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  1. I feel your pain Back to square one...
  2. I actually bought them already but thought I’d have to mask up the Z’s and then spray! Didn’t realise they pop off!! You are a legend!
  3. I’m looking for a set of gloss black centre caps for my OEM 18” Rays, but am really struggling to find anything that will fit... Can anyone advise what they’ve done to get round this? Cheers, Katy
  4. No worries. I've posted it in the 350z parts for sale forum so post on there if you decide you want it. Have included some pics from today too
  5. I've got a 350z OEM front bumper ('05) for sale. Good condition, just a few stone chips and a slight graze underneath the lip on the drivers side. See pics for more details. £75 - collection from Gatwick Will consider local delivery or further afield at £1 per mile.
  6. I've got a genuine Nismo V1 front bumper for sale. It needs repairing but will probably cost less to repair than it would to buy a cheap replica. I've tried to take as many pics of the damage as I can, but to summarise, there's a crack at the top centre, and a slight crack on the drivers side corner. £50 - collection from Gatwick. Will consider delivery locally or further afield at £1 a mile.
  7. Ideally I'd like £75 for it. I'm at J7 of the M25 (Gatwick).
  8. This is the last pic I have of it on the car... I also have a genuine Nismo V1 front bumper but it needs some repairing. No front wing I'm afraid.
  9. Yeah, I think it does... will try and find a pic
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