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  1. Yes, they are still on the car. Good luck. Get lots of advice and if they all reconcile go for it.
  2. I know the feeling. Spent £3.5k on custom made work emotions from Japan without tyres for my mark 2 Nismo. Willtheyfit.com was my source.
  3. Good day today. Nice to catch up with old friends and meet some new faces. Not many photos as I have done so many shows I’ve stopped taking them. Just a few to share.
  4. I’m not going in that way after last years debacle and not taking my car across those fields . If you are lowered it’s not a good idea. I will be going through the main gate around 7.45 am FYI.
  5. No mate. Last year we were directed to the club stand at the gate and were given directions to our plot. They haven’t sent me anything so we will follow directions from the gate stewards. It was very well organised last year.
  6. For all those attending this Sunday we are planning to be on the stand for 8-8.30am please. If anyone is heading up from Sussex we are meeting at the Cowdary Arms pub car park at 6.30am just south of Crawley on the Balcombe Road. Look forward to seeing you all Sunday. We have some new members attending so looking forward to meeting some new faces. If this is your first event please be mindful of our no nonsense policy with your cars. Thanks Martin
  7. Early bird catches the worm… I have just booked our annual Ace Cafe meet for Sat June 11th 2022. This is always a very popular meet and Ace are busy so it’s in the diary nice and early.
  8. She came home after 4 months on Thursday. I’m in the process of doing some touches and started with my custom oil can converted to a retro wiper washer bottle today. More updates soon but I’m very very pleased. 40 Weber side drafts on,1.8 engine, complete rewire and lots more. Some photos for those of you that are interested.
  9. Lovely. Picking my SSS up Thursday. It’s been away since May. Getting very excited..
  10. We need to keep it to members for another week but contact me the week before and I’m sure it should be fine.
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