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  1. Can I have a Porsche 911 GT3 then please. Don't bring food, no one will want lunch. . Surely you don't really need to being anything. Just organising this is enough.
  2. Although a preferred coffee drinker, tea actually would be best. Chocolate is not in the treat. Cream is !!!
  3. As Treats will be supplied as bullied to provide !! You may wish to bring a flask of tea or coffee. Might go rather well as an accompaniment !
  4. What is the best 'All Round' car

    Cars not card. !!!!!@
  5. What is the best 'All Round' car

    I have finally decided... the only way forward is for a group, 9 probably, to all own different card and swop them around each other. Would save masses on depreciation and less hassle. Of course the vehicles in the group would all have to be ones I desire. The 911 GT3 would mainly be in my possession.
  6. Gentlemen - WE are going for Lunch where one assumes there will also be dessert. Justin - and you are not bad either at the ol cake making !! So where does Tiny Terror come from. What have I done to deserve that ? !! Don't think I have bitten at anyone here ...........yet !!! Besides Dan is much more fun to goud !! You really want me to make some treats ? !!
  7. Is that aimed at me ?
  8. Me too please. Plus lunch. Thanks
  9. I like indecisiveness ! I am there too on my 350. I get way too attached and considering keeping it and buying my next car. I already have another. !! Interesting thread and read, crossing many areas of my thinking. Not the pricey stuff mind !! I am fast coming to the decision no one car/vehicle ticks all the boxes, no matter how hard you try. I decided long ago, I needed 9 cars to cover everything and keep the drives of them interesting !! Only way forward, I reckon - I like the pick up idea, but not a 350 pick up personally. Something rustic that needs a tinker and useful vehicle perhaps ? Perhaps something for some Off Roading ? Keep the rest of the cars until you know for sure what you want to do.
  10. Apologies for the huge late notice. This is coming to Banbury (North Oxfordshire) tomorrow from 10am to 3.30pm incase anyone is interested. Guess it would have to be a sickie day at this late notice if you work !! Its totally free. Gathering in the Market place, along with Classic car displays. Web is 'the-monte-carlo-classique-2018' I have not checked this out yet, so don't know exactly. Met a chap who heads Nissan UK and Japan at the Car Wash earlier as you do !! They have a selection at this event too. He was in a rather nice GTR and himself is taking 3 vehicles. He wanted the car wash boys to visit the stand at 9am to wipe down the cars. They declined initially. Being a regular customer for years, who does tip and chats to them, takes biscuits at Christmas - I had a quiet word. It was only round the corner !! They are now going !! I did get a Thank you from the chap with the GTR !! I am going, I do hope the weather is kind. Think I will be wrapping up very warm.
  11. Jdm Coombe 2nd June 2018

    Oh decisions !! Its Coventry Motorfest same weekend.
  12. Hopefully I will be able to join you too as I am only down the road and its not a silly o'clock hour on a Sunday morning !!! Have some deadlines to meet first, so will have to confirm later. I would want lunch - if its easier to reserve then cancel. I am more likely to make it than not. Oh and Congrats on taking on the new role. It will be great to have more meets, drive outs too ? !
  13. 350Z INSURANCE scheme with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2274

    Sadly not true. I have an current MOT but was not even asked about this, or was it mentioned. I requested Class 1 business Use, limited Mileage and declared aftermarket exhaust. 11 years NCB. Currently SORN and garaged.
  14. 350Z INSURANCE scheme with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2274

    Having just called Chris Knott. I have found out for their policies. if your vehicle is SORN, you are not covered by their insurance !!!!!! Really . So, being un nerved by this, I called my current Insurer 'Brentacre', yes I am covered by Insurance if the vehicle is SORN and off the road - of course. One to watch chaps !!