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  1. Payco

    A sad day

    Sad day but the Nismo is waiting in the wings.
  2. Going to arrange a min meet in August Col so will include you..
  3. Thanks mate. Its only 1 of 2 registered here in the UK as SSS. Saw the WD episode too.
  4. Small update. All my light clusters and pillar badges are almost ready for collection. The triple SSS pillar badges have been completely redone. The SSS and the chequered flags have been syringe injected with enamel and look fantastic. You cannot find originals of these and the replicas are around $800 a pair. He's done a very impressive job. Full photo library and pics to follow next week. UPDATE. ALL DONE. Just the bumpers to go.
  5. don't let it put you off, great cars...
  6. As stated previously this is a common weakness. My car had light use under my ownership and I am not a big person. The leather still got worn on the side bolster where your thigh rises over it getting in and out. I found using Auto Glym leather balm on a weekly basis helped keep the leather soft and from wearing. Not ideal but you could put a towel over it as you get in and out if you are fanatical.
  7. All I have spoken to ACE CAFE today and secured our annual date with them for Sat June 5th 2021. This has been a popular event in previous years so hope to see a good turn out again next year. Something positive for us all to look forward too. Keep Safe Martin
  8. All ok mate. Hope to see you soon.
  9. Payco


    PM sent, see my build thread. My guy can do that for you no problem with proper chrome.
  10. Hope you are keeping well Andy and we can meet up before the winter months descend.
  11. Thanks I negotiated a great deal. £300 for the light clusters, badges etc and £450 for the pair of bumpers which included removing some minor dents, welding the holes from the over riders I am removing. Drove over to see the progress yesterday. Here's some photos. Next stage is for him to re enamel the SSS badges in red and cream and to satin black some areas of the light clusters. Collecting next Friday. Bumpers will be another few weeks.
  12. Just a small update. Shes pretty naked right now as the rear and front light clusters, c pillar badges and bumpers are all away being re chromed. I wont post all the little jobs as there have been too many. I have purchased a new pillar antenna and re located it from the front wing (shouldn't have been there at all) and fibre glassed the hole. Whilst the rear bumper is away for chroming I have removed some self adhesive reflectors they fitted to cover some holes in the rear with and fibre glassed and flattened them. All will be made good when she gets her full bare metal respray in 18 months time. Oh, and fitted the exclusive SSS steering wheel I sourced from overseas, Last photo is her with her lights in before she went away. Decided to remove the rubber over riders on the bumpers to provide a cleaner look.
  13. You are doing an amazing job on this Andy and I have enjoyed our phone chats along the way exchanging project stories. Keep up the good work mate.
  14. Probably old news now but this offence was on the stretch of the M23 just north of Crawley and before Gatwick. Those of us who live in Sussex know the stretch well, its the stretch that passes over the railway line and alongside Tilgate golf club.
  15. Hope the dick gets caught and loses his license at least.





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