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  1. I know, I'm mellowing in my old age!
  2. Guys, back it off a bit, there's no need to be quite so rude. We all had to start from somewhere remember? OP, let me give you a few pointers: - As a basic starting point, the pressure you read on the side of a tyre will always be the maximum it's designed for, not what it should be run at. Running at a very high pressure means that only the very middle of the tyre will be touching the road, which leads to a big loss of grip as you've found out. - As a rule, you'll never go far wrong if you set the tyres to the pressure as stated in the handbook or on the little sticker on the driver's door jam. This goes for regular tyres or runflats. You may find you want to adjust them to personal preference or if you are running a specific tyre (semi slicks in particular need to be run at a MUCH lower pressure), but really the OEM pressure is the one to go by. - Runflats by their nature have a very very stiff sidewall, and looking at yours I'm guessing they're 20"? This is going to lead to an even stiffer ride than if you were running regular tyres, so it could be worthwhile considering getting them changed for regular tyres. There's plenty more to tyres, but really that should get you right for now.
  3. It’s really not. We weren’t given any terms on what leave would be like, just a bunch of random and vague promises, and yet there was a massive turn out and people still voted to leave. What we actually voted for was, as always, for our MPs to worry about the details of the policy in question. That’s how our government and our democracy works, always has done. You're right though, we can change our minds and rejoin someday if that’s what we want. Absolutely no reason why that shouldn’t happen at all.
  4. Just go with what the handbook says, as a start.
  5. I promise you it did. Tyres are tyres, they still need to be set at the correct pressure for the application
  6. What does it say in the handbook? 35psi isn't going to be far off.
  7. Exactly. The tyres have a tiny contact patch with the ground atm, it's bloody dangerous. Get them dropped asap.
  8. Jesus christ please reduce them from 50psi, you'll wear them out in weeks! And then take the run flats off and throw them in the bin, I don't know what 370Z pressures should be off hand, but around 35psi would be MUCH better.
  9. Being an MP is a job. Yes it’s serving the public, but it’s no different in that regard from being a nurse or a police officer. Taken in that context, why wouldn’t you want to reward people for serving the community? I disagree with your statement about most MPs being from the legal profession. I’d like to see that backed up with a source if possible. I actually don't disagree with you though about wanting MPs who do actually just want to help people. That should absolutely be the goal of any MP, and for some I’ve no doubt it is, but going back to my first point it’s now just a job and to expect anything more from our MPs these days just isn’t realistic. I wish it was!
  10. But there’s many CEOs that go from company to company, and leaving them all better off. They just don’t make the headlines as much as the ones that fail catastrophically. There might be many people, not just CEOs but those who earn twice what an MP earns without breaking sweat, who could do a great job and would quite like a go, but can afford to drop the money. £80k a year is peanuts for what we expect MPs to do, and the ramifications of their decisions.
  12. I really need to go out there someday soon.
  13. I knew you’d bite on that one mate!
  14. I’d rather get people in who had a proven track record of success than people who get in based upon what colour tie they wear.



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