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  1. Maybe one day someone will post something that hasn’t been utterly butchered, so me and my #grumpyfamcrew have something to be positive about
  2. That would explain the bonnet then, but bumper to wings looks off as well?
  3. Didn’t mean literal polishing, more like it needs a good tidy up 👍 I’m guessing the wrap matches better in person than the pics?
  4. Cripes, that need a fair bit of polishing up to look decent doesn’t it?! Also, and this might be my eyes, but that front tyre looks like it needs a good dollop of air in
  5. More than I’d want to think about: if you can see enough rust to be worried about, then they’re MUCH more you can’t see. I’d walk at that point, there lots of cars out there.
  6. Same for any 350 now, rust will be the killer but also checking for general health (smoking on start up, good gearbox, working electrical etc). We’re now at the stage where you buy on condition, not mileage.
  7. If it’s just for the MOT, pop some OEM ones on then put your test pipes back afterwards?
  8. Not any more, think the old days of expensive insurance or not being able to read OBD (although it is still trickier) are behind us. Parts are interchangeable so no worries there, but I would make sure you’re paying less for an import than a UK car like for like
  9. If there’s ever a way, Veilside will find it. They’re the JDM Mansory.
  10. Wouldn’t even bother looking at it with no MOT. Decent spec though.
  11. Crash on track, it won’t be covered. Crash on the road, you will be. It’s protecting them from people binning it on track, then dragging the car to the local roads and claiming an accident.
  12. Ekona

    R8 would you?

    Developing world won’t be able to afford synthetic fuel either. EVs will only be enforced on the developed world by big companies, there will always be another company to sort out demand for the ROW.
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