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  1. Yeah, figured as much. Tbh I would as well, given that it's a story they've probably heard a billion times before. I think it'll be fine too fella, it's not like you're disputing the original fine or anything, you just didn't even know it existed and are now pro-actively dealing with it. Courts & councils like that type of person, makes their life easier. I do have one question though: How did you find time to email the courts and find a template, but no enough time to make a phonecall??!!
  2. What a non-story.
  3. There will be contact numbers on the paperwork left by the bailiffs, so my first course of action would be to speak to them to tell them this is in dispute. Now, with court-auctioned ones they're not as likely to be as understanding as civil ones, however it may but you a couple of days at least. You can then speak to the court itself to go through the details, they're usually pretty helpful and will guide you in the right direction. No point speaking to the council until you've spoken to the above first.
  4. Don't pay it in full, just contact the court and complete a Statutory Declaration. This will reset the process, and you just pay the original amount. However, expect to be grilled as to how you missed the following letters, as you would likely have received at least three others (second fine without discount, notice of court proceedings, and judgement). If you can prove you haven't been in the country to receive that post, then a StatDec is admissible.
  5. We'll have to start calling you Arfur Job soon...
  6. No need to close, leave it open so others can add and benefit from your experience Any hints or links in particular you followed?
  7. The trouble with the FB 350Z forums (although not the official club one, I might add) is that they get can get taken over by someone who consistently spouts utter nonsense about the car, but does it in such a way with constant posting that people start to believe his garbage. I mean, despite everyone knowing that Nissan main dealers don't know their arse from their elbow, if you have mates who are Super Wonderful Nissan Techs then clearly you must be the font of all knowledge... But yeah, there's nowt wrong here. And of course I should be pacified at all costs!
  8. We did have the dealer pay us the money direct via BACS to our account for the Mini we sold to them, but the guy was sat in our house and we confirmed it was in our account then promptly rang Mini finance and paid it off before he took the vehicle, so it can happen. Very rare though, as Alex correctly points out it's a big risk for them. I just have a very very trusting face
  9. I'm on holiday atm dude, time difference and 12 hours walking around a theme park don't allow much for awesome postings!
  10. I hate change. Hate it. Horrible thing. This forum is a billion times better than the old one. Takes 2 mins to adjust your eyes to where the new info is, and that's it. Anyone who says it's worse is wrong. Having to read for 0.00005 secs more to obtain a bit of data that's not actually relevant isn't a design flaw. I mean, who cares who posted the thread? If you've posted in it then it's starred and you can see that way, and if you haven't then surely you just read the thread title and decide if that's something you want to read or not? I love Lexx like a brother, but if he posts a thread about Eastenders then I'm not going to read it regardless. That said, if you want that info then it is there, it's just in a different place. Removing post count for Welcome posts is a genius idea. Also, megalols at Col for the free fiver/tenner comment
  11. How unevenly have they worn? And what alignment did you ask for? A geo setting that allows for completely equal tyre wear (bearing in mind that tyre pressures will also make a massive difference and will be set by you) will also make the car very boring and numb to drive. Can you give us the exact wear number over all four tyres, and both old and new geo settings?
  12. Nah, Steve still has a contract with Honda to pay for the bike, so Honda will just carry on chasing him for the money. His agreement will also say that the bike is not his until the finance is paid off, and that he's not legally allowed to sell the bike before paying it all off, so they could also chase him for breach of contract however that's never going to happen as long as he keeps paying the finance off. Which I wouldn't want to be doing when I don't have the bike any more...
  13. Not sure what I've done there ... ha ha



    1. Ekona


      :lol: No worries matey :)

  14. Hi Dan


    Just purchased these Bad Boys:


    19" Fuchs Alloy Wheels SET OF 4 in Black 8.5J & 11J For 997.2 Carrera 2S


    I'd be grateful if you'd spec up some tyres