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  1. Had a great day at Brands Hatch and as Steve said good to catch up with the old gang and to chat with the new faces. Thank you to Martin for organising the day and hope you are feeling better and the same to Amy. It’s the first time the Z has been to a meet in almost 5 Years since running another car. So pleased to see it parked up again on a club event along with a great line up of other Z’s 👍
  2. And some of you tonight 👍😊
  3. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow
  4. Thanks Dave for organising a great meet. Nice to see another lovely lineup of Zed’s. Had a very enjoyable day chatting and catching up with the owners 👍
  5. Thanks Dave / Will for taking the time to organise another great meet at a great breakfast venue. A credit to all the Zed owners again for the presentation of the cars 👍. Nice to meet your other half as well Dave. Look forward to the next one.
  6. Thanks Dave for organising the day, good meet up and chat with everyone 👍
  7. Thanks again Dave for organising another great meet at a very interesting venue. The high standard of Zed’s on display was a credit to every owner 👏 looking forward to the next one 👍
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