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  1. How many miles you done in the dark side so to speak 😂
  2. Does look rather epic!
  3. Slight change, had a couple of bubbles on vents which were turning into a bit of an issue. So decided to show off some of the carbon bonnet. Some 15mm spacers on the rear thanks to Buster, just gives that little more aggressive look.
  4. Cracking day even with the horrendous traffic there and back. Sorry if I didn't get round to chatting to some of the folks there - next time! Thanks Martin for organising and great to see you again mate, let's not leave it 7 years this time lol
  5. Actually might meet you at the services, good excuse to go through Hindhead tunnel
  6. I be joining a little further up the m25, will try wangle meeting up with you lot on it
  7. Don't apologise mate I was being blind lol. The pics of your car took all my attention!
  8. If it is a different location does that mean the possibility of more stand spaces.....
  9. Welcome to the forum and cracking looking Hr! Where abouts in Hampshire are you?
  10. Thought it was black rose? Either way welcome back Rothers! Got to love going topless!
  11. I would be up for it but last I heard they had sold out.
  12. Go to the first page/post and follow the instructions. Get involved with a great club stand
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