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  1. Unfortunately it's time to sell my 350Z thanks to the rising cost of children. (blasted things) 2008 350Z GT in black. Manual 47500 miles MOT until May 2018 with no advisories 2 keys No finance outstanding and HPI clear. Completely standard UK spec car aside from stubby aerial and LED number plate lamps. New rear tyres fitted in May 2018 New front tyres fitted in Oct 2018 New front brake discs/pads in May 2018 The car has dealer service history for around half it's life, due to the service book being replaced in 2011 after being lost. Since then the previous owner and I have worked on it ourselves and it was serviced in May 2018 by the previous owner. It comes with a transferable Autoguard warranty that is valid for around 18months from now. https://www.autoguardwarranties.com/ Bodywork is in good condition with a few small parking dings/scuffs as you'd expect for a car this age. No rust on the wheel arches, wheels some kerbing and a bit of bubbling on the surfaces. Any questions please fire away.
  2. I was followed in my 350Z (black 08) by an azure blue 04 350Z last night from North Crawley to Chicheley roundabout and then down the hill towards Newport Pagnell before he turned off towards Olney. Anyone from here? Sorry I didn't notice you turning off or I'd have waved.
  3. I’m interested, working in Cranfield but living in Northampton, though away from next weekend for a week.
  4. I’ve got the same noise, it’s like a click/creak that comes and goes as I accelerate/decelerate.
  5. Cheers fellas, I must admit the difference in behavior between DE and HR was a surprise. The HR felt like it really kicked on around 4k rpm as opposed to the DE's linear power delivery. My 2 year old is looking forward to her ride in it too!
  6. I’m so chuffed to be back in the club again after being told by my missus to stop whinging about selling my old 350Z (nearly two years ago now! ) and bloody buy another one. So I did today! The old...(next to the even older mx5) The new... Old was an 04 DE and the new is an 08HR with only 45k miles on the clock and new tyres/brakes all round. Cant wait to collect it on Friday now and get stuck in again after 2 years in a diesel wilderness.
  7. I sold my 04 DE with 133k for just under £5k last weekend. First guy to see it bought it and it was only advertised for 4 days. I'm currently zedless and carless and the saddest boy in the world.
  8. Turned out to be a coil pack that needed replacing, I had the plugs done at the same time. It's amazing how much better the car runs when all 6 cylinders are firing.
  9. I've been away on holiday for a week and before I went away the zed was running fine. On getting home yesterday I took it out for a drive, started the engine and drove down the road gently, by the time I had reached the end of our estate it was lightly misfiring, thinking it maybe just needed blowing out a bit I took it down the main road and then the check engine light started flashing so I headed home. When I got home I checked the code and got the really helpful P0300 code. I started the car again this morning on the drive and it ran fine for a minute or so then started missing a bit, which was more noticeable if I revved it a bit. Can anyone help as to why it would run normally for a minute then start behaving like this? I'm thinking of chucking some injector cleaner in it as a starting point to see if it's related to those, I don't know when the plugs were last changed (must be at least a year/5000miles ago), but I'm a bit perplexed and frankly not very clued up with the engine side of things.
  10. As an update, I went down the plasti-dip route, I really like it although I didn't do such a good job so will have another go sometime this week.
  11. I tend not to get let out much in it, however the wife gets a positive reaction everywhere she goes in it. Kids do seem to love it though, I've had them shout at me to rev it a few times.
  12. Swapped the sidelights for LED bulbs. Hands cut to shreds but it looks a lot better than it did with one bulb blown. The things I'll do to pass an MoT!
  13. I'm struggling to find anything good for sale that would do the trick without adding a lip which I don't want to do, does anyone have a link to something for sale?





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