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  1. Really good day nice to meet up with you all at last
  2. Had mine fitted yesterday as the car was being serviced and a few other things . They assured me it fitted fine with no problems. Thanks for getting them made
  3. I would be interested to know more about this
  4. Received mine today thanks very much
  5. I was just going to ask the same thing I was going to order some new OME bolts but will they need to be a bit longer?
  6. I went with Yokohama AO52 as recommended by Zmanalex on here . I would definitely buy them again
  7. If you go with option 3 I would like one . I was going to fit a tarmac sportz but I can see I'm going to have the same trouble
  8. Anything off of Ferodo DS2500 pads?
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