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  1. Was only swinging by here to check on something else. Seen this. Have to reply. Graham you're a stand out gent and always have been. The support you offered during my tenure first as mod and then as Admin was invaluable. The place simply wouldn't be what it is today without you.
  2. Search for them on FB. He posts intermittently the cars he's working on.
  3. Yeah no complaints at all about Ali's work. He seems to do quite a lot on 350s, and owns one himself.
  4. 😂 No idea yet. Pick her up tomorrow to drive home. Considering I've not driven it more than 150 meters in the past year it's going to be enlightening.
  5. Yesterday was a milestone day. I'll just leave this pic here.....
  6. Not long now till I can drive her again. MOT this week or next hopefully. Huge thanks to Ali at AB Autoworx for his time and effort and skill so far.
  7. Slow and steady progress by my welder guy. Few more bodges found and fixed.
  8. Update time. Look away now if allergic to rust. Both sills are complete and now in primer. Drivers side rear bumper pocket is 90% sorted. Passenger side up next.
  9. She's back on her wheels and running for the first time in 5 months! Gets loaded onto a trailer on Tuesday. Then hopefully 4 weeks after that she'll have a clean MOT and I can drive and enjoy it over the summer before f**king around with it some more.
  10. Various bits and bobs done since the last update. More parts from US and Japan arrived. Though they're mostly for when it comes back from getting the sills replaced - booked in for that on May 4th. Finally. Spent the past few days dealing with 2 snapped exhaust bolts (which I've still not managed to sort as they ended up with me visited eye casualty to have a shard of metal removed from me eye. Not something I recommend. So started dealing with the advisories from the last MOT and a few other things. Crappy Midori style adjustable FUCAs removed. Fin
  11. Kids are finally back at school! Which means I've been able to do some work on the car. This mainly involved a minor panic when I was poking at the rusty sill and found out how bad it was near the axle stand point. So a day was spent finally putting the back end back together. Booked in for sill repairs and a 120k service later in the year. Heap of parts on the way from Japan and the US to start tidying up the interior, exterior, and the front suspension.
  12. More stuff painted and bushes installed. Bit of a pause now as I need to replace brake lines on the chassis and then so some paint work on the chassis rails too.
  13. Damn right. Larger selection of tools than my own house!
  14. Nismo - a sure way to bankrupt myself! They dodged customs luckily so saved a heap. There's about £12k worth of diesel behind that cat flap. Lol
  15. Small, dull update. Almost finished painting all the bits and bobs. Bushes in next. And then good for putting it all back together.
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