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  1. I’m not stopping you, I’m encouraging you
  2. Or you could buy a cheaper car to insure, if you can’t quite stretch to the insurance on a 350Z. Plenty of fun stuff out there that’s more affordable insurance wise
  3. Bruce Willis has got awful teeth in that photo.
  4. Ekona

    400 Zed

    So you actually think there will be a new Zed with a nice NA engine?
  5. Another vote for Demon Thieves. Even if you don’t buy from there, they’ve plenty of stuff to try on and test. And don't even consider chinless if you’re even remotely thinking about motorsport. When it comes to the helmet, try and ignore budget (up to a point!) and get something that you find comfortable and snug. I wanted a full carbon Arai but it wasn’t comfortable, so I ended up with a £300 Sparco instead so it works both ways.
  6. Ekona

    400 Zed

    That would actually be much more interesting than a dull 2L turbo generic-o-coupe that’ll well prob end up with... I actually saw that exact car parked up once in Tesco car park in Gt Notley, which was random. Looked immense.
  7. Ekona

    400 Zed

    Just another sh*t image knocked up by a bored art student, nothing more. These things are absolutely pointless.
  8. Zed’s dead baby, Zed’s dead.
  9. Pfft, never stopped me
  10. I hate it, but I still have respect for Payco for not giving a toss and doing what the hell he wants to it.
  11. Welcome to the world of the snowflake. Heaven forbid a car should actually handle properly!
  12. Ekona

    400 Zed

    Fake. Not going to happen.
  13. Ekona

    Forum speed

    Zero issues on safari on iOS.
  14. Ekona

    Tyre noise

    The MPSS were never the quietest tyre, and certainly the MPS4 and MPS4S are a vast improvement on them. AD08R are still noisier though in my experience.



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