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  1. I still get a willy twinge everytime I park up and walk away I know its based on an older car, but thats its appeal. New car reliability mixed with old car vibes, which isn't dampened by interfering modern technology that hinders the drive. Id argue the point 90% of Nismo owners didn't even know there cars had this "active sound" till it was pointed out. Shameless picture whoring and I don't even care
  2. I don't think the MK1 has come down at all? Saw one for sale the other day and it was still 20 grand! The MK2 isn't exactly common either I think the OP needs to weigh up whether the 10 grand difference is worth it in the cars, or as others say that is a boatload of modifications. Thats a tough decision
  3. The easiest way is to test drive a Nismo and see how you find it, I say this because you'll find them identical in areas and completely different in others. As an example, I came from a 350z to my Nismo, and had heated electric leather seats in the 350z, which despite the simply superb Recaro's in the nismo, I do miss. Why does a flagship car have manual seats? You'll find a Nismo more refined as its had 5 + years of tweaks and modifications, but you'll also find the infotainment system hasn't changed in years. Would i ever get rid of my Nismo? Not for the foreseeable There are reasonable pros and cons either way, id personally say the biggest decision you have to make is can you financially justify the 10 grand minimum difference between the two?
  4. XXR 527D'S Or Nismo LMGT4's
  5. Probably would still do Hammond though. Jeremy looks like he wants to see the manager
  6. Some washer motors are valved, the new Jazz as an example. One motor on the bottle that does front and rear, bit of a pain in the backside to be honest as they're far too delicate
  7. Possible that the bodyshop used a thin layer of filler for a smoother finish which they've left exposed during prep which has absorbed moisture? Just an idea, probably wrong however I find it suspect its the majority of the spoiler. If it was one area I'd say its a reaction but not the entire way along
  8. She's looking great as always Shezza. Mad to think its well over a year now since we've all been able to meet up for a decent show!
  9. Been watching your videos and staying up to date with them, its a real shame you're having issues with the car and garage still. However the low oil pressure issue you're having is well known on the HR engines, why they didn't replace the gaskets while the second engine was out, would've made their lives and yours so much easier Get those gaskets changed ASAP you'll notice such a difference with the car
  10. Been quietly reading this post with interest and decided to tackle those rear arch covers on my Nismo, out of a morbid curiosity and preventative maintenance. This is what I found Bare in mind my Nismo is only 4 years old, the amount of crud and build up behind was awful. No signs of rust thankfully and I cleaned the area both sides with a warm soapy solution. Almost think this should be stickied for anyone else with a 370z to check and rectify accordingly
  11. Olly350z

    Engine Oil

    5w-30 fully synthetic oil as recommended directly from the owners manual (16 plate Nismo) HOWEVER, I have switched to a slightly thicker oil, 5w-40 millers CFS as I wanted a slightly higher protection when warm. My Nismo just ticked over 35K on the clock. Do not cheap out on the oil, as mentioned above Opie oils are seriously good guys
  12. Back to the Dealership mate, this is a well known fault in the Honda World as the rear demister lines share the radio antenna. Will advise its not a quick fix sadly
  13. You can buy them from Torqen or Nissan brand new for about 40 quid.
  14. Start / stop button took all over 2 minutes to swap over, very easy Yeah it came with mats, I'm wanting to replace them with new (something I've always done when buying a new car, right of passage) however I was a bit shocked that they cost nearly £400 quid!
  15. Happy new year everyone! A couple of small updates from over the Xmas period, keeping the modifications small and sensible for now however there were a few bits over the period. The one area that let the car down was the red fins on the front bumper were quite heavily marked, so que the Mrs treating me to two new ones, which need to be fitted. Going to get the old ones painted so I can mix and match as I choose Next up was a GTR start button, really shocked at the difference one little button has made to the inside Gave the interior a good spruce up today, as it hadn't been touched much over the last few weeks. Getting ready for the future bits to be done





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