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  1. Power to weight**

    At least I’m not going mad! Cheers dude
  2. Power to weight**

    I’m sure I’ve posted on this thread previously...
  3. Monterey Blue Rare?

    Is that not Le Mans Blue in the UK?
  4. Update

    If it's justr a refurb, then no. if you're changing colour then I would, just to be safe.
  5. Update

    ^^^ This. Tell them everything. They may not give a toss, or they may want to cancel your insurance if you do, but you really don't want to be worrying about that if you've had an accident.
  6. New Supra leaked ahead of revealing

    Ooh now there’s a question, what’s uglier: CTR, Supra, Griff or Senna??
  7. New Supra leaked ahead of revealing

    I know your comment was meant partly in jest, but the 911 is a good example to use actually. It gets a facelift every four years, and each time you can see the minor improvements that bring the car up to date without making it look obnoxious. Well, apart from the current Turbo/S that is way too fussy at the rear. Most manufacturers work to a four year refresh give or take, I think. Even something like a Fiesta can look more modern once updated, but where the FT1 was once fresh it’s now been surpassed in outlandish angles by anything Lexus, Infiniti and the new Griff. It’s dated before it’s even out.
  8. New Supra leaked ahead of revealing

    General consensus on PH is that the pics are squashed up, which makes sense if you look at the proportions. Still not pretty, but better. The trouble is that the FT1 was unveiled four years ago now. Four years is a long time in the automotive world, and what once looked new and fresh now looks awkward and dated. We've not really seen the design evolve at all.
  9. New Supra leaked ahead of revealing

    Hopefully they can start with the front bumper.
  10. New Supra leaked ahead of revealing

    What the f*** is wrong with Japanese designers at the moment?! They've not produced anything resembling a coherant design for at least 16 years by my count*. I just don't get it, they used to be masters of the sleek car with just enough detailing to be different, but now they seem to want to put as many angles as they can on things. The only car uglier than this right now is that Senna monstrosity. *Although the ND MX5 is pretty nice, so maybe I'll allow that. Actually so's the Mazda6, so maybe it's just Mazda that know what they're doing?
  11. nearly crashed

    Screams fluid leak to me.
  12. Mars next stop :)

    I can't believe I'm going here... Are you really surprised that the only moving things in a video, the only things that are actually affecting what's being transmitted in any meaningful way, are the things that are breaking up in poor conditions?
  13. Mars next stop :)

    You have waaaaaay more patience than me, Stu.
  14. Colour.

    Let it go Steve
  15. 640d

    You have more faith in governments than I do.