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  1. Ekona

    Wheel Spacers

    I love this bit from their website: ”For example, our lightweight wheel spacer is based on traditional conventional wheel spacer with lightweight structural treatment to achieve the function of reducing weight.” Not sure I’d start trying to sell an amazing new Active Cooling product by saying it’s the same as a regular spacer, just lighter But yeah, I’m with you mate, this is screaming advert to me.
  2. Ekona

    Wheel Spacers

    I have some Active Cooling Magic Beans for sale too, if you’re interested. Can also get them forged for you if you want!
  3. It’s a pikey old shed with different colour panels, some colourful wheels and those awful extensions that clearly aren’t made for that model bodged on. I do believe that’s the definition of a Barry car, isn’t it?
  4. Configurator is up on their website
  5. It’s a bit generic to my eyes. When I first saw a picture of it I had no idea it was a Lotus, in fact I assumed it was some new random Dutch/Swedish/Russian company launching a copycat Ferrari/McLaren style thing. Not convinced about it being a physically bigger car than the Cayman either, that being said I’m sure it’ll be nothing less than brilliant if you can put up with the usual Lotus foibles.
  6. That’s an easy conversation to have. It’s when you tell her it’s the Emergency Mistress Ejector Button that things get a bit more awkward…
  7. Could literally be anything. Assuming it does nothing when you push it (checked lights etc?), then assume it was for an accessory that has now been removed and disregard it. Trace the wiring and remove if you’re minded to do so.
  8. First off, they’re 17” so if you have Brembo brakes they’re unlikely to fit. Second, you’ll need the offset, pcd and centre bore measurements. Thirdly, I had a set of those years ago and they’re the cheapest nastiest finished wheels you’ll ever find and I would avoid like the plague.
  9. Ekona

    350z servicing

    Horsham it is then as good as anywhere else you’ll find.
  10. And if they’re breathable they’ll let dirt through. Can’t have it both ways, so even if they have tiny air holes that’s enough to trap some kind of moisture.
  11. I actually had to google those think of them as an expendable item you replace once a year rather than cleaning them given the price, and then think about all the crap they’ll keep off your suspension. And then think about all the rust-causing moisture they’ll trap inside them in the meantime, lovingly working it’s magic on all that shiny metal and realise there’s a reason very few people actually bother. On a show car that does 100miles a year tops maybe, on anything else I wouldn’t bother. Just clean the suspension more often.
  12. It’s an absolute no brainer.
  13. Who do you know who has that exact kit? I wouldn’t be buying anything from the States direct, I’d get a UK company to supply (even if that means paying more) as you have way more protection when things inevitably don’t fit/are incorrect/break. Turbo vs SC is a huge question in itself, drivability between the two is massive and depending on how you want the car to drive will depend on what suits you. Without checking back over your posts, I’m assuming you’ve done all the other supporting mods already?
  14. I was gonna ask if you’d gone manual or auto, that answers that! Tbh I don’t even know if bmw will let you spec one with a proper ‘box any more, in X drive spec anyway. Mine’s a manual as I’m a Luddite, but even I’ll admit that these cars suit an auto far better and I do kinda find myself wishing I’d gone for a more common car instead
  15. The only thing I don’t like about the current 3ers are the rear lights, the way they wrap around the bodywork. Otherwise I’m a sucker for a BMW tourer, my F11 with the 2L oil burner is bizarrely brilliant car, and the G21 is a beautiful thing indeed. Good choice sir, enjoy!
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