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  1. But how do you really feel? Tbh i can forgive him most of his obvious character faults, and what he does in his personal life is none of my business. If he can get things done and be forward about what he wants, then that’s enough for me. It’s Corbyn’s biggest flaw, his lack of direction and leadership: He still hasn’t got a grip on anti-semitism in his party, which is equally as bad as any racist overtones that Boris may show.
  2. Ironically if Corbyn could hold off from his magic money tree giveaways which are just nonsense, I could be persuaded to vote for Labour again. He’d have to ditch Abbott first though, and McDonnell too really. As it stands, and for the way Boris has tried to bring Brexit to an end at long last, I’ll be voting Tory. Tbh all the other guff about taxes and the NHS and education and whatever means nothing to me really this time around, it’s all about getting out of the EU now for me personally.
  3. But you can lock a baby in the boot, or in a kitchen cupboard. Or so I heard, anyway. Ahem.
  4. Why do you think I got divorced this year? No wife, quiet life.
  5. It’s like a Chinese copy of a Model X. In the same way you see those cheap Chinese copies of a FFRR or an F-Pace, and you wonder how they don’t get sued.
  6. Ekona

    Ferrari Roma....

    I can forgive an F12 for some of its looks simply because of the way it drives and that noise from inside the cabin is to die for! I like the Roma, but it’s a bit generic externally. Not that that’s always a bad thing, but this could be an Aston or a Jag as others have said quite easily. Interior cockpit design is tremendous though, much better than the usual Ferrari fare.
  7. Can’t be that, she’d be too busy chewing on the keyboard.
  8. She has my ears, poor little sod
  9. Mila-Andie Janis Mulloy-Morgan, born 10-11-19 at 15:39 weighing 6lb 2oz Not a straightforward birth by any means, but we got there in the end. Now to start planning her future karting career...!
  10. Click the button that says ‘Click to choose files’, choose your picture, upload it, then click the plus symbol on the picture to add it to your post.
  11. If your issue is not being able to pass an MOT with the new cats in place, you have two options: 1. Get the cats red hot before attempting the emissions test, or; 2. Put the stock cats back on for the test. Hi-flo cats are well known for not passing MOTs sadly. Ignore a remap just to pass, these are your two choices.
  12. Dry as a nun’s chuff
  13. Been at the hospital all day, nothing happening so far. Bloody kid.
  14. Because right now Brexit will affect us all more dramatically in the near future than anything else. It’s critical, and I think that it’s only maybe in the last few months that it’s starting to sink in with the population.
  15. Don't have a dash cam in the MX-5 sadly. God bless the little car though when it's pouring with rain, I slowed to 30mph and whacked the manual roof up quickly to stop getting wet: Mark had to stop the Lambo, put the brakes on and wait like a berk as the auto roof did its thing in about 15 secs He got drenched!



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