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  1. Nismo Service

    Go and see Sly.Thats where I will be taking mine.
  2. R222 Wax on black R35

    Been using this stuff for years, fantastic gear. Car looks great buddy.
  3. Where is The North?

    most folk from the South get a nose bleed north of Watford Gap so I'm going with Watford.
  4. Cheap 350z on Ebay £2999 85k

    It's cheap for a reason so go in with your eyes wide open. It's trade so given they are probably marking it up for a small profit be extra careful.
  5. Is the 370Z Reliable? Warranty Cost?

    Get yourself into a Mark 2 Nismo buddy. Great car and plenty quick enough. I get around 23/25 MPG.
  6. New Exhaust Required

    Great decision. Tarmac will sort you out. Photo on my 350z when I had it.
  7. New Exhaust Required

    ARK Dual Grip for the win. Had one on my 350z and have put one on my Nismo 370z. Looks and sounds stunning.
  8. Door handle part number

    As above PM Alex. He will sort you out.
  9. Lexx Goes Gold

    Thanks for all your help in making this such a great place to be.Although I have never met you plenty have told me about the lengths you have gone to on this forum.All the best and thanks again.I hope we can sustain the forum without you. Martin
  10. Previous Owner Search

    Thought that was a write off after the accident ?.

    Looks amazing. Continue to enjoy the trip, Keep an eye out if you spot any Nismo 370z Mk2 canards. Cant find anyone that produces them.
  12. Radical - Revamped

    Looks great. Maybe you can sell it to Mopedmark if you ever want rid.
  13. Monza Foam Lance

    Sorry, probably misleading the way I wrote it. Great piece of kit. I have had mine for 5 years and its still working great.
  14. Monza Foam Lance

  15. I got a ticket doing 37 in a 30 2 years ago and attended the speed awareness course to avoid the fine and points. The course really brought home to me "speed awareness". Speed limits are there for a reason. It would frighten you if you saw some of the video footage on the course for example the difference between hitting someone a 30mph versus 40mph. Enjoy your cars guys but operate within the limits. You don't have to speed to have fun in your cars.