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  1. I hereby give this post my official Seal Of Approval And yes, you’ll notice a massive difference.
  2. Nah you’re thinking of TikTok mate
  3. Doesn’t sound wrong then, more like it’s straight but following the camber on the road. One of those things you may have to live with, my old Zed drove me nuts with that until I figured out what it was!
  4. Is it actually pulling, or just following the camber in the road? Try driving on the other side of the road (where safe) and see if it goes away.
  5. Yes. But it’s not going to be a straight swap.
  6. That’s why they’re so good, precisely because they don’t stand out or are too flashy or anything. They just do a very good job and they’re a nice place to be. Personally I’m grateful for cars these days that don’t feel the need to have a million and one creases in just to be different, but that’s probably age talking
  7. How would they know if they never recover the car? And if they do, who said it was you that did it?
  8. @davey_83 another one of your crew here!
  9. I’m not so convinced that a set of rear lights and some wheels could turn it into something desirable, but I hope I’m wrong.
  10. Assuming for one minute those tenders are correct, am I the only think thing it’s very generic and not a pleasing design at all?
  11. Oh you really must mate, makes getting those under trays off an absolute breeze! Good luck with the clam removal, expect hours of fun getting it to line up when you pop it back on...!
  12. Have you got the eliseparts quick release fixings in?
  13. They shouldn’t be launching anything right now, I can’t see this being anything other than a huge sales failure given the likely economy for the next couple of years. Very bad timing, although not their fault at all (well, it kinda is as this should’ve been out years ago, but you know what I mean!). Will almost certainly be white, I agree. Although it might be like the Supra and look better in black to hide the awful angles it’ll no doubt come with
  14. “That’ll be £150k please sir. Yes, for a Nissan. Sir? Sir?”





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