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  1. But then I would argue how on Earth so many people have accidents on what are essentially the straightest roads in the country. No matter how smart the road, there will always be a better idiot.
  2. Some of them are crap though. The OG one still reigns supreme for me, but I’ll give the N64 one an honourable mention too.
  3. Wing mirrors in, and park well over to one side not help? Or get a ragtop and leave the roof down...
  4. Waaaaayyyyyy too busy these days for me sadly. I’d rather they halved the number of tickets available and doubled the price, it would make for a much more enjoyable day. Unless it rains, then Goodwood Bog is no fun at all
  5. GT hasn’t been the king for many years imho, not since GT4. PC2 is awesome once you take the time to set each car up, but that’s not something to drop in and out of really. Once done though, I’d say it’s unbeatable.
  6. Measuring the car itself would be better than measuring a random garage I had a tight garage (fnar) so I used to park closer to one side and lined the other wall with carpet where the door opened into it.
  7. I heard the Z35 will have turbo four and a V6 and hybrid and have 200 bhp and 500bhp and be fwd and 4wd and have four seats and seven doors and be coloured like mr blobby.
  8. So the VXR gets punished for not having the throttle control of the SC cars, but the Turbo is the car that wins? Bizarre reasoning there. Great write up Col, you must be delighted with that and rightly so
  9. Interesting project, I can imagine the electronics being an absolute nightmare with that! A lot of effort there going into that, fair play to him for giving it a go.
  10. Second hand OEM cats would be my shout, or you could try the TS ones but remember that they may need to be red hot still to pass. Or a friendlier tester, of course.
  11. Pretty sure I’ve been here longer without a Zed than with one
  12. Col does get it, his explanation is spot on. Throttle controllers are actually very simple devices, which is a good thing.
  13. By making the throttle sharper you reduce sensitivity and control of the throttle, so arguably it’s going to make you a slower/more erratic driver. I had one, found it fun for about a week, then realised just what it was doing to my driving so sold it. Worth it if you’re planning on running in Eco mode though, as Col says. Maybe.





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