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  1. If we were truly grown men, we wouldn’t be driving silly little sports cars
  2. Nothing concerning there at all, some people only keep sporty cars for a year before moving on. Just don’t pay top money for it if you’re planning on doing more than about 5k miles a year, as otherwise you might as well buy a leggier example.
  3. Not sure I’d actually bother touching that up, I’d either get it done properly or wear it as a war mark with pride 😎
  4. Looks like Sunset from that photo, but if it’s non-standard then it could literally be anything. Can prob get a pen from any NMD, but it could stand out more than the scuff. Any pics of the damage?
  5. So Horsham did both the 418 and the 354 dyno runs, correct? Are Horsham saying there is def something wrong with it? What boost are you running? What size pulley? What I’m getting at is this is lacking in details and Horsham know their stuff, so I’m surprised if they can’t fix it or give you a hint as to where to go next.
  6. Cos it’s in the book. I can’t see any practical reason why it’s in there though!
  7. Don’t forget to fit shorter wiper blades too, else it’ll fail the MOT.
  8. I now feel very old after reading that comment.
  9. Crazy idea, but maybe go measure your own car? Saitoworks specify the size of theirs anyway, so you can work on that basis.
  10. Without replacing the entire unit, you can’t. Tbh I don’t ever bother with in car nav either any more, get a good mount and use your phone: certainly the bigger models (Max, Plus sizes) are more than capable of giving you the info you need clearly.
  11. Sports Plus is amazing when you’re really in the mood, on the right road. The engineered-in extra jolt when the ‘box changes is subtle but brilliant.
  12. Keep your foot buried past lockdown in normal mode and it’ll still shift at the redline. Also Sports Plus will still change gears automatically for you, only if you push the stick to the left and put it in manual mode will it not change up.
  13. Get it to Center Gravity asap. Best money I ever spent on mine, absolutely transformed the car. Same when I took the 6er there, too. Wizards, I tell you!
  14. That was utterly painful to read, even as a Porsche fan. Also he gets quite a few bits wrong as well (there is no raised rev limit in Sport Mode, for example).
  15. Used the place run by a mate near where I used to work, but honestly that was cos it was handy rather than anything else. An MOT is an MOT, go wherever is easiest.
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