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  1. Searching Archive

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into the Search function and see if it can be improved.
  2. Searching Archive

    On mobile version: Go to members profile. There are 3 buttons underneath their pic Click on the right one that looks like a newspaper. That links to everything posted by that member. (I'm working at the moment so can't check thoroughly as to whether that covers the full archive). The main search function of the forum does search the entire archive now. So using that should get you want you need.

    Hi Steve. Drop me a PM with Z clubs plans/ideas and we'll help in whatever way we can
  4. Toyota supra

    Speak to Jurgen at JM Imports. He'll keep you right on all questions.
  5. If there are any other residents with the same issue you can band together and use https://www.flashpark.co.uk/HowitWorks.aspx Obviously we can debate the whole "can't enforce private tickets " until the cows come home. But the thought of it may be enough to put most people off parking there.
  6. Planned downtime

    All updated and complete. Please note that some of you will have to rechoose your background image from the 4 we made available. Unavoidable I'm afraid.
  7. Planned downtime

    Evening all. There will be some pre planned downtime and slowdown periods this evening whilst we work behind the scenes on some general maintenance.
  8. [SOLD]Immaculate 18" RAYS Wheels & Tryes

    Sold - thread locked
  9. The EV problem.

    You know which three of you I am talking to when I say this: Leave it. You're never gonna see each other's point of view. And whilst you have so far kept things civil it is getting boring seeing you going round and round in circles. Anyone who knows me will know which side I chose in the EV vs IC debate, and it is difficult not to take sides. So for once this is me being diplomatic.
  10. Thankyou to Will370z

    I'm not even sure how we start to replace all 6ft 7in of you! You've been a true stalwart of the Team and we wouldn't be the club we are without your help over the years.
  11. Can anyone identify these wheels please?

    I don't Thi k they're Oz wheels. Just Oz centre caps. They look like a BBS knock off.
  12. As said above - start sending your CV (with a well written cover letter) to just about anyone you think would suit your current skill set. My outfit keep a huge stack of CVs on file that they pick from. We never advertise externally.
  13. Calendar Menu

    Need to do some tinkering, but normal member should be able to input events into the calender.
  14. The new forum

    My Apologies if I seemed upity yesterday. I've just came off the back of a stressful 3 weeks on the boat and when I came here to catch up I (naturally) get hyper defensive of what I worked and helped to create. It is extremely disappointing to read that some members don't like our new set up, as a significant amount of time was put into developing and finding a modern and fresh look. My frustration is mainly at the trivial points some people say is the reasoning they don't visit as much any more. Because they are trivial. @marzman I will look into addressing your particular "flaw" when I get chance (unfortunately this will likely be 10-14 days due to family life). Also if members really want a "different" look, then please find a suitable skin that you think would work and then PM me so we can discuss. Please remember though that skins are not free.
  15. The new forum

    Apologies in advance for the bluntness of this post. You use this forum free of charge. The Team work hard behind the scenes and on the front to provide the best service we can whilst maintaining the viability of a community that costs a significant amount every year to run for you all.....for free. Few people like change, but that's what we have. Like it or not this is what you have for at least the near future. My kids are off school and I'm on leave and for once the weather is nice. So I'm taking some time out to appreciate the things that matter in life.