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  1. Humpy

    370z Amuse rear bumper

    Valy has asked me to pick it up for him.... honest guv
  2. Zed is in the blood and I struggle to leave the zed community ( best bit of ownership for me ) 10 years in a zed and onto my 3rd which I can see myself keeping for a long time. The 350z was awesome as that was modded from scratch. Blue was great but something was missing for me. Now onto the vert which I love already.
  3. We all know Andy is 30 years old....
  4. Humpy

    370z Amuse rear bumper

    No rush and still undecided which rear bumper I'm getting yet. Leaning towards amuse as I dont know of any verts with amuse this side of the pond. Testing the waters
  5. Just the ticket Paul, looks awesome! Time to start modding
  6. Humpy

    Shock wave

    If I had one 'lying' around it would be on my car. Change of mind with exhaust then?
  7. Long shot I know but looking for the Amuse rear bumper for the 370.
  8. Humpy

    A sad day

    Nice one Paul, just think of the quick transaction and no messing around. Next car ahoy!
  9. Welcome from Winchester. Enjoy many smiles per miles
  10. That was quick, that would of been me who posted the link from Facebook. Welcome to the OC and to one of the best forums around. Everything you need to know is on here. Welcome and great looking Zed. Enjoy! Cheers Steve





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