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  1. Agreed! Looks super smart. I like it! keen to know rough ballpark of cost too.
  2. Very nice. Is that from Royals?
  3. Thanks Alex. Sounds like it is what I'm looking for. Yes, did expect the switches to have to be removed first. As long as it is to fit the facelift interior then it should work. How much are you after for it?
  4. Thanks Alex. That might well be what I'm after. Don't have my zed with me but have googled this picture where someone has changed the switches but it shows the area I'm talking about just below the gear knob. I don't want to change the switches like the picture has done but rather a one piece cover that covers over all 3 switches so that none of them are on show. Hope that makes sense. Let me know if what you have fits the bill. Cheers.
  5. Hi guys, apologies in advance as this has probably been discussed many times in the past. I have facelift interior and aftermarket seats, so the heated seat switches area is redundant for me and annoys me now and again. I've seen quite a few people change the use of these switches but that's not necessary for me. What I'd like is to get a cover plate to just cover over the whole area so no switches are showing. Or even better still, turn it into a cubby of some sort. I'm sure the latter is more difficult, but I can't find anything regarding th
  6. I have a black one coming off in a couple of weeks at RT-Performance in Wembley as I’m getting a new bumper fitted there. PM me if you want more details. Cheers.
  7. That’s what I’m thinking too. Just think a black lip alone is a bit weird looking if the side skirts are colour coded. But equally not sure what I make of a red lip haha
  8. So! Have decided on the v1 skirts and hopefully going to get the work done at RT-Performance in the coming weeks - very excited to say the least. Decided to go red for a respray. My next dilemma is for the v2 front bumper, whether to have the lip sprayed in red or have a contrast in black. Will it look odd with just the front lip in black? The side skirts will be red, as don't think I like the look of them going back! Will get the grill done in black, door handles as well. Any thoughts and opinions very welcome!! Cheers.
  9. Thanks guys. Just kept trying and it eventually worked. Very odd. Maybe as you suggest the mechanism just seized for a bit. all fine now. thanks for the help and advice.
  10. Hey guys, circumstances has resulted in leaving the zed standing for a couple of months with no charge. Battery obviously dead but more worryingly turning the key does nothing in the door. HOW CAN I GET INTO THE CAR?? any ideas would be much appreciated. thanks.
  11. Cheers buddy. Will take a look into that at some point.
  12. Gotcha. So it's possible to get some extra side steps to bolt onto the v1s?
  13. Yup, that's right, the actual CS rear bumper. So yes, it'll probably look a bit odd!! Oh well, happy to settle for the V1, it's not like they won't look good.
  14. Cheers, both look awesome. Am seriously leaning towards the bottomlines now. But just wondering if it will flow with the CS rear. Think the V1s will have to be the wider 3DCarbon version for it to work really.
  15. Thanks for the comments. I was definitely leaning much more to bottomline but the more I look at the v1 is putting doubt in my mind. Just worried the bottom lines might be too subtle and get lost. Some photos tons would be great.
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