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  1. If you call the hotel about it, ask to speak to Faye Donnelley and deal with her directly. She was our liaison throughout and likely to be the most helpful.
  2. Sold - thread locked
  3. Thanks Ian. A lot of hard work has gone into it. There may be a few additional functions to come, but for now I think we nailed it.
  4. Right folks. Issues/bugs seem to have been worked out. Manual location input now works. So we've enabled it's use again (can be found in your drop down bar on mobile and on the left side bar on desktop. Enjoy.
  5. That's the old one Col. We tested an integrated one yesterday which the one we're talking about.
  6. Sold - thread locked
  7. I'll speak to the developer of the software and see if we can sort things out.
  8. Disabled this app for now. It's far too buggy for some users and generating a ridiculous amount of error emails to the admin address (Over 200 emails).
  9. Word of caution when using this feature guys. The forum is open to anyone and viewable by anyone. So try not to use your exact location (via the GPS feature) as you are advertising where your shiny car is to anyone and everyone.
  10. Android certainly doesn't like it.
  11. I'll sort it later and switch to the previous used one Andy. Seems the other is very buggy anyway
  12. Added. It's Beta so will need to see how it goes before we decide whether to leave it active or not. On mobile it's at the bottom if your clickable menu. And laptop it's bottom left of task bar.
  13. @ioneabee Any ideas?
  14. We used to have one. In theory it's still online somewhere, but can't for the life of me remember where.
  15. All fixed. For reference - the areas were still there, they had just relocated themselves elsewhere within the forum listings. Now correctly located. No data was lost.