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  1. I’d suggest it’s a popularist overreaction. Are there that many accidents/deaths on the road in faster cars compared with regular ones? My gut says no, so they’re targeting the wrong group of people. Silly idea with limited benefit imho.
  2. Get the guy fitting to supply, that way if there’s any issues it’s his problem, not yours.
  3. I think that sounds like an utter bargain, personally.
  4. It’s the new car vs old car argument there, and all of those mentioned will be at least double the amount to maintain. The fact that people are wanting the even uglier M2 at the same price is the real killer for me. I get cars are more expensive than they used to be, but a Nissan cannot go head to head with a premium manufacturer unless it’s oodles better or much cheaper.
  5. Ekona

    2023 Tyre Reviews

    I’ll take your word for it, cos I can’t see the markings on the tyre and he said MPS5.
  6. School holidays aren’t for another few weeks, try again then. If serious, then basically whatever car you can afford to insure will determine what you can buy.
  7. Ekona

    2023 Tyre Reviews

    Really? I’ve had them fitted to my cars for well over a year now, they’re lovely things. Looking so far like they’ll wear as well as the MPS4 too.
  8. R8 vs GTR wouldn’t even be a question, in my mind. Unless you need the back seats, it’s not even close. However, we’ve now gone a budget class or two above a 987.2/981 🤣
  9. Ekona

    New Brake setup

    Discs don’t really matter tbh, so that makes your choice very simple
  10. Shocker, seller bigs up his own product 😉 PPF will protect the paint, but never looks as good as naked paint. Coatings will look the best, but can still chip. Personally I’d go coating every time, avoid the ultra cheap but anything after a certain price is much of a muchness. It’s all about the prep (so machine polishing before is a must, even on a brand new car) and how it’s applied, it’s really not that difficult to do no matter what professionals say. I’ve done a Gallardo Spider and a Skoda Supervb, both very different vehicles with very different paints but the application was the same, and the results equally as worth the effort.
  11. I think you guys might be missing the point of anything with a Lotus badge when you start mentioning 0-60 and 1/4 mile times… They’ve always been about the chassis and the suspension. That’s what makes them so special compared with the competition. On a crappy British b-road, nothing will flow better or give you more confidence and feedback.
  12. As Alex says, if you haven’t done the ARBs/sway bars yet, def do them first. Absolute no brainer, cheaper too
  13. And you’ve got adjustable ARBs as well?
  14. If you’re looking at 70% track work, then imho you need to be looking up a notch like KWv3 etc, as all those you mention are budget options which would suit a road car more than a track toy. Suspension is arguably the biggest thing you can do to a car to totally change it, and I certainly wouldn’t be scrimping at this point since you’ve polybushed everything already.
  15. Honest, any of the three will do you and unless you’re capable of shaving milliseconds off a lap time through pressure balancing, you’ll prob be hard pressed to notice the difference between the two Michelins. The PS4S has a slightly stiffer side wall, but again we’re talking fractions. I’ve tried the 4S and they’re good, but chose to run the 5 on my car. As you say, the extra wear is massively worth the difference over pretty much any other tyre, when it comes to your pocket. So yeah, PS5 would be my shout. It’s also a pretty tyre which we all know is the most important thing when it comes to choosing rubber, eh gang? 😉🤣
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