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  1. Remove Stock Plastic Splitter/Lip

    So it's better to keep it in place then? Does the Nismo lip etc go over them or replace them?
  2. My 350Z still manages to have the wee plastic stock lip on the front bumper, but due to the odd scraping moment it's now sorta loose on the bumper. How are these removed, do they just pull off? Hopefully you can see what I mean on this photo, you can see the plastic grey part below the front bumper that doesn't quite go the whole way across to the end of the bumper.
  3. Ireland road trip May 2018

    There's no super available down South at all, 97 RON is available in NI though. If I'm going down there on a long trip I fill up as close to the border as I can to make it in one tank.
  4. Ireland road trip May 2018

    I should be able to join in for the North sections at the very least, don't know if you want to leave me off the list as I won't be doing the whole thing though.
  5. 2017 Meet up

    Meet up you say
  6. 350zUK.com - Insurance scheme with Adrian Flux...............

    Thanks, I'd just requested a callback on your main site before I seen this!
  7. 350zUK.com - Insurance scheme with Adrian Flux...............

    Just a few queries from the linked form you provide. In the type of cover section SD&P and Commuting are listed as two separate options but there is none with SD&P inc. commuting like there normally is. Does the Commuting option automatically include SD&P as well? The section were you put the date your existing policy expires does not have a 2018 option, my insurance is up in Jan, is there any way around this?
  8. So what's the thinking on the rear subframe corroding if it's made of aluminium? Has anyone come across this before? I'd also recommend Dyna Tune, I've even travelled over from NI to get some work done there.
  9. 350Z Alarm - Thatcham Cat 1?

    Perfect, many thanks!
  10. 350Z Alarm - Thatcham Cat 1?

    I've came across some threads on random forums that say the 350 alarm is a Thatcham Cat 1, is this true? Just interested in terms of any possible insurance discounts.
  11. The thing I've seen loads of "guides"/YouTube videos or talk on American forums about how the 350 is a good starter car as they seem to think that it is low on power. I don't know where this comes from but it seems to be the standard thing for 16 year olds over there to think that it's a great starter car because of this.
  12. MCM do a 350z build

    Shame they never gave us a before reading to have any idea what the gains were, they only gave a before/after N2O reading. Dunno about you guys but I've been really disappointed with the 350 videos, only going to be the three of them and they didn't really do anything to it of interest. Seems just a crap forced promo vid for NFS, especially compared to their other build series videos which are great.
  13. MCM do a 350z build

    218 at the wheel after the mods, 283 with mods and N2O.
  14. MCM do a 350z build

    Fair enough, I had thought the aftermarket ECU would have freed up more HP than an UpRev. I was just comparing it to my car which got 240hp at the wheels with just HFC, panel filter, and an UpRev.
  15. MCM do a 350z build

    Did 218 at the wheels not seem low for a stock car nevermind one with headers/exhaust and a stand alone ECU?