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  1. Congrats on your purchase, car looks really smart
  2. Congrats on your lovely Nismo. Watch those dust caps though, I had a set on mine and they seized on as they're metal, had to take mine to a tyre depot to get them off!
  3. Great looking car and those roads and scenery look absolutely fantastic. I'd love to visit Japan one day, it's on my bucket list.
  4. I think you'll struggle with Nissan to pay for this under their corrosion warranty without a full Nissan service history. I battled with them for 2 years before they offered to pay for mine AND that was only because I took them too the motoring ombudsman AND mine had a full Nissan service history too. Definately worth a try with your local Nissan dealer first though.
  5. When i worked for Camden Motors back in 98-2009, we had these as our demo's. Lovely looking cars, still are, fantastic to drive but you had to give them respect or they would bite you hard. I remember a colleague had an auto one and he went to overtake me, back end went but he did go past me.......backwards! he was shook up but ok. Good old days!
  6. I think it looks a lot better.
  7. These are a great looking car. There's a chap who lives on the next road up from me, he's got one and when he starts it up......oh my god!....it sounds like thunder, amazing. I was cleaning the zed the other day and had to go take a look. Enjoy!
  8. I’ve just replaced the drivers side with OEM one which I found on eBay for £80. I lined up the clips, pushed down and it snapped into place then heard a clip break off and fall into the door!! It’s stayed on though so got away with it.
  9. That’s better! I don’t know why Nissan dropped this spoiler on the Mk2.
  10. I should imagine it can be done but you'd have to take out the whole system and sat nav, replace with Nissan's connect system, costing three figures including the labour cost. Probably not cost effective but if you've got the money, fill your boots! I've also got a 2009 model and I use a Satechi Sound-Fly Aux transmitter to play music from my phone. It's about 3 years old but does the job, bit of a faff but better than nothing. Plugs into the cigarette lighter, tuned into the stereo, comes with a remote but it's a little dodgy to look at when you're driving if you want to skip tracks.
  11. Hi, looking for driver's side b pillar cover for my 2009 370 if anyone has one?
  12. 1) davey83 2) Andy_muxlow 3) tauvp 4) Buster and Mrs Buster 5) EnvoyZ33 6) 14N 7) Charlie Boy 8) Justthejedi
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