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  1. Pull the two little tabs off left and right at the bottom of the cubby, there’s screws behind them. When it comes to jap interior plastics, if it looks like it can pop off then it does pop off, best interiors to work on 👍
  2. What toy is it? Tbh you can go right to the extremes of trailers and spares and all sorts, but tbh all I ever did was make sure the car was sorted in terms of fluids, brakes and tyres (as in plenty of all) before the day, then enjoying the day as much as possible. I would recommend a decent set of thin soles driving shoes above all else, and a good pair of race gloves too. Track driving is about driving at the edges, and you want as much feel as you can get from your feet and as much grip as your hands can give you. And don’t ever be afraid to cough up for some tuition: if you know your car you might now know the track, and vice versa. Good tuition will pay dividends to the experience
  3. Prepare to start detesting Vodafone like you never thought was possible. And to be on a first-name basis with their call centres! Enjoy it mate, it’s a fantastic car 👍
  4. Honestly, there’s nothing on the 350/370 that needs a specialist at all. You may get a better price as they’ll know shortcuts without having to google it, but if you trust your local garage then use them.
  5. At around 100k, I’d be looking at changing the dampers on any car anyway, so it’s about time regardless. The screencap is hard to tell anything either way, could be leaking at the top though from that. Could also just be dirt
  6. Showing us the video might be worthwhile too.
  7. Age/mileage of the car? And without getting underneath there, you can’t really tell. Tbf to the dealer, it’s not normally something that is blagged as a leak is an obvious thing, and if it’s a tiny one you might not even notice any day to day loss of damping at the rear.
  8. https://fb.watch/f757VYXoV1/ Sorry it’s an fb link, but it certainly shows another side to this car.
  9. I can still recommend a 645ci if you want a v8 manual, chuck a couple of grand at the suspension and it becomes very much less barge like. Hell you could buy one, mod the crap out of it and still have enough left over for something else fun.
  10. On the MA1 lump? I’ve not seen any examples of that, got any links?
  11. I found my 997 to cost exactly the same as my 350Z, in terms of pure basic running costs (servicing, brakes, tyres, fuel etc). I can’t see a 981 being significantly more, however I wouldn’t run a PDK without the OPC warranty. Incredibly reliable gearbox, but if it goes pop… The engines are far more reliable and I wouldn’t give that a second thought from that side.
  12. Are running costs an issue? If so your choice is much more limited than if you’ve got a bit of cash to spare. But yes, a Cayman in the obvious choice, but one with a six not a four in the middle. V8 Vantage worth a look, as is an R8, and every petrol head should try a Lotus at some point in their life.
  13. More fool the person that pays that. Dealer is a chancer.
  14. If you potter around then the Falkens will be fine. If you drive your car properly you WILL notice the difference from better tyres. You’ll also get ridiculous mileage out of the MP4 range: I’ve still no idea how my current rears are now approaching 20k miles with plenty of life left
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