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  1. I was appalled at the price of these strips from the main dealer in Telford, something like £150 ! Nearby there is a small company that wraps exotic cars, they had in a Range Rover, Bentley and Porsche when I called. They copied them on a digital device, cut and fitted them and polished the rear of the car all for £50. Worth looking for a wrapping company near to you.
  2. Just fitted a Bosch S5 008 battery to my manual convertible 370Z following a recommendation on this forum. The service from Tanya batteries via E Bay was superb with delivery in less than 24 hours. Battery is a good fit in the tray and it was useful watching the Youtube film on how to install it - also recommnded on this forum. Starting power is much improved over my old Exide 60ah battery.
  3. Hi all, Just to say that I am Alan from Shropshire, driving 2010 blue convertible with manual box and rear silencer removed !
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