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  1. First 20 plate Z Ive seen! looks like you’ve got your new one quickly
  2. Cost price is £30 but the salesman gets paid off it and the dealership obviously, they have monthly targets for it so you they do try force it go on ebay its all on there too
  3. Ah no way! That will be £8000 easy now! They offered peanuts for my Z but tbf the price was during lockdown
  4. Was keeping an eye for this where did you sell it
  5. Finally sold it in the end, lost the love 6 years on Will be missed!
  6. You could do a boot build for your air ride i joke! Looks mega!!
  7. How can you be a film fan and have not watched the godfather films Going by the last film i watched ‘den of thieves’ its a good film with a good twist would recommend and its on netflix too If you want to watch a twisted film ‘platform’ is odd but again worth a watch
  8. This is still here guys! Any interest PM me as I’d like a new toy for new year.
  9. Looks good dude! crazy that its static and you still use it everywhere, I'm constantly raising my front for speed bumps and slopes, if i didn’t i wouldn’t even be able to park it at my house lol
  10. Back up for sale at £17,500 with another jap performance mag feature also a pepsi tv add to come out next month so will be known everywhere
  11. Its up for a new price now of £17,500 with a new MOT too On a side note anyone interested in parts on the car if i could split? Pm me
  12. If anyone needs an mot doing without any problems or even seeing the car pm me
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