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  1. Update time. Look away now if allergic to rust. Both sills are complete and now in primer. Drivers side rear bumper pocket is 90% sorted. Passenger side up next.
  2. She's back on her wheels and running for the first time in 5 months! Gets loaded onto a trailer on Tuesday. Then hopefully 4 weeks after that she'll have a clean MOT and I can drive and enjoy it over the summer before f**king around with it some more.
  3. Various bits and bobs done since the last update. More parts from US and Japan arrived. Though they're mostly for when it comes back from getting the sills replaced - booked in for that on May 4th. Finally. Spent the past few days dealing with 2 snapped exhaust bolts (which I've still not managed to sort as they ended up with me visited eye casualty to have a shard of metal removed from me eye. Not something I recommend. So started dealing with the advisories from the last MOT and a few other things. Crappy Midori style adjustable FUCAs removed. Fin
  4. Kids are finally back at school! Which means I've been able to do some work on the car. This mainly involved a minor panic when I was poking at the rusty sill and found out how bad it was near the axle stand point. So a day was spent finally putting the back end back together. Booked in for sill repairs and a 120k service later in the year. Heap of parts on the way from Japan and the US to start tidying up the interior, exterior, and the front suspension.
  5. More stuff painted and bushes installed. Bit of a pause now as I need to replace brake lines on the chassis and then so some paint work on the chassis rails too.
  6. Damn right. Larger selection of tools than my own house!
  7. Nismo - a sure way to bankrupt myself! They dodged customs luckily so saved a heap. There's about £12k worth of diesel behind that cat flap. Lol
  8. Small, dull update. Almost finished painting all the bits and bobs. Bushes in next. And then good for putting it all back together.
  9. I can't raise a dram in your honour today Martin. Will have to settle for a coffee in a LakeZ mug. Still sucks not having you around old man.
  10. I'd genuinely sell a kidney for a 2 post lift and the space for it!
  11. Small update. Suspension fully stripped down at the rear. Got the rear subframe in primer today (Jotamastic 87). 2nd coat tomorrow. And then top coated in a few weeks. All the arms have been stripped, just need to get time to press the bushes out before they're painted. Differential scaling has been started. Hoping to finish that off and have it painted before Christmas. Heap of Nismo bushes on the way from Japan. Might even get it all back together before the new year.
  12. Full overhaul of all the suspension including painting of all components and new bushes. Full clean, treat, paint of underside. Booked in for early next year to get some rust in the sills cut out and replaced. Then after that's it's all about keeping it OEM+ and starting to enjoy driving it.
  13. Moral of today - don't buy old cars. After 2 days, 3 snapped bolts, 1 bust lip, and much much swearing I finally got the rear subframe dropped. Doing this on axle stands is not something I recommend. I'd kill for a 2 post lift! On the plus side I discovered my car has ABS fitted which is rare. Down side is dropping the frame has revealed all the brake lines above are completely buggered. At least I've found them before they fail. Tomorrow is strip down of the suspension and figure out which bushes can be used again and which need replaced.
  14. The inner support sill requires seam welding. Whilst I can stick two pieces of metal together it isn't pretty and would take a body shop longer to sort out for paint than it would for them to just do it. I'd hoped to get it booked in before Christmas for the work, but I don't see that happening.
  15. Had a little time to muck about with the Zed the past couple of days. Mostly involving removing stuff to be honest. Instrument cluster removed to replace a duff bulb and trace some wiring. Drivers side door lock replaced. Full rear interior stripped out so that I could get a boroscope into the sills. Although the sills are bad (I was aware of it) they are way way better than I expected and don't need full replacement. Just the rear sill returns on both sides. My mig welding sucks unfortunately so will have to pay for this to be done. Hey-ho.
  16. As Dan alludes to above, it's far from a perfect car. Has a number of rust issues that need attention, but I bought it eyes open and have plans in place. What I didn't account for was finding out that the ignition was completely shagged and coukd be started with the key, a screwdriver, or a lollypop stick. £300 lighter from JP Car Parts and I managed to get a brand new OEM full set of keys and locks/ignition. Much much swearing later and a new ignition is in. Locks etc to follow. It'll be slow progress over next 2 weeks as the class bubble my 2 girls are i
  17. Hola folks. Some time since I've been around these parts, and even longer since I was in any kind of car scene. Kids etc forced me hand and I sold my last toy back in 2015. Lots has happened since then, and when we lost one of the founder members I bought his private number plate from the guy who bought Martins 350z. I always wanted to get those plates back onto a Zed one day. After a "life's too short" tragedy a few weeks back it was decided to put my ass in gear and sort something. So here we have it. OK, it's not a Z33 or Z34. But Martin owned a Z32 back in the
  18. lol I have 3 boats crews to look after and ensure we have enough supplies. It's causing me a proper headache, but just about keeping on top of it. Just had a new boat delivered to my company here yesterday from Turkey and the 6 delivery crew have no means of getting home to Turkey. So I've now got 6 more crew to board, feed, and keep safe. This is gonna be a tough week.
  19. Hey George. Yeah, Captain for nearly 4 years now. Not sure what routes you're working at the moment, but if you get as far as Aberdeen Station let me know (my number hasn't changed in 15 years we've known each other so you may still have it) and I'll walk to over and give you a 750ml bottle of alcohol based sanitiser and a 500ml bottle of Peroxide based sanitiser to keep with you for cab hopping.
  20. Still working as I'm classed as a key worker (Ships Captain). Pretty much self isolated when on a boat anyway. I used to do 4 months of this at a time, so uniquely placed to handle the lockdown I think. Making more time to check up on folks though - hence me popping in here for the first time in a while.
  21. I heard today the sad news that Mike Feeney (Mr F to many) who ran MJP has sadly passed away. He was a stalwart of the Z scene throughout the years. And during my ownership of a Z32 was able to source many parts for me that had proven elusive to others. Although he wasn't on here in recent years. He was a key paid up trader in the very early days of the club. RIP Mike.
  22. Still miss you Boss. Not quite sure how 4 years have passed already. My new boat arrives in a few weeks, we all wish you were here to drive her.... And then probably swear profusely when the computer controlled bits wouldn't do what you were asking.
  23. Raising a glass to you tonight Boss. You're still missed by many.
  24. Lexx

    Stornoway ferry

    You'll be fine on the new ferries they have running that service. Especially with standard suspension. They'll also have some timber handy for low slung cars so just mention it to the loading officer as you get on if you're concerned.
  25. 2 options for me... Multi tool with a narrow fitted blade for sawing metal. Sharp cold chisel and a good lump hammer.
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