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  1. Yeah I’m up for Beaulieu!! Payco NickC Silverhorn Killick.z pagan  snowy87 Rich_T andy James AmyZed Mikevv - weather permitting!  baileydom
  2. Haha no not common at all. Only about 50-70 in the uk. Has a VQ motor in but it’s a 2.5 turbo.
  3. Looked really well bud. You wouldn’t have noticed me, I was in a M35 Stagea going the other way haha
  4. Seen yesterday on the A428 heading west, looks like it had a Nismo rear spoiler maybe, was heading the other way on the dual carriageway.
  5. No worries at all. Be good to see you.
  6. We’re booking the tables on Tuesday bud so say Tuesday morning.
  7. No worries bud, I’ll pop it up again next month. But it’ll always be 2nd Thursday in the month. So the 11th April will be the next one.
  8. Afternoon all. A couple of us on here used to own MR2’s and were heavily involved in the MR2oc. We used to have a regular meet for many years each month in mid-Essex which was generally well attended by both Essex and Kent based people. That hasn’t happened for a year or so now so we’ve decided that we’re going to restart it as a general Japanese car meet. For now the format is going to stay as we used to have it. Meet at a pub in the evening, look at cars, have some food. Thursday 14th March 2019. Arrive around 7:30pm with a table booked for 7:45pm-8pm. Location is: The Grange, Main Road, Boreham, CM3 3HJ. https://www.chefandbrewer.com/pubs/essex/grange/ If anyone is interested please drop your name below for table numbers. At present there are a couple of guys with Z’s and 5 or 6 with MR2’s. Cheers Dom
  9. After a full set (driver side and passenger side) of window switches from an import. Anyone got a pair stashed in their garage? cheers Dom
  10. You mean the Z vent that’s hidden when the door is closed? It just pops out. Slide a flat trim removal tool under the bottom and it’ll pop out. If you don’t have trim removal tools than you can use a flat bladed screwdriver but be careful to avoid scratching the dash. The bolt you you can see through the vent holds in the dash. Edit: google search https://goo.gl/images/bqXsFc
  11. Is there any other way of working on cars? Haha yeah I did.
  12. That’s what I did. Took out the old unit and put in the cubby box. I also removed the dvd drive behind the drivers seat and fitted another glove box behind there. So I gained two more little places to put things.
  13. Yeah they look spot on. I used to have a set of white 5Zigen’s followed by a set of white lenso d1r’s on my old MR2. Got loads of stick for those but I do love a set of white rims. They look completely different and look great against the blue. Good choice!!
  14. I would expect the wiring is there tbh, although straightforward to check, if you just ease the centre waterfall panel forwards you’ll see the plugs for the sat nav screen in there behind the cubby box. Surely the guy you’re swapping with wouldn’t agree though if he didn’t think it was doable (presumably he modified it to the cubby box originally?). As you say the sat nav DVD drive is a bit more involved to swap over but only extra plastic panels.



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