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  1. it was on pistonheads for £6200 couple of days ago
  2. i hate the frost scares the sh*t out of me trying to open the doors when the handles and windows are frozen !
  3. " and I am the F***ing headmaster" Name that film I want this guys garage
  4. IMHO I'd give it a miss find a UK one that's been looked after I once fell in to the trap of chasing a car, normally ends in heartbreak
  5. had 205k on my civic type r when i sold it still on original everything including exhaust suspension etc ( just tyres discs and pads & 1 clutch) sold it to some guys on gumtree who didn't insure it and it got crushed! My 05 UK Z GT is on 62k still on original everything again apart from consumables even still has the blue dots on the Rays
  6. here's George in uniform and with a indestructible toy!
  7. meet Alfie and Susie and and f++kof fie
  8. it was just when someone said meet ZARA
  9. i was joking ! mate I dont give my cars or bikes names
  10. I'm trying to choose a name for my Z ,(ironic) should it be zena, or zara ,wthf gives their car a name? unless it is a bentley blower then you call it whatever the f**k you want I suppose unless you are of the female persuasion ? or whatever that means?





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