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  1. Just heard that the speed trials are cancelled due to the cost of safety measures. I suppose it had to happen but what a shame a lot of history their.
  2. Got mine today thanks very much 👍
  3. I went with the sway bars last year big improvement I have now got some BC ER coil overs that are going to be fitted next month. I have ordered some toe/camber bolts as they are probably worse for wear is there anything else I should replace at the same time ? Thanks for any help
  4. I see Payco's old 370 nismo at Lydden hill Kent today still looks very nice
  5. I've ordered stuff from them before shipping not very expensive only takes a week to arrive.
  6. I don't think you are doing anything wrong and 7.30 is not early but it's a difficult situation.
  7. I am going for the Eibach sway bars first regarding the coil overs how much work is involved in going the true coil over route? I understand that some welding is needed but I can't find any information on it. Anyone know where I can find a picture or drawing? Also sorry if this is a silly question but is the welding underneath the car or inside on the towers?
  8. I won't be getting true coil overs separate springs on the back was looking at BC
  9. I am looking for advice on what to buy first . Originally I planned to get sway bars this year but now I think I might be able to stretch to coil overs but not both. So which first? My car is a weekend/track car no long journeys . Also what spring rate should I get I'm not to bothered about comfort just the handling. Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks for sorting it all out glad we are all back up and running 👍
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