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  1. Quite possibly, it may have been remapped with that cone filter on and switching back to an OEM setup even with a decent drop in filter could upset the car / map as you'll be changing the air / fuel ratio Truthfully, I'd be surprised if the above happened as others have said, the gains would be marginal but it's something to be aware of. If it were me, I'd probably be looking for a decent branded cone filter, they're all roughly the same and do the same job
  2. Good call bud, you've made the right decision. That's the down side with high owners is more chance of servicing being missed. You'll get one, and it'll be worth it when you do. I love mine and I'm sure you will to
  3. 1. andy James x1 ticket PAID. track time TBA 2. Monkey1983 x1 ticket PAID no track 3. Coz@TORQEN - 1 x Ticket PAID, no track time 4. Jamah_Zed x1 ticket PAID, No track time 5. Harrm x1 PAID 6.Humpy - 1 X Ticket PAID and no track time 7. PhilT x1 ticket PAID, plus Julie 8. Harvers x 1 ticket PAID Track time 10:45 9. BiggieJDM x 1 ticket PAID No track time (yet) 10. Tiffy350z x1 ticket PAID no track time 11. steven.b x1 ticket PAID, track time 13.00 12. Monkey Nuts x1 ticket PAID, Track time 12.00 13. MicktZZZ x1 ticket PAID, no track this year 14. Olly350z + 1 ticket PAID, no track time
  4. Another vote for a MK2 Nismo cover please 🙏
  5. Plonkerpete strikes again 🤣 The amount of owners would bother me slightly from a resale point of view, I was lucky enough to pick up a one owner Nismo with full history which I've kept going and I do feel quite fortunate with that The mileage adds up though, seems like each owner has used it as a weekend fun car and then as others have said, gotten bored so sold it on. A question I'd ask is as it's been moved on regularly, has it been maintained? You tend to see people shift cars before service
  6. Without them there its difficult to say, but I'd imagined it might have rubbed where its lowered and got the wheel spacers. My thoughts as I've got coilovers to go on was to raise it a tad and hopefully replace them
  7. Got the exhaust sorted, still looking for the arch trims that come on Nismo models however. Anyone have a set they've removed or know of?
  8. Washed, clayed and waxed on the first day of summer before relaxing for the rest of the evening
  9. Out of interest, what's that cost you so far for the full shell strip down and rebuild? I was always sad I never got my engine bay painted, easy to say once yours is done it's going to be one of a handful mint EKs
  10. Will always have a soft spot for EK civics, I had one years ago that I went mad with, ended up with a Integra lump in it, to this day still the most missed car. Lovely job bring yours back to life! Can't beat Red recaros either, look lively against the yellow
  11. Great choice on the MeisterR coilovers, Jerricks a great guy and his products are superb. Have had them fitted to every car I've ever owned, the nismo is next!
  12. Welcome along! Personally, I'd save yourself the hassle and just get a bodyshop to do it. That's what I did, removed both sets of headlights, took them down and he professionally refurbished them, and then clear coated them for me. Cost be £100 per set, and I think the results speak for themselves 03 DE 07 HR
  13. Not really a woe story is it though, like come on 😂 what's stopping you from popping in, getting them to check records and then just getting it stamped there and then? More over if Nissan UK wanted to check the validity of your warranty they'd only have to call the Dealership I think you guys forget that service centres probably service 20 plus cars a day, with multiple other works carried out on those cars to an extremely high standard. Try being on the other side of that desk dealing with the numpties who come in. Trust me, I have stories for days. (Customer) My indicators won't stop flashing! (Me) pushes hazard button (Customer) when was that fitted that wasn't there when I bought it! (Me) 😮‍💨 🔫 Course it wasn't Or, last month young lad with a Type R. Has a prepaid service plan that meant servicing was free, didn't choose to use it because it meant driving 45 minutes to us. Then extremely surprised when it's gone bang, and Honda won't pay for it under warranty as he hasn't followed the schedule. But that's our fault, not his. Not that he's lazy. Or his mot had expired Another spent a solid half an hour arguing with us that we had fitted a third seat belt in the back of his car without his knowledge. Yes, of course we supplied a complete seat belt, wiring, surround and cut his roof lining all without his knowledge. Yes, of course! But then when I show him it's in every vehicle on the forecourt the same as his, not so much as an apology. Most of my customers, great. Some of them need to give their head a wobble
  14. I used to get 25-27 around town, stretching to 32-34 on a long run with the cruise control on, indicated by the trip computer so by no means set in stone. Gallery gaskets can fail at any mileage, a good friend had his HR and they'd failed spectacularly at 34,000 miles. First week of ownership he shipped the car off to Abbey Motorsport to get them done
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