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  1. Ekona


    Oh god, I hope not So much fugly there. A stock GTR isn’t exactly pretty, that’s just rolling it in glitter.
  2. Ekona

    Road and Race 350Z

  3. Ekona

    Remapping after removing decat?

    Wouldn’t remotely worry about it. Assuming the mapper was decent, that is. Performance won’t be hugely affected either way.
  4. Ekona


    Quick, someone pass the industrial size eye bleach!
  5. Ekona

    Help Needed Replacing Tyres on Nismo 18

    Nope, ‘cos I can drive properly Alex is right, chuck a pic up.
  6. Ekona

    Help Needed Replacing Tyres on Nismo 18

    You can ignore the W numbers. And thanks to the power of the internets, you can order tyres online now so it doesn’t matter where you live However, and this is dependant on the exact wear of your existing tyres, you may have to replace all four. This is because if you put new tyres on one side only when the other side is already worn, you’ll create a dangerously unstable car. How worn is too worn? As a general rule, I’d say anything over 1.5mm or approx 3k miles depending on driving style.
  7. Ekona

    Cleaning Advice

    Personally, I think you’d be wasting your money if you go down that route. All you need to do is to get a pro to polish your car once, then apply a coating of whatever takes your fancy. If you’re then happy to do the basics yourself, and do it well, you simply won’t need to hire a pro again. Saying that, waxing really isn’t something I’d ever pay someone else to do, not when you can do it yourself in an hour once a month (and that’s dragging it out!).
  8. Ekona

    D1 Spec Throttle Controller

    It’s plug and play. If you can connect a usb cable to a computer, you can install one of these.
  9. Ekona


    This car marks the one occasion where a ridiculously expensive car is released, and all I want someone to do is to buy it, never drive it and tuck it up in a garage never to be seen again
  10. Ekona

    Cleaning Advice

    Fairy liquid and a kitchen scourer for me innit. When you say “professional valet regularly”, what do you actually mean? How often, and what are you expecting them to do? Who are you going to use?
  11. Ekona

    World Cup

    Yes.* *No.
  12. Ekona

    Need to drop that arch gap

    Just be aware of the massive dynamic shift you've made by running same size tyres front to rear, as in be alert for snap oversteer. IMHO bin/flog them and do it properly, don't risk your whole car (and have to twinkle around!) for the sake of a set of rubber. 30mm should be fine without needing arms, but every car is fractionally different. I'd feel comfortable going with that though.
  13. Ekona

    Need to drop that arch gap

    Whatever you want, really. Spring almost always specifically tell you what drop they give, so just work out how low you want to be then order the ones to suit. Don't go too low or you'll need adjustable camber arms though, I'd stick to 30mm or thereabouts. What tyres are they, btw? Size and make/model? Not saying they're wrong, I'm just curious as I can't read it from the pics and it's annoying me
  14. Ekona


    Is it a rush to the bottom with Japanese car styling at the moment?! I'm shocked Nissan let them do that tbh, that's utterly revolting from every single angle.
  15. Ekona

    Motorcycle change discussion

    Would it not be better for Ducati to manufacture them, rather than wire them up for sound? Just checking.