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  1. The process has started, hunch was right, not terrible and pressure was fluctuating but it now being done, hopefully her back tomorrow 👍
  2. Thanks guys, booked in for next week, great chat with Ali 👍
  3. @Ben350Thanks, found this place eariler on facebook, looks like they know what they are doing, Halifax would be really convenient. Sounds like my best option, will call them tomorrow as dont want to leave it too long.
  4. Looks like my time has come and the gallery gasket has decided to pack up with PSI starting to reduce, now sitting at around 22ish when hot idle from around 29 a couple of months. Couple of questions, any one had one done recently in Yorkshire region? And recommendations? What price did you pay, assuming looking at a grand, will get parts from Horsham probably with new bolts. Assuming it not likely to be anything else, no leak, oil topped up etc? Anything else worth changing while the cars is in bits? Thanks
  5. Always use shell vpower, only because tesco stopped selling 99 as few bought it.
  6. Going to start drawing my pension early I think 🤣 Or are you cheating and claiming you do 10 miles a year 😅
  7. Maybe uses for some track fun
  8. Tomato

    R8 would you?

    Maybe 🤣 was at the Motorist this morning in Leeds chatting to some R8 owners who had a few other expensive cars in the past, the R8 running cost sound reasonable (well as reasonable as these types of cars can be!)
  9. Been watching prices for the last couple of months, they are steady falling including the V10s, suspect they will into 2023 but betting they start going up from 2024, maybe good time to buy 🤔 Always buy service plan on these types of cars, not cheap but find you can get them with MOTs and sometime covering cost for failures if not wear. Did look at the audi warranty, now that is steep, particularly to cover everything and no excess!
  10. You trying to put me off looking at R8's 🤣
  11. Same issue in West Yorkshire. Talking to the Shell man at the local garage all the petrol currently coming from one place, causing queues for tanker lorries and normal fuel being priortied to keep the country running. If true or not I dont know, but pretty stupid if true to only have one source 🤣
  12. Tomato

    R8 would you?

    Will have to look into that, that could be the tipping point, plenty out there with low mileage. Quiet a different mustang vs R8? The V8s Mustangs do sound great 😁 I do love driving the 350 though, it at the right level for me where I can drive it hard and dont think it is actually going to kill me 🤣
  13. Tomato

    R8 would you?

    Yes, 605 bhp in the RS7 performance. I do need a 4 seater really, well the other half tells me I cannot have 2 2 seater cars 🤣 So would mean losing the the 350, but thats like getting rid of one of your children 🤔 I do like big coupe/saloon cars. Decisions decisions. I am suprised you can still get a decent warranty on a 14 year old car? Wonder who they extended it with?
  14. Tomato

    R8 would you?

    I would probably prefer the RS7 performance over the RS5 😀
  15. Tomato

    Exhaust Rattle

    Thanks guys, there was a interior rattle which I fixed as there was a clip missing which sorted out another rattle which helped to isolate the other issue. Going over bumps and being a roadster the whole car shakes, not much I can do about that 😀 Definitely outside of the car and mainly happens off throttle and noise level varies, when car cold more noticable than when warmed up. I think will just need to get on a ramp and start wiggling stuff and look for any evidence the exhaust is hitting something. Really hoping it something just needs adjusting, nothing worth than a nice sounding exhaust and a rattle when coming off the power, assuming other outside can hear it, certainly amplified sitting inside.
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