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  1. Copper/Braided Brake Lines

    Thanks, I'll take a look. I'm not familiar with them, do you know why the front lines seem to be quite different between the Goodridge and StopTech lines?
  2. Copper/Braided Brake Lines

    Anyone else used those StopTech lines? There seems to be quite a big difference in the front lines to me?
  3. Copper/Braided Brake Lines

    Cheers, just wanted to confirm with someone before I bought these: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/brakes/hoses-lines/482-350z-goodridge-stainless-steel-brakelines-22074.html
  4. Copper/Braided Brake Lines

    So I was going to upgrade my brake lines to braided saying as I'm changing fluid anyway but I've noticed a receipt from a previous owner that states that copper brake lines have been installed. Forgive my ignorance here, but I'm assuming the copper stops before it reaches the caliper and the braided line takes over from them to allow for steering/suspension movement?
  5. Holy Grail of NISMO

    That's all the convincing I need
  6. Holy Grail of NISMO

    I'm in NI so we have dedicated MOT centres so it's a pain to find someone to pass you, it'll pass the emission test over but I'd be worried about them seeing their gone. Guess it's up to finding the motivation to change them each year for MOT or as Kyle says, just wing it
  7. Holy Grail of NISMO

    I'd love to decat mine, how do you guys pass MOT haha
  8. Best clutch fluid

    Already bought some for my brakes before I realised clutch fluid is the same thing haha
  9. Best clutch fluid

    Perfect, thanks for your help!
  10. Best clutch fluid

    Just to check that's 2 x 500ml?
  11. Best clutch fluid

    How much fluid would you reckon would be needed?
  12. Lightweight flywheel & Clutch

    Ewen, mind if I ask the price for this kit? Thanks.
  13. Best clutch fluid

    Cheers for the advice guys. Any further recommendations on the fluid itself?
  14. Best clutch fluid

    My P3 is due so I was changing the clutch fluid just as a matter of course. Though mine has never went spongy in stop/start traffic so I'm wondering has the slave/line already been done.
  15. Best clutch fluid

    Fair enough, I've never encountered any problems with my clutch pedal in traffic etc. How heavy/long would you have to be in traffic before you would notice the issue? Or is there a way I could check if the slave has already been changed?