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  1. Ekona

    Alpine A110 by Renault

    That’s like picking a punch in the face over a kick in the nuts.
  2. Ekona

    Alpine A110 by Renault

    That looks amazing in the white with the tricolore striping!
  3. Ekona

    Wheel Offset Query

    Weight of these is 10-12kg according to Tarmac in a post from a couple of years back. However as pointed out these are not going to be of the highest quality nor of the lowest weight: You can expect them to look good for a bit but then I'd expect the finish to come off and the extra weight to be noticeable. However they're a brand new set of 19" wheels for £500, which is pretty much an absolute bargain if you like the looks Not everyone can afford or wants to spend £1500 on a set of wheels, certainly I bought cheap-ass Japan Racing wheels for my old BMW and they did the job for me perfectly, as well as being lighter than the heavy OEM ones
  4. Ekona

    Wheel Offset Query

    No, you’re absolutely right about heavier wheels, it’s the worst place to add weight and is the one place where it’s massively noticeable. Go and have a read up about offsets and what it actually is, and then you’ll see why you may need spacers or why a given wheel may simply not fit.
  5. Well I’d move it. Not into the road, but just off the wall. That’s assuming a quick chat doesn’t sort it.
  6. Ekona

    Brexit again

    Gove is a knob, but that’s a great speech.
  7. Ekona

    Leaked photo of the Supra without camo

    Looks dreadful, total mishmash of eras!
  8. Of course he has no right at all to do so: imagine if there was a fence there, he couldn’t do it at all then. No real difference in theory. Go and ask him to move it, job done. If he’s a **** about it then move it yourself.
  9. I admire your optimism in posting this, I really do.
  10. Ekona

    Leaked photo of the Supra without camo

    Billion times better! Oh, for a Z4M.
  11. Ekona

    Brexit again

    Absolutely no-one comes out of any of this with any glory whatsoever, I don't care which way you voted or how you feel about the deal.
  12. Ekona

    The Grand Tour

    Are Clarkson, Hammond and May not doing it any more then? Thank god, I might start watching it!
  13. Ekona

    350z Hydro Install

    Your average drift day now costs you peanuts as all you do is watch other people do it
  14. Ekona

    Z & the Ring

    Nah, that just makes your ring piece nip up more
  15. Ekona

    The Grand Tour

    Whilst clever, it's also far too close to the truth.