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  1. Got the pixel 7 pro at the start of December replacing my pixel 5 and having non stop issues with getting the 7 to connect did just about everything to get them to work yesterday just put the radio on and left it. Not an issue with the pixel 5.
  2. Welcome! Nice to see another 370z going about Glasgow! Hopefully see you about as I'm about Glasgow fairly often!
  3. You know the part number at all? Just to double check as Iv put an order in for one as having the part there if they can't fix it is better then none. Yea I don't fancy doing any of that aswell so going to a trusted garage.
  4. Hello! Needing help with a problem that I have just noticed on the car. So it seems the door lock actuator is out and the door is not locking at all no noise when locking or unlocking the car, tried both keys and the physical key and nothing. Question is can it be repaired not had a look at it yet or is it just a replacement part? Will any 370z lock actuator work or will it need to be one for that model or car? (2014 nismo) Thanks!
  5. It seems to have been fixed, I pulled the rubber cover up as it was all the way down back to the top not 100% is that was the fix but no longer doing it. It did get quieter when I held onto the gear knob. See if it returns but for now it's fine.
  6. Hey everyone! First post on here to be kind Anyone had this problem? Seems like a knocking/rattle on the gear shifter after 4k rpm and onwards happens in all gears at the same rpm, goes away if I clutch in or hold the stick. 2014 nismo 370z. Sent a link to the youtube video below of the noise. Thanks!
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