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  1. there is no replacement for displacement
  2. I still love my old girl ! at the moment she's covered in pine tree pollen so doesn't look so good
  3. you can claim the worst picture did you polish it or someone else?
  4. I like Knobblies myself
  5. I would think tyre W***ers was more appropriate
  6. I have a totally stock one but I am drawn to this one ?
  7. snowed a little on the south coast today! last week was sitting outside getting a tan
  8. I have a stock 2005 65000 mile gunmetal one I am thinking of selling
  9. I am thinking of selling my 350z as I'm just not using it I love it but my motorcycle ticks all my boxes better, 2005 DE 64000 miles never touched, totally stock apart from Z wheel centres original Nissan ones included, Fresh MOT, really nice unmolested condition, pm me if you are interested
  10. 300 RS's with the 3.8 another 1500 with the kit but with the HR engine
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