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  1. Apparently the old 350z cats are only good for around 100k max. Mine started the rattle, have now replaced with sports cars and custon made exhaust, no more rattling thats for sure. Did not like the idea of no cat, 2 reasons, 1 it is illegal and 2 while I understand easy to put cat back on for mot, feels like too much effort 🤣
  2. Plus rule on 2 abreast.... Highway Code, Rules for Cyclists: 66 You should never ride more than two abreast, and ride in single file on narrow or busy roads and when riding round bends So those ******s on the bendy narrow country should not be sitting there for miles side by side 🤣
  3. Well I just read... Rules for cyclists (59 to 82) from the highway code Reading that should be significantly more fines for cyclists 🤣 Give me a badge, I will start policing them in my Z 😏
  4. The old canal infrastructure in the is a fantastic place to build a bike route, often wide enough the paths that run alongside for a bikes and pedestrians. Netherlands is a great city for biking, but the attitude of the bikers there is in a league above compare to the uk sadly
  5. Always a touchy subject I know, but I think I need to invest in a dash cam, the amount of stupid cyclists on the road just seems to be increasing (not saying car drivers are sometimes not stupid too) but... Yesterdays examples.... 1) 3 abreast on a narrow national speed limit road chatting at no more than 10mph. 2 miles later and a convoy of cars passes them when road widens, is it that hard to go single file to allow traffic to pass? 2) 2 abrest on 30mph, doing around 15mph, park cars meant has to wait, ok with this part, then overtake, on passing gave them 2 metres, they decide to accelerate after me, maybe new exhaust startled them. 3) then my favourite, mate in his mclaren behind 2 abreast on top of moors in north yotkshire decides on national speed limits decides to pull into other lane completely blocking the road, mate had to sit there for 30 seconds or so, he then pulled in and then pulled back across the road, lucky not to get hit! Then did the same as I passed him in the Z. What a ****** Rant over 😡
  6. Thanks, just ordered some under the father's day umbrella 🤣
  7. 🤣 thanks all, have come to the conclusion very little difference when looking at pictures. In the flesh I think the Hydrophobic wax gives a more reflective like finish than the ceramic wax.
  8. Interested in views, used different products to finish, one Ceramic wax the other hydrophobic wax. Car washing process the same, both spray on at the end while drying. Set 1
  9. Thanks for the tip 👍
  10. Thanks, I did wonder if the ECU needed to relearn, is there a simple way to clear it learnings/history, I remember doing it on an 350 SLK and it transformed the car 🤣 Any idea how long it takes to relearn? If it does need a map, may wait as thinking of changing the intake a few other bits on top, it would need a remap then.
  11. So have had fitted a sports cat and new exhaust (which sounds great 😁). The car has had oil and filters changed and sparks changed at the same time. Since having the exhaust changed, the car occasionally has a lag when accelerating, not all the all the time, have noticed in 2nd and 3rd gear. It seems to be when you are off the power for a few seconds and then accelerate, feel like there is a little pause and then it goes. Its more annoying than anything else. It did not think changing the exhaust would make any difference and wondering if I need to reset anything for the car to realise the exhaust gases flow more easily. Its a HR with revup mapping. Any thoughts.
  12. Depends what you really want, the 370z is in my view a better choice than a 440i. You dont necessarily buy either car to run on the cheap. If you are coming from a XKR, both cars will be cheaper to run than the Jag in terms of overall costs. I run an RS XF and 350z, not quite the same I know, but I know which one hurts me more 😂 Personally while the 440i is a good choice, there are 4 series all over the place, 370z for me has more presence, more fun, in some way similar to a XKR in terms being more a tourer, but it is lighter (although not as light as it could be ) and handles much better. If you liked the XKR, avoid the 440i and get the 370z you won't be disappointed 😉
  13. Future values, should never really buy a car for future value, certainly not anything this new. A few of the so called expert believe the 350 is likely to be a future classic, but imagine you will need to hold on to them for at least another 10 to 15 years to make that happen. Both 350 and 370 are great cars, more likely future regulations will kill off the fun we have in them before they really increase in value, so enjoy while you can 😁
  14. Anyone going? https://www.exclusive-jdm-store.co.uk/product/the-exclusive-jdm-season-opener-event-2022
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