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  1. Newbie!! What's it worth

    Link to the add would help us to help you. Where are you based ?.
  2. Ark true dual competitor

    As above. Arc with Berk HFCs although I just have the ARC and its spot on.
  3. Ark true dual competitor

    ARK FTW.
  4. Thanks mate,useful to know.
  5. Always considered undersealing my car but when I saw the weight it would add I chose not to do it.
  6. Doesn't look a great example to me. I am sure you could find better for the money this is up for with a bit of patience.
  7. Performance Mods question

    Manual for the win. Drive the car.
  8. 350z Drivers side arch liner

    PM Zmanalex.
  9. GTR Start button

    Easy and essential mod. Plug and play>
  10. 350Z W brace Required

    PM Zmanalex for all your needs.
  11. Seb has managed to get an extra space on our stand so the list is now 16. The organiser told Seb we have 13 for Sunday and 3 for Saturday !. Not sure who has booked for Saturday but we are attending SUNDAY as per the thread. If you have booked for Sat please contact Sarah and ask to change your booking.

    Hi mate.Have spoken to them but they didn’t ask for this info.Will ask again though.

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  14. Can any traders on here beat this?

    Tarmac Sportz on here too.
  15. Essex Members?

    Get yourself on the list for Ace chaps.