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  1. Payco

    They Have Arrived.

    Took a better photo yesterday. Here goes. Haven't fitted the centre cap or decal yet.
  2. Payco

    Wheel Offset Query

    Just swapped mine out as wanted a change too with dish. Invested in a set of work emotion T72RPs in asterism black from Driftworks. 16 week wait though.
  3. Payco

    Want to buy a 350z

    Nice gunmetal one for sale in our for sale thread on here.
  4. Payco

    Where the heck does this plug in?

    Your rad doesn’t look too well. Glad you got it fixed.
  5. Payco

    Greetings from Surrey

    I am the REO for the South East. Quarterly Sunday lunch meets, first next month. Incarnation in Brighton in May, Leeds castle show in Kent and a few more. Keep your eye out or PM me anytime. I have scheduled the annual Ace cafe meet for June.
  6. Payco

    They Have Arrived.

    No problem. Hope you are feeling better and on the road to recovery Paul.
  7. Payco

    Greetings from Surrey

    Welcome along. Would be good to see you at our South East meets.
  8. Payco

    They Have Arrived.

    It’s in June every year Andy. I am the organiser but haven’t put the details up yet as a bit early. All booked though.I think from memory it’s the first Sat.Will PM you when I put the post up in a couple of months.
  9. Payco

    370Z rays on a 350Z

    I have my mint condition Nismo 2016 rims going up for sale next month so PM me if they are of any interest.
  10. Payco

    They Have Arrived.

    Lots of shows. Nearest to you would be Simply Jap at Beaulieu unless you are going to Japfest or coming up to the Ace meet in June ?, Thanks guys
  11. Payco

    They Have Arrived.

    You are right buddy. My first thought when I opened them was they are too nice to go on the car. Locked up and not going on until March but I bet I open the boxes every week and have a look. Thanks for all the positive comments.
  12. Payco

    They Have Arrived.

    Thanks but they are asterism to match the wrap not black and they come with the work emotion centre caps.
  13. Payco

    They Have Arrived.

    Thanks Andy. They look fantastic, really pleased.
  14. Payco

    They Have Arrived.

    The 14 week wait for my Asterism Black Work Emotion rims was over today. Have to say they look much better in the flesh than I can do them justice in photos. Anyway, here are a few photos. Will be going on the Nismo In March. Hope you approve.
  15. Payco

    Inspirational 350z's pictures only please guys

    Just go on YouTube and search zcioety.