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  1. Well thanks for the replies. I admit I am not an expert in these things, I have never had a decent car - a divorce and then a second marriage to my wife who had cancer never left with me with the financial means to afford anything other than a "granny" car. I am sorry if my question caused such outrage - I'm just an average guy who has been blessed with the means to get a car that I was never permitted to before. In my first marriage I had the opportunity to buy a fast car - I wasn't allowed to for personal reasons. In Feb when I got a new job after taking time out to care for my second wife who had cancer and she had the all clear she said "Get a new car - whatever you want - you deserve it". For what it's worth my job now is at serious risk and I may have to return the keys - with all the consequences that come with those things. Thanks for the encouraging replies and your patience - I have now lowered the pressure to 35 psi and it's a much smoother ride. Cheers Dave
  2. Thanks for your helpful and informative reply
  3. Seems to be 35 psi is a good all round pressure? From googling?
  4. Ok thanks! I thought it was just about the tyres without reference to the car. I'll check the handbook and see what it says.
  5. I didn't think the handbook had a bearing - the tyres themselves say 50 psi. I am so confused and useless - the 900 CC Getz didn't have these complications!
  6. A what? I've been doing "those look really cool" tests...but chalk? Explain m'friend Yes...I AM mechanically challenged
  7. What would you recommend? Was my issue that they were unbalanced, not the overall PSI? I do know at 50 psi I have to take corners gently...no sense of grip.
  8. So - a lot of the youtube videos I watch are all American. A question - to make my 370z sound like the hounds from Armageddon what would you recommend? The R driver opposite me with the 5 HP skateboard and aftermarket exhaust sounds better atm. Also - thinking about chipping....if I get it chipped will I get an option to change the mapping in the status menu or is it fixed? Cheers Dave
  9. These tyres came with the car - nowt I can do about it but they are 50 psi believe me :
  10. This is proof that Instagram sucks. My zed is not worthy to be compared to a range rover.
  11. Since I got my 370z it's been pulling to left under braking, especially in the wet. Taken it to 3 garages for wheel alignment and balance - all perfect. Last sunday decided to check the tyre pressure. The low profile run flats I have are rated 50 psi. Front left was 27 (!), rest were under 40. After getting them all to 50, it was like driving a new car. *Slaps head* - been an iRacing member for years, yet this never dawned on me in a real situation.
  12. Could it be one brake pulling more than another? Hmmm possibly - road was flat.
  13. Ah great thanks! For a 8 year old the paintwork is almost perfect....thinking of my birthday in October and a wee treat Alternatively thinking of a carbon fibre look on the bonnet only for that fast and furious look
  14. Does wrapping protect the underlying paint work? I've a small blemish in the door panel - bubbling, no rust but something funny going on. If I got the car wrapped would I unwrap it in a couple years to find the problem much worse? Also how durable is the wrapping? Does it survive damage better than normal paintwork?
  15. Had to park at the top of a multi story....never thought a thing about it. Coming down one particular ramp was very steep. 1mph.....screech, judder, grate. Splitter in pieces. O well....a virgin no longer and a new one on order



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