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  1. Ekona

    Brexit again

    Is it? Both votes were about departing a single entity from a larger collective, and in both cases some votes to leave were done by racists and some were done out of principle. Both votes had zero idea what it would mean to actually leave, and had zero idea just what it would mean and the difficulties involved if a vote was passed. Scotland had the pound issue as arguably the biggest problem (although ironically the EU issue was certainly a factor too), and Brexit had the NI issue and the backstop. I think theres more similarities there than you may care to admit. I’m not trying to start a row, merely pointing out your own arguments apply to both votes.
  2. Ekona

    Brexit again

    If you cared about your country, you wouldn’t have subjected it to a vote into the unknown for independence without having any idea what would happen. Thankfully, common sense won that day.
  3. Ekona

    EU driving license and Brexit

    I think you need to stop listening to whoever told you that. Basically, if you live in the UK then you do nothing right now.
  4. Ekona

    Addition to the fleet

    I’d expect nothing less
  5. Ekona

    Addition to the fleet

    So you got it in the end then
  6. Ekona

    Which 350z should I get?

    Agreed, don’t get a 370z
  7. Ekona

    Which 350z should I get?

    Exactly. An extra 1000rpm makes a billion times more difference than half a parsnip worth of torque you’ll never ever feel. It’s a sports coupe, not a diesel shed!
  8. Ekona

    Mps4s something to consider

    You won’t, because it’s a completely different tyre in every single way. Well, apart from the word Michelin on the side.
  9. Ekona

    Mps4s something to consider

    You did, when you started mentioning MPS4 in a thread about the MPS4S!
  10. Ekona

    And the next car is...VXT

    Just need the wing mirrors doing in black as well and it’ll be a proper VXR lookalike! Great shout bud, looks a good car. Who did the remap? Assuming that’s 225bhp at the wheels?
  11. Ekona

    Mps4s something to consider

    I think it’s very important to distinguish between the 4 and the 4S, they’re hugely different tyres.
  12. Ekona

    Yokohama advan neova ad08r wow are they good!

    And even more than the extra grip, they have bags of feel so you can really sense what the car is doing, and exploit that more. Good choice sir
  13. Ekona

    Brexit again

    That’s me, then. I feel that way for two reasons: 1. Because I respect democracy. I don’t like losing, but I accept when more people think a different way to me. Even if they’re wrong. See: Jeremy Corbyn supporters. 2. Because I’m a stubborn tw*t who now wants those who voted leave to see exactly how messed up things will be because of them. See: Jeremy Corbyn supporters I still think it’s the wrong decision, but I’ll be damned if the court of social media should overrule a legitimate legal process now.
  14. Ekona

    Brexit again

    Some Brexiteers just want out on principle, and damned the consequences. Tbh, I can understand that, at least more than those that feel everything will magically be better if we leave. Without wishing to start an argument with you G, it’s the same as those that voted in the IndyRef for going it alone just so the Scots were totally ok their own. As a point of principle, I respect that. Genuinely.
  15. Ekona

    Which 350z should I get?

    Check the dvla website.