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  1. I use Bell, which are effectively the same people as Admiral I believe. They've been surprisingly easy to deal with, subject to the annual haggle come renewal. As I had a couple claims, it was always easiest to stay with them as they ultimately get to a decent price. Been with them since 2009 and they also do MC now, as just added a second car on last month!
  2. Looks great! Did you paint the steering wheel silver trims?
  3. Mine is starting to go as well. Seems to be a catch that has broken so don’t know how the part can be replaced! Following!
  4. Cheers Now need to decide how much I want to do this as I'll be useless at trying to do it myself Anyone actually done this in their 350z?
  5. Apologies to revive an old thread but only just seen it and had a stupid question. Really impressed by how much bigger the boot looks. But looks like it’s 370z. So question is, can a similar result be achieved on the 350z? Didn’t think there was that much space within the spare wheel compartment bit might be wrong. Looked like it went very much deeper in the 370z! Cheers
  6. This is great stuff guys. Thanks alot . I think I was partly right! hopefully take some of the guess work out of it now.. Cheers
  7. I should've expected that one!! That's strange though, the thing that is certain on mine was when right hand dial was off, there is no light for AC. Just can't remember if then it comes on as default when I turn it on or not!! Do let me know when you get a chance to check. Cheers.
  8. Hi all, the light on the AC dial/switch seems to have given up so now I can't tell if it is on or not. Pretty it is just the light that is not working and the actual dial is still working. So question is, is there an easy/obvious way that I can easily tell whether the AC is on or not? I was thinking for some reason that when the dial is turned on from the "off" position, the AC is default on? Or am I dreaming?? Cheers.
  9. Provisionally sold - collecting/delivering next week. Cheers.
  10. Hi all, just changed my head unit from my 350z so thought I would see if anyone wanted my old head unit. A little bit old school but works great. Pioneer AVH-P4100DVD with the Bluetooth module and the basic connections with microphone. Collection from London (can discuss where), as too difficult to post. £60 but open to offers. Let me know if any questions.
  11. Are these still for sale @14N? Cheers.
  12. Triumph's are a good shout. Have myself a 2011 Sprint ST 1050 - awesome bikes!
  13. Apologies in advance, a bit late to the party as only reading up about these........................ Sounds like a must have but just wanted to check something stupid. Presumably this is not needed if I have a 2007 296bhp version?



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