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  1. I’m interested to know why you wear a hat in there. Is it to stop your head getting cold ?.
  2. Many of you will remember the SSS 510 that i imported from South Africa, restored and sold that went to the USA last November. The car is now in the hands of Troy Ermish, arguably the number one guy in the world for restoring these cars, based in California. It’s there for a full nut and bolt resto so will be interesting to see how things unfold over the next year. Photo of when she left me and her now with Troy. https://www.ermish-racing.com/
  3. Sold the car 8 years ago… just couldn’t resist posting a pic when I saw the question. Sounds like you did a job worth doing..
  4. I cleaned mine years ago (on the outside).😁 You are more likely to lose performance if you don’t fit the gasket correctly and re seal it.
  5. Well lets just say we have won best club stand in prior years and had 150+ cars one year.. Andy James does a great job every year organising the club stand so watch this space nearer the time..
  6. Open your ad and you will see a third option of Edit…
  7. Tap on the … on the top right buddy and you will see the edit facility in the drop down
  8. They ate standard Rays buddy, not GT. You may want to change your ad heading. Historical prices are lower fyi. Good luck with your sale.. What prices people ask for stuff doesn’t correlate to what they actually sell for always.
  9. Payco


  10. Payco

    NSF Headlight

    PM zmanalex on here. The go to guy for used parts..
  11. See me… 100 lines of I must do better .😂 by the time the bell rings for lunch break tomorrow.. Spelling ok but lack of commas …
  12. I think it’s a whole console buddy and not a hole one as per your post…
  13. Is there a hole in it Pete 😂
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