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  1. Thanks. car looks smart but we need more photos.
  2. What is the official colour of that please. I am looking a darker baby blue as an option for my respray.
  3. Welcome from a former Nismo owner. Great car, enjoy owning it.
  4. Next stage of the project kicks in next week. New window steels have arrived from South Africa for the front and back windscreens and are being fitted Tuesday. Front chin from Ermish racing in the US has arrived. Painting the front chin this weekend the same colour as my rims. Mounting it next Sat. Chin photo below to wet the appetite and photo of what will be the front end look.Photos to follow next week.
  5. Payco

    Sad news

    Glad you are safe and sound. That's the number 1 thing. Cars are replaceable. humans aren't. I loved my 370z Nismo after my 350Z so your next chapter will be just as exciting.
  6. Nice work Oli. Change the interior light bulbs on the interior light. Good mod to do too.
  7. its the weight..unfortunately. Nissan wheels are very expensive for what they are. Hope you find a solution.
  8. Go to parcel monkey and they will source a shipper for you. I just purchased a front chin from California for my Datsun. Troy Ermish racing were quoted £386 delivery to the UK. They allowed me to arrange my own delivery. I had DHL pick it up via Parcel Monkey for £84. Took 4 days to arrive and was well packed and in great condition on arrival. Just a thought.
  9. Take a tip from me.. Set all your passwords to the word "Incorrect". This way if you ever forget what it is when you type it in wrong it will pop up with the words "Your password is "Incorrect". Bingo you can log straight back in without a reset.
  10. Horsham Developments are excellent. First choice without a doubt. Jez for the win.
  11. Great photos. Commission someone to make you a Perspex bonnet. Would be the first.
  12. hope they weren't trying to sell you sand with gold in it.
  13. Looks great this, seen it in the flesh and its a brilliant job. I have used 4 way stretch on my Datsun and its easy to use and great stuff. Ebay/Amazon not expensive at all.
  14. Brought a polishing wheel for £120 mad have done my rocker cover plus a lot more myself. Try DIY.





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