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  1. very useful post, I might have to change mine in the near future, it works fine but when the clutch pedal is up one of the bearing its making some lovely noises
  2. thanks, a resistor is a good shout if the light comes back. I recently checked the brake fluid as I changed the pads and its at a good level.
  3. SW66TTT

    The Carousel

    Which front lip is this? want my car to look like this but red
  4. My cars not quite ready this year, if it happens next year I will be there!
  5. just tried the airbag light reset again and it worked 😀 I wasn't doing it quick enough
  6. mine looks a lot worse than that, going to start cleaning up and treating it soon. My brace is totally hot yours doesn't look too bad
  7. crazy low mileage but a lot of money! my worry would be the fact its been sat for so long and not been driven.
  8. The ABS light just comes on randomly now and again, might not do it for a couple of weeks, whats the betting it will come on for the MOT! Just checked the tyres and I have FRONT - 225/45ZR18 REAR - 245/45R18
  9. I have a MOT due and having some issues with dash lights, I have the flashing airbag light, I tried the 4 ignition on and off trick but the flashing still remains. the instructions for ignition on and off says turn ignition on wait for the light to go off but it doesn't actually go off just starts flashing, I still did it 4 times. I have nothing under my seats, the passenger seat has one missing, the small white one, is that normal? see pictures Also I randomly get the 3 orange lights coming on (see picture) might not do it for ages then will just come on while driving, they come on and stay on until I turn off and back on then they go. Will the lights fail a MOT?
  10. Great looking car, colour is very different I like it!
  11. When I bought the car I was told it was totally stock so this was a surprise, interesting why they fitted this and not touched anything else.
  12. Just doing my first oil change and I have a Nismo branded oil cooler, I assume that's not stock?
  13. I'm replacing the pads with some Brembos, making sure I put plenty of copper grease on the back hopefully that sorts it. the discs seem ok so hopefully I wont have to replace them.
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