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  1. Hi guys, I have searched Google and this forum for a straight answer on this, but I'm still not sure! Can anyone direct me to front wheel spacers that are compatible with a Nismo V2 with factory Nismo wheels? I've read about these apparently not being compatible with spacers but have read some contradictory information! Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm in the same boat, not owned the Z for that long and didn't realise it was Japfest this weekend 🙈
  3. As others have said, anything you buy will also have gone up in value so a pointless move unless you actually want rid. My old BMW 335d is currently up for sale at a dealer for £27,450 - I paid £24,250 (privately) 3.5 years ago and put another 30k miles on the clock in that time! Mental current car valuations!
  4. I've just ordered some polished tips, no one show me the carbon ones as I don't want to regret it 😁😅
  5. Oooohhh I didn't think the carbon was a Nismo option!! That would go really well with the white I imagine!!
  6. Cheers all, looks like I'm going to go for the resonated version then! Just to decide on polished tip or burnt tip now 😂
  7. I have neighbours, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind ha ha! It is a daily, but not mega miles 🤔
  8. Do you recommend the resonated or none resonated? Bearing in mind I would like some pops and bangs... Also, any forum discount 😁
  9. Oh that doesn't look great, wonder if mine is the same! Not great for corrosion these cars it would seem!
  10. Let me know of you find anything, I only noticed it when I got it home for a thorough clean!
  11. Did you have full dealer service history or not?
  12. Cheers! Yeah not to fussed on motorway drone to be honest, it's going to do limited mileage anyway, effectively being the second car that's not suitable for carting the kids around in.
  13. Noise is exactly what I'm after 🤣 I'm not really interested in putting another std on on, the one I have isn't rattling or anything so would just stick with it for now. Thanks for the offer though 👍
  14. Is the rest of your exhaust system standard? Did it make much difference to the sound?
  15. Guys, Has anyone with a Nismo exhaust had this? There is what looks like some sort of baffle in the exhaust tail pipe and the outer mesh is completely rotten and the softer material is coming out, 2015 car with 47k? Excuse the exhaust being as dirty, it's not normally like that 😅 What's the options, can you replace the tail pipes alone or is it new backbox as a minimum? I'm looking for an excuse to need a full new system here 🤫😂
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