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  1. I would if I knew how to. Clip is on my iPhone. Any ideas?
  2. New exhaust system fitted by Tarmac Sportz yesterday. Thanks to Bob and the team 👍
  3. I’ll take these if you still have them. I don’t use PayPal. bank transfer ok? PM me with details thanks Martin.
  4. The oil was purchased from Torqen @ 10.55 a bottle x 6 = £63.30 free delivery and came the next day. The transfer pump was from eBay £8 The infra red thermometer was of Amazon £20 oil pan £3 from Toolstaton. Less than £100 all in. Defiantly worth doing it yourself if you can, it’s not difficult. Martin.
  5. Busy morning today.Automatic Transmission oil change.
  6. Do it yourself. If just done mine. It makes the world of difference. I’ve just posted I guide if you’re interested.
  7. Having had the car for nearly a year and changed out most of the usual maintenance serviceable parts, brakes, engine oil and filter, plugs etc, it was time to change the transmission oil. It’s taken this long to get round to it simply due to the weather and having to do it on axel stands. Now I know there’s some that say the transmission is a sealed unit and that it is maintenance free and the oil should last the lifetime of the vehicle, but my thoughts are that nothing lasts for ever and the working properties of oils change with use and time therefore it should be changes periodically.
  8. I’m a Meguiars man personally. But there are lots of good products out there. Meguiars just seems to have a longer working time life. the paintwork had some slight swirls which I’m still working on but the the flake now show through. Thanks Martin
  9. Nice day yesterday for a quick polish.
  10. Thanks. My thoughts too. There’s a company close by to me I make contact and feed back. Martin
  11. Required 370 nearside standard tail light. thanks Martin
  12. Took the unit out. bulb is a 921, 12v 16w.
  13. My nearside light has failed. Does anyone know what type of bulb is needed for the rear lights? 2011 370z thanks Martin
  14. Thanks for the reply. Could you drop me a message when they land. Martin
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