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  1. I got fined for something similar on a bike back in the 90s
  2. Mark how much difference do you think that the Link ECU rather than uprev made to the overall results?
  3. Also shows that the stock air box works well
  4. Zmanalex Stu x2 harrison140
  5. The pipes should have been purged with argon before and during welding
  6. Looks good I'm thinking of getting one myself
  7. Hi are the Z logo center caps for the Rays wheels still available . Regards Stuart

  8. Am I right in thinking that ultra racing brace will fit ok with the Toyosport exhaust ?
  9. I've got a Toyosport exhaust with test pipes was tested at Lydden hill 3 weeks ago 89 dB
  10. I've got a optimate for the same reason as above works well
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