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  1. What do we think about Beluga Racing Dual exhaust systems and Rev9.? I think they are both made in the USA
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. There’s a Powerflow place up the road.
  3. I made a mistake when I changed my coupe for a roadster. I’d just fitted an Invidia system and I didn’t manage to swap it over. The standard box is so fluffy and quiet I got rid and put my spare Tarmac Sports resonated short tails on. A quick and easy fix and it sounds crisp and it breathes. After a year I’d like it a ‘tad’ quieter and less resonant. Ideally I’d pop a Cobra box on but all this stuff is expensive now. Any tips for me on this? I wondered about bandaging the short tails or putting another resonator in further forward. Comments welcome, even the sarcastic ones.
  4. 2011 Roadster I've got my after market rear view camera working on the factory head unit via the AUX input. It’s ok but cuts out when car is moving. HOW DO I WIRE IT INTO THE PROPER CAMERA INPUT ON THE BACK OF THE HEAD UNIT PLEASE? Thanks
  5. 2011 Roadster in UK Where’s the head unit input for the back up camera?. I’m using the AUX input now but I lose the picture when car is moving because it has two devices to stop transmission when car moves. Thanks
  6. 2011 Roadster. I fitted front and rear camera using the auxiliary input socket. It worked but cut out when the car moved. Nissan don’t like the facility to be used for DVDs so there is a circuit interrupter by the handbrake stoping the auxiliary circuit working when the handbrake is off. That’s easy, I’ve put a bypass in it, but it still cuts out when the car moves so the sneaky blighters must have put another cut out device somewhere. Any suggestions?
  7. I had the same on my 2010 coupe on the driver’s door. I kept an eye on it, just a bit of blistering about the size of 5p coin. It didn’t get any worse so I left it.
  8. 2011 Roadster has sheared end on the second bow of the soft top. Looks an easy fix if I can get a replacement. Any suggestions?
  9. Thanks. I will do as you suggest - once it stops raining and dries out. Much obliged.
  10. I have a 2011 Roadster with a 15mm cut in the fabric and a very small bit of stitching damage on a seam (see pics). No leaks. The roof works fine and the top is in good condition with no stains or wear and tear. Wishful thinking I expect but I think it’s probably been refurbed at some point. Any advice please on repairing it? I don’t know how to get under the fabric to fix it that way. I thought maybe mask it tight and put some sealant in the damaged threads.
  11. I’ll get back to you on this one. I appreciate the help. Neil
  12. Just a quick update. I had a close look at how the open and close operation works, particularly at the heavy hinges on the lid. The lid wasn’t coming down evenly both sides. I sprayed them with WD40 and rocked the lid a bit. Then I found if I stopped and started it as the opening process completed it was fine. I’ve used it a few times since and it all works perfectly, but I’m pausing as it closes to check its aligning the lid ok. So far so good. Stiff hinges then? We’ll see how it goes. Thanks Neil
  13. I’ll get back to you on this one. I appreciate the help. Neil
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