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  1. still sounds like a vacuum cleaner
  2. I would take your mobile number off, vet people via email via gumtree ,you can then filter the w****ers quite quickly, I've sold a Harley and the Z on Gumtree both to really nice people
  3. you just have to have the Patience! Despite having thousands of views over a 2 month period, the one and only person who asked to view bought the car for the asking price. I forgot to say I miss it loads😥
  4. Gunmetal 05 350Z GT now  gone😢 Replaced with BMW X1 23d Xdrive 😩


  5. as this mine was 90 - 100 cold start dropping to 60 when warm after driving 25 - 30 all normal i think Nissan quote anything over 15 when hot , also remember a test cant remember where from 60 mph 6th gear should = 60lbs oil pressure
  6. hey thank you, if they pay the final bit it's going to a really good home🙂
  7. deposit taken today to a really nice young guy (well compared to me) and his dad coming to pick her up Monday went for the asking price, now the sad job of looking for a family car
  8. Is the Z still for sale?


    1. stevezzz


      Hi sorry missed your message, yes it is still for sale

      thanks Steve

  9. yeah thanks I know but I do need to sell it, I will not go lower than this, looking at what is out there I think its worth 8k all day long
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