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  1. What price you after for the P5 out of interest?
  2. Yep grew up with them. This one is probably my favourite just lots of memories of my dad taking me out in it. The red rover was in the papers for all the wrong reasons lol. Dad sold it and soon after was involved in a 10 million pound robbery from a security van ( failed attempt as they set fire to the cash inside ) and the car broke down on them as they tried to get away lol. Will try find an article on it.
  3. I be going up the A34 from Winchester
  4. Here you go Stan, thought you might be interested.
  5. Look forward to seeing this on
  6. People should be jumping on this, its a great event.
  7. Think you mean Andy James and Keyser for the experience.... I just tag along for the shits and giggles Welcome to the forum and great looking Zed!
  8. Humpy

    Wrap !

    taaaa daaaaa
  9. First car in at Japfest, that's what happens when you get there at 5.55 am lol Cracking day as always and managed to catch up with most people. Great turn out and lovely to have some 240z and 300's on stand with us.
  10. 1. andy James x2 tickets PAID 2. Andy_Muxlow PAID 3. 14N - PAID 4. SHEZZA x 2 tickets PAID 5. Mopedmark x2 tickets PAID 6.N1ck x2 PAID 7.BUSTER X2 PAID 8. Shire X2 paid 9. Humpy x 2 - PAID
  11. Great daily Stan, bloody brilliant! Grew up with P6 and P5's and Vitesses etc. Good to see you still loitering around here.
  12. I am a few days late in seeing this... next time maybe lol
  13. Paid 1. Nso93 - Paid 2. cloud1440 3. 14N - Paid 4. ShortPaul 5. Silverthorn - Paid 6. Valy - Paid 7. Liviu 8. Pagan - Paid 9. Liamm56 10. Umster  11. EzeePzee - Paid 12. andy james- paid 13. Lewis Schwier 14. SHEZZA - Paid 15. Terence 16. Jamesmac 17. Humpy - Paid  18. Killick.z 19. kG350z - PAID 20. Buster - paid 21. Andy_Muxlow - paid 22. Daveo132 - paid 23. Chris Kleiser - Paid! 24. napp Paid
  14. I be up for this, will book as soon as can



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