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  1. Lols at the PH guys calling this ‘The Homer’ and ‘The Bruno’
  2. Utterly hideous. But then, that’s most Maccas these days. Capable but ugly.
  3. Snow and more snow

    Ah, gotcha. Nah, nothing to worry about there imho as the steel supports in the roof will keep it taut, that said no need to risk it if it’s that bad so good call.
  4. Snow and more snow

    Why would snow damage the softtop? I’m taking the Scoob out later to make pretend at doing rally skids
  5. Novelty wear off? Never. Took me a year to get to grips with the dynamics of a rear engined car, then the next three to get used to just how early you could put the throttle down in the corners Nothing else out there is rear engined and with a flat six. That novelty never gets dull
  6. Have to say, I agree with this 1000%. Is an Elise-chassis car the most sensible thing ever? No. It'll squeak, it'll leak, it'll rattle, you'll never hear the stereo and it'll ice up on the inside. However, every single journey you do will be utterly memorable and it'll teach you more about driving and feedback than anything this side of a Caterham. The Elises are second only to probably TVRs in terms of friendliness in their car community, and everyone you see on the road will give you wave. My 911 was my favourite car, but I have more memories of my VXR220 in 18 months than I do of 4 years in the Porker. Buy the right one and you could run it for a year then sell it on, and not lose a penny. Tbh you don't need the big bucks, a V6 Exige is a monster but on the roads that matter an S2 111R with the 'Yota 2ZZ lump is just as quick, and more importantly just as much fun. If you want pretty much zero depreciation then an S2 Elise or Exige with that engine will see you right.
  7. Fuel query for different models and years

    On a 370, 95 is fine. It's missing the point, but if you must then you can.
  8. Good value bucket seat package?

    Biggest issue is whether or not you fit the seat, and if you do whether or not you find it comofortable. Go see them, they're good guys there and it's well worth the trip before you drop £2K on a pair. You also need to think about how you're going to mount the harnesses, unless you already have that sorted.
  9. AD08's

    Depends. Some Zeds seem more prone to issues than others, however we've seen a sharp decline over the years of people having issues with non-OEM tyre sizes so I would say there's a 90% chance they'll be fine. If you drive within the limits of grip (and in the warm and dry these have a LOT of grip!) you'll have no issue.
  10. And Ferrari running costs. I'd love one, but you'd need to be brave. Then again, it's not like the GT-R is particularly cheap to run either, so maybe not an issue? Certainly the GT has immense presence.
  11. Not sure that spending £30K on a PlayStation game is good vfm.
  12. I bought my first 911 at 30, wish I'd had one much sooner tbh. Don't worry so much about how other people percieve you, after all it's your money your spending not theirs.
  13. Not even close, 911 wins for me. Just as much road prescence as a GT-R, just in a different way. That said, I'd be trying a Cayman as well on that budget. And saying that still, try as much as you can, you might be surprised at what tickles your fancy. AMV8 wouldn't be as nimble, but it would certainly stir the soul. Or an R8 could tick all boxes. Age is nothing, buy on condition and that applies equally amongst all the cars you've mentioned. I wouldn't even look at an M2 if a GT-R was on the cards though, competent but not exactly thrilling if it's remotely close to the 240 when sat inside.