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  1. Funny I had the same thought. Can only assume the reasoning was as visibility isn't great as it is, it would only make it worse. But then again its already noticeable how little I'm being dazzled by cars behind, so its a win in my books
  2. So an update, and the mods are starting slowly but surely. Took a trip down to twilight tint in Chichester today to get my rear three windows tinted, this is my 3rd car they've done as their work is simply superb. Such courteous friendly people and very good at what they do. Speaks volumes that I've been going back and they remember me! No other pictures for now as the car is beyond filthy... but more to come
  3. Difficulty is Nissan say first coolant change should be done at 96 months, then every 48 there after. And no mention of changing the gearbox / Diff oil at all unless under severe conditions (UK is not severe by any stretch)
  4. Went into town yesterday and parked up, making sure to stay well away from anyone else and couldn't not take a photo when I looked back And Facebook memories strikes, probably at my 350's prime
  5. Have you noticed any difference with fresh gearbox oil? I'm not entirely sure on the service intervals for changing it but I think it could be due on my Nismo. I absolutely would not sell your MK1 wheels though, unless they are for something very, very cool. They're rare was hens teeth and such a good looking wheel. I instantly regretted selling my LMGT4's, I wish they did a same size option for the the Nismos
  6. Glad you've seen a car can be way more then just a tool! Where about are you located, I saw a black roadster with black wheels in Findon (Worthing) a few weeks back. I was in my nismo
  7. Down on the South Coast mate, Worthing. So Incarnation was a jolly trip up the road for me Well if you find yourself down my way let me know, I'm about most weekends would be good to catch up
  8. My man, how you doing? Me an Louis still chat about you an the ace day we had. Have to arrange another meet up now we both have Nismo's haha
  9. Have you had your oil gallery gaskets checked as well, just to be on the safe side? Probably the only other "known" issue that could cause you grief down the road Good to see they appear to be looking after you, let's hope it continues
  10. Neyee? Or Londoncity Z on IG? Big guy came up to me an louis and we then spent the whole day wandering around incarnation?
  11. If you don't turn back and look, you bought the wrong car
  12. Nismo skirts would set it off a treat and you know it would
  13. That photo is one of the best I've seen in a while for a 350z, pretty spot on to what one should look like. But my lord is she crying out for a set of side skirts!!
  14. Have we met at one of the incarnation events? Cryptic message is Cryptic Yeah I've been looking at various LED bulbs, but they not festoon bulbs like I thought they were, they're 501's! Ideally I'd like to get the LED rear indicator and reverse bulbs as well but the first set ive fitted hyperflash In the long run I'm thinking Nismo V1 spoiler, Ark grip V2, tinted windows and subtle carbon fibre interior upgrades. Not rushing into modifications yet though I spent the whole of last weekend detailing the car. Regretted it Monday morning when I couldn't bloody move





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