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  1. Enjoy guys, please post some pics. Thanks for stepping in a picking this one up for me Andy. Catch up soon.
  2. Revival in September is something very special too at Goodwood race track.
  3. Looking forward to it, loved the original.
  4. London Cartel at Ardingly . I will be there as hosting our small z stand.
  5. Looks lovely. Would love to see this in the flesh one day.
  6. As above. Not a difficult job. I did it when I have mine.
  7. Yep, did a few shows last year and this was the best of the lot.
  8. Sack the lot off and get our super business leaders ie Sugar/Branson/Peter Jones etc to run the country.
  9. Payco

    Nismo Brake/Pads

    Agree, Mitz will sort you out. Great fella.
  10. Payco

    Nismo Brake/Pads

    Understand buddy but hoping unless its a high miler or hard driven a 2016 Nismo brake and disc refresh is a while off for you. Enjoy the car. I love mine.
  11. Payco

    Nismo Brake/Pads

    why are you looking to replace. Nothing wrong with whats on there now.
  12. Where are you based ?. Sounds like a decent price to me but that arch will need to be done properly which isn't straight forward if you want a good job done.
  13. They did mate, The 4 seaters are not very desirable these days. The two seats in the back were like little bucket seats really only suitable for kids or small people.



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