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  1. Payco


    Purchased new last week from Tarmac Sportz for my wifes MX5, however she preferred to keep the stock lug nuts after we had her wheels refurbed. Paid £45.00 delivered, happy to take the hit and sale for £35.00 delivered. Brand new never used.M12x1.5 closed end. Black.
  2. Payco

    Front bumper reflector stickers..

    I will have a word with Steve (Zippypooz) as he’s a close friend.Send him a PM.
  3. Payco

    Plenum spacer?

    As above. HR has dual intakes, DE doesn’t.Make sure you follow the right order when removing and re torquing the plenum bolts as per the guide.Its not just the case of unbolting them all.
  4. Payco

    370Z Nismo Service

    Give it to your tried and tested usual mechanic. I have a Nissan main dealer in my village and wouldn’t let them near my car. I once gave them my car as I needed a ramp to refit a hose.Told the technician where it was and what needed doing (30 mins work) . Charged me for 3 hours work at £110 an hour as they said they had to find the hose , refit and road test.I argued the toss with the manager who was clearly a sales guy with no mechanical knowledge whatsoever. I gave them £60 and told them to sue me for the difference.
  5. Payco

    370Z Nismo Service

    Would personally never give my Nismo to a main dealer to service it. Would rather use a good independent garage who know what they are doing.
  6. Payco

    Stillen supercharged Nismo 370z with Air 2 Air kit

    Watching with interest
  7. Payco

    My new car mats

    Bloody hell, that’s expensive although they do look good.
  8. Payco

    People keep calling my 370Z Nismo a GTR.... yeah

    I get stopped frequently by folk interested in the car. I guess un educated car people may think it’s a GTR but I haven’t personally experienced that. I have always said I think the 370z Nismo is a far better looking car it’s just a shame it doesn’t have the GTR performance. That being said I am more than happy with my Nismo.
  9. Payco

    Prepping my LMGTs for winter.

    Oriiginals as per OP VERY Expensive. Many run the ROTA Gtr replicas which are very good. Had a set on my old 350z.
  10. Payco

    Door Panel

  11. Payco

    nubs White 370Z GT Edition

    You need to buy my Mark 2 Nismo rims. going up for sale..
  12. Payco

    Z Badge

    got mine on ebay a few years ago when I had my 350z. Think I paid about £16 a badge. Will see if I can find a link for you. https://www.ebay.com/itm/JDM-BLACK-Z-LOGO-EMBLEMS-X-2-FOR-2003-2008-NISSAN-350Z-/310902525950
  13. Payco

    New Seibon bonnet, Mines splitter and seats recovered

    Nice job by Si again. Did a great job too on my old 350z.
  14. Payco

    Re-Badge or not Re-Badge

    Be proud to wear the Nismo badge.
  15. Payco

    Prepping my LMGTs for winter.

    Aren’t you a bit premature. It’s the height of summer.