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  1. I have another car as my daily drive, I have quite a long commute, the Z is my weekend toy. I've watched a few videos on Soft99 Fusso, that stuff looks amazing!
  2. Thanks! probably best to work out exactly where each pipe goes and work it back from the headlight washers to make sure I just remove the bits for the headlights
  3. I decided to take my front bumper off the find even more bodge jobs by a previous owner. the passenger side of the bumper was connected to the wing using a piece of wood! They painted the bumper on the car and theres overspray everywhere! I'm going to get a new front bumper and my car has the headlight washers although 1 side is missing. its got a big water bottle each side and loads of pipes can I simply rip it all out and bung up the connection to the main water bottle in the engine bay? Many thanks
  4. yeh I might keep an eye out for garages, or talk my parents into clearing the crap out their garage so I can keep my car in there
  5. Yeh good point, its a shame I don't have a garage would be the best option but I might just keep it on the drive take it out now and again and keep it clean. Then early next year sort out all the rust
  6. Thanks, that's the one I've found online - Stormforce, they look to be a premium car cover and around £160 but its probably worth the cost as im likely to use it every year going forward in the winter months
  7. Here's a pic of my car standard ride height
  8. yeh I would say that looks about the same as mine which is standard suspension and height
  9. My car isn't garaged its just on my driveway, I'm unlikely to use it too much over the winter so I'm thinking about a car cover, I want something that's going to do a good job of protecting the car not just a cheap solution to save a few quid. I've looked into it a bit and I think I need something which is waterproof and also breathable. My car does have a lot of rush issues, rear arches, sills, underneath the car and I plan to get it all treated but it might have to wait until next summer so I need something to protect the car and hopefully aid in the rust not getting much worse over the winter. Whats everyone using? and can recommend? Thanks very much
  10. I'm looking to change to coilovers in the near future, my standard suspension although working fine is very rusty along with the arches so I intend to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and swap the suspension out and at the same time clean up the arches and rust treatment. My car will mainly be used for road, its my weekend toy so doesn't get used too much mainly going to see friends, going to car meets, going for a long drive at the weekend. I like the idea of doing some track days one day but it wont be much if I do. This isn't a post where I expect you to tell me exactly what to buy as I know everyone has their own experiences and will recommend different things so more just a bit of help to push me in the right direction. My main question is around the rear suspension, I'm unsure on the advantages and disadvantages of the separate springs and shocks, do I stick with this or go true coilovers. Looking at HSD for an example they offer both options Thanks!
  11. very useful post, I might have to change mine in the near future, it works fine but when the clutch pedal is up one of the bearing its making some lovely noises
  12. thanks, a resistor is a good shout if the light comes back. I recently checked the brake fluid as I changed the pads and its at a good level.
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    Which front lip is this? want my car to look like this but red
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