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  1. baileydom

    What ever happened to flyboy?

    Glad you're back on your feet bud. Get ready for lots of orders! Haha
  2. baileydom

    Facelift cubby box trim

    Hi all. I'm after the finisher trim pieces and the cubby mat both for the dash cubby box from a facelift interior. For clarity it's items 4, 25 and 30 on the picture. If anyone can help me out that would be appreciated! Cheers all Dom
  3. I'll take these if they're still available.
  4. baileydom

    Boot Popper

    Ahh that'd be grand but I think theyre different? Don't suppose you have the part number there from when you got them? Thanks for replying though.
  5. baileydom

    Boot Popper

    Hi all, Just found one of my boot poppers has managed to get bent, no idea how that happened. Any-hoo, anyone got a spare for a coupe that they want to sell me? Cheers all Dom
  6. baileydom

    Cubby Lid/Door

    Yep you can remove the door but only after removing the whole waterfall panel. It's just a few screws, only fiddly bit is popping the springs back in afterwards.
  7. oops my bad! sorry chaps!
  8. 1. Payco - PA04YCO - White Nismo 370z (Paid) 2. Panman - P44 AAN - Azure Blue 350z. (Paid) 3. Paul K - K50PTK - Kuro roadster 350z (TBC, need to check diary with OH!!) 4. Olly350z - Provisionally (Paid) 5. Louis350z - Provisionally (Paid) 6. andy james- AJ07ZZZ- resale silver (Paid) 7. jcurtis - NRZ 3933 - Kuro Black 350z (Paid) 8. Zippypooz - N44SSN - Gun metal 350z (Paid) 9. Nismoandy - WP06FNX - silver (Paid) 10. Dunks - PHZ 4136 - Sunset Orange 11. Supercharged Monster 350Z (Paid) 11. Dday- CF54 VGL -Azure Blue 350z (Paid) 12. baileydom - E20 DOM - Twilight Grey 350z
  9. baileydom

    Blue 350z in Colchester

    No I'm not. Yeah I live in Brightlingsea.
  10. baileydom

    Blue 350z in Colchester

    Hang on, there are more Zeds driving around Colchester!? I've only seen them parked up on roads!
  11. baileydom

    Facelift rear lights

    yeah I know, was just worth dropping a post just in case I can catch someone who is thinking of selling/about to sell
  12. baileydom

    Facelift rear lights

    Hi all, I'm after a set of LED facelift rear lights if anyone has a set taking up space!! thanks Dom
  13. baileydom

    Facelift dash centre panel

    Hi all. Looking for a non sat-nav dash centre panel from a facelift interior, including the cubby box. Cheers everyone.
  14. baileydom

    Grey kitted 350Z Braintree

    Saw a lovely looking grey 350 at lunchtime, just coming off the roundabout onto the A120 at Braintree. Kitted, lowered and great sounding exhaust!
  15. baileydom

    What mod have you done today?

    Removed the absolutely useless facelift 'card holder' in the dash on the passenger side and replaced it with a cup holder from an early car. Much more useful!