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  2. I will be going regardless as its local to me but would be great to be on our club stand
  3. I haven't been there myself but have heard Horsham Developments are good and aren't too far from you. https://h-dev.co.uk/
  4. 1. andy james 2. Adrian @ TORQEN 3.ShortPaul 4.Ben350 5. Rhysos 6. 350_Jer 7. steven.b 8. Bunning 9.M1ke 10.SW66TTT
  5. I've just done an oil pressure test. when first starting the car it shot up to 95psi then gradually dropped as the car warmed up, once warned up at idle it was around 30psi, at 2k rpm it was around 60psi, is that normal? Thanks
  6. whats the best way to check the oil pressure?
  7. I have a 2010 car with 70k miles on the clock, it drives absolutely fine no issues but I'm getting a bit paranoid about the gallery gaskets, I've looked back through the receipts I got with the car and no mention of gallery gaskets. I bought the car from a small dealer in Birmingham and he said the guy he got it from had changed to a Nismo so wondered if hes on here or any other previous owners on here. It mentions on a few of the receipts John Wood in 2019 and Andrew Darbyshire in 2020. Reg is LJ10 DEL, pearl white.
  8. 1.andy James. 1x club ticket Tracktime 09.40 2. Andy_Muxlow. 1 x club ticket. 3. Neil mcnab, 1 X club ticket Tracktime 15.40 4. Tauvp, 1 x club ticket 5. Defacake (Owen), 1 x club ticket 6. Blacklist_Nismo, 1 x club ticket 7. Clacksonator, 1 x club ticket 8. Buptaboy (Rob), 1 x Club Ticket 9. H44KRS 1x club ticket Tracktime 15.40 10. Tori370z x1 club ticket 11. HEADPHONES 1x club ticket 12. Berkcan 1x club ticket Tracktime 15.40 13. daveo132 (Dave) 1x Club ticket 14. nismoandy,1 x club ticket 15. Johnathan Leverton 1x Club ticket 16. SmithRC (Russell Smith) 1x Club Ticket + 1x Passenger 17.Plan370z 1x club ticket passenger ticket x1 Tracktime 9.20 18. andymac183 1 x club ticket 19. davey_83 1 x club ticket 20. Monkey1983 ( Sam ) 1x club ticket 21. Harry2601 - 1x club ticket and Tracktime 09:00 22. Ledfut 1x club ticket 23. Chris141084 1x club ticket +1 passenger 24. sw66ttt 1 x club ticket + 1 x passenger
  9. Welcome to the club, great choice of car, main thing to look out for is rust on the rear arches and under the car
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