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  1. Still a better shout than Hunt though, to be fair.
  2. This footage shows a crash between a 350Z and another car, and the aftermath. There were two fatalities. Judge for yourself if you want to see, but I feel it's worth posting if it stops one person being an idiot. https://streamable.com/al0cm And how many people on here have driven like this during a meet? Or stood that close just to get the perfect Insta vid? Too many. Lives lost for no reason. FFS have a word with yourselves and think before you feel like you want to impress a bunch of strangers with how loud/fast your car is.
  3. Drivability more important than gains
  4. Capri. Pop the V8 from the Mustang into it and I’m sold. #Essexboi
  5. Ekona


    Well, the world is flat so that helps
  6. Ekona

    Maxton Design

    I bought their front lip for my old 645, perfect fit and finish. I’d trust their stuff.
  7. Ekona


    Common f*cking sense should dictate some of what you teach kids. That definitely includes being accepting of others regardless of what gender they might identify as, and it definitely doesn’t f*cking include teaching them the world is flat. I think that pretty much covers it, in my usual subtle way.
  8. Ekona


    Depends on whether they have a GRC or not. If they have a GRC then they will go male estate, if not then they go male estate. They would be incredibly well looked after as well to prevent any risk of what you imply. Bearing in mind I work at a prison.
  9. Ekona


    Pandemic? Please don't tell me you're actually comparing gender identity to a disease. You're right though, gender identity is a state of mind. It's a very individual thing, and I won't ever pretend to understand it, but at the same time whatever someone feels is a totally personal thing that no-one can say is right or wrong. We've spent years telling young people what they should or shouldn't think, what's the harm in educating them that some people (including maybe themselves) feel differently inside to others?
  10. Ekona

    Stancey Whips

    Mankini wing? Sounds different.
  11. Not sure I agree. It’s an old car, and it’s a common issue, so I don’t think the garage should really be picking up the tab on this one. Stuff happens when you’re working on older cars, and as long as it wasn’t negligent then you just have to go with it and suck it up yourself.
  12. Sod that. Metallica and Slipknot should relax her, better than the crap urban dross the baby momma listens to!
  13. I’ll just put mine in a crate each day, sorted.



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