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  1. OK - I winged it by looking at where the orange wire goes on other people's wiring and I got it right - it's the grey wire if you want the 12V wire (only do this if you want to use the switch light - otherwise use the red/white earth to eliminate the risk of shorting anything when you do the work😞 Note : the dash-light wire from the passenger heat seat switch (white wire) should illuminate the bunny on my light to yellow when I turn on the car. However, it doesn't seem to. Either I got the wrong wire or the dash light somehow only comes on at night (which I doubt). I should probably disconnect. I'd recommend these suckers for sure - zero crimping tools to connect the wires: Wago 221 connectors Here's the switch I used: https://www.aironboard.co.uk/online/nissan-switch-n127go-bunny-burners-amber-green-on-off.html Now the switch is green when ESP is normal (i.e. engaged) but when you press it it will kill the TCS and stability control (as per the common mod people do): ESP/VDC completely off when I depress the above button:
  2. Hey guys, Got a nice little button to turn on/off TCS by cutting out the connection to the yaw sensor (well documented solution) but weirdly my wiring doesn't seem to match anything I can see online. All the manuals seem to show this wiring: However, I don't have orange - only these wires: I can find the wire I need just by sensing for 12V (I know you can use the red/white earth to be safer but I want to use the 12v to power by button light): (switch from Air Onboard UK) Anyone ever seen this wiring before? Cheers, Raj Tastic
  3. Ah - I guess that's just a weird sticker then? I just bought it from Torqen labelled as 350Z so hope it's OK: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/gear-knobs/18890-350z-nismo-polished-billet-aluminum-shift-knob-c2865-1ea00.html
  4. yeah, I basically someone to tell me to buy this nismo one: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/gear-knobs/18890-350z-nismo-polished-billet-aluminum-shift-knob-c2865-1ea00.html
  5. PS I'm aware there are other posts on this - just looking for the latest/more options...
  6. Hey guys, Looking for a new shifter knob (just for fun). Wondering what people's preferences are (esp here in the UK)? Been looking at various Nismo ones which look cool but I'd kind of like one with gear markings etched in (but not necessary): https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/gear-knobs/18890-350z-nismo-polished-billet-aluminum-shift-knob-c2865-1ea00.html https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/gear-knobs/18888-350z-nismo-genuine-shift-knob-black-c2865-1ea01.html https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/genuine-nismo-nissan-fitment-shift-knob-with-carbon-finish.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwo4mIBhBsEiwAKgzXOMddNm7nacb0laDuG1qegVqoUp8vC5paFzuFfz5fCxr2jd2vw5myExoCSOsQAvD_BwE Looking for just the 'nicest' one (I don't shift gears quickly and I don't need a short-shifter - just something thats it feel 'nice'). What do people think?
  7. Thanks a lot! Mine are competely bare but they are used. Think the markings could come off? Otherwise, sounds like a have knock offs
  8. Thanks a lot. You don't have a pic of it actually on the spacer do you? Just trying to see where it is
  9. So weird. Do you have any pics at all of the markings? Thanks a lot!
  10. Hi guys, I inherited a set of 15mm system 4 Eibach spacers (and some 20mm ones for the front too) which are apparently Eibach. I have 100% confidence in the seller (he's quite well known in the forums) but I can't figure out what model they are. Reason I ask is because the I needed a replacement nut (I chewed one) and the Eibach UK stockists said I need a hex 17mm head with M12 x 1.25 thread. However, the existing nuts are 19mm head so wondering why. Then, I looked up the product code and that says there's 19mm head :shrug. 350z 15mm Spacers (link) Apparent nuts I need (code : S2-112-25-17-19-O - link) I'm changing these discs BTW Question is : do all Eibach spacers come with markings on them? Apparently, they do but I'm yet to see any markings on mine or anyone else's I could find on the net.Cheers
  11. Ah - thanks a lot mate. I bought a set off ZMANALEX now. I'll flag this post to let others know I've got some now.
  12. In fact, just realised OEM bushing are half the price. Reckon I'll notice any difference? I've got whiteline poly bushes elsewhere but those are all parts which didn't come with a bushing pre-installed (i.e. someone had to press the old rubber ones out).
  13. Cheers for the tip - I think I've ordered what you're referring to? I also email Koni and they said that there's prob no need to replace any of the mounts (i.e. the bits made of metal) so just the rubbers should be good.
  14. Hi guys Changing to Konis on my 110k mile 350Z and was going to do some general maintenance at the same time. I took my Z to Abbey a couple of years ago and they recommended a load of bushings to change (which I've switched to White Line already) - is there anything obvious you think I should change? Here's the list of stuff I've bought so far - it's basically any nut/bolt I'll touch during the install plus some of the bushings in the suspension bit itself (wasn't going to change the metal mounts - I figured they can't degrade much surely)? Any other suggestions/misses? Cheers, Raj Tastic
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