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  1. Yeah the metal loop was bolted to the stereo holder frame through one of the bolts. And no, no power to head unit at all. But weirdly the speaker behind the driver seat pops every now and then (the most annoying part). I may just take it to an auto electrician like you say, there are a couple good ones in Bristol it seems. Cheers.
  2. Bump... I have tried the manual reset on the aftermarket stereo, no change. I have also taken the stereo out and the fuse is fine on the back of it. The driver side sub is still popping every now and then and stereo not working. Any pointers on this one? Assume next is to check the sub wiring or such, it was a mess behind the stereo with wiring so potentially an issue there but I don't claim to be an electrician! And disclaimer I did not install the aftermarket head unit 😅
  3. I thought that didn't apply to aftermarket radio units?
  4. Hi all, I'm looking to change the aftermarket cone filter on my recently bought Z back to the standard setup. The previous owner cut the MAF housing to put the cone filter over it... So need to purchase the intake box and MAF housing. Anyone selling these? Many thanks.
  5. Hi all, I recently had my 350 in at Horsham Developments and they said that they had to recharge the battery due to it being dead (it was with them a while). When I went to pick it up from them my Kenwood head unit (DMX110BT) had stopped working, and the speaker behind the drivers seat now pops every now and then... Safe to say this was the last thing I expected to go wrong after it being in the garage. I've checked the following fuses for audio which all looked fine: Fuse 6 in driver side fuse box (Door mirrors) Fuse 17 DS fuse box (Audio) And Fuse 37 in the fuse box next to the battery (Audio) Any pointers on this one? Assume I need to take the head unit out and check for a fuse on the actual unit? Or something else? Thanks.
  6. Thanks all, nice to know there's other Z owners in Bristol with me 😁
  7. After a month or more of looking for a 350z (and viewing some truly terrible rust buckets) I finally found one just down the road from me in Exeter! Got the common problems of power seats and cruise control not working all the time (plus some small engine codes), but we'll get there. Car sounds and drives amazing, lets get to work!
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