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  1. Thanks Dave for organising a great meet. Nice to see another lovely lineup of Zed’s. Had a very enjoyable day chatting and catching up with the owners 👍
  2. Thanks Dave / Will for taking the time to organise another great meet at a great breakfast venue. A credit to all the Zed owners again for the presentation of the cars 👍. Nice to meet your other half as well Dave. Look forward to the next one.
  3. Thanks Dave for organising the day, good meet up and chat with everyone 👍
  4. Thanks again Dave for organising another great meet at a very interesting venue. The high standard of Zed’s on display was a credit to every owner 👏 looking forward to the next one 👍
  5. Thanks Dave for a great meet, a very good turn out with a nice mix of 350z and 370z's. Nice to meet everyone.
  6. It’s a 330ci M sport (not an m3) . Not many mods just new springs, strut brace, high temp brake fluid, braided lines, EBC pads , buckets seats, 4 point harness, all interior and boot stripped out resulting in about 180 kg reduction in weight and Federal 595s all round ( but not on the wheels in the pic).
  7. Spotted today at 2.15pm on Bawtry Road, Doncaster *2**MAD gave you a thumbs up as you passed me.
  8. Hi Andy, Great to hear from you and Happy 10th year with the Zed. Looks as good as when I last saw it on the Scotland trip
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