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  1. Not good at all. Fingers crossed for her.
  2. It would make no sense for Nissan to say it’s not coming out here and to then release it. Better to say that they are considering all possibilities and keep PR going than to say it’s not happening. I agree that hybrids will be their primary goal moving forward, but I also suspect the ZP will last for about ten years including a facelift or two. That seems to be what they do with Zeds these days!
  3. Pretty much exactly that. The Rex is ultimately more fun as you can really wring its neck, but actually having torque makes the 350 better to pull out of the corners so it’s definitely quicker, although I don’t think there’s a huge amount in it. I’m a big fan of the Rex, but the 350 is easier to live with.
  4. I’ve tracked an rx8 too (admittedly one with no interior, r888s and bc racing suspension) and it was great fun, it’s my mate’s toy and I had a riot keeping up with it in my old 645ci. In answer to your question, cooling system is absolutely fine but you’ll prob want to swap the pads out for something better. I love the Performance Friction pads, match them with their discs and stopping power and fade are exactly where you’d want them to be.
  5. I couldn’t possibly comment as they’re litigation-happy, which is enough to make me never want to use them. And that they’re known for being general dodgy sh*tbags.
  6. Don’t confuse fun car with practical car
  7. Profile is based on the width, so if you go bigger profile you must reduce the width to keep the aspect the same.
  8. Who are you again? Good to see you back on here fella, now get that rust bucket up and running!
  9. And that my good sir, is exactly why an NA engine is brilliant and will never be beaten by anything with a turbo.
  10. I always park next to nice cars, because I know that they will take care opening doors. They may not ever know that I’m a car guy too so I’m actually doing them a favour by parking next to them, but that’s okay.
  11. Only guarantee I’d ever make is a second hand set of OEM cats. Every other solution runs the risk of CEL and/or failing MOT, and at that point you might as well get the only thing that will definitely work.
  12. When I’m sliding backwards into a hedge, I’m always grateful that at least my tyres look pretty whilst doing so.
  13. But its a diesel. It could have 800bhp and 1600ftlb and I still wouldn’t want it





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