that you have the ground leads wired right, it is important which one goes to the yaw sensor plug side of the wire that you snip in half, and which one goes back towards the wiring harness.
  4. @Keyser Are you able to lend any sage advice mate?
  5. As soon as those buttons come into stock. They tend to be one of the slowest things to arrive sadly. ordered them on the 5th, so id expect them here late this week, but with Easter, may be early next I guess. I have 5 complete built modules, so the hard work is done! just missing the 5 buttons!
  6. Thanks mate got all the parts in yesterday apart from the damn buttons! As soon as they come through, the next batch will be ready to go. anyone from this batch installed theirs yet? I have ordered bits to have another 1-2 modules in stock for any future orders too. Ready to go 1. Robphobos (350z) - PAID 2. Stormwhite (370z) - PAID 3. Harrison140 (350z) - PAID 4. BazzardBMX (350z) - PAID 5. Flashback (350z) - PAID Waiting for Parts 6. PabloVC (350z) 7. KevT (370) 8. Iammatute 9. 10.
  7. Glad you like it mate! Thanks for the comments As you may have picked up from the revision number of the PCB at the top right, ive been through a few iterations. The first 2 were a complete fail right from the start, after that its just been gradual improvements. Everything apart from the damn buttons arrived today for the remaining 5 modules. Il build those tonight and then just wait for the buttons i guess! hoping they will be in this week. Now, whos gonna be the first from this batch to get it installed If anybody wants to save on £4.95, im happy to take these to Japfest for collection by the way. Il take any spares with me in the car, so let me know if anybody wants one on the day. Im easy enough to spot, silver car, Nismo side striped with black Tarmac sidesteps and front lip .
  8. Seeing as this post is from 2016, im sure theyve been sold or binned!
  9. Just set a day aside for it, knowing its a job you've spent good money on parts for, and you'll be saving a ton of cash by not going to a garage You'll get it done in a day with plenty of breaks and looking for spanners you just put down right there, you swear!
  10. Going to be a great turnout again. Im pretty sure every year we must have the largest single model stand at Japfest (ok, maybe 2 models!). Lets hope for some nice sunshine, just maybe not quite as hot as last year!
  11. I have used the Torqen seal kit, not Alex's replacement covers, but the bulk of the process is the same. Remove strut bar Undo the upper plenum and all its hoses/wires, remove it. Undo any hoses/wires that get in the way of the bolts around the rocker covers, remove and replace. Its not that easy as on the drivers side you have to remove a lot more stuff like the connector to the fuel rail, but its just bolts and wiring connectors. I personally put a bit of tape around every bolt/nut/connector/hose I had to remove and wrote on it so I knew where to put it back. Just take your time in disassembly, mark everything properly, and you'll have no issues doing it yourself. Even doing the torqen kit where you have to cut the rocker covers up to replace the seals was probably 2 hrs, With a few tea breaks and if youre nervous, the whole job would take somewhere like alex said, id say min 2 to around 4 hrs for a average DIY'er, a garage should be charging no more then 2 hrs labour IMO.
  12. All marked as paid, just waiting on one. All the modules are all made and tested, so everyone that's paid, il be posting tomorrow! EDIT: Everyone on the first 5 spots has paid so these will be in the post to you tomorrow.
  13. Morning all First 5 PM's have been sent now the PCB's are in stock. Waiting for one extra connector for the remaining 5 modules, but hoping that will arrive by tomorrow. First 5 guys, you have a PM in your Inbox, everyone after this, hopefully I should be able to PM you soon, depending on the post,



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