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  1. Agreed Dan. 100% compliant here and will continue to be.
  2. Thanks mate. desperate for it. Been totally lockdown for too long.. It will open up life again for me a little in 4/6 weeks time hopefully.
  3. Sold 2 years ago. Was stock when i brought it.Thanks.
  4. contact Zippypooz on here. Nice guy and a highly professional wrapper who has won awards and done plenty of work for forum members on here. Will depend on what wrap they have used ie Hexis/3M. About £3k for a half decent job. Photo of mine wrapped by Steve (zippypooz) About £500 worth of material just on mine. Steve will tell you that wraps can look good but as he has pointed out at many shows a lot have cut lines on the paintwork and have not been done well at all. It will need very close inspection.
  5. Nope but that's either wrapped or had a respray as that colour wasn't an option on the car. Unusual that its been modded and its not known on this forum (to my knowledge). Not a bad thing by any means but if that's been resprayed someone has spent a lot of money on the car.
  6. IMHO White is the best colour for the Nismo as it shows off all the trim the best on the side skirts, front lip, diffuser etc. Patience is your best asset here.
  7. Did someone mention Nismo picture whoring. Here's my old car (again). Best thing about was I told the wife it was the finished article when I brought it and the modding was over.
  8. Give Jez a call at Horsham Developments for some advice and options. Trader on here.
  9. if Carlsberg made a 350z DIY body kit mod man !!!..Incredible skills and effort. Watching with interest.
  10. The same car came up here last week. AVOID, Overpriced, too many owners and no mention of servicing. These cars need maintaining, cut corners on the roads but not on maintenance. I owned one myself for 3 years, great cars but move on from this one is my advice. Welcome along.
  11. I have a pair of 370z ones if anyone is interested.
  12. Steady on buddy. I think your money is safe.
  13. improved his post count though.





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