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  1. Depends where abouts you mean! I’m in Saddleworth so historically yes, but a lot of people argue for Greater Manchester! (Happy to be Yorkshire! )
  2. Civic is on Yellowspeed coilovers with Area Motorsport custom race setup, front mounted calipers with PBS ProRace pads, SW Motorsports rear half cage, M-Factory LSD, Nankang AR-1 tyres, Teg M induction, DC 4-2-1 manifold, TR-1 exhaust, K-Pro Ecu mapped to 253 bhp. Plus other bits I’ve missed! its a good little weapon. I do fancy going turbo with it soon, as I miss that hit of torque, but it’s a risk considering with how reliable it is at the minute!
  3. Hi guys, after many, MANY, years of lurking, I’ve finally got round to getting my hands in a 350Z. Spoke to Phil (Kinabalu) on here as he was selling his, went to view it today, and came home with it. He’s looked after her well and it’s nice to find a car that’s been owned and used for a good few years by the same person. Admittedly, I’ve not got round to taking my own pics yet, so I’ve shamelessly stolen them from Phil’s sale advert! Hope to get a bit more involved and start enjoying being in a rear drive again! Most of my old car history has been RWD including my old favourite MR2 Turbo at nearly 500bhp, Mk1.5 MR2 turbo, e46 M3 SMG, Lexus IS200, 3 Capri’s, Jag XJ6, so needed this to get the feeling back. It’ll sit nicely against the Civic EP3 I have as a track car and cover me for any euro trips we do with the boys. Cheers guys Steve





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