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  1. Wont have time to get an MOT on mine before Saturday to get it back rolling but I may drop down to meet some of you!
  2. Is that metal loop on the black wire ground related perhaps? Connect 2 I would assume is for steering wheel controls so that you can you the buttons on the OEM wheel, doubt that would be causing you any issues. When I had a similar issue on another car I gave in and took it to a Car Audio specialist, those guys can trace faults so quickly generally speaking that it might be less of a headache.
  3. Yep the tester was pretty impressed with that CO... essentially accused me of having hollowed out Cats on there. To be honest, now I have been paying more attention to the car I does have a little skip at Idle, maybe a slight misfire. Plugs are in hand but I just don't have time, I have booked it in later in the month with a trusted local independent. Seems more likely based on your response that the catalyst is beyond its service life... let the hunt for stock Cats begin! Don't know any members sussex way that have any in a shed I could rent for a day or two?
  4. Results this morning we. CO 1.48 HC 40PPM or something fine Lambda 0.92 Assume rich condition is still a problem?
  5. Thanks for the reply, so to address your q's: - On my Scan tool the voltages of post cat were constant, but they are on spacers by the looks of it. - I use Shell V-power or Momentum 99 only as a general rule - I use the car frequently, about a tank a month of fuel as a minimum - The Cats were starting to smell by the end of attempting to get it through, I could have probably got them hotter, - Will check the plugs, I have some Iridiums on the way so will exclude that shortly. Going to have it sniffed tomorrow and will post up the proper results.
  6. Alternatively if anyone knows a tester down this way who might be able to assist me with my next test now that its "fixed"
  7. Hi All I have some issues on 06 DE with Spacer, Berk HFC, Miltek cat back and Abbey tune to 301 HP The car was overfuelling, had car checked for exhaust leaks, intake and vac leaks all clear, then I noticed that Bank 2 Sensor 1 was a little lazy on its voltages. Swapped in a new sensor and consumption appears normal and it no longer smells like its spitting half its fuel out the back. Question is, my results prior to this were in the region of 1 for CO, the lambda was indicating rich running too, will this have corrected enough? or is it likely that my Berks have Sh*t themselves? Anyone know any members sussex way with a set of stock cats in the shed I could hire for a day or so? Thanks in advance
  8. I would'nt want to give you the wrong info, but I think so and in terms of where to get bits and bobs, ZMANALEX is some sort of 350z parts wizard from what I read... Also I have found Torqen very helpful! hope that helps
  9. Welcome, also fairly new around here! Lovely looking Z!
  10. Thanks for the love guys, looking forward to getting involved on here
  11. Not only does it work, but I am about to fit a ztech module to convert the tape channel to Bluetooth! 😇
  12. As requested, a few things to iron out but I am quite pleased with the condition
  13. Proud new owner of an 06 gt in Black, looks like I will be spending a while on here, so thought I better say hello! If anyone knows good places for parts please let me know!
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