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  1. On behalf of everyone Andy. Thanks for organising this for the forum again. Unless you’ve worn and walked in the shoes you don’t know how much of your own time organising shows takes up. Credit to the deputies for stepping in.
  2. High Octane not E10 whatever brand you use.
  3. Sounds good. Won’t be able to MOT it until it’s in the country and UK registered. Just make sure he puts good and correct fluids in the car and high octane petrol not E10… you want to be the only one cutting corners when you drive it around the bends on our roads.
  4. Been loads of bad examples of a BGW on here over many years. Here is just one example
  5. No but mine was 55 years old. I would call the DVLA and have a chat. They actually talked me through and helped me complete my forms over the phone .
  6. Imported my Datsun SSS 51O from South Africa to the UK. It’s not complicated to UK register the car but you will pay import duty/tax on bringing it in that isn’t cheap. I guess you know that already. Hope it works out for you. Is it coming into London Gateway ?. FYI it will arrive with NO fluids whatsoever so don’t drive it until all the fluids are in the car. Best to get it flat bed delivered.
  7. Go ahead and organise one. Anyone on here can do it . Far too often lands on just a few of our shoulders..
  8. On the basis this is a genuine post I’m truly sorry to hear this. Camper van ?
  9. PM Zmanalex for good used parts.
  10. Ceramic coating is honestly the answer. It will lock that colour in and it will look like the paint is wet and glossy for 5-7 years. Won’t scratch and your cleaning process will be done in twenty mins. No need to polish the car. No brainier..Here’s mine. Original 1989 paint ceramic coated. Stays like this. Wash, beads like hell and dries off in a few mins to look like this from dirty . All I’ve done is wash it. No polishing . Think what your stunning car will look like it . Standard photo , no photoshopping or clever stuff. look up ceramic coating on YouTube.
  11. Most in the UK are copies made by RT Performance at Wembley. Took a copy of Wassos original over ten years ago. Mine came from RTP when I owned the car.
  12. What point are you trying to make ? It’s not genuine and he’s a scammer !
  13. Stunning. I would get that fully ceramic coated if it was me, if it isn’t already. Best thing I ever did to my car .
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