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  1. You are all just getting older 🤣 Prices will start to creep back up now lock downs are less likely to be a thing as the risk had dropped when we all have been doing less miles, less accidents.
  2. Car is back on the drive way after fluids being changed and is driving better than before which is great. Guys at Slide did a inspection of the car and found a few more things which had not been picked up by the mechanical inspection, nothing serious but all sorted while the car was there. Really appreciate the recommendation and would highly recommend these guys they are perfectionist which is never a bad thing. Just need some slightly warmer days and can get the roof down and enjoy 😉
  3. Wow, its usually the tesla with the fire problems, that is sad 😔
  4. Black Friday is a bit of a con, there are some but few genuine bargains, but lot of the time stores have discounted item more at other times of the year or use it to clear old stock (best bargins)
  5. Just spoken to Al at Slide Motorsport, sound amazingly knowledgeable, doing a quote for the fluid changes and will do full inspection, will also sort courtesy car. Thanks again all
  6. Thanks Umster, agree with you, just surprised a city like Leeds has nothing. Will take a look at Slide first as easier to get to and from. Thanks all.
  7. Any one used these? https://www.rstuning.co.uk/contact/
  8. Sadly I know your right Jack94, I just cannot believe there is not a specialist in Leeds, maybe I should open a garage 🤣 I don't think all main dealers are bad, in fact I do use one for my Jag I have. To date they have been good and while they are not cheap they have looked after the car well so far and even given me some discounts being a regular 😁 although I am not sure that is something to be proud off 😇
  9. Thanks, will have a look at them too, I am North Leeds, not far from the airport. Can always more easily train back out that way I suspect.
  10. Thanks, must be someone closer or even same distance on a more scenic route, it like the m25 the m62 and m60 heading over there, dont know if traffic is still horrendous 🤣 Jokes aside, might be an option depending on work they need to do, dont fancy getting stuck that far from home.
  11. Was not planning on nessarily taking it to a Nissan garage, but struggling to find somewhere local (Leeds) that has a clue what they are doing, oddly they seem to talk some sense them. There prices however seem nuts, cheaper prices to do the same fluid changes on a high power jaguar at a main dealer. Thanks for the advice on the slave, there is another local garage I have not called, they are good mainstream, but won't touch my Jag either for certain procedures due to their nervousness of getting it wrong,
  12. I contacted a Nissan dealership for some prices, was surprised at the amount they quoted 😳 One thing they did say "However, it has been a common issue that when changing the clutch fluid on a vehicle of this type and age for the slave cylinder to fail when re bleeding the system" Any truth in this or experience? thanks
  13. Thanks again, likely to take to a garage as don't have a lot of time currently, just need to find a local one around Leeds that knows what they are doing 😁
  14. Thanks all. No rattles or any iffy noises and about 10k miles on the sparky so think will go and change all the oils. Gear box when cold feels a little tight so changing oil will hopefully help that. Thanks for clarifying the timing chain, have read mixed messages around frequency of chaining.
  15. Won't get in the p1, p2 and p3 debate 🤣 Jokes aside, garage I purchased from has done a basic interim service, but reading the forums and going through history and receipts trying to figure out what else to get serviced and looking for some advice. Sparks been changed just over 2 years ago at Horsham Development. Brakes bleed, replaced in last 2 years The two things I cannot see any evidence of is a coolant change and transmission oil change so thinking will get both done? Anything I should add to the list? Not see cambelt change evid
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