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  1. Lovel tribute with the plate Lex! Great to see you back on the forum again and look forward to seeing the progress with this one.
  2. Any videos yet with the new exhaust on? Looks awesome Dave!
  3. Oooohhhh I need some 303 in my life and more importantly on the soft top . Looks great!
  4. You know what I think but will say it again. AWESOME!
  5. Not a bad move Dave! Only really use Stalk book for stalking and car shows Must meet up soon.
  6. Date! Missed you buddy. Hope all is well?
  7. What a great day otherwise to pick the beast up. Unless of course it's raining oop North I am excited for you
  8. Where was this hiding when I came up Dave? Also where is the other summer toy
  9. @Richn370 - if you are on facebook look at this. Some great photos of yours with the 240z. @zzincubus- A awesome pic of yours in their aswell.
  10. Spotted at 5 min 20 - car looks great especially with those volks Also @W8BGS at 50 seconds in
  11. You getting rid of the current wheels then? Just curious.....





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