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  1. Thanks guys. It wasn’t in my plans at all but was too good to miss so I pulled the trigger. I was so surprised how spirited it was to drive and the condition blew me away. I would have been a fool not to buy it. Seeing as I’m 55 years old and 5ft 4 I think I’ve stopped growing to Andy’s point so getting in and out was not an issue. Hope to see you all at a show. Martin
  2. Thanks Keith. Will be there possibly if it’s a dry day but out the day before so not 100%. Will be arranging a South East meet at the Barley Mow early March so maybe see you at the pub meet if not .
  3. I was planning to take a year out after selling the Datsun SSS 510 but I couldn’t stop looking at classic Jap cars. I have found my replacement. It may surprise a few of you but I honestly think I have found the best example in existence unless I can be proved wrong. Photos below. 2 owner Toyota MR2 Mark 1. T Bar 1990. 46,000 miles of which it’s done 464 miles in the last twenty years and always been garaged. The car has had a MOT and service every year of its life. There is no rust anywhere and it’s on original paint with no marks inside and out the car. You have to see it to believe it. I did a six hour round trip yesterday to view it and brought it. Drives like new.. it’s being delivered next Friday so will share more photos. I will NOT be touching it , just showing and enjoying it. I never planned on a MR2 but this is a time warp car and I’m actually very excited to have the pleasure of being it’s next custodian.
  4. Payco


    Never really understood why people opt to put a BGW on any car. I found out today if ever there is a justification it’s this
  5. I heard Amy and was concerned. Hope everyone is now healthy in the family. Martin
  6. Guys. This event takes more organising than most members realise. Based on last years turn out of about 7 cars when we booked for more was more than embarrassing as they allow us the sole use of the venue. I am more than happy if someone else wants to pick this up and speak to them but for me last year was my last for organising this event. I took it over from Amyzed about 7 years ago. Martin
  7. Based on my own experience I wouldn’t look. It’s like seeing a nice ex girlfriend who went onto to date an idiot who has been miss treating her. It may break your heart…
  8. Payco

    R8 would you?

    Just make sure you have a second mortgage for suspension maintenance. You may want to Google it…you are talking several thousand pounds and that’s low end estimate..
  9. Searched long and hard for a set when I had my Nismo and they didn’t produce any for the reasons above. Too much to change the oem ones out. M
  10. Keith Well if it was mine I would just replace rather than expense the treatment of the whole car for the longer term owner to reap the benefit. Sadly it won’t add to the sale value imho. Of course it’s your car and your choice but I would save the pennies personally. M
  11. I wouldn’t spend the money Keith unless you are keeping the car long long term.
  12. Welcome. Where are you based ?.
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