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  1. Olly350z

    Oil Pressure

    This applies more to DE's and Rev ups rather than HRs
  2. Some may disagree but to me, I hate to say it but that warm idle is too low. Nissan state that 15psi is minimum warm idle, so I'd strongly recommend getting it checked. Years back buddy of mine bought a HR with 34k miles on the clock. We knew the gaskets needed doing, and when done by Abbey Motorsport the results were night and day different. He never saw below 30psi at idle even after a blast.
  3. Unfortunately this is one of the known faults with the HR gearbox, and the gallery gaskets for the engine. I don't mean this horribly but I assume you did your research before buying? While at HDEV I'd get your oil pressure checked as this known fault effects most HRs. More good news is that job alone will cost you circa 900 quid
  4. So, updates! My search for an exhaust was put on hold as I just couldn't settle on a brand as it had to fit right and sound right. I'd looked into short tails but couldn't justify £500 quid upwards for essentially a quarter of a full system. However, when these turned up for sale for a bargain price, it seemed the sensible way to go So, today I fitted the AAM resonated short tails. Took an hour to fit including removing the backbox. Fitment is spot on, they look great and sound great. Idle is a burble, around town is a nice rumble and cruising is comfortable. When you
  5. Absolutely, unless it's made out of cheese lol
  6. Option 2 and prepare yourself for a relatively large bill (depending on what you choose to get done, personally I'd get it all done) and then that way you have the complete peace of mind its been done properly and you can enjoy the car It's probably the slave cylinder that has failed, I'd be very surprised if the master cylinder has failed. Don't think I've come across that, but as Jack said it's a internal slave so you probably wouldn't see a leak anyway
  7. Only issue is I believe they're smaller then the factory nismo rays, what are they 8.5 front and 10 rear?
  8. LMGT4'S are the best wheel, period. I often wonder what a set of the 19's would look like on my Nismo Took a trip down the beach a few nights back, was deserted so why not
  9. Insurance quotes, can't stress this enough. Get some quotes first as you'll be surprised how difficult they can be to get sensible quotes for particularly as this will be your first RWD. Best of luck!
  10. I'll take these please mate, can we arrange payment and collection
  11. Headlight / washer bottle reservoir. You have two, one in each corner of the front bumper Hi and welcome
  12. Not much of an update or my extreme modifying ways as I'd probably like, trying to keep this one as sensible as possible at least for the time being. But, I finally tackled a job that's been on my list and that was to replace the front red lower trims on the front bumper My originals were probably fine by mosts standards but did have several large stone chips so with the relatively cheap replacements it was time to get them on. What an arse of a job! You have to remove the under-tray, and then the lower part of each arch liner to get into each corner. Each
  13. I wouldnt say there's anything particularly glaring there or to worry about. One side does seem to be running leaner then the other but how much so will be anyone's guess. The oil on the plugs is a fairly common 350z trait, the spark plug seals have failed on top of the valve cover. As far as I'm aware these are non serviceable items so it's time for new valve covers. ZmanAlex can help with these I'm sure you do, but always try to run premium fuel and regular oil changes (I did mine every 6K). That's best practice for maintaining your 350z. They're normally pretty bomb
  14. You will have an intermittent fault with one of the sensors causing the system to not activate. My guess is brake pedal switch
  15. Is that aftermarket LED light smaller then the original?
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