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  1. And slowly......Cheeky bugger !!!! :-)
  2. Tell me about it. !!!! Mine was on the Passenger side, not sure for the new MOT system, but the old one, I believe it is ok if not blocking drivers vision. I had a crack in my windscreen early January, it was only fixed on 23rd May !!!!!!! I too paid my excess in January !!!!!!!!! Grgh ! The fix also came after after my Europe Road Trip to Monaco in early May. Worst was, Autoglass booked the job four times !! A tad frustrating. All done now, hope you get yours fixed soon.
  3. Andy hi, I can still make the Daytime. You have crossed me off completly !!!! Wendy
  4. I went to this in my VR6 Corrado. Bizzarely they parked us up initially right outside Ikea, we got there about 7.50am, but being a Classic !!! We moved to the Classic displays in the centre - by Primark. Brilliant show, been a few times now, I think its great this is held for Free too. Wandered along to Ikea much later, probably around 5pm but no 350's, so presume you had all left. You so must get the Parade Lap organised next time, it is just brilliant fun, I have done that a few times now too. Annoyingly there were a few slower cars infront of us, so I had to keep holding back, before I could let loose and have some fun in the chicanes. I am reckoning this is worth a visit over 2 days next year, I never get round it all and watch all the track action in one day.
  5. Oh I don't know. It's such a mindfield and so many good and bad pointers, advice etc. For now I am just looking on Piston Heads and seeing what I like. I have wanted a 911 for ever, and think i should perhaps scratch that itch.....but then I adore the looks of the Cayman and been mid engined etc, I know its a better drivers car. Plus I want to be able to afford to own it and run it So far I have noted a :- Cayman 2.7, 2007, 2 owners with 73k. I know folk always go on about the bigger engine model, but not understanding totally why...other than its bigger and more bhp. But how much do I really need ? Then a 2003, 996 Carrera 2 Tiptronic Auto with 79k. Not sure about the auto bit and slightly wary of the 996 problems, thinking a 997 is a safer bet. Cayman 3.4 2006 with 66K 4 owners I think i will end up going for something I like the look of and then working backwards in the spec. Fewer owners is quite an issue for me, too many have had masses of owners as then its servicing history is usually with the same one or two garages too. I need to find someone with some Porsche knowledge to come out with me too, plus do more studying !!!
  6. Andy hi, Huge apologies to mess you around. I am not able to make the dinner which I had reserved. I don't believe numbers have yet been handed over for the dinners as yet. However if deposits have been paid, naturally i will reimburse you. I will still be along for the daytime meet though. Thanks and apologies again. Wendy
  7. Sorry, been really slack and not on the forum for a while. I can't make this either, sorry. Wanting to go to a Porsche meet in Bibury. !!!!! For my next car.... Yes, selling the 350.
  8. Can I have a Porsche 911 GT3 then please. Don't bring food, no one will want lunch. . Surely you don't really need to being anything. Just organising this is enough.
  9. Although a preferred coffee drinker, tea actually would be best. Chocolate is not in the treat. Cream is !!!
  10. As Treats will be supplied as bullied to provide !! You may wish to bring a flask of tea or coffee. Might go rather well as an accompaniment !
  11. Wendy

    What is the best 'All Round' car

    Cars not card. !!!!!@
  12. Wendy

    What is the best 'All Round' car

    I have finally decided... the only way forward is for a group, 9 probably, to all own different card and swop them around each other. Would save masses on depreciation and less hassle. Of course the vehicles in the group would all have to be ones I desire. The 911 GT3 would mainly be in my possession.
  13. Gentlemen - WE are going for Lunch where one assumes there will also be dessert. Justin - and you are not bad either at the ol cake making !! So where does Tiny Terror come from. What have I done to deserve that ? !! Don't think I have bitten at anyone here ...........yet !!! Besides Dan is much more fun to goud !! You really want me to make some treats ? !!