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  1. Yeah speak to Mitz and Cougar store, great company
  2. I be there mate, dont see why not! 1. Andy James +1 2. gg2040uk  3. Andre D 4. Beb 5. Humpertron
  3. If there is a space I will grab it. Had jury service, being ill, chest x rays blah blah blah so not really been on the ball.
  4. White Horse in Otterbourne is a great pub Andy, very close to the Harvester for location wise - big car park etc.
  5. Humpy


    Already given you my father advice! Seriously though I hope you get back to full strength and wish you all the best. See you soon mate!
  6. Humpy

    A Happy Christmas to one and all

    Freshly taken this morning both wishing you all a happy Christmas
  7. It was a awesome day and the weather was absolutely beautiful lol. Didn't stop us from having a cracking day and catching up with great friends. Glad you had a good day mate, you deserve it.
  8. Humpy

    Custom Vented front wings

    Very nice Andy, good choice sir. Look forward to seeing the end result.
  9. Oh I keeping tabs on this build. Love it mate
  10. Good luck dude. Supercharged 370z, have you purchased it from someone who I think it is.
  11. Humpy

    Portsmouth Area

    Ahhh bugger I would of been up for this. Only in Winchester.
  12. Humpy

    Hampshire 370z specialist

    Horsham is in Newbury, so would be an option if needed - speak to Jez there. Where about in Hampshire are you? Hi from Winchester
  13. Spare us all lol There must be a short version somewhere Great effort with this Chris, truly brilliant.
  14. Humpy


    Colour on this thing got my attention, pics don't do it justice.