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  1. Payco


    Thanks guys. I went for the same offsets as stock. 19x10.5 rear and 19x9.5 front. Watch this space, will be spaced next weekend.
  2. Payco


    They are great rims but something isn’t right. They need spacers but I’m not sure on the polished lip as it’s quiet a wide band and I think it doesn’t flatter it. Going to space then and see how they look then. Thanks for the honest feedback.
  3. Payco


    Had them painted gold a couple of weeks back. Hope you are feeling better mate and have made a full recovery.
  4. Payco


    Cheap. You could get a nice set of Teins S Springs which will lower it slightly from stock for less than £200.
  5. Payco

    Zippypooz appreciation thread

    Steve finished the wrap on my Nismo today in 3M Deep Space. His attention to detail is a incredible and its clear he is very good at what he does. I would highly recommend him. Great job by a great guy. Thanks,
  6. Payco


    So today my good friend and forum wrapper Steve wrapped my Nismo bonnet to finish my new look. Once again we cannot seem to get the photos to do the car justice but everyone seems to really like it as I do. Steve's attention to detail is second to none and I cant recommend him highly enough if anyone on here need some wrapping. Thanks Steve. Before
  7. For all those attending I have just received the site plan and have now got our stand position. Passes will be sent to me next week which I will need to hand to you in person or can send (AndyJames) if the meeting point is out of your way. We will meet as normal at the Route 23 café on the A23 outside Brighton for breakfast and convoy in. Details and instructions to follow next week. Martin
  8. Payco

    Dear manufacturers of 370Z front lips

    Google Carbon Signal products in Dubai. Not cheap but good kit.
  9. Payco

    Tyre Sensors

    Thanks buddy
  10. Payco


    Both. You know me,
  11. Payco


    Needs a Mines front lip and carbon bonnet Zips.
  12. Payco


    Reminded me of a kid opening the Christmas present he wanted when he saw it. Grin like a Cheshire Cat. Looks great.
  13. Payco

    Tyre Sensors

    I had my new rims fitted last week and on my first drive in the car today the tyre pressure sensor light came on. Research suggests I need to take the sensors out the valves on the OEM rims and fit them on my new valves and have the sensors reset. Sounds a pain to do now I have the new rims on. Anyone fitted aftermarket rims that can share their experience of this ?
  14. Payco

    Car to low after fitting springs

    Tein S Springs is what you want. Have them on my and it will tick both boxes for you.
  15. Payco


    Thanks mate.