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  1. Next Corvette

    Interestingly the R8 starts at $165K, so yeah I reckon I'm pretty close to being on the money with that guess!
  2. Next Corvette

    $60K according to the Chevvy website. But then a ZR1 is $121K, and the C8 would need to be significantly above that. I reckon a starting price of $160k would do it, so £115K there or thereabouts.
  3. Next Corvette

    Can't see it being that expensive, it'd never sell. I reckon probably twice whatever the regular Vette costs now.
  4. Next Corvette

    Yes, it’s in addition to and sitting above the current car.
  5. Next Corvette

    Where did you get rhd from? Can’t see that happening when the standard Vette isn’t rhd either. Also no manual option
  6. Guess the car part

    How on earth can you tell gen2 over gen1 from that?! So in case he's wrong, I'll take the 991.1 T4S
  7. Performance Mods question

    I think it very much depends on the car. For instance, I'd only order a new non-GT 911 with PDK but I'd have a Cayman in manual. Something like a Bentley you'd only ever go auto even if it was an option. M4 I'd prob go manual (but it would be close), M240 def manual but the auto is amazing. 370 manual too, but it's not even close there. Something shopping trolley like a Golf R would be DSG for me, but I'd have a FRS in a manual. Odd, I know. I wish the big boys would still offer a manual at least. 488 Pista with a manual 'box would be heaven, or even the 570S. The new R8 RWS would've been perfect for one too.
  8. Guess the car part

    Ohhhhhh Never heard that term before.
  9. Performance Mods question

    I guess the only way it could matter is if either option was particularly dreadful. However even then it’s not foolproof, as for example the majority will tell you the E63 6er manual ‘box is crap but a simple change of gearknob sorted that right out for me. I dont think the slushbox in the 370 is wonderful as it’s pretty dim witted compared to modern ones, but it’s far from terrible either. Plus if you’re buying a Nismo that’s irrelevant as they’re all manual anyway!
  10. Selling v5's

    Nope, report it to eBay (if you haven't already), they're super-hot at getting those removed.
  11. Red 350GT- a zed in disguise

    Well yeah, but as long as the lamp glows orange I can't see it ever being an issue.
  12. Red 350GT- a zed in disguise

    Spray the insides black, like the headlights?
  13. Red 350GT- a zed in disguise

    Grille is a billion times better Can you not get clear reflectors and orange silverlight bulbs?
  14. Performance Mods question

    Is it because he can still sell it for above list?