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  1. When and where is it Ady. She is having her coilovers fitted beg March so it will depend on timing. She will be at most events this year. Will be on your turf at the ACE meet in June for sure and maybe Japfest.
  2. Small update. The radiator in my 510 SSS coupe is not a 510 radiator, is plumbed with the wrong hose configuration and is useless in its current state. 510 radiators are very very hard to come by and owners end up having to fit aftermarket alloy copies which is not what I wanted to do given I want the car to be 100% original. After a hard search I found one that was well cored and working but needed a good paint. This weekend I managed to clean it up, paint it and get her ready for fitting. Some photos below of the current rad, how she looked on receipt, during cleaning and painted ready for fitting.
  3. I'm still here and acting as South East REO. Had and modified a 350z and 370z Nismo. Now own a Datsun 510 SSS Coupe.
  4. Get a Tom Tom or similar. I had a Tom Tom in my 350z that wedged perfectly into the cubby. Looked OEM when she was sat in there.
  5. that's a shame Steve. Do you no fancy Leeds castle orIncarnation ?
  6. You have done well to negotiate an hour. Hope she realises how lucky she is.
  7. Try and get down to the annual Ace meet in June. A few travel down from your direction and beyond.
  8. Nice. Where are you based ?.
  9. Payco

    Twisting Gear Nob

    Rubber washer or another bolt.
  10. You are quick out the blocks Col. Details to follow nearer the time, this was just a heads up. Suspect 11am but will confirm.
  11. Col is in the house...Will be fine, I will call them. Your wife has her work cut out.
  12. 1) Payco - KSSS DAT - Datsun SSS Coupe 2) andy James - AJ07ZZZ 350z 3) zippypooz - N44SSN 350z 4) Darkside - DK 5IDE Z Rocketbunny 350z 5) Rs2oo - V6XXK 350Z Roadster 6) Jamie_T350z - UK04 ZED 350z 7) MatthewThain - FA53 FZZ 350Z GT 8) Seb PR02 SEB - JDM 350Z 9) Panman - P44 AAN - 350z
  13. 1) Payco - Datsun 510 SSS Coupe - PAID 2) RS200 - Toyota Supra - PAID 3) Rick - Ford Focus ST - PAID 4) Zippypooz - Gunmetal 350Z - PAID 5) Darkside - Rocket bunny - 350z - PAID 6) Paul K - 350z Roadster - PAID
  14. I have today received confirmation that our request for a stand at Motors By The Moat on SATURDAY 9th May 2020 has been accepted. Sunday is SOLD OUT. This was my personal favourite last year and I know that everyone who attended enjoyed the event. We have 15 spaces only so please act quickly if you want to attend, We have a few guys on this forum that have stepped into other cars now (me included) so I have registered us as The Monkey Club for the event so we can get a mix of cars along. I must be very clear that when you book your ticket you need to state your are a car club exhibitor on the "Monkey Club stand and ENSURE you buy a Saturday ticket - £10.00. Link below for you to register and pay. Please complete the application below. Club stand, Saturday, Monkey Club etc. https://www.leeds-castle.com/motors We have had a number of instances in the past when meets were arranged and people let the organisers down at the very last minute. Please, please remember that REOs go out of their way to arrange these meets for members benefit. You don't have to do ANYTHING other than put your names down and turn up. If you have any doubts about attending DO NOT put your name on the list, especially for meets like this one where numbers are limited. We all understand that life does get in the way some times which means that you can't attend, if this happens please let me know as soon as you can, please do not leave it until the last minute to cancel unless it is absolutely unavoidable. The event is not weather dependent so if it turns against us and you have put your name down you need to be committed even if its raining on the day. Any questions please PM me. Please ONLY add your name to the list when you have registered and paid and state in the thread you have. There is a good chance It will sell out. Payco - Datsun 510 SSS Coupe - PAID RS200 - Toyota Supra - PAID Rick - Ford Focus ST - PAID Zippypooz - Gunmetal 350Z - PAID Darkside - Rocket bunny - 350z - PAID





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