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  1. I heard today the sad news that Mike Feeney (Mr F to many) who ran MJP has sadly passed away. He was a stalwart of the Z scene throughout the years. And during my ownership of a Z32 was able to source many parts for me that had proven elusive to others. Although he wasn't on here in recent years. He was a key paid up trader in the very early days of the club. RIP Mike.
  2. Still miss you Boss. Not quite sure how 4 years have passed already. My new boat arrives in a few weeks, we all wish you were here to drive her.... And then probably swear profusely when the computer controlled bits wouldn't do what you were asking.
  3. Raising a glass to you tonight Boss. You're still missed by many.
  4. Lexx

    Stornoway ferry

    You'll be fine on the new ferries they have running that service. Especially with standard suspension. They'll also have some timber handy for low slung cars so just mention it to the loading officer as you get on if you're concerned.
  5. 2 options for me... Multi tool with a narrow fitted blade for sawing metal. Sharp cold chisel and a good lump hammer.
  6. Genuinely gutted I can't make this. Wanted to attend something like this that I didn't organise! Unfortunately I'm on Holiday in France with the wee ones Hope you all have fun
  7. I've spoken to 3 testers in past 10 minutes and none of them have heard a thing about it. Also googled the @*!# out of it, and not a single reference can be found.
  8. Emissions standards edition 19 still states 0.3%....
  9. Going to be some size stand. As always Andy you've done a cracking job pulling this together
  10. Lexx


    I had a VXR8 not a Monaro. If have another in a heart beat if I could convincethe wife.
  11. @Ebized is the man to ask about such things.
  12. Christ Stu, that's some amount of man love you've shown me there Sometimes life gets in the way of the fun stuff. I'm fortunate enough that both my home and work life are fun, bit they take up so much time of late that I don't get the time to enjoy this place as well as dedicating the amount of time it deserves. We have one of the greatest car communities in the country right here, and it's the members who make it. Keep it up guys.
  13. Boot divider is currently in my garage. Completely forgot about it! My bad, I'll get that posted up as soon as I'm home on leave. The other returned item was a 10% off voucher for one of the traders. Again I'll post that up in near future. Completely my fault and thanks for the reminder.





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