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  1. Stutopia x2 Kev T x1 harrison140 x1
  2. Thanks for sorting it all out glad we are all back up and running 👍
  3. Welding a nut on will work I done it years ago on a bike the heat make's the aluminium of the caliper expand as well if you turn it while it's still hot
  4. I see a YouTube video a while back by a Canadian guy Michael Gardener. He races a 350z his OEM plenum was modified by a Motorsports company it didn't look to pretty but seemed to work well.
  5. Really good day nice to meet up with you all at last
  6. Had mine fitted yesterday as the car was being serviced and a few other things . They assured me it fitted fine with no problems. Thanks for getting them made
  7. I would be interested to know more about this
  8. Received mine today thanks very much
  9. I was just going to ask the same thing I was going to order some new OME bolts but will they need to be a bit longer?
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