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  1. I have a shudder felt through the steering wheel when braking from speed. I suspect new discs are needed. Sadly I'm a bit past the age where I can do it myself and I wondered if anyone knew what cost I should be looking for to get front discs and pads done these days. Thanks
  2. As I understand it the product stays liquid and as the tyre spins the stuff gets thrown against the inside of the tread by centrifugal force. If you get a puncture the air in the tyre mixes with the liquid and the carbon fibre content in the liquid seals the puncture instantly and permanently. https://bikeseal.co.uk/ let me know what you think
  3. Jack94 Thanks for the input. Much appreciated.
  4. Not sure which category but here’s an interesting one. After a recent puncture I decided to get the wonder product BikeSeal-or AutoSeal. It splashes about in the tyre and instantly seals punctures and is permanent, non toxic, non chemical, vegan etc etc. What can go wrong. The website confuses me as it jumps around from BikeSeal to AutoSeal and often mixing the two on the same page. The two products are in fact exactly the same. Applied product. Took for run. Great disappointment. Between 80 and 90 a bad judder through steering on certain surfaces. Contacted Bike Seal and I was told it’s not the fault of the product as too much of it in the tyre could cause this issue but as I had not put enough in it would not be the cause.I should have put 370ml in each tyre. I pointed out that the box said clearly 250ml for cars, but he said that was a very rough guide and I should have phoned them up to check. Silly me for assuming the label was correct. BikeSeal man said there must be another cause like wheel balance. I checked and found the weights on the repaired n/s/r wheel had come off and in fact the n/s/f as well. No problem I thought, re balance the two wheels and it’s sorted. However, chummy at BikeSeal informed me that it wasn’t possible to balance the wheels with product in. The pack says somewhere apply to pre balanced wheels (it does say that), but as far as I was aware, they were balanced. He said I would have to have all the tyres taken off, washed of all product, put back on, rebalanced and new product applied (I don’t think so). Shortly after I was told that as I had only put 250ml in and as a result it “might” be possible to balance the wheels. At this point I made it clear that I was not a happy customer but could have expressed it more diplomatically as Dale at BikeSeal has gone off in a strop. Anyway, on my third attempt I managed to explain to a tyre shop that the product was not the work of the devil and would not cover all their kit in creeping sticky gunk, but I had to present the packaging to prove it. The tyre place managed to balance both n/s wheels with the product still in. I tried it out on a run and no improvement. I went back and had the other two balanced and this time there is an improvement. The car steering only vibrates at 80, but not through to 90. I’m still getting slight vibration through s/wheel if I brake from reasonably high speeds (should have mentioned that, it’s always done it). Because there is some improvement I was thinking we are on the right track. I checked the front tyres and I see they are Accelera. It’s a budget job and judging by the reviews they are crap. I changed the rears to Falcons when I got the car but the fronts were new so I left them. Have they gone off round maybe? Filled with optimism I rang the helpful garage this morning to say I thought a couple of new Falcons on the front might sort it all and let’s forget the BikeSeal for now. They are less sure as any ovality in the tyre would have shown in the balancing and want to check the front end, the tracking, the track rods, the discs etc. Fair enough I suppose. It goes in on Wednesday. Any theories are welcome. I don’t think the problem is BikeSeal as it’s a tested and proven clever product, just badly marketed and poorly explained. There certainly are disadvantages. Thanks
  5. They do one for the 350 as well. The one on my previous car, a 350 wasn’t as bad.
  6. Here it is. Not my car, far too shiny and rust free
  7. I have just got back from a visit to Tarmac Sportz in Derby. I ordered one of their special W braces, my own one having crumbled to rust. I wanted them to fit it as I anticipated the bolts shearing off and my fears were not without foundation as three broke off in the process. It was a fair old journey from me in Kent, but worth it as my appointment involved no waiting, the car went up on the ramps straight away. The old brace was in a shocking state, badly rusted, it had been clobbered by the previous owner and by myself recently (see picture). The new W brace is very robust and well made. The one taken off was the worst they had seen on a 370z and it had to be mine, typical! Well recommended, Tarmac Sportz were friendly, efficient and knowledgable.
  8. 370z Rear Axle Spindle. (the one that clicks) I am a bit puzzled that the 2010 car with the silly tab lock, that doesn't work torques up to 105Nm where as the non tab lock version torques up to 185Nm seemingly using the same axle and nut. In 2011 they then put it at 180Nm. Can anyone explain or correct me. Thanks
  9. Yes many others including my previous 350 have rusted beyond belief. ive seen the Torquen one and if it's the only option so be it. Also seen some more innovative ones for the 350 but the brace is different on the 370 Thanks
  10. Thanks, I have been looking at those so your endorsement and comments are really helpful.
  11. Like many others my W brace (or bracket) about midships under the car is completely rusted and bashed by a speed hump I should think. Does anyone recommend a good source for a replacement or alternative other than buying through Nissan. I've seen some on M1motorsport and possibly eurospares might be worth a call. They seem quite expensive for a bit of low grade steel that seems to rot overnight..
  12. Yes that's a good thought. I don't suppose anyone repairs these things.
  13. 2010 370z has some seaping from the PS oil cooler. The curved end rather than the hose end which is strange. Maybe hit by a stone. Anyway I’m keeping an eye on it for now. What do you think, if it’s had it...a Nissan replacement or one of the non standard options I see around on eBay etc. Advice welcome. thanks
  14. z350convert

    Heart v Head

    2010 370z exhaust original and rusty and quiet. Had res Cobra cat back on 350 but it was a bit droney A Scorpion cat back is fully guaranteed well thought of and just in budget and is appropriate for my advancing years (72) even if they don't come in beige. This is what my head tells me to get. My heart tells me to get Res Tarmac short tails because they sound so crisp and barky and I can pretend to be 25 again. They are a bit cheaper but don't include the centre section. But are they going to be too droney for the Memshib who will say "what the xxxx have you done to this car" Why am I even asking you lot. You are going to say go loud or get Gemini aren't you! I hope.





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