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  1. Quick update I went for the AO52 done the first track day of this year last Friday. Thanks for the advice I could not believe the difference they made . Cheers
  2. That happened to me a bit of builders bag stuck to one of the cat's
  3. Mine was exactly the same both sides fixed last year
  4. It was about 15min after turning the engine off
  5. I checked mine last year and it was 31mA
  6. Looks good when do you hope to have it up and running?
  7. Thanks for your reply I will go with the A052 in the sizes mentioned above
  8. I was going to go for Toyo R888R square set up in the spring but after reading the above I'm not sure now. Would I be better off with the A052 are they much better?
  9. I've been using a Halfords cover large size fits pretty good
  10. The road through the village I live at had the same treatment . I did not take the Z out for two weeks it was a mess
  11. What worries me is if you accept a voucher will the company still be there next year.
  12. I was thinking about HEL lines would I be better off buying Goodridge ?
  13. Thanks that was what I was hoping
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