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  1. Yes mate last year as I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse :0
  2. Only around 1500 miles they hug you really well and were very comfy, I’m so surprised the new owner didn’t want them but he said his missus would kill him if the car didn't have heated seats
  3. Hi Paul Getting them to fit and making the brackets to fit a 370 was a pain but well worth it as they will bolt straight in for the next owner
  4. NOW SOLD MODERATORS PLEASE LOCK The buyer of my 370 didn’t want these seats and preferred the standards so I'm putting these up for sale. Both seats are in fab condition With the fitted side airbags and are ready to go straight into a 370z as i spent hours laser cutting and shaping the brackets to adapt to the Bride bases (see my build thread “The Nissan dealer made me do it”) They transform the look of the car once in!! £1850.00 and buyer collects Thank you
  5. A friend did it for me, let me know if you want yours coating
  6. Finally got around to buying the Stillen engine cover, hides the exposed wiring and pipes. also the Nismo oil filler cap both from Torqen
  7. The company i use will powder coat virtually anything so let me know
  8. Got the strut brace plastic coated at long last to finish the look in the engine bay
  9. Can’t believe how bad that original W brace has gone, I think you caught it just in time keep up the good work





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