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  1. Mm mm mmmmmmm, had a listen on YouTube and I likey
  2. Which catback have you gone for?
  3. Found a nice Z emblem cover on eBay for the brake fluid reservoir; fits my 370Z nismo not sure about the 350z though. To bling it up a bit I glued some red carbon fibre vinyl stuff underneath. Piccy below Here’s the link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164690728430
  4. Thanks, very sensible advice re keeping it OEM and re the remap, that’s exactly what is on my list
  5. Thanks, that does make sense as I love the short tails. Only slight annoyance I do get a bit of vibration around 3500rpm but thinking I’ll fit some sound isolation in the boot and boot lid to see if I can cure that. looks like you’ve saved me £1500
  6. Hi, I’ve been in touch with Abbey re getting my 2017 370Z nismo ecutek tuned but I’m unsure which mods I should go for prior to the remap. Induction wise I’m fitting k&n drop ins and ISR air intake hoses today (thanks Torqen). Not interested in CAI. Exhaust wise I have stock cats and Torqen short tails which I love the sound of. My original plan was to add in some high flow cats but I’m very concerned they will make the car too loud (it’s my daily driver). Abbey recommended I put the stock nismo exhaust back on and add some hfc, however, I’ve
  7. They are very nice but I like the red stripe on my nismo wing mirrors more
  8. Morning all I have 2 carbon fibre wing mirror covers in black that fit the 370Z for sale which I recently won in the Torqen competition. Torqen say they retail at £160 so let’s say £130.00
  9. Hi All, I’ve recently purchased some blank wheel centre fitting and nismo caps from eBay, not sure if they are going to fit yet as only the blank bits have arrived; here’s the links: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/292390596882 Blank centre bits https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/292390596882 Nismo caps several designs to choose from, I went with ones below:
  10. Hi, is this still available? If yes, consider it sold
  11. Just came across it on eBay whilst searching. Not for me either.
  12. Aside from the radiator cap sticker I do like stickers and if I let myself, could end up buying far too many I’m only joking, but take a look at the below
  13. Thanks for the link; I did come across this on eBay but thought with the postage it was a bit steep just for a sticker so was holding out whilst looking for a cheaper option. I’m surprised that non of the traders have put together a package; must be one of the popular upgrades.
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