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  1. Colin747

    Door Not Shutting

    I'm having an issue with my 350 were the drivers door does not seem to shut fully, it needs closed hard a few times before it will properly latch. (it's similar to how if you don't close a car door fully and it kinda half lathes so you need to use the handle to open it but it's not fully closed.) Does anyone know what this could be?
  2. Colin747

    Small rust spots on roof

    hmmmm might get around to mine after reading this, had left it a couple of years but never seemed to get worse.
  3. Colin747

    Intermittent Drivers Door Handle Issue

    I had read that topic but his problem didn't seem to be intermittent?
  4. Last night I went to open the drivers door and it wouldn't open, it felt like there was zero resistance from the door handle as if it was no longer connected to anything. I locked the car and went inside, came out 30 seconds later, unlocked the car and the door opened fine and was fine for the rest of the day. I went out this morning and unlocked the car and the same issue, felt as if it wasn't connected. Climbed in through the passenger door and the interior door handle on the drivers side wouldn't open the door either, drove to work and when I arrived both the interior and exterior drivers door handle work as normal. Any ideas what the issue behind this is and why it's intermittent?
  5. Colin747


    Ignore this, I learnt to read after posting it
  6. Colin747

    GT4 LM Wheels

    Is GT4 LM their correct name as I can't find any GT4 on that list? Is this them? Nismo LM GT Magnesium Forged Mg 18x10 17.1
  7. Colin747

    GT4 LM Wheels

    I meant official in a loose term, just any manufacturer or re-seller that had accurate information for the weights of each size of wheel etc..
  8. Colin747

    GT4 LM Wheels

    I'm given to believe that there are a few different sizes in these wheels? From what I know there are both 18" and 19" wheels but that they also came in different widths (9.5" and 10.5" from what I've heard) Does anyone have the official sizes for these wheels including offset and weights?
  9. Colin747

    Love cleaning OEM tips

    Wish my tips looked like that, last owner must have never cleaned the inside of them so the thought of it puts me off haha
  10. Colin747

    350z Glass Scratches

    Is there anything you could treat the new glass with to stop this from happening? Even a film tint or something?
  11. Colin747

    Oil Catch Can, High Mileage

    I'm toying with the idea of fitting an oil catch can to my 2003 DE (~114K), is there still a benefit to fitting one at such high miles or is it something you're better doing earlier in the cars life? Is there any in particular that people would recommend?
  12. Colin747

    Forged Titanium Wheel Nuts

    Maybe, when would you need to know by?
  13. Colin747


    1. Nohotz 2. Marciniooo 3. AW11mike 4. 1CE 5. Limmo 6. Colin747
  14. Colin747

    Approaching 150k Mile mark soon

    Probably should have added that I'm on ~114K myself with no real issues and is my daily.
  15. Just want to double check if this is the usual axle clicking problem? When I'm driving I get a constant click (maybe 2/3 a second) but I don't seem to have the click when I set off from stand still, is this a slightly different problem or the usual axle issue?