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  1. Nice one! Welcome to the vert life
  2. Each to their own and all that. My sister worked in Winchester covid ward during the peak, neighbours opposite passing away from covid, brother in law has been seriously ill with covid since Feb this year, a few of my customers suffering from long covid - this is all the data I needed to get vaccinated.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Plenty of info on here
  4. Had another go last night with both motors switched on and daaaaaam had to make sure I was holding onto the hose lol. It's brilliant.
  5. Supposedly 160k spent converting this :-/
  6. Let the pics do the talking...
  7. Welcome and congratulations on the zed. Enjoy!
  8. Whilst at Japfest at Silverstone, had a bit of splurge on various detailing equipment and came across a detailing stand called ' The Detail Kitchen ' Only managed to use the shampoo so far and they did say you only need a little bit of shampoo product in your bucket. They were not wrong, have to say bubbled and foamed a treat and smelt divine ( cola ) Look forward to trialling out the other two products and will let you know what I think. Anyone else tried this brand?
  9. Bit of a strange one how this came about to be in possession but I have to say this is a bit of a game changer for me when drying the car and also drying the wheels ( drying the wheels is a PITA personally ) Only had a quick bash as it was getting dark but can see me getting one as it made drying off the car an absolute dream. Contactless apart from air hitting the paintwork. Has two speeds and the lower speed is ample and to be fair sounds like a blimmin jet engine. Also has various nozzle attachments for different uses. Anyone else use one of these? I see they do smal
  10. Keep an eye out for the zeds for sale page, get some absolute lovely examples come up for sale. What colour you looking at?
  11. Welcome to one of the best owners clubs around. Fire away any questions and I'm sure someone will come to the rescue.
  12. You do need to, pretty sure I was the only 370z roadster there.
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