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  1. Olly.You can take the Copthorne exit along to the Dukes Head to Felbridhe and then up the A24 but be warned the traffic will be hell.My staff use that route at the weekends and have warned me.I will be heading up through Ardingly to Felbridge and up the A24 from there.
  2. You can order whatever you fancy’, I just need a fiver cash off everyone.We are meeting at Ardingly show ground at 9.45 sharp, then round the back of East Grinstrad and straight up.Avoid the Copthorne junction as it will be murder.You can meet us if you want or even come to mine in Wivelsfield Green on route.Just pm me Olly.Please add two for lunch by your name on the list if there are two of you coming as I need to give the pub final numbers for lunch Wednesday.
  3. Spacer Vibration

  4. Spacer Vibration

    Not the best picture but here is mine with Rays and 20mm spacers a few years back if it helps. Also lowered on Teins.
  5. A BIG ASK

    I must keep away from this place, looks amazing.
  6. Important message to anyone travelling north on the M23 Sunday for this event. Road is closed between junction 9 and 10. Sussex Sawyers, going to PM you as suggestion is we head up via the A24.
  7. Spacer Vibration

    Spacers on Rays is fine. I went down this route for a year on my 350z, then sold them and put a set of Rota GTRs on that didn't need any.
  8. Spacer Vibration

    As above, you don't want the ones you have purchased, you need hub centric. Most run these without nay issues at all.
  9. Custom exhaust good idea or bad

    Might want to amend your thread title.
  10. Project: WeaponiZed

    Enjoyed that.Thanks for posting.
  11. Tommy Kaira

    looked at getting a TK Turtle gear knob for my Nismo but was quoted crazy money so had Mopedmark make me one.
  12. 370z smoothed/shaved door handles

    Stop modding mate, you are killing me.
  13. 1. Payco - Lunch 2. Dday - Lunch 3. Nismoandy - lunch 4. Zippypooz - Lunch 5. Dunks - Lunch 6. Olly350z - lunch 7. Louis350z - lunch (may order separately off the menu if that's ok?) 8. DarrenslowR33 - lunch 9. coldel - no lunch 10. Sebastian - lunch 11. Paul K + 2 - Lunch for 3...this may change, have to check with OH!! 12. Reeceybeaney + 1 - lunch 13. sussex sawyers - no lunch 14. chippychip123 - lunch 15.DAZNoakes - no lunch
  14. INCARNATION 2018

    Martin.Steve and I are going so if you want to meet for breakfast at the usual spot we can head down together.Going to park in the Marina as it’s free.Drop me a pm.
  15. Undersealing in the North East

    How much weight does this add to the car ? How many litres of underseal is required ?