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  1. Project: WeaponiZed

    No, I don't. Jez@H-Dev suggested a filter relocation as a future job but it was an O.K. solution at the time of install and for the time being. With the first summer coming along, my relocation gives me peace of mind and perhaps marginally better performance when the ambient temps will rise.
  2. Project: WeaponiZed

    All the best for your build. I have now replaced the broken oil line with a new one, made up identically by H-Dev and free of charge. Thx Jez! But I don't really know why the leak occured, seems very odd. No rubbing, heat or other obvious stresses. While my car is jacked up I am also taking opportunity to relocate my intake filter out of the engine bay for a cooler charge. It takes me making up some custom tubing. On top of this, the relocation frees up precious space for me to finally install my dual Radium OCCs But I need to remove/modify the windshield washer fluid reservoir to make space for the driver side intake filter. Will post pictures soon.
  3. Project: WeaponiZed

    The leak is coming from above it, better seen on this little video clip
  4. Project: WeaponiZed

    No that only seems so. The clearance of the oil line is plenty all around. There is not the slightest sign of it ever being touched by anything. The leak is about 15cm further up the hose. Anyways, I have the hose halfway uninstalled. Gonna ship it to H-Dev for them to make me a copy and send it back to me. The installation is simple enough. It's just my notorious lack of time for anything but work and Neo Well, I'll fix it before the Japfest meet in May
  5. Project: WeaponiZed

    Unfortunately an oil line for the external front-mounted oil cooler burst a large leak, 2 days ago. I rolled the car back into the garage to jack it up and remove the bumper/undertray to locate the fault. The car will be immobile for the time being It's a mysterious thing that such steel-braided line with extra protective sleeving would fail some 15cm away from the connector, at a seeminlgy random spot... Because it is way too expensive to haul the car to H-Dev (£300-400) I will have to try repair the leak myself; it's a crazy tight maze of hoses and pipes under there. Most difficult part will be sourcing a replacement pipe. Bought it in 2014 from Z1 Motorsports, USA. I've had troubling experiences with them in the past...
  6. TORQEN Big Brake Kit

    Thanks Adrian. Does the manufacturer provide a colour swatch of their anodised colours? Would be useful even just for lending (don't want a free one to keep)
  7. TORQEN Big Brake Kit

    Hi @Tinyflier, what colour are yours, AN05? @Adrian, could you provide me with a colour swatch? The online colour chart seems different to the photos, tricky to pick a colour. Regarding the templates, I can only find one for 356 but not 380, 405 mm. Thanks
  8. Please see my Ebay listing for all photos and details. Collection in person preferred, but can ship if needed.
  9. Project: WeaponiZed

    Yes, mine looks like yours, so I'd have then same plastic in the way.
  10. Project: WeaponiZed

    Thx for the pictures. Will keep this option in mind.
  11. TORQEN Big Brake Kit

    Thanks for confirmation. AN15 must be a lot darker red then. The AN2 ought to match my red mirrors best i believe Comparing @evilscorp's Monster 8-pot with @bakseedaa's Xtreme 8-pot, you say the calipers are the same in size, and perhaps radius? Only the disc is 25mm larger? Also, is the Xtreme caliper triangluar in shape or is it just the angle the photo was taken? I presume, the Monster just comes in white logo, the Xtreme in black logo, by default?
  12. Project: WeaponiZed

    I don't have IAT numbers I'm afraid
  13. Project: WeaponiZed

    Yes, it could be custom option in the future. But we left it like this for the time being to get the install finished at long last. I can see how the intake pipes extend to either side down into the spaces in front of the wheel well. On the driver side, the washer reservoir would need relocating, though.
  14. TORQEN Big Brake Kit

    Hi Adrian, are all red calipers shown here (i.e. John's, Paul's etc) anodized color 2 or 15? Judging your 1st post, it's color AN2? And in the Monster vs Xtreme kits, are the calipers physically larger or not, since they are both 8/6 pot? Some pics from @bakseedaa would be nice Thirdly, how can one specify Torqen logo colour white or black? Cheers!
  15. Project: WeaponiZed

    H-Dev had to raise them higher up but they're still sitting - somewhat unfortunately - inside the engine bay. See this photo.