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  1. why ask the question and then ignore the people who know what they are talking about
  2. why does it have a remap if its all standard
  3. sorry didn't mean to jump in to your picture
  4. you trying to start on fuel that's been in there since 2019 ?
  5. there's a dvla website to check if you are worried Z's are OK and as stated we only use V power anyway?
  6. just drive the nuts off it! as i said it looks good if you got it cheap good for you i didnt want one but ending up buying the first i saw but it was nice one and i love it
  7. still raining but meant to be sunny tomorrow release the beasts
  8. how did it go? I have tiny dent in the middle of my drivers door, they get down past the Glass?
  9. possibly they only show over 12v when running, the displays dimming when cranking is normal i think it does sound like no fuel ?
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