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  1. Thanks Stu. As said in PM's to admin I've recently had another OP on my back so this is the best it'll be, currently have stitches so won't be doing heavy lifting. Pictured here is the backbox, and then the two additional boxes have the exhaust all boxed up for its new owner
  2. You're braver then me, there's no way I'd let someone drive mine like that. Genuine question though, who is this guy? It's like he's sprung up from nowhere and everyone's letting him take their cars out. Shows that in the right hands 370z can certainly keep up with the competition
  3. Grab yourself a bargain, this is a used but like new Nissan 370z Invidia Gemini catback exhaust system. Was purchased in February 2023 last year costing £1330 and fitted to my Nismo 370 and has been on the car for approximately 1000 miles. Comes complete with all gaskets, bolts and fixings and will fit your 370z and Nismo no issue. Not overly loud and no drone with this system, perfect for increasing that smile factor without annoying your neighbours, only removed as fitted an ARK V2. Price £1000 Cash on collection PayPal (you pay fees) Bank Transfer Location : West Sussex
  4. The only definitive way to know if the gaskets have been done if you don't have a receipt is to either hook up an independent oil pressure gauge and check, or to pull the front timing covers off mate.
  5. Okie dokie, will sit tight and wait for the nod
  6. Any leftovers that I could order?
  7. The door actuator will have become frozen, possibly due to corrosion. We've had this at work yesterday on an S2000. The tech managed to get the door open by holding the handle open, and quite violently rocking the door until it released Its a long shot, but it did save the customers door card
  8. I've since does all the interior bulbs and didn't have to fit one resistor. There no cantus system on our Nismos so you'll be fine
  9. Holy thread revival Batman! Well what's happened in a year and a half? Honest answer, not alot other then collecting and hording parts in the vain hope life might quieten down, but alas no! But, let me check in on the few bits I've got. So, first up on the list was a used ARK Grip V2 purchased from Torqen. It's well known these don't fit a Nismo V2 without work, so that's quietly waiting to go on Next up after meeting Lewis at JDM COMBE and seeing his, I purchased a 4th brake light, which I got fitted. Love how this looks at night, really changes the backend And a picture at Coombe, of course I then managed to source a set of the MK2 arch trims as mine were removed by the previous owner. My lord they were expensive! Top tip, if you want to remortgage your house, sell these trims! So far the parts room (spare room) has a full set of new drilled and grooved discs and pads waiting to go on, a MK1 Nismo spoiler and a set of coil overs. I had the car serviced & MOT'd at Nissan last weekend to maintain the full history, another year passed and no advisories Not sure on what to do next, thinking about wheels but also have seen a very nice OEM plus steering wheel, so maybe we'll see how we get on. Catch you on the flip side !
  10. I'd replace all 6 coilpacks if it was me, that's what I did on mine when it started mucking around. It ran like an absolute dream afterwards, better then it ever had done Euro car parts do an OEM equivalent pack that I kid you not was identical to nissans, even down to the mould lines on the casing. At a fraction of the overall cost...
  11. Pete must spend an awful amount of time shaking hands with everyone 🤣
  12. Michilan PS5's are considered probably one of, if not the best tyre on the market, which is good if you feel like dropping a large amount of cash on them. Personally? I rate Falkens, which are a very good midrange tyre and i sell alot of them through work, Hankooks another's. To be honest it's all very subjective, some will want the best of the best to do a 1000 miles a year, others will settle for budgets on a daily driven rear wheel drive car. Its up to you
  13. Sorry bud, was feeling a little green around the gills yesterday. Serves me right for a Saturday night out
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