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  1. That’s the beauty of a custom job, if you don’t like it then you tell them to change it
  2. Ekona

    R8 would you?

    Mate, I’m as diehard a petrol head as you’ll find but even I can see that electric cars are the future now. Whilst I have no desire to own one as a fun car, like it or not they’ll be your only choice before you know it.
  3. Ekona

    R8 would you?

    Well, we’ve had the brunt of that already and the cost of ICE performance stuff is still going up, so you make your own call Honestly, I don’t believe there’s a cat in hell’s chance of fun stuff dropping below what it is now. Much more likely to go the other way, and if costs keep increasing then it just puts them even more out of reach.
  4. Ekona

    R8 would you?

    Put it another way, if you don’t do it now then when? Give it three years and these cars will be totally unavailable.
  5. Now if only they’d make another M5 Touring, I’d be a very happy man
  6. Tbh you would be better served finding a local exhaust specialist and having something custom made. That’s what I did with my old BMW: I told them how I wanted it to sound, what volume level I was comfortable with, and what tips I wanted. They did the rest and I was more than happy with the result. Did the same at another company for my Dad’s Hummer, including a removable silencer so it was essentially straight through after removing it. God that sounded like thunder!
  7. Ekona

    R8 would you?

    Oh no, you’ve started the “is the R8 a supercar?” conversation You can get a set of passive dampers for £1K-£2K depending on what you want to spend, so they’re not silly money. Discs and pads can be had for much less than what’s been mentioned too, it just depends on whether you’re going OEM or are happy with aftermarket. I came very close to buying one before getting a 911, but ultimately there’s a reason so many people default to a Porker…
  8. So who is then? Because to my knowledge, every other driver potentially on the table for that accolade also had a year when they were somewhat off the pace.
  9. That’s kinda my point. In an auto you get what, 3-4 secs of engagement before you’re in ban territory, whereas with a manual you’ll maybe double that. Faster does not always equal better. I don’t dispute for one second in stop start traffic an auto is the clear winner.
  10. You say that like it’s a good thing.
  11. Then why did their data not record any attempt to press the brake?
  12. I’m calling BS on any malfunction. As much as I loathe Musk and his companies, their explanation seems perfectly reasoned.
  13. Wow, what an absolute idiot.
  14. Fair enough Personally I hate them, they take up a ton of space when screen is at a premium, and mostly they’re full of junk (like car history 😂). Link to a build is a good shout though, hadn’t thought of that.
  15. Out of pure curiosity, can I ask why? Both on a phone where screen space is limited, and on a forum full stop?
  16. Thankfully, they don’t show up in either on mine
  17. Probably not a lot on it as insurance is a PITA over here when you have NOS installed.
  18. I STILL DEMAND MY REFUND!!!!11 😡😡😡
  19. What’s it for then? REIS cover most things, if you’ve not tried them already.
  20. Starmer I quite like as a person: he seems grounded but also has the correct air of authority, he’s made some difficult decisions as leader (telling his party not to get on the picket lines, dealing with Corbyn) that were a huge risk but needed doing, and I don’t think he’d be a bad PM. My worry is that his plans actually wouldn’t do anything to help longer term than what Truss did, plus we’ve never actually had much detail on that side of things anyway. The other downside to a Labour government is twofold: first he has a bunch of people in his shadow cabinet I wouldn’t trust to run a bath correctly, and also I’m not sure they’d get enough votes to win a majority meaning we’d end up with another coalition. But yes, the current Tory party has spectacularly imploded.
  21. The amount of “crashed exotic” videos and photos would tend to disagree with you. Driving a modern supercar with all the gadgetry in the world at sensible speeds is easy, but it’s been designed to be. Driving one with the aids turned off is bastard hard, like it’s been designed to be.
  22. 1. At that age, rust will be the big one outside of normal things to look at. 2. You can’t, outside of asking questions (97+Ron used all the time?). How clean it is is a good marker as to how the owner has cared for it. 3. Depends what they are and what they will cost to fix. 4. Depends. Without knowing the car I’d say anywhere between £5k-£7k and nothing is dropping in value atm.
  23. Ekona

    What pads???

    In fairness my discs were the cheapest of the cheap, but I’m damn sure I was well past the point of legality for the MOT hence having to change them. That was after two years and about 20k miles, pads still had about 40% left but the discs definitely didn’t
  24. Nice lap there Stu 👍 Try and find someone who runs the Coastal layout rather than the full GP, for cars with less power it’s much more fun and way more challenging
  25. Yup, perfect. Best way to check for air leaks is to spray some carb cleaner around every single possible connection and listen for the idle going up.
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