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  1. Ha you are kidding right? My car cleaning has become a running joke with the neighbours! New w and kidney braces a couple o week ago and sortin the scabby wheels next. She'll soon be lookin as she should
  2. Yup you are a fair trek to Chorley from Bristol, though in my yoof I'd think nothin of drivin to brizz for a night of ravin....
  3. Greetings fellow zedder. Lookin sharp in the blue, especially with that mesh grille
  4. Thanks guys. Will no doubt be catchin some of you at the shows over the summer. I'll be at jap2jap again now I know about it, kinda stumbled on it, and japfest So here is a shot of my old motor, '98 celica sr sadly scrapped after 13 years of ownership and another of my little ray of sunshine😎
  5. Hey there folks. Was recently adopted by a 2005 350z gt in the delicious LeMans sunset and it makes me happy. Loved em since the first I saw and a 2 year obsession of hunting the right car followed Here she is, glowing in the Sunday sunshine at jap2jap at heskin hall
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