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    More than likely the control unit behind the dials (white box) or the ribbon cable, or both. Try and source a known working one to test, or take the gamble and contact zmanalex as he has units in stock. You need to match the code on yours to the one he will supply you As far as I know, the system does not automatically default to the coldest setting when automatic is applied. It will default to what ever the temperature is set to
  2. Yes, mine did exactly the same and mine was newer, and less miles. I just replaced the backbox with AAM shoet tails
  3. Leave it to me, I'll be the one to say it bluntly. So basically the OP is annoyed that the software didn't take into account someone running not only a massively incorrect, but frankly dangerous wheel setup and is now mad that the system did not behave the way it was intended, because again, it was being fed massively incorrect information from the dangerously fitted wheel set up (that the op fitted, not the tuners). OP doesn't like being picked up on this, so is now getting knocky. FYI, MOTs are the barest minimum road standard, so the fact it past an MOT does not me
  4. Highly unlikely alex is going to have European rear lights in stock when he supplies UK Market... one of the very rare occasions he probably can't help!
  5. Guarantee whoever has bought these you'll see them up for sale for at least double within the month. Annoyingly I'm in Birmingham on Saturday, would've picked these up for the Nismo
  6. I'm 99% you won't be able to just swap them over no, they are subtly different in there shape so they won't fit. You can extend the wiring, that's pretty easy and straightforward on the 350z rear bumper. Wouldn't you be better off just buying a set from a German 350z? That way you know the foglights on the right side and they'll fit?
  7. Flip side is least you're using yours... mines not been driven since mid November, only started and left to run once a week. Upside is she's not gotten covered in road salt etc but ti's an expensive garage ornament..
  8. As others have said, it's timing chain on these so as long as you have no rattles on start up r running you're good to leave that. Depends on how mad you want to go. Me personally I'd probably be thinking about plugs again if it's been two years, but I like over kill on servicing. Coolant, gearbox, differential oil and clutch fluid is also another that regularly gets forgotten
  9. Pray for good weather and I'll be there. One show in the nismo in a year and a half!
  10. Always a tad annoyed you're probably at the opposite end of the country as I'd happily pay to get you to give my Nismo the once over as your attention to detail genuinely makes me happy. And getting them both together would be a great photo opportunity Out of interest can I ask what you paid for the mats and where from? It's right of passage for me with a new car to get new mats but the only source I could find was torqen, mega money and didn't look the same as mine but yours are
  11. Whats the car? What year? Your forum name would suggest 350z, yet you mention 370z? You need to be sure whether you have halogen or HID bulbs before you commit to a purchase. I'd suggest that unless you have a basic Japanese import 350z, chances are you have factory HIDs, so halogen is off the cards. Most factory supplied HIDs are around 4300 kelvin (light output - 1 kelvin is equivalent to 1 candle, so 4300 Kelvin = 4300 candles). I Would suggest looking at newer, brighter HID bulbs like bosch, Phillips etc and choosing between 5-6000 kelvin. Light output begins to dr
  12. An uprev remap will stop the EML light coming on as they switch off the rear O2 sensors as part of it. The rears only monitor post catalytic performance so aren't necessary
  13. Unless he's planning on getting the car remapped to get the best gains from the setup I personally really wouldn't bother with HFC's and just enjoy the sound without having a headache every year for MOT. Unpopular opinion I know, but when I ran torqen HFCs mated to a Injen SES exhaust I had no ends of issues which really spoilt the car for a considerable time. Having said that, if you truthfully want an answer then I would always marry the two systems together, so my vote goes for invidia
  14. Merry Christmas boys and girl's! Small update, the lovely other half treated me to a set of GTR crystal clear map lights for the Nismo. As you'll see from the photo there's a marked difference between the two. Here side by side for comparison. On the right, the GTR map light, and on the left the opaque white standard 370z map light. Again super shocked at what a small addition can make such a big change to the interior of the car. Light output is now super crisp and bright. Much like the GTR stop / start button. Other then that I've barely dri
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