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  1. Yeah of course mate. Ive had other cars and been to shows for years but tbh it’s my first show with the Z as well. As above, there’s a few of us meeting at the services at 8 then we’ll convoy in from there. I’m just hoping I don’t get caught in any traffic etc because of the distance I’m coming haha.
  2. Yep I’m about ready. Spent the day dodging heavy rain showers to get her washed and polished. Then realised I still needed to get fuel due to my early start tomorrow!!
  3. Convinced the other half to get up early so it’s a 5am start for us from Colchester haha. Aiming to meet you guys at Rownhams.
  4. I’ll aim to try and meet you guys there as well. I’m coming from Essex so it’ll depend on traffic etc so if I’m running behind I’ll just see you at Beaulieu.
  5. Morning guys, I could be interested but it’s a good hour and three quarters from mine which leaves a good long run back afterwards. I might have to think about it for next time so I can book the Monday morning off work as I’m normally up at 5am. Looks like a cracking location though!!
  6. It can. Well, I seem to remember that I picked the foil coating off rather than sanding.
  7. I might join you if you get another date organised, only just seen this.
  8. Morning all, if anyone is interested in a mid/north Essex meet then our next meet is on 13th June. The location has changed to the Duke of Wellington at Hatfield Peverel. If anyone is interested then post below. Cheers guys and gals Dom
  9. Yeah I’m up for Beaulieu!! Payco NickC Silverhorn Killick.z pagan  snowy87 Rich_T andy James AmyZed Mikevv - weather permitting!  baileydom
  10. Haha no not common at all. Only about 50-70 in the uk. Has a VQ motor in but it’s a 2.5 turbo.
  11. Looked really well bud. You wouldn’t have noticed me, I was in a M35 Stagea going the other way haha
  12. Seen yesterday on the A428 heading west, looks like it had a Nismo rear spoiler maybe, was heading the other way on the dual carriageway.
  13. We’re booking the tables on Tuesday bud so say Tuesday morning.
  14. No worries bud, I’ll pop it up again next month. But it’ll always be 2nd Thursday in the month. So the 11th April will be the next one.





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