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  1. Thanks Richf this just saved me, had a new clutch fitted got the car back home and the drivers side window wouldn’t go up wouldn’t even click to register I had pressed the button. Had the mrs in my ear as she wanted to go shopping, found this and now the window goes up 😀
  2. I'm looking to get some spacers for my 370 and thinking of going for the Eiback 20mm ones, will they fit ok with the standard Rays? Eibach Pro-Spacer Kit 20mm Per Spacer (System 4) S90-4-20-034 | Eibach Suspension | EibachShop Cheers
  3. Ever since I got my 350 I randomly get 3 dash lights shown in the picture below, started off not very often and now its pretty much every time I drive it. I assumed the lights means I have a dodgy ABS sensor so thought I would plug in and see what errors come up. Turns out the only error is the P0335 Crankshaft position sensor A circuit which I've read about on here a few times, only think is I have no symptoms car runs really well. So are the dash lights and error related in any way? or do i potentially have 2 issues to deal with.
  4. Welcome to the club nice example there
  5. this is still annoying me, took the car out for a drive today, did about 10 miles, at one point the needle was just above quarter full, 5 mins later just below then 5 minutes later its gone back up again. is it likely the gauge or the float in the tank?
  6. I forgot to reply with the resolution on this, I found the pads on one side of the car had no copper grease (other side was fine), changed the pads and put copper grease on all and now no noise at all, also painted all the calipers bronze
  7. Now and again a white 350z drives past my house, I live in Street, Somerset, anyone on here?
  8. I've been thinking about options for mine, it needs a new front bumper, wings and a full respray. A lot of bodykits are a bit too much for me, might just end up with stock front bumper with a splitter and side skirt add ons. Doesn't the Liberty Walk kit require 370z lights? LB★Nation Nissan Z33 (350Z) Works Kit (2003-2009) (libertywalk.shop)
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