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  1. I doubt very much changing to 5w-40 caused this. I ran 5w-40 in my 350z and now my Nismo for the last 6-7years without any issue. First step, check oil level. If OK then I strongly suspect that its either the guage itself or the oil pressure sensor which is a common failure on these cars. My buddies 350z did exactly this, would go straight to 120psi and stay there. We got a replacement sensor located on the bottom of the pil pan next to the oil filter and swapped it out. Easy job, just be very careful when you tighten it back up. Steel sensor and aluminium block, you over tighten it you will crack your lower block and that's a bad day. My rule was finger tight, 1/4 turn on the ratchet and job was a gooden
  2. What was the outcome to this? I've looked at mine and have exactly this, in exactly the same places. It's caused me to go over with a fine tooth comb and I've not found anything else but want to get this sorted. I have full dealer history so wondering if Nissan will be kind especially as I work for them
  3. Your kit should have come with spacers for the strut brace as well. Check packaging and make sure they've not been sellotaped somewhere and you've missed them. Failing that, try spacing it with washers or you can run without like I did on mine. Ideally though, it was designed to be there, so be there it should
  4. Haven't taken it as being aimed at me Steve, I've just simply put my feelings on the matter across as I'm sure others will. Whatever the outcome I will support the staff's decision because as I said truthfully I wouldn't want to be the one organising these events.
  5. Unpopular opinion I'm sure Andy and i have no doubt there will be those along shortly to try and shame me but I do feel the need to say it, as I have said it to you, Steve and Martin in person. Nothing said is meant to cause offence in any way shape or form. I truly appreciate the effort you all go to and its a task I openly admit that I would not want to do so please don't think its taken for granted, nor do I say this lightly However in that same sentence, I really resent going to the effort of preparing the car, spending the majority of the day / weekend before washing, waxing, all the works to then wake up on the day of the show and see it pouring with rain, just to get me soaked, the car soaked and drive to a wash out show especially while fuel is the highest its ever been. Don't get me wrong, it's a gamble as there have been several shows that the weather has cleared up and I could've gone. Only harm done is I'm out of pocket in places. Incarnation 2022 as an example was a great show and i really enjoyed seeing familiar faces however I will voice the one part of it that did annoy me. Without mentioning names, it did get back to me that several people were "surprised" to see me and that I'd made the "effort". Truthfully, this did proceed to wind me up as I honestly feel if it could get back to me then this is something that could be said to me in person. Moving forward, it is my person view and feeling that if there is a threat of penalties for not turning up or 100% commitment is required then I think I'll have to tip my hat to you all now and say that will be the last show I'll attend as part of 350z-UK, as I personally feel that is an unfair request.
  6. Olly350z

    Air Bag Light

    Airbag warning light on or any kind of SRS warning will be a straight MOT failure, and if its seen to have gone off as well. Personally I'd say you need to either remove it or replace it. MOT guidelines state if it's present then it must be testable and in a working condition
  7. Thats a headlight washer cover. Reckon you may struggle as people don't like splitting them
  8. As a rough idea, what did it cost you to get the MK2 spoiler removed and the new one on and painted, not including the cost of the spoiler? Got a MK1 spoiler I want tonget on my nimos and looking at a rough idea
  9. Looks the dogs dangleys as always Martin. Be nice to see it in the flesh sometime soon
  10. I'm confident Bridgestone potenza was the standard, when I bought mine I specifically specified I wanted OEM tyres fitted as part of the deal and she came with 4 new Bridgestones, which I've never had any real complaints about. I have found tyre pressures can upset the TC though. I've seen mine flash on occasionly particularly when doing a quick pull out on a sharp turn but it can only be a handful of times in two years. Certainly never on a hard pull
  11. 99% that the service interval for Coolant, gear and diff oil is 36,000 or 5 years. Hence why I had mine done as I was there on mileage and age
  12. I always wonder how they can map an ECU without the car there? I was always under the impression that proper tuning of the engine was unique car by car and that one map that worked for one car might not necessarily work for another? Can you shed some light on this?
  13. I paid £800 (at discount, I work for them) for a full service last year at Nissan to maintain the full service history. I had literally all fluids and spark plugs changed so it sounds comparable to your Jag. If you're local to the south coast you're welcome to have a look around mine, and I'm sure others will offer as well You'll rarely see a 370z or a nismo on the road, they are a unicorn car within reason
  14. The early MK1 nismos did have a few reliability concerns as they used the HR platform found in the late 350zs. The main offenders were but not limited to Gallery gaskets Clutch slave cylinder Steering lock mechanism Most if not all were rectified on crossover of late 2013 models onwards. So basically MK2 onwards were fine. Gallery gaskets I can confirm were refined along with the Steering lock issue, however the clutch slave is up for debate
  15. I still think you're confused. This is a MK2 Nismo (mine) production ran from 2015 with a very minor facelift in 2018 onwards with smoked rear lights, darker door handles and a boot switch internally. Tax is annually £595 a year because as others have explained, it became the value of the vehicle instead of the emissions that dictated its tax bracket in 2017. If I had bought my Nismo only 6 months later, I'd be paying much less! This is a MK1 Cosmetically they are quite different, front and rear bumpers, blacked out headlights, sideskirts, different rear spoiler, different style Rays alloys, Recaro non electric seats compared to the MK1s cloth electric seats and the list goes on. I really struggle to see how the MK2 looks Cosmetically cheaper? It's just a different styling, one you prefer or don't as the case may be Mechanically they are 98% identical, with the MK2 having two changes to note which were gallery gaskets and steering lock mechanism refined.
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