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  1. Well for me that car show was the best by far! Location, high end cars screaming up the hill all day whilst chatting with friends and venue etc. Perfect. Thanks for organising Andy, will be down for this next year for sure. Sorry I didnt get chance to meet some folks from off the forum.
  2. Looking very good Nathan!
  3. I know Shire350 has not recieved his ticket yet but has got the club pass. Thought he was going to post on here about it, looks like I beat it. I be travelling up early from down south if anyone wants to meet up on route - Hampshire ( Winchester )
  4. Going to take a while to get used to this.
  5. Cheers for the help Keyser, a most enjoyable day at the Zed Shed 2. Love seeing you guys Will get some decent photos of it tomorrow.
  6. Got the tickets but still waiting for the pass edit - Nathan has sorted me out, cheers buddy
  7. Another I would normally go to. Sadly will sunning myself abroad
  8. Paul is this actually aimed at me when we are at car shows.... all you had to do was say. * sobs uncontrollably *
  9. Will try and pay up tonight and book. One of my favourtite shows
  10. Humpy

    Clio 182 cup

    Fantastic little cars, ragged mine senseless. Traded in with a few lights on mind lol. Very capable little cars and will do you proud I am sure.
  11. Really good day and weather was on point. I am super frazzled. Great seeing everyone and cheers Nathan for organising.
  12. Will be heading a34 then m4 from Winchester. What time you guys planning on getting there?
  13. Sorry to read this Paul, if you need anything.......
  14. In your face green is what you normally have
  15. Yes JR11's - have a word with Tarmac, sells a range of JR's.



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