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  1. Payco

    Nismo 370z

    I have been offered an overseas classic I have been looking at for some time and need to fund it by selling my pride and joy. The car is well known on here so needs no introduction, however below is a quick list of what I have done to her. I have priced her very well to sell at £25k, open to offers close to this as its a lot of car for the price. I am the second owner, car has 9,000 miles on it and is spotless inside and out. Please PM me if you would like a chat and I will happily talk through the cars history and all I have done since she has been in my care. Lowered on Tein S springs Full Ark Dual Grip exhaust Stillen Gen 3 air intakes Custom made front canards Rear quarter panels, roof, front bonnet and Nismo trim wrapped professionally in 3M Deep Space. Wrap can be removed at buyers’ request, but it is one of the cars assets. Brake calipers professionally painted liquid gold Work Emotion T7R2P 19 dish inch rims in Asterism (to match the wrap) fitted with new Dunlop Potenza tyres (500 miles) in April 2016– cost of £3,500. Custom side blades Nissan GTR starter button Custom gear knob
  2. You are not wrong. Trying to sell my Nismo but no joy.
  3. Love it, watching with a big smile on my face.
  4. Payco

    New Exhaust

    Understand and don't dispute what Matt has posted but we swapped them over and tried everything and believe me they didn't fit or align as the flanges butted up against the diff either way. The tips being sunk into the rear bumper was a massive issue for me so having to cut and weld extensions to get it past the rear diff solved the problem and allowed my tips to extend beyond the bumper and show off the burnt tips with the ARK logo. My OCD kicking in again.
  5. Payco

    New Exhaust

    Worth getting and modding in my opinion regardless. Wasn't difficult to do. Happy to share what we did via a PM. What disappointed me was that I told Chris to reference this when selling future ARK systems for the Nismo but it fell on deaf ears and I footed the extra bill of £80 for the weld when I was told it would fit the Nismo no problem.
  6. Think you mean DRL not DLR
  7. Payco

    New Exhaust

    100% agree. Was told by Tarmac that my Ark would fit my Nismo and it didn't. Had one on my 350z no issue but it doesn't fit the Nismo 370z. The pipes did not clear the rear diff so we had to cut, weld an extension to get it past the diff. We checked every way but it didn't fit. My mate has a garage and has worked on Jap cars as a specialist for years and has fitted 100's of exhausts systems and believe me it didn't fit without fabrication. That being said it's worth it. By far the best system I have heard and looks great.
  8. 3.5 litre, rear wheel drive sports car. Reality is you are sadly new to driving hence the risk. As Col says we have a fair few young drivers but its a cost of ownership unfortunately at your age.
  9. Welcome to drive mine and for the right price its for sale BUT I am too far away for you unless you want a day out.
  10. I think its also about timing. I put my modified Nismo up for sale last month and got an instant bite on Pistonheads for full AP. I bottled it on the day of the sale which I know is poor form on my part. Crazy thing is if someone was to approach me to buy it now I would sale as I am ready to move on to a new project. WBAC in my experience are crooks. Private sale every time for me but as someone else has said on here you have to be prepared to deal with time wasters. GLWS if you go ahead. You could also do what I have done, keep the z and buy a shed. I purchased a Seat Leon for £350 at a car auction when I picked up my Nismo. Had it 3 years and not spent a penny on it.
  11. I sold mine with 500 miles on it when the car was 3 months old for £400. Put it up for more but had no interest for 3 months. Problem is its not really an upgrade due to its sound...I sold it to a 370z owner who just needed a new exhaust.
  12. Happy to send a video clip as I have done before of the ARK if you PM me your e-mail address.
  13. Be done with it and treat the car to an Ark True Dual Grip exhaust. It’s the perfect system, sounds as the car should and looks stunning from behind. Great burble, no drone or rasp. Had one on my 350z and it was the first thing I did to my Nismo.
  14. All I would say is personally don't try to impersonate the car to be something it isn't. Mod it to your own taste but at the end of the day if it isn't a Nismo its not a Nismo. And this is not me being defensive, just my view that's all.



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