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  1. Yes, lesson learned. I usually do my own work on the car but at 74 my powers are weak! In future I will get Abbey to do the things I don’t want to wrestle with anymore.
  2. z350convert

    Braking Bad

    I thought this might be of interest… when I got the car a couple years ago (2010 370z) the brakes were a bit juddery over 50mph, worse as speed increased. The car had new discs and pads fitted by previous owner. I did balancing, tracking and changed tyres. I then took car to local PTA garage to have new discs and pads. The problem persisted and was really getting on my tits. I went back to PTA and asked for a report - they couldn’t find anything wrong. I contacted Abbey Motorsport in Oxted, Surrey. They agreed to test the car, check disc run out, ovality etc.
  3. No, I just did what I do normally which was to go easy on them.
  4. My discs and pads are new but I didn’t bed them in properly as detailed on here, I just used them gently for a bit. ive been in touch with Abbey Motorsport and they think it might be excessive run out on the disc, they are going to measure it.
  5. I hope this thread is still live. I have a similar issue with vibration through steering when braking from 50mph and over. I had front discs and pads changed last year, after which the problem seemed to start. I’ve read on here that if the new rotors are not aligned perfectly it can cause a vibration. The garage I used may not have been up to the job - it’s a possibility. What do the wise say?
  6. Thanks for the tip on this. My daughter is in Cambridge I could combine a trip. Neil
  7. Thanks. I’m on the Kent Surrey border just inside the M25 at about 7 o’clock..
  8. Thanks for the link, it’s very interesting. The problem could be at the back end then even though the imbalance shakes the steering wheel. The rear disks were not changed when I did the fronts. I got the fronts done by a local garage so I have to assume they did them properly If the cause is at the back, there could be another element here. A while back I used ‘auto seal’ in the tyres (it’s not a gloop,it goes into a powder) and had all kinds of problems with the shakes afterwards. The manufacturers denied it caused the problems but eventually I bought new fronts, rebala
  9. Any ideas please. when I brake from 70 and over there is a bit of a shimmy through the steering, like a wheel off balance. I’ve changed the front tyres (Mitchelins) had them balanced several times. Tracking and tow in all checked and adjusted. i’ve had the disks and pads changed it’s just had its MOT, pass no problem. i’m a bit stumped
  10. That’s a really helpful guide. Many thanks.
  11. I’m sure it’s points and fine. You can only do the points opt out every two years by paying fine and paying for the course.
  12. Hi. 2010 370z has irritating tinny rattle on idle. Likely to be heat shield around cats. I’ve put jubilee clips around previously but I think the constant expansion and contraction has loosened them off. i think I will cut the rusty old shields off completely. I secured all the other rattletrap bits last year, but I will check them. Is there anything I could bind the Cats with to prevent them setting fire to the fields of Surrey? I’m not sure exhaust wrap can take the cat temperatures. Advice welcome please.
  13. I have a shudder felt through the steering wheel when braking from speed. I suspect new discs are needed. Sadly I'm a bit past the age where I can do it myself and I wondered if anyone knew what cost I should be looking for to get front discs and pads done these days. Thanks
  14. As I understand it the product stays liquid and as the tyre spins the stuff gets thrown against the inside of the tread by centrifugal force. If you get a puncture the air in the tyre mixes with the liquid and the carbon fibre content in the liquid seals the puncture instantly and permanently. https://bikeseal.co.uk/ let me know what you think
  15. Jack94 Thanks for the input. Much appreciated.
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