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  1. Great show despite weather, made a change to be able to see the drifting rather than just smoke ! 🤣 thanks for organising Andy
  2. 1. andy James x1 ticket PAID. track time TBA 2. Monkey1983 x1 ticket paid no track 3. Coz@TORQEN - 1 x Ticket PAID, no track time 4. Jamah_Zed x1 ticket PAID, No track time 5. Harrm x1 PAID 6.Humpy - 1 X Ticket paid and no track time 7. PhilT x1 ticket Paid, plus Julie 8. Harvers x 1 ticket PAID Track time 10:45 9. BiggieJDM x 1 ticket PAID No track time (yet) 10. Tiffy350z x1 ticket PAID no track time 11. steven.b x1 ticket PAID, track time 13.00 12. Monkey Nuts x1 ticket PAID, Track time 12.00 13. MicktZZZ x1 ticket paid, no track this year
  3. Just found my passes etc. in the online account, didn't get an email just thought i'd check https://www5.shocklogic.com/scripts/jmevent/profile-login.php?Client_Id='KM'&Project_Id='JFS2023&Language_Code='&System_Id=2
  4. Hi there, car when i bought it had an Xtrons aftermarket HU fitted all working OK, but it was crashing when asked to do too much so I have decided to change it, have bought a Kenwood DMX5020DABs second hand off Ebay, seller assures me it was in perfect working order when he removed from his car that was written off. So removed Xtrons unit was was left with a cable that went from the 305z audio connectors (M40 main audio, M41 Bose amp, M39 SW controls) to 2 ISO connectors that fit straight into back of Kenwood unit. (pic attached), so im thinking I can re-use this as it was working Ok with Xtrons unit. First problem I had was with power, at first it worked then it didn't I seem to have lost the GND, anyway reading up it seems I need a GND cable connecting to the loom as GND seems to be through audio chassis, im thinking it worked initially as I had the aerial connected which may have provided a GND. So unit powers up OK but there is no sound, the speakers are connected via the speaker connections not the RCA outputs (although I have Bose), which is how it was with the Xtrons that worked, there was fitted what looked like filters inline with the connectors (pic attached) but same with this fitted or not. I have checked the amp switch on is getting 12v (M41 pin 12), this is actually connected to the ACC, and measuring the speaker connections I am seeing 5V. I have spent a couple of hours checking the connections against the FSM and the unit and I can't see anything wrong, if I put back in the Xtrons unit still works fine with sound. Next option is buy the cables from In cartec Nissan 10, 6 and 16 pin 350Z and Murano radio adapter cable and steering control interface - InCarTec mine has got Bose but see that this uses RCA instead of the speaker connections, but don't think that would make a difference as I have no sound I have tried just connecting a crappy speaker to the connections but dont hear anything either with the kenwood or Xtrons unit so not a good test Any ideas anyone ? TIA
  5. Booked on 1. andy James x1 PAID Track Times TBA 2. Ricardo350z x1 PAID 3. George1966 x1 PAID 4. Nismoandy x1 PAID 5. SW66TTT x 1 PAID 6. SHEZZA x 1 PAID 7. Andy_Muxlow x1 PAID 8. HEADPHONES x1 PAID 9. PhilT + ‘Gimbal’ (x2) PAID 10. AndyH370 x1 PAID 11. Ledfut x 1 PAID 12. joe_milnes x1 PAID 13. buster x1 PAID 14. Blacklist_Nismo x1 PAID 15. Reece14789 x1 PAID 16. COZ@TORQEN x2 PAID 17. Plan370z x2 PAID 18. Stoker11 x 1 PAID 19. Jamah_Zed x 2 PAID 20. Theblue370 x 2 PAID 21. Lukey x2 PAID 22. Wudro x2 PAID 23. MicktZZZ x1 paid - track time 1000 defo still novice !
  6. Hi sorry not responded to this for a while, no plans as yet to do another batch prices have gone up on steel, last quote I got back in April was £90 if I ordered 10, assuming its gone up another 10-20% means it would be around £110 and I've noticed TS have dropped their price to 144 so no great saving. Although for me it wasn't about cost but TS one didn't fit with my exhaust, who knows if we get more interested happy to get them done
  7. Realised I didn't put my name down for this but did accept the facebook event, according to the fb event theres 92 going 🙂😮
  8. Yeah cracking day thanks @andy james survived the track and the drive back with no aircon 😅
  9. Tickets received just getting my head around track requirements .. were staying over in Bristol Friday so will be heading across in morning
  10. Thanks Alex but mines an HR and yes Nissan wanted £289 !! for a piece of pressed steel have bought a second hand one for 20 it was listed for VQ37HR but im pretty sure it will fit the 350 HR
  11. upon inspection there is a crack in my sump pan that has been repaired with gasket sealant, this has started to leak very slower so I will look to repair and probably replace later in year, inside sump no signs of anything blocking the pick up, there was already a mishimoto magnetic plug that was clean, although inside sump was a few metallic bits which seemed to be stuck to pan away from drain plug so hopefully its old stuff 🤞 Oil was ready for changing and oil filter is a blue point one which I have never heard of or can find on google
  12. hi yes, warm oil pressure used to peak at 90, suddenly it started peaking at 120 max when pulling and dropping back to 70-80 when cruising, this just seemed quite a bit higher then what it was doing, however coming back the pressure did seem to return to previous readings 90 max on pulls, just read about checking sump for any possible reasons for blockages thanks for other tips👍
  13. Hi off to Combe JDM in July and have a few jobs to do before to feel happy before taking on track, Engine oil change and filter, this was done by previous owner last August and less then 3k ago and oil looks like new, although high pressure readings has gotten me a bit nervy so will change, am going to drop oil pan and just have a check etc, also will fit a magnetic drain plug, was looking at Greddy one but I noticed that the TS one says its single use are they all single use ? Then gearbox oil, am using the Nissan oil + molyslip, did Diff oil when I had the subframe off so thats good Lastly brake fluid followed by 4 wheel alignment
  14. initially said this was too far to get to being a tight northerner .. to find out my son wants a trip to Caffeine and machine on Saturday just 30 mins away but wrong day 🤣 hopefully will get to meet some of your Zs at Castle Combe in July 👍, weather looks spot on so looking forward to seeing the pics afterwards
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