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  1. So who else is ready then? Exhaust tightened, tracking and tyre pressures and may have sneakily regassed the aircon, but don't tell the boss
  2. Do you mean down by the BP garage / wild bean cafe? If so we'll meet you there, I'll be in my 350 and will have a mate in his Honda (Don't try to bully him, it's a wolf in sheep's clothing )
  3. Is this too late for me to jump on the stand if I can get the Z running? It's been a massive dick lately hence late posting
  4. 1. Keyser 2. andy James + Doris 3. Stephanie  4. buster and netti 5. Coldel 6. Gg2040uk (Maz) 7. Olly350z
  5. Can I provisionally add myself to the list Martin, only thing that will stop me is the weather. I've never done ace before so I'd like to see what the fuss is about lol
  6. Still for sale, I just don't check in often to the forum anymore
  7. I am prepared to listen to sensible offers if it means a hassle free sale. Viewing in person is highly recommended
  8. Evening Everyone, Welcome to my for sale add for my 2003 facelifted DE. So it's with a slightly heavy heart that I think it's time to move on and grow up a little. Work have offered me some very tempting deals on the new Type R's, so rather than running two cars, two lots of insurance etc I'm thinking its time to let the Z go. I've enjoyed every moment of ownership and who knows, I may well return! On to the car, it's a 2003 DE Z that I have spent a great deal on, from running, servicing and modifying. Mileage currently sits at just under 90,000 miles which is unlikely to rise a great deal as it's my weekend toy. I've owned it for just over three years now and before my ownership, it had FSH from Nissan. I've kept this up in my ownership with servicing every 6K miles, using only genuine oil filters, millers fully synth 5w-40 oils supplied from Opie Oils. If I've not been able to do it, my work (Honda) have done instead with all receipts to prove. I had it resprayed in April 2017 by my local garage and as a result, the paintwork does speak for itself. This year, back in June I had the facelift front end fitted and fully resprayed so it's as near perfect. I'm going to be honest and say it does have the odd car park ding and the slightest bubble of rust on the drivers rear arch. It also has a chip on the roof, I'm guessing from a stone but do bear in mind its 15 years old now. Mechanically, it's near perfect. It doesn't burn oil excessively, with no nasty knocks or clonks. Every gear slots perfectly into place, the clutch does not slip and if I could fault it, it has a noisy release bearing but this is a common trait of Zs. I'm going to be perfectly honest and say that the timing chain can be noisy from a stone cold startup, normally after it been left for a week or so but its been like this ever since I bought it. Oil pressure sits at 30psi with a hot run and 60psi at 70mph / 3500 revs. In my ownership with the servicing, the last service it had (2k miles ago) I replaced the coil packs, spark plugs & both primary 02 sensors as I was having issues with 02 lights coming on. It passed its MOT back in June last year with no advisories. It failed beforehand on the carbon monoxide levels, which is what prompted me to replace the entire exhaust system. The interior is in great condition for its age, with only a few notable areas. The drivers bolster is beginning to show its age, the passenger seat is perfect. The cubby hole button has a few scratches while the mats, carpets have little to no wear on them. Again, being honest I have smoked in this car but I will happily give the car a full valet at work if the buyer should so choose. I've tried to be as honest here as I can and have more than likely forgotten a whole host of information. I have never skimped on parts or money spent here and the car easily owes me £12000 if not more. The registration is KD53 DGZ for those who would like to look up its history, and a full build thread is available on the 350z UK forum. Pictures are available on request, Price is £7500 OVNO based on the agreed valuation. Please bare in mind in the photo's its very dirty having done a long drive last weekend. The car will be fully valeted for the new owner Exterior Smooth N1 front bumper Facelift OEM headlights Facelift OEM HR bonnet N1 Sideskirts Chargespeed rear bumper LED Cannibus rear numberplate lights Smoothed boot 380rs spoiler 370z side indicators Carbon B pillars Rear 3 windows limo tinted Stubby ariel Facelift LED OEM rear lights Depo rear lower lights Boltsbolts USDM conversion Factory HID Zenons 6K XXR Chrome 527d's 18x9 / 18x10.5 New Hankook V12 tyres Resprayed in april 2017 WV2 paintcode Interior Ian doles boot devider Carbon door kickplates JVC double din touch screen including cabling and satnav Tan orange seats Tan orange gear gator Nismo Gearknob Metal dash vent trims Led interior lights Engine, Brakes & Suspension Meister R coilovers Stillen toe bolts Mtec drilled and grooved brakes, brembo padds HELL braided lines HELL braided clutch line Uprated clutch slave Torqen High Flow cats Injen true duel titanium tipped exhaust Blox 1/2 inch plenum spacer Neo Chrome Oil cap Uprevved by Abbey Motorsport
  9. It's definitely exhaust related, I haven't been able to scan it yet to see but I'm willing to bet it's the same code which has been quiet for 1250 miles. The car has been upreved by Abbey Motorsport
  10. This comment made me howl, sorry Steve GREAT NEWS! Engine lights on again, that was a good 1250 miles. And it came on last night while I was on a date, good times
  11. It's my personal view that it's a compatibility issue between the injen and the new cats. Sadly I'm well aware of that, that and voiding the warranty has made me very unhappy about the whole situation. The issues with fitment happened AFTER the new sports cats were fitted. Prior to them, I had japspeed HFCs fitted and there were no issues at all. It was tight, but didn't touch anywhere. The reason for changing the sports cats was that they had failed The exhaust was fitted by the head master technician at my work (I work for Honda) who has some 40+ years in the trade and I checked it over with him, he had followed the instructions to the letter. Being a duel system it can only be fitted one way with over and under pipes for the anti roll bar. Those photos were taken by Olly at Owens Garage after I had fitted the new cats. I had taken the car to them to get them to rehang it all for me to see if anything could be done. He rang to say that basically it was impossible due to the amount of places it was touching, and that the issue was being caused by the angle of the flanges on the HFCs and the injen. In effect, rather then being >| |< it was more of a >\ /< which was lifting the entire exhaust once bolted together. You can see that angle in one of the weld pictures. And yes, the drive up there minus one back box because the system was too tight, was hell. Imagine being In a washing machine filled with stones? I know bud, was gutting to say the least. Thing is, having spoken to other people you're not the only person to say that, which makes me think it was a compatibility issue between the injen and new cats. And I'm inclined to say that I got unlucky which I'm happy to accept. But with the cost of parts involved that's what really stung.
  12. As you can imagine I wasn't and still am not best pleased. As you say there was no fitment issues with the cheaper HFCs. I do think you're right about the wheels. I really think it's time for something more aftermarket, and shiny. Issue I have Is I need some fun around wheels so I can sell these!





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