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  1. Short clip of the Ark Grip & Cobra HFCs on my GT Auto. Had them moved to my new 370z in 2018 - still sounding awesome. Been asked a few times what the car is (it's debadged) and comments on how great it sounds. ArkGrip v2 + Cobra HFCs
  2. I used aCarputer on an Android tablet linked to a basic Bluetooth. Doesn't seem to be on Google Play any more. If you Google "aCarputer" you'll see some pics and no doubt some APK hosting sites that have copies
  3. Edit.. Also just tried below. Had to reset the drivers window after disconnecting battery, that was ok. Passenger window still refusing to play ball. ADDITIONAL SERVICE WHEN REMOVING BATTERY NEGATIVE TERMINAL : Special Repair Requirement INFOID:0000000004460995 The following specified operations cannot be performed under the non initialized condition. • Auto-up operation • Anti-pinch function • Key cylinder switch power window function • Automatic window adjusting function INITIALIZATION PROCEDURE 1. Disconnect battery negative terminal or power window switch connector. Reconnect it after a minute or more. 2. Door switch is OFF (close). 3. Turn ignition switch ON. 4. Operate power window switch to fully open the window. (This operation is unnecessary if the window is already fully open.) 5. Continue pulling the power window switch AUTO-UP. Even after glass stops at the fully closed position, keep pulling the switch for 3 seconds or more. 6. Initializing procedure is completed.
  4. Hi Noticed this week that my passenger window is not returning when closing the door. 99% of the time, it's just me in the car so very rarely is the door opened. No probs I thought, just do the reset - done a few times on my last 370z and the 350z before. This time, damned if I can get it to work. Tried the fully up, fully down, hold 3s, fully up (as per the manual) Tried the fully up, hold 15s, fully down, hold 15s, fully up ...and various others I've found with Google (all with ignition ON rather than engine running) The procedures definitely do something - sometimes the window stays up when opening the door (ouch), other times stay down and I have to hold the button to close. Before I resort to getting the car booked in... any suggestions ? 2018 GT Auto thanks
  5. https://tiresize.com/tyre-size-calculator/ handy calculator, use the comparison option to show speed difference
  6. Originally posted previously. On 3 occasions now I've started the car (2018 GT Auto) and the aircon/fan/heater controls do not respond. No buttons work and no on lights. The actual aircon itself works fine, just from whatever setting it was on when the car was stopped last. Did it to me yesterday when it was bl**dy hot - not a very pleasant drive home. Switching off and locking and then unlocking does not work but if you switch off, lock and leave the car for 10mins or so all is fine when you next start. Anybody else had the same?
  7. I'm happy with the fact that, for me, my car feels more responsive with snappier gear changes in Auto Dyno reading 344 vs 334 vs 400 is immaterial And for the sake of a few hundred quid its got rid of the bloody annoying engine warning light
  8. Probably easiest option is an OBD cable like https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074M4XMBX/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_-Eq-Cb3VCP987
  9. Go for it! It's hard to quantify it but to me it does "feel" better - quicker pickup when overtaking on motorway and I swear the gear change (Auto car) is quicker. When I'm commuting to/from work mostly using motorway I do get a few extra mpg if I'm not too "enthusiastic" with the right foot. And best of all, the warning light due to Cat Efficiency doesnt need resetting every few day :-)
  10. Been on the 'To Do' list for a while. Finally got around to removing the 370z badge this morning. Was expecting some ghosting but pleasantly surprised. Much better - in my personal view!
  11. 25mm ordered for the front :-)
  12. That ring true for the 2018 model I have with the black diamond cut alloys?
  13. Donations happily accepted :-)





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