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  1. My history is 350z DE , Nismo 370z and my well documented build on my imported Datsun 510 SSS coupe which I’ve now sold to fund my next project. My running costs for the next six months is shoe leather 😂
  2. The points you raise are very valid however if you flip it over it could be the best time to buy. People will consider selling their assets to free up cash so Zeds for sale may well increase as many owners have them as their weekend toy and sadly may need to sell them to generate some cash. You will then be in a position to negotiate a price. Just another angle to consider. Martin
  3. Thanks guys. She’s heading to be put in the hands of the famous Troy Ermish to be finished. The new owner is keeping in contact so I will share photos of how she looks when she’s finished and in her new home in California next year. M
  4. For those interested the Datsun sold yesterday for full asking price. Looking forward to stepping into the next car if I can find one in the Spring. Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in the restoration project. Martin
  5. Welcome . Lovely car but that gear stick . I’m working in Amsterdam this week and I see familiar things in the shop windows. Hope you aren’t keeping it..
  6. Please make sure you read your email from them. You need to print your ticket and your blue area pass . They are very strict and will not let you in without it. You also need to enter at the north gate.
  7. Only one place to go . RT performance behind Wembley stadium. Know their Zeds inside out..registered trader on here. Speak to Taras..
  8. Guys. The show gates open at 7am for club stand attendees next Sunday. I am planning to meet in the road that runs down to the right of the petrol station as you approach Brands Hatch with a few members at 7.15am. Feel free to meet us there or in the show but be aware arriving later will mean long queues. Based on previous years experience they will not let you in without your printed ticket so be aware. Looking forward to seeing you all next Sunday. Martin
  9. Good luck finding one. Wasnt one I could find anywhere in North America..
  10. Thanks Keith . Good to grab a quick catch up at the show. See you in October. M
  11. Did it on a new Lexus IS200 in 2003 and a new Audi A4 cabriolet. Sold them both to friends on the understanding part of the payment was to pay the balloon off. Guess that’s a bit unusual but worked for me. You need to keep the car pretty spotless if you are going to hand It back and move into another car as they will penalise you on any imperfections. If you look at the depreciation on a new car versus the monthly payments the maths for me say do it and change up when the term finishes. Only downside is it never really feels like it’s totally your own car.
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