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  1. hi know its a while ago but did you sort this ? I'm having exactly same issue and am thinking of making some spacers to fit between the tarmac sportz w brace, think it only needs a few mms
  2. Cheers will be a mix of re-use where they come out and replace when they dont 🤣
  3. Hi all, been looking at 350s for last few months since going to a few meets/shows etc. with my son in his IS200 which he's been modding, finally took plunge a few weeks ago and bought an 08 with 91K, was intending getting one to mod with my son and drive weekends track etc. but as it this one pretty much has everything done apart from coilovers much to the relief of the missus 🙂 .. but it doesn't end there looking underneath rust reminds me of old alfas scary so just bought the rust buster kit and will be tackling over winter when possible. Quick question as i remove bits I'm expecting to hav
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