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  1. tell me you don’t actually believe that?!?!
  2. Without biting on your obvious hook, why? It’s only a Zed, they’re cheap enough to fix if something goes wrong and this is exactly when you can enjoy rwd goodness without doing anything massively illegal.
  3. Are you kidding?! This is the best time to be driving a rwd car! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the MX5 and the 5er estate of late
  4. Do people still believe that back handers and golf course deals don’t actually exist? How quaint. Also, “away from mainstream media” appears to mean sources that only agree with your POV. I seem to remember someone already mentioning that on this thread...
  5. My thoughts have also been mid ‘22 until we could be back to normal. That assumes end of October that the vast majority are vaccinated, and another season of the virus to go round. If we can clear those hurdles, then we should be alright. Don’t expect face masks while shopping to ever go away though, not now. I honestly think that they are here permanently.
  6. Or to put it another way, if it’s a case of take it and be allowed to live as we once did or carry on as I currently have to, then dose me up now!
  7. Agreed, but then I look at it that this is the single most important vaccine of a generation, and if one of these companies has got it wrong then they’re going straight under. With the billions of pounds involved in the industry, I’m pretty confident that we’re not looking at another thalidomide. Plus our medical controls are some of the strictest in the world, and I can’t see them staking their reputation in case they get it wrong. But I do accept that we have not (and cannot have) seen any long term data on it.
  8. I think it will be a lot longer than that, don’t forget we haven’t seen any test results on how/if the vaccine reduces infectiousness when it comes to passing it on, so you may be fine but if you can pass it to others who haven’t had it then you’ll still need to take the exact same precautions as we do currently.
  9. That car in the original advert has had new clutch, lwf, aem intakes and a remap: that’s easy a couple of grand of extras there. I can’t see how that’s bad value compared with a standard one that might well need the clutch doing soon anyway. Haggle another couple of grand off and that would seem to be a bargain. Five owners isn’t unusual for a thirsty sports coupe these days at all. People buy them then realise it costs a bomb to actually drive one properly!
  10. I’ll get it in September probably, prison officers at the back of the queue as usual
  11. Attention-whoring existed long before social media I get he’s your brother, but surely from what you’ve said even you must have doubts? Hey if I’m wrong then charity wins, and if I’m right charity wins. Can’t be a bad result either way.
  12. ZP still ain’t coming here so I’m okay with that Look, they guy doesn’t even have a 600bhp car running yet, and from what you’ve said it’s still stock so half that. He’s shooting for a figure that only a tiny fraction of pro level tuners ever reach, so you can understand why people don’t think it’s going to happen. I’ve put my money where my mouth is this time, so can’t say fairer than that. If he does do it then fair enough, but right now this is screaming attention-whoring at its finest. It’s like me saying I’m going to put an 800bhp TT LS3 in my little MX5: totally doable, but equally unlikely.





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