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  1. Awesome, date dependent will be doing both for sure!
  2. Sorry to see this. Your ok that's the main thing!
  3. Great idea and I think it would certainly sell for for sure around the £20.00 mark. Its unique for us zedders. Good luck whatever you do.
  4. 1. andy James 2. MatthewThain 3. Humpy Be rude not to.
  5. Gutted for you mate There will be one more meet here before Christmas
  6. I let Andy answer how this meet went for him today..... Great to meet you all that managed to avoid the traffic. Great little show this even a though was a little quieter than normal.
  7. It is indeed that meet and that day was nuts! They have now opened up a field for extra cars to go into, lucky enough if your low like a few of us you are pretty much guaranteed to be put on the hard stuff Havent seen cars parked up outside since that busy day. Been there a few times when it was wet and turnout was average at best.
  8. Just saw this on FB... Great timing for the shot but poor car and driver in back ground.
  9. Great day all and ty once again Andy for organising. Really good show this one!
  10. What time you guys arriving? You know me I like to be first at the gate and an hour early lol
  11. Forgot about the tickets. Best check my emails lol



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