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  1. No just to clarify I had to swap both. The button inside worked as normal but the auto fold was reversed. So I’ve now got the white and red wire on the car is connected to the white module wire and the brown module wire. The white and green wire on the car is connected to the grey and the orange module wires. 
  2. All fitted and working on a HR. The HR plug has an extra wire on the small plug (in the blank position on the revup so not needed). All the rest are in the same positions. The only issue I had was that I had to reverse the white/red and white/green cables on mine. Otherwise as per the guide it was closing them on start and opening on lock. Chris I’ve pm’d you. Just putting this here for he other guys with HRs who were looking at fitting today.
  3. I’ll probably do mine tomorrow.
  4. Oh yeah meant to say Chris, I’ve got a HR so I’ll check the colours and positions on the wires when it goes in and let you know. Dom
  5. baileydom

    [SOLD]HR Clear Bumper Reflectors

    You have pm
  6. baileydom

    370Z Ark Grip CBE £750 collected

    Bargain. GLWTS. I just wish it was for a 350z. Lol
  7. baileydom

    Grey 350 in Colchester

    Saw a grey coupe a couple of cars behind me going up Maldon Road this morning. Sounded lovely!!
  8. baileydom

    Newbie from Essex

    Welcome to the forum!! I’m based in Colchester. Few Z’s up this end actually.
  9. baileydom

    Boot popper

    Anyone got a boot popper for a coupe available? Only need one as I’ve managed to bend one. Cheers all.
  10. Only a slight thread revival. Haha. Couldn’t resist a bit of pic whoring.
  11. baileydom

    New 350Z Owner

  12. Yep still want one
  13. I’ll have one!! Win
  14. baileydom

    What ever happened to flyboy?

    Glad you're back on your feet bud. Get ready for lots of orders! Haha