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  1. Some nice photos there and of course nice cars. Judging was very difficult! 😅 good meet though, we've waited a long time to be able to do these again.
  2. The outcome to this story turned out to be a loose shim on the rear brake pad NOT a loose securing front pin as explained to me by the mechanic at Halfords!! 🤔 Took my car over to Davey83's to discover the problem and was rectified by clamping the shim tighter so it grips the pads securely. That's what it's all about, a fellow zedder helping another, love it! 😀
  3. Stunning car Lewis, you've done an amazing job. I prefer the Mk1, if it had the MK2 seats it would be perfect.
  4. Found out what was causing this, in case anyone has the same problem. It was the securing pin worked loose and catching on the front pad when braking in rotation with the wheel. Ordered anew pad fitting kit and replacing next week so hopefully should cure the problem.
  5. Yeah speak with Marcus at Disc skimmers, he sorted my 350 out when I had the same issue as you, turned out to be corrosion on the inside of the rear discs. Got them skimmed, smooth as silk afterwards.
  6. Yeah the shade is very difficult to colour match (bronze grey). I’ve just had the front of mine mine painted as it had a lot of stone chips. The body shop told me there were 14 shades under the paint code KAC! They were very surprised as it looked straight forward to begin with.
  7. Looking good Andy. The 370 with the black side stripe looks the same colour as mine, Titanium grey? I like the Wheel colour combo.
  8. On the M25 today, crawling along as usual, outside lane .....I noticed an odd metallic tinking or rattle noise under gentle braking but I only heard it as my window was down, radio off and the noise was bouncing off the concrete crash barrier. I replaced all discs and pads 9000 miles ago with genuine Nissan OEM’s and do not drive the car hard or track it so they can’t be worn out already. Anybody else had a similar issue with their 370? Never heard this noise before and I’ve had the car 4 years.
  9. Welcome to the forum, great looking zed you got there!
  10. Congrats on your purchase, car looks really smart
  11. Congrats on your lovely Nismo. Watch those dust caps though, I had a set on mine and they seized on as they're metal, had to take mine to a tyre depot to get them off!
  12. Great looking car and those roads and scenery look absolutely fantastic. I'd love to visit Japan one day, it's on my bucket list.
  13. I think you'll struggle with Nissan to pay for this under their corrosion warranty without a full Nissan service history. I battled with them for 2 years before they offered to pay for mine AND that was only because I took them too the motoring ombudsman AND mine had a full Nissan service history too. Definately worth a try with your local Nissan dealer first though.
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