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  1. great job as per mate. Looking good.
  2. Had them on my 350z DE 6 years ago. Looked nice but didn't make any difference. More bling than zing.
  3. Just a little progress given lockdown etc. Got the suspension on now and we are just getting the height we want on the coilovers. Going to bring her down a small amount at the back and up a little at the front. Will share more when she is where we want her.
  4. you cant mate. Bet you felt like punching them but its hard to throw a decent punch from two metres away unless you are Peter Crouch. Idiots.
  5. 100% agree mate. Its not realistic to police it which is why I think our countries idiots will push the boundaries and when they see they can continue they will.
  6. I agree mate. Hope you cant track how many pints of Guiness I drink a month. I think Boris will need to go the next level in the coming days because as has been well documented on this thread there will still be many people ignoring his instructions and going out to see people they don't live with, popping out to break boredom etc more than once a day. He is going to have to police and enforce it because sadly we need mirco managing.
  7. Agree Col. I think you may be discrediting children. Its a simple message but as per people think they can do what they want. Hope he enforces it today. My Datsun is in Herne Bay and the guy working on it told me lunchtime Herne Bay was busier than the summer yesterday. The guy who owns the pub adjacent to the beach opened it up and it was packed. I rest my case.
  8. thanks mate. Agree all the way. Time to take control and do the right thing Boris. Sturgeon seems to have got it. Boris just needs to be the leader and make the right call. No doubt he will have been under massive pressure in the HOC this morning. Lets hope he doesn't come out again at 5 and play the same message he has been for a week now.
  9. thanks mate. Working from home but the challenge will be not going out in my free time. Datsun is being delivered back to me in two weeks time so at least I will have her to work on at the weekends.
  10. got my letter today as one of the 1.5 million. that's me done for twelve weeks. Hope Boris makes the right call at 5pm today and takes the control he should have a few days ago. Not enough people are doing as they are told. As proud as I am to be British sadly there are too many people that think they know better than what they are told. Stay well everyone.
  11. Was watching the regional news lunchtime. I live in a small village 5 miles from Haywards Heath. Would you believe a guy in his 60s got mugged of his toilet paper on Wednesday evening in the Waitrose car park there. Don't wait for the punchline because it isn't a joke. Unbelievable.
  12. Payco


    Burgess Hill mate. 20 mins south of Gatwick Airport. Seek references from Coldel on here and Mathew Thain. Photo of mine he did. Hes a top man and very very good at what he does.
  13. subject to what happens in the next few weeks I will arrange a meet in Kent (not including lunch). I know of a good meeting point in a remote country car park we could meet up to keep our spirits up. More to follow once Boris has spoken...
  14. Event cancelled. Your ticket will be valid for next years event, Dear Exhibitor, Due to the ongoing and developing situation regarding Covid-19, it is with regret that we have to cancel this year’s Motors by the Moat event. Unfortunately due to scheduling at the castle we are unable to postpone to later in the year. Your booking will be honoured for the same day of entry and automatically rolled over to 2021’s event on the 8th & 9th May. We are truly disappointed to not be able to go ahead with such a loved event but our priority is to protect public health. We appreciate your understanding at this time. Kind Regards Leeds Castle Events Team





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