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  1. Realised I didn't put my name down for this but did accept the facebook event, according to the fb event theres 92 going 🙂😮
  2. Yeah cracking day thanks @andy james survived the track and the drive back with no aircon 😅
  3. Tickets received just getting my head around track requirements .. were staying over in Bristol Friday so will be heading across in morning
  4. Thanks Alex but mines an HR and yes Nissan wanted £289 !! for a piece of pressed steel have bought a second hand one for 20 it was listed for VQ37HR but im pretty sure it will fit the 350 HR
  5. upon inspection there is a crack in my sump pan that has been repaired with gasket sealant, this has started to leak very slower so I will look to repair and probably replace later in year, inside sump no signs of anything blocking the pick up, there was already a mishimoto magnetic plug that was clean, although inside sump was a few metallic bits which seemed to be stuck to pan away from drain plug so hopefully its old stuff 🤞 Oil was ready for changing and oil filter is a blue point one which I have never heard of or can find on google
  6. hi yes, warm oil pressure used to peak at 90, suddenly it started peaking at 120 max when pulling and dropping back to 70-80 when cruising, this just seemed quite a bit higher then what it was doing, however coming back the pressure did seem to return to previous readings 90 max on pulls, just read about checking sump for any possible reasons for blockages thanks for other tips👍
  7. Hi off to Combe JDM in July and have a few jobs to do before to feel happy before taking on track, Engine oil change and filter, this was done by previous owner last August and less then 3k ago and oil looks like new, although high pressure readings has gotten me a bit nervy so will change, am going to drop oil pan and just have a check etc, also will fit a magnetic drain plug, was looking at Greddy one but I noticed that the TS one says its single use are they all single use ? Then gearbox oil, am using the Nissan oil + molyslip, did Diff oil when I had the subframe off so thats good Lastly brake fluid followed by 4 wheel alignment
  8. initially said this was too far to get to being a tight northerner .. to find out my son wants a trip to Caffeine and machine on Saturday just 30 mins away but wrong day 🤣 hopefully will get to meet some of your Zs at Castle Combe in July 👍, weather looks spot on so looking forward to seeing the pics afterwards
  9. 1. andy James Paid 2. Andrew_Muxlow Paid. 3.martin harry Paid 4. Callum Stocker Paid 5. SHEZZA Paid 6. Azurez33 paid 7. Justthejedi paid 8. Monkey1983 - Paid 9. 350_Jer - Paid 10. Humpy - Paid 11. Jam1 - Paid 12. Dannyg - Paid 13. SH23 - Paid 14. RoadHog - Paid 15. HXD - Paid 16. gnarly - Paid 17. Defacake - Paid - 10:15 track time 18. Retromonkey - Paid 19. MicktZZZ - Paid - Track 1300
  10. well managed to get sills painted and made it to this, great selection of cars plenty of Zs .. nice it get the car back on the road, as for show I really enjoyed it and plenty going on
  11. just getting round to refitting kidney braces and found one of the bolt holes needs drilling and re-tapping, looks like previous owner probably had to repair but the bolts that came out (not std bolts) and new ones I bought (std ones from torqen) are not tightening up, so thinking of drilling and tapping to M12 Anyone had to repair these before ?
  12. i'm hoping to go, busted collar bone ☹️ has slowed progress but subframes back on coilovers fitted 🙂 just side sills to paint
  13. Hi I have been asked by a few people recently for the W brace I got made start of year to overcome the problem I had with aftermarket W braces catching on m y exhaust So I am getting another 10 made up, unfortunately as with everything price to get made has gone up, so price for one is £90 plus delivery (£8 hermes), these are unpainted so you will need to paint yourself If interested let me know See link below for original post and feedback on fitment etc.
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