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  1. Work has gone completely bonkers for the last 3 weeks and literally just about coping. Everyone seems to be stock piling salt for their water softeners - run a business delivering salt mainly to residential properties. I can adhere to government guidelines at present easily enough. Will only struggle if my supply chain breaks down. At present all good so just milking it for all its worth Crazy times.
  2. Do you have a budget? 68k on a 10 year old car is nothing imo as long as it's got service history etc.
  3. What have you got now then mate? Bit of a shocker.
  4. That was my initial plan when I first got the bonnet. Just seemed wrong to wrap the carbon goodness.
  5. Dave I so want to have your convertible......
  6. Been having bad thoughts and contemplating unwrapping back to original colour. Thinking the carbon bonnet looks a little chavvy against the blue. Would look better against the grey.
  7. Awesome Valy Love the side fenders! will follow this with interest changing wheels?
  8. Never thought I would see the day. Car is a credit to you Peter. Good luck with the sale, cannot see this hanging around for long.
  9. So you jumped ship... what is next mate?
  10. One of the best 350z out there and has been well and truly pampered by Tom ( smashing bloke ) Congratulations on getting this, absolute gem





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