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  1. Monaro??

    I had a VXR8 not a Monaro. If have another in a heart beat if I could convincethe wife.
  2. On Amazon at the moment for £69.99
  3. Overdevelopment / Planning App?

    @Ebized is the man to ask about such things.
  4. Lexx Goes Gold

    Christ Stu, that's some amount of man love you've shown me there Sometimes life gets in the way of the fun stuff. I'm fortunate enough that both my home and work life are fun, bit they take up so much time of late that I don't get the time to enjoy this place as well as dedicating the amount of time it deserves. We have one of the greatest car communities in the country right here, and it's the members who make it. Keep it up guys.
  5. Boot divider is currently in my garage. Completely forgot about it! My bad, I'll get that posted up as soon as I'm home on leave. The other returned item was a 10% off voucher for one of the traders. Again I'll post that up in near future. Completely my fault and thanks for the reminder.

    That poor RX7!
  7. Rozzers pull a Z struggling for traction

    Can you charge someone with "being a bellend"?
  8. Tapatalk problems

    The forum now hosts and auto resizes all images. What is the file size of what you're trying to upload?
  9. Tapatalk problems

    Tapatalk was the root vulnerability that allowed the malicious attack upon the forum earlier in the year. Once the forum was upgraded to it's current format, there was no need to reinstate Tapatalk as the mobile access is now over and above what tapatalk can offer. There are no plans to reinstate access via Tapatalk.
  10. Just to add to Dan. On mobile version you need to click on the drop down arrow.
  11. Latest Posts?

    Yep. As Dan has linked too. That then gives you your own custom button.
  12. Searching Archive

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into the Search function and see if it can be improved.
  13. Searching Archive

    On mobile version: Go to members profile. There are 3 buttons underneath their pic Click on the right one that looks like a newspaper. That links to everything posted by that member. (I'm working at the moment so can't check thoroughly as to whether that covers the full archive). The main search function of the forum does search the entire archive now. So using that should get you want you need.

    Hi Steve. Drop me a PM with Z clubs plans/ideas and we'll help in whatever way we can
  15. Toyota supra

    Speak to Jurgen at JM Imports. He'll keep you right on all questions.