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  1. What is “turbo fan speed” shown on the gauges? Boost pressure and volts I get, but that one?
  2. That’s the whole idea though, and to be fair aside from the race that’s what they got. They need to sell it as entertainment first to get people hooked, then the sport itself will do the talking. Look at Austin: started off all cowboy hats and brashness, now its taken very seriously as one of *the* races of the calendar. But then that’s actually a decent track…
  3. Wouldn’t say George was better yesterday than Lewis, let be honest that without the safety car and the ability to take a very short pit stop he’d have ended up significantly further back. He played it perfectly praying for a safety car, and then on fresher tyres Lewis had no chance. Both drove about as well as expected, neither excelling. Totally agree that George is adapting much quicker to the car than Lewis, but then look at the dog he’s used to driving
  4. That was amazing, wasn’t it?! Dreadful race otherwise. Think it might be worse than Monaco for actual racing, which is a shame as Austin is one of the best tracks on the calendar.
  5. There’s passionate, which I totally get even down to your tattoo, and then there’s dressing like a mannequin from a Ferrari store front. Honestly, it’s embarrassing to see.
  6. It’s like they think that F1 would be rubbish without them. Funnily enough, when they’re nowhere near competitive and just trundle around taking an easy 6/7th place, no one actually notices them at all. Same for every single other team.
  7. This. But not for domination of the sport, more for the constant blatant cheating of the rules and FIA assistance (see also: the magic power fuelling from two seasons ago). It’s corruption at its worst, and it’s not even subtle. Also I dislike Ferrari because their fans all seem to rock up to events dressed head to toe in Ferrari gear
  8. I feel dirty cheering on a Ferrari. But rather LeClerc than Verstappen. Good to see Russell doing well, just a shame he hasn’t got the car he thought he was signing up for.
  9. And the trouble is you can now get a Supra with a manual from a UK dealer and have a brand new car, not one that’s essentially twenty years old underneath. I cannot for one minute imagine this being better in any way than the Supra.
  10. Be amazed if it didn’t have rev matching, however not having it is a good thing in my eyes
  11. And? It’s a limited purist car, look what the Yaris GR was going for just after sale at at least £5k over and that was much easier to get hold of: Whilst £40k might be a push and was said for purposes of entertainment, I don’t think the first ones will be far off that. This is the last NA pure-ICE Toyota drivers’ car we’ll ever see, so it’s got that in its favour.
  12. They’ll be up on the classifieds for £40k+ by the end of the week.
  13. Incorrect. It’s not “now an offence on TfL”, it’s been an offence for years everywhere. And how anyone can see this as a bad thing is beyond me; there’s a world of difference between looking around and making someone feel so uncomfortable in your actions that it becomes an offence.
  14. Very surprised they didn’t do a static test, I’ve never done an MSV day where they didn’t do one. That said, it’s the drive by rather than the static that catches people out, but I’m 99% sure you’ll be fine
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