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  1. Cheapest ones you can get your hands on then. Tbh I always buy cheapy discs, and then adjust my budget for whatever pads I want to run depending on use.
  2. Ekona

    Stolen 350z

    Do you read anything anyone says, or just skip a few lines and chuck out some random nonsense? At risk of blowing my own trumpet, I think you’ll find my logic and reasoning to be quite infallible on this. I can state with absolute certainty that you are incorrect, my dear fellow.
  3. Ekona

    Stolen 350z

    Like I said, it’s not as clear cut as it initially sounds. Plenty of wrangling between all three parties I feel, and this is where you find out just how decent your insurer actually is. Who is it, btw? You're kinda right in saying that liability rests with the insurer as far as the policyholder is concerned, but as far as the insurer is concerned the liability is with the garage and they may feel that they should not shoulder the burden of a stolen car when it wasn’t in their care and clearly parked in a non-secure location. At that point they may want their money before paying out
  4. Ekona

    Stolen 350z

    There’s what is right in fact, and there’s what is right in law. The trouble is the car at the time belonged to the OP, not the insurer. No agreement had been made as far as finalising the claim was concerned, hence why this is not as straight forward as you may think.
  5. Ekona

    Stolen 350z

    Interesting question. Technically the garage is 100% responsible and will need to claim via their liability insurance, however I suspect that’s void as they did not have it inside their compound which I bet is a term of their insurance, so you’d be stuck in a fight between the insurers and the garage. Their insurers have no liability to you, so if they refuse a payout then you have to chase the garage via court with all the risks that takes. Your own insurer would be well within their rights to play hardball, but it’s complicated by the fact they chose where to send the car so have a
  6. Tbh if you totally stay off boost then you’ll be fine, just baby it there.
  7. Disconnect the waste gate arms so you cannot make boost during the drive, reduces any risk to practically zero.
  8. Nope, no case study from me on that. I’ll just cite it and leave you to go do your own homework. Irritating, isn’t it? And also you know yourself your own statement is wrong, given that there have been many cases of people catching Covid twice.
  9. So it’ll make you less likely to get it, less likely to die if you do get it, and less likely to pass it on. Any immunity you may have from having had a variant of it before is increased by having the vaccine. No vaccines give 100% immunity, but I’m sure you knew that already.
  10. Exactly the same as if you hadn’t had Covid.
  11. I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE ARGUING FOR For the love of god, stop quoting random stuff and answer what is the simplest f***ing question in the entire thread. What is your point?
  12. I mean if he does can we go round and key the crap out of it, to devalue it and make him learn his lesson? I feel that’s appropriate.
  13. If you go FWD I will disown you.
  14. I still have no idea what the point is you’re arguing, you know. Could you be really basic and tell me please? Genuine question.
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