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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. I was happy with the DS2500 (I don't push that hard) but I'll definitely consider a more track-focused one if it's quite quick to change over the pads on the day. I ordered the StopTech's before you replied so I'll post feedback on this to let other members know what they're like on track (my mate has been using the same range on his MX5 for a while and was happy with them so I guess I'll see).
  2. Hi guys, I've used the Ferodo DS2500s on my Z for various track days at the Nurburgring and around the UK and they've never disappointed (managed 1 'ring trip + Cadwell and only starting to go low-ish now). However, they're now £205 a set of fronts + rears. I've been recommended the Stoptech Sports (309.09600 + 309.09610) and I can get these for front and rear for only £150 (or £120 if I import from the US, inc duties - half price). Does anyone have any experience of these? Thinking that if they're decent and I can save 50% per set - I'd be happy with this (unless I just burn through them twice as fast - in which case I'd prefer better performance and less hassle of changing). Anyone got any experience? FYI I drive a few times a week and track maybe twice a year.
  3. Thanks a lot! Went for the 25567-ET025 in the end.
  4. Hi guys, Wondering if anyone has changed their clock spring to try and fix the air bag light issue (fairly sure it's this as my 'volume up' and 'seek up' buttons have died on my wheel). Torqen say the part number I should use is "25567-ET025". However, when I call Glynn Hopkins they haven't heard of it and ask say they'll buy in "B5567-CF42E". Does anyone know the difference/which is the right one? Here is my VIN if it helps : JN1GAAZ33U0302132 ('06 RevUp DE) Thanks, Roshan





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