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  1. Really good day nice to meet up with you all at last
  2. Had mine fitted yesterday as the car was being serviced and a few other things . They assured me it fitted fine with no problems. Thanks for getting them made
  3. I would be interested to know more about this
  4. Received mine today thanks very much
  5. I was just going to ask the same thing I was going to order some new OME bolts but will they need to be a bit longer?
  6. I went with Yokohama AO52 as recommended by Zmanalex on here . I would definitely buy them again
  7. If you go with option 3 I would like one . I was going to fit a tarmac sportz but I can see I'm going to have the same trouble
  8. Anything off of Ferodo DS2500 pads?
  9. I got fined for something similar on a bike back in the 90s
  10. Mark how much difference do you think that the Link ECU rather than uprev made to the overall results?
  11. Also shows that the stock air box works well
  12. The pipes should have been purged with argon before and during welding
  13. Hi are the Z logo center caps for the Rays wheels still available . Regards Stuart

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