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  1. JckZ

    Torqen 370z "Zorst"

    Have you got any more videos of it mate, also do you run with high flow cats? Very interested in buying one and to hear more of it!
  2. Just wondering if anyone owns / has owns this exhaust, and if they have any more sound clips of it? Love the way it looks and I have been hunting for a motordyne e370 for a while, and this looks to be identical and hoping it sounds identical. General comments on the build quality and ease of fitment are also appreciated. Cheers
  3. Ah mate it’s a surreal feeling, still don’t believe it’s mine sometimes! Loved the 350 and the Z platform ever since I was a kid watching Tokyo drift, unreal to own one!
  4. Hi everyone, new to the forum but had my car 6-7 months now and absolutely love it 😁 2014 MK1 Nismo in Pearl white
  5. Looking to buy a Motordyne Shockwave E370, must be in relative good condition to price and able to ship unless local to Newcastle/Durham area. Cash Ready and could be sorted this weekend.
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