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  1. Here we go, the silencers are in and I just fired her up in my garage. Instant reaction: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM !! 🥰 I havent measured dB before or after but my exhaust feels approx 30-40% quieter. It's still a loud cold-start but not obnoxiously loud anymore (and neighbours should thank me). Neo will also be pleased I hope when he sits in it next time. Fitment is excellent in the driveshaft tunnel, when done right. I removed my Motordyne midpipes, cut them up myself and positioned the silencers exactly before I took them to a TIG welder. Else there might have been cleara
  2. I now installed the DAB+ and found 67 stations right away. There is the occasional drop out when driving around town but radio reception is better than the factory FM radio. I'm not yet decided on the mounting location of the wireless Display unit (battery operated). An alternative might be the door panel: The DAB+ antenna is attached inside the windscreen, virtually invisible with my sun stripe hiding the receiver unit. The power cable is routed to the nearest cigarette lighter socket and uses the included 5V adapter. A magnetic grounding cable slides in between the roof l
  3. From a long time I've been wanting to get a car fire extinguisher, you never know, Youtube is full of burnt-down builds. So I bought from Amazon a Firexo 500ml Extinguisher (good for all fires A, B, C, D, E, F, that is, incl. LiFePO4 battery!) and a Kap Industries fire extinguisher bracket through Tegiwa Imports. I like the extinguisher is NOT SIMPLY RED and my mounting location in front of the passenger seat hides it almost entirely yet is in direct reach in an emergency.
  4. I installed said PCV vacuum pump upgrade and all is working as intended. I will have to cover 100 to 300 miles to see whether this helped reduce my Turbo oil consumption/leak. With very limited space availability on my Z I mounted the pump and reservoir behind the front bumper, next to the FMIC, and the 2 directional check valves by the bottom of the radiator fans. The hose plumbing uses over half a dozen AN-10 fittings (read, "very expensive" for what they are). My custom PVC setup cost me now a whopping £1188 in total.. ouch 🙄 Update After ~250 miles of driving to
  5. I reckon it'll be the only one in Europe and probably only a handful in US/Japan.😬
  6. Hi buddy, the pandemic has been a bit quiet in terms of modding and most recently I only swapped my knackered heavy duty CMC with a stock Nissan CMC since RJM Performance isn't getting its 'RHD act' together any time soon. My pace is however building up again. There are 4 things lined up: 1) Final Infotainment upgrade with a DAB+ Radio adapter, since the 370Z FM radio reception sucks balls 😅 This will be the Pure Highway 400 V2 EU/UK [#151603] 2) 'inspired' by my 5yr old son who loves to drive in my Z but dislikes the noise when I accelereate, I am
  7. Because I have tinted rear window and an obstructive Nismo wing out the back, my rear mirror view has been very poor. I now installed a Rear Mirror Dash Cam, the Wolfbox 12" 2.5K G840H [Amazon]. I chose this particular model after reviewing the market because it has the largest display: 12" IPS touchscreen (1920x380 pixels) and uses the better SONY IMX415 Starvis sensor for superior night vision, among others. A quick spec summary: Front Cam Rear Cam 6-layer glass lens IPS68 waterproof F/1.55 aperture F/1.8 aper
  8. Would've loved to attend this meet but am already commited to TORQEN HQ meet on that day
  9. I'm now a happy owner of TORQEN's brand new and exclusive XB LED headlights [TRQ-HDL-Z34-RHD] ! While there are aftermarket headlight options for the 350Z, I am thanking @Adrian@TORQEN for bringing the very first aftermarket 370Z headlights to the UK Especially, this set features state of the art 'Triple Kuria-optic Bi-LED projectors', sequential turn signals and DRLs. The light output is mind-blowing! It's definitely brighter than my Philips D2S HID Bulb (or the stock HID bulbs for that matter). (Promo video here)
  10. PREMIUM CONNECT INFOTAINMENT Upgrade - STAGE 3 I am attempting to upgrade my stock touchscreen, Because it is a resistive one, its touch sensitivity is low (dragging gestures on the new Android system is difficult) and the screen brilliance and contrast is substantially reduced, I am converting resistive to capacitive touch screen (typical for phones and iPads). Note, any touch screen is merely a transparent coordinate tracking screen on top of the actual colour display. I stumbled across this IndiWork 7" capacitive touch screen (sourced through car-solutions) with m
  11. Hi @m4nn13 I’d be interested, too, if that 30% discount still applies. I might be 2 yrs late though Best wishes
  12. PREMIUM CONNECT INFOTAINMENT Upgrade - STAGE 2 I have now upgraded my stock infotainment system with an Android unit. I purchased it through @StormtrooperZon the forum. Left: OEM versus Right: Android (with AGAMA app) What's in the box: The Lsailt Android Multimedia Video Interface [#LLT-YF-VER5.9.5] runs Android 7.1.1 (pre-installed with a number of typical apps) on an with2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM. It integrates with the OEM infotainment system (incl BOSE® sound) and uses the stock Touchscreen. The unit supports Mirrorlink/carplay/dongles/phones, microSD, U
  13. Looks like you blew a fuse #71. See this post: Hope this helps PS: Afaik, my 370Z has no tail light sidelight LEDs
  14. Can u specify which bulb of the driver side tail light isn't working anymore? Is it the turn signal or reverse light? I'd expect each tail light to have their own fuse, so that when one side fails the car can still drive with the other side working rather than all being pitch black. there might be more fuse to be checked. There are fuse boxes by the gas pedal, too. Pretty sure it's merely a matter of finding that blown fuse and all should go back to normal
  15. Hi @davidv10, looking at your two adapters I notice their contact wires aren't bend in an identical fashion; might one of them simply not give electrical contact when plugged into one of your T10/168 sockets (front parking light, or rear license light? Swap over the adapters on a working light and see if the other suddenly doesn't work anymore. Can't think of any other good reason, given that the fuse is fine.
  16. PREMIUM CONNECT INFOTAINMENT Upgrade - STAGE 1 OEM navigation maps update By clicking Info on the Infotainment system and entering the menu Navigation Version, one can read out one's ... errr ... Navigation Version. My MY2013 showed from factory: which I updated today to: by installing a set of five DVDs of the Connect Premium (X9.0) EUROPE V7, which I ordered from the Nissan Navigation Store [#T1000-27465]. They'll also provide you with an activation code that's unique to your VIN and Unit ID (displayed when you click Info, then menu entry Map Update). The
  17. As I had to cover two small holes from my previous two gauges on top of the meter cluster I bought the Motorsport Auto Carbon crown meter cover [#50-1915] from the Z-Store. It's a simple slip-on carbon cover with very good fitment. Naturally, I love the looks but hope I won't get too addicted to carbon stuff - it costs too much There appear to be two options out there, some covering the central Rev Dial with carbon too, like the EVO-R cover, but I wanted it uncovered since I skinned my Rev Dial in red. This is the only reason I went with the Z-Store and had to deal with import dutie
  18. Hi @StormtrooperZ i’d be interested in a unit too. Cheers
  19. Thanks Nick, no worries!
  20. Hello, last couple weeks I have decluttered my dashboard gauges and swapped my triple gauge cluster for 52 mm all-LCD-style Prosport EVO gauges (there are green/white and red/blue versions) with the red ones blending into the Z interior theme very nicely. My plan was to swap the gauges as follows: I sourced my EVO gauges from R-Spec Performance Products (UK). The Vac/Boost gauge is the mmHG/PSI version (#216EVOBO-PSI) and comes with a 2.5 bar MAP sensor, which I hooked up to my intake plenum. The Oil Temp gauge is the Celsius version (#EVOOT-C) and comes with a
  21. Hi all, here some pictures of my Torqen Big Brake Kit - XTREME (fitted on 20") 2-piece rotors, 405 mm (F) and 380 mm (R) Calipers: 8-pot (F) and 6-pot (R), red anodised #AN2 Torqen sport brake pads S/S braided brake lines Approximate size comparisons: Installation under way: Before - After comparison: Close-ups: And wheels in motion:
  22. Installed some orange 'mood lights'... These are electroluminescent (EL) LED lights (incl. 12V DC inverter, which actually runs them at a couple hundred Volt AC, but milliamps) [Ebay]. They were very easy to install. I got inspired by this youtube install video. For the driver side door cart I simply spliced into the light blue (12V IGN) and black (Gnd) cables of the window controls harness. For my center console mood light, I spliced into the green (12V IGN) and black (Gnd) cables of the seat heater harness (under the cup holder unit). This way, the mood lights
  23. Finally both tail lights completed and installed. Happy I can finally move on. lol
  24. It's been a couple months coming, the work and effort was enormous. I modded my 370Z tail lights! I've long longed for a more modern design; the 'individual LEDs' look doesn't quite fit this time of age anymore. There are however, as we know, no commercial aftermarket lights available, in part due to the fact that the tail light cannot be opened (unlike the headlight). I wanted from the mod sequential turn signals and deep red tail lights (new breed of Merc, BMW, Audi, Porsche) Brake Light First I migrated the stock Stop light over to the turn
  25. 1. andy James PAID 2. Sebastian PAID - Track 12.40 3. Stephanie 4. Andy_Muxlow PAID 5. SHEZZA PAID 6. Silverthorn PAID 7. Cs2000 PAID - Track 14:40 8. nissmoandy PAID 9.Paul K - will be sorting Payment this week 10. V1H PAID
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