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  1. yeah loved it, round the corner worked Jeff Uren who made Savage Cortina's with the 3.0 V6 in they where mad! we did all the bits for Ford SVO so Ari Vatanens works cars fun times RS1600,RS1800 BDA's the dyno was underneath the sales counter when those things were being tested ! I love proper cars probably why I love my Z
  2. yeah wouldn't go anywhere else really
  3. bet its going to sound lovely, my first job when I was 16ish was working at Burtons stripping cleaning and reassembling Webber DCOE'S always loved the intake sound from my MK2 1600GT
  4. Horsham developments worth the trip mate not that far away
  5. no a very genuine guy i think its a genuine car http://www.evo-motors.co.uk/stocklist.asp but its now up for sale by auction
  6. this was up for sale at the dealers where I bought mine over 2 years ago had 11000 miles then he was going to keep it, guess not now though, it looks a bit rusty underneath they say it was dry stored but he was keeping it outside at the time
  7. love the micra !!! does it do flames and pops
  8. wax on wax off grasshopper I think they call it "elbow grease " you might be able to buy some on amazon?
  9. I'm thinking of buying the Toyosport exhaust does it give the car a bit more of a voice over stock? did it fit ok? do the tail pipes look as good as stock?
  10. thank you it gets much more attention in black
  11. Ha Ha I thought up skirting was illegal now you pervert
  12. with a heavy heart I'm having to sell my second baby, and thought I would see if there is anyone on here who would be interested? For sale custom 2001 Harley Davidson FATBOY FLFSTFI 1450cc 20,500 miles £10500.00 to many bits to list but main points, Matt black wrap (underneath a Flip orange with ghosted Harley logos) lowered suspension screaming eagle II full exhaust Monza petrol cap S&S intake LaPera seat private "FAT" plate included also some spares aux lights, crash bars, different handlebars service history 2x keys and fobs, o
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