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  1. cheers. Chatted with DVLA earlier on their WebChat. Agree... Bonkers... Will do step one tonight and wait for the V5C to arrive before step two.
  2. Hi I've bought a new private plate for the wife's car and want to put the current one on retention to sell. Do I just put the current one on retention first, get a new number assigned and then put the new private plate on? Is there a way to skip having the new assigned number and go straight from current to new? TIA
  3. These got removed from my 2018 GT Auto and replace with HFCs by Nissan before I collected the car. Delivery miles only. Have been in the loft since I collected the car. Now the car is 3 years old, I know I will be keeping her rather than returning to stock to sell - so these are just taking up space. Would prefer collection from CH66 2PE are or will ship if buyer covers courier costs. £750
  4. Gosh, need to dig mine out of the loft. Had them replaced with Cobra HFCs by Nissan when I bought my 2018 370z GT brand new. Together with the stock exhaust.
  5. I dont have your diy skills! Bought a kit from R35Audio last March https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/125530-new-sub-with-stock-hu-r35audio-kit/
  6. Not with you...?
  7. EvansJD2112

    BC 15% off

    Just in case someone hasn't seen Worth asking for a little more or to round down to a number.... https://www.blackcircles.com/?utm_campaign=mar21flash2&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&dm_i=TIW,7AVTJ,3WZ04R,TM6TI,1
  8. 255/35 19 front and 285/35 19 rear. not stock but frequently mentioned on here as a good switch to get the PS4S
  9. Good to know. I added the tyres to my basket but didnt checkout. Got an email the next day asking what it would take to help me purchase.
  10. £700 all in. And now wait for replies saying I overpaid!
  11. EvansJD2112

    New boots

    Down to 2.5mm for both rear tyres for last week's first MOT. Perfect excuse neede to get a full set of Michelin PS4S.. Good deal with Blackcircles and On the Drive fitting Now just need for lockdown to finish for a reason to go somewhere!
  12. Yes. For an Uprev on my 350z and ECUtek on my 370z 344.5bhp with Cobra HFCs, ARK Grip exhaust and K&N panels
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