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  1. Thanks Colin, great to see you again and thanks for the old calendars which I will auction on here soon and give the money to the forum funds. Love the Porsche.
  2. No rules on reg numbers mate.
  3. Payco

    Some buying advice

    Look elsewhere, there are plenty of others out there. If a z has been well cared for and maintained it should be fairly bullet proof. Where are you based ?.
  4. Payco

    Refurbished Rays

    What a fantastic opportunity for someone at a great price.
  5. Payco

    Juke Side Skirt

  6. Payco

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Great photo Matt.
  7. Payco

    guess where this goes

    shroud for ejector seat button ?
  8. Payco

    What does flyered mean?

    So you wrap old farts cars for a living and socialise with them too.
  9. Looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday from 10am onwards. Just a word of warning for those travelling south on the M23. Please be aware it is strict 50MPH average speed restriction all the way down. The cameras are loaded and they will fine you for doing more than 55MPH and give you 3 points for good measure. I am speaking from personal experience and wouldn't want this to take the edge off your day. Drive safely guys. Martin
  10. Payco

    What does flyered mean?

    Maybe I am an old fart but I just don't get this. Concept doesn't work for me sorry.
  11. Payco

    370z nismo resonated from torqen.

    RESONATED..Looks smart, more photos of the car please. Where are you based ?.
  12. Payco

    Nothing surprises me any more

    Name and shame.
  13. I had Mopemark make mine custom and luv em,
  14. Neil is coming, Rick added for lunch